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A bent twig it seems its just the thing.这根稻草看起来正是它要找的。A few more of them now have a nest, if you can call it that, y for their single chick.再来几根,就是一个像样的巢了。如果那也叫巢的话,它们这是在为自己的唯一幼雏做准备。Noddies are devoted partners and often remain together season after season.白顶玄燕鸥是非常恩爱的伴侣,通常会结伴很久。Beneath the waves, the summer warmth trigers fish to court.在水中,鱼群的交配同样开始了。And bicolor parrotfish, a large male leads a tender, underwater ballet to woo a partner.双色鹦鹉鱼中,大个头的雄性以领舞的方式向雌鱼求爱。The urge to breed sps across the reef.大堡礁到处都是繁殖的场面。These are surgeonfish.这是一群刺尾鱼。Single females dart to the surface, pursued by groups of competing males.每当一个雌鱼冲向水面,一群雄鱼竞相环绕着雌鱼。As each female releases her eggs, the males race to fertilize them with a path of the white sperm.在雌鱼向水面排卵的刹那,雄性同时喷出白雾般的精子来给卵子受精。 201412/350499。

  • Today, this is all the remains of Guge, its capital city, Tsaparang.这是今日古格王朝的遗址,这是首都札布让。The grand vision of the first kings of Guge is reflected in this extraordinary city, literally carved into the side of a mountain.这座建立在土山上的独特古城反映出古格王朝前几任国王的宏伟愿景。Soaring to the heaven is the height of a modern 80-storey skyscraper.高度相当于现代八十层楼高的天大楼直冲云霄。It is, even today, one of the largest structures in Tibet.即使在今天依然是西藏最大建筑之一。Along its narrow lanes, you can almost hear the echoes of the many people, who toiled to gouge a city from this impenetrable mount of clay.沿着窄巷行走当年工人挖壁开凿的情形仿佛重现眼前。A labyrinth of tunnels and stairs leads vertically 300 meters to the very top of the structure.地道及楼梯层层往上三百公尺到达古城的最高处。The view is breathtaking.景色令人叹为观止。But this is only a small part of the once mighty Kingdom of Guge.但这只是古格王朝的一小部分。At its height, it was twice the size of Great Britain.在兴盛时期古格王朝是英国的两倍大。Experts believe that somewhere here lies the answer to one of the most intriguing archaeological enigmas in Asia.学者相信在古城可以解开亚洲最令人费解的谜团之一。Who exactly built this extraordinary structure? And what could have possibly led to the downfall of the civilization?这座古城是谁建立的什么原因造成古格文明由盛而衰? 译文属201512/418752。
  • The snail appears to release chemicals that paralyse its victim.鸡心螺释放的一种化学武器麻倒了猎物。The goatfish seems powerless to escape as its swallowed alive.绯鲵鲣无力反抗或逃跑,被整个活吞下去。Moments later, a venomous barb inside the snail puts the fish out of its misery.片刻后鸡心螺体内的毒刺帮它结束了痛苦。In a place where even seashells are deadly,remaining undetected is essential if you want to survive the night.在这个连贝壳类也如此血腥的地方,想要生存,夜晚不被发现是必要的。And simply hiding is not enough.简单的躲藏显然不够。Just a hint of your scent wafting into the current can attract trouble.飘进水流中的一丝气味都会引来大麻烦。The parrotfish has come up with an elegant solution in a form of a sleeping bag made out of membrane.鹦鹉鱼对此有极为妥善的处理方法,它们睡在自制的薄膜般的睡袋里。It stops the smell sping along the reef and being picked up.这个睡袋可以阻止自身气味散发。Its a very good way if youre a parrotfish of ensuring you get a good nights sleep.这对鹦鹉鱼来说,是睡个好觉的妙招。No one has ever filmed a parrotfish making its cocoon before.以前没人成功录制过鹦鹉鱼睡袋的制作过程。It starts by exuding a layer of mucous around its body.鹦鹉鱼先分泌出一层粘液粘在身上。It then draws water into its mouth and pushes it out of its gills, blowing up the mucous bubble around it.然后用嘴吸进水,再用腮吸出来。 201411/345032。
  • The lawyer for a suburban Minnesota police officer who killed a black driver during a traffic stop last week says the officer was reacting to Philando Castiles gun, not his race. The attorney did not elaborate on how Castile presented the weapon or what led up to the fatal traffic stop and shooting. The Castiles fiance took of the aftermath of his shooting has Concealed Pistol License (CPL) holders asking themselves: What are the dos and donts if you are stopped by police?Rick Ector is the owner and operator of Ricks Firearm Academy and offers CPL classes, womens classes and instructor classes in Metro Detroit. Ector joins Stateside to give advice on what to do if youre a CPL holder and you get pulled over in Michigan.Listen to the full interview above.GUESTRick Ector is owner and operator of Ricks Firearm Academy.201607/454263。
  • 听力参考文本:For many children living in poverty, hunger is an everyday reality, and going to school hungry can have a big impact on a kids ability to learn.Thats one of the reasons why the federal government offers free lunches to low-income students.As part of the Healthy and Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010, Congress made it possible for schools with a certain percentage of low-income students to offer free lunch to all of their students. It set up the Community Eligibility Provision, or CEP.A Republican-led bill currently making its way through the U.S. House would change the requirements of the CEP and make it harder for schools to qualify.Supporters of HR 5003—The Improving Child Nutrition and Education Act—say it directs money to the neediest students. But opponents say its a step backward in the fight against childhood hunger.Zoe Neuberger, a Senior Policy Analyst with the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, joined Stateside to talk about CEP, the proposed changes to the program and what that could mean for school going forward.;We should not have to make a tradeoff.;Neuberger told us that limiting the ability of the highest poverty schools to offer free breakfast and lunch in order to improve other programs, as she explains supporters of HR 5003 want to do, is a ;false choice.;;We should not have to make a tradeoff,; Neuberger said. ;Children need to eat three meals a day year-round, and Congress doesnt have to make it harder to offer meals in one situation to offer them in another.;We also spoke with Mary Kurkowski, the Food and Nutrition Services Director at Port Huron Schools.The district is in its fifth year of offering free meals through community eligibility.According to Kurkowski, CEP has had a tremendously positive impact on her school district. Not only have the kids shown improved behavior and academic performance, she said, but the practice also eases the burden on families who might not be able to afford to adequately feed their children under normal circumstances.201606/448395。
  • Fear, reality and Jade Helm 15The U.S. military has been very active in Michigan and around the country this summer.The Pentagon insists its just routine training. But others see something more sinister at work.The ground shook as Apache helicopters fired rounds of ammunition and A-10 airplanes dropped 500 pound bombs on targets while soldiers on the ground move into positions during a training exercise at Camp Grayling. More than 3,000 soldiers and airmen have been taking part Operation Northern Strike, a two-week-long training exercise which wraps up today.;In terms of level of complexity, this is about as complex an operation you can plan and execute,; says Major General Greg Vadnais, the head of Michigans National Guard. ;This is PhD level work being done here today.;Military leaders say the stepped up training is important, especially for a shrinking military.Among those observing Operation Northern Strike was four-star general Frank Grass, the chief of the National Guard Bureau at the Pentagon. He oversees the nations National Guard units.;The National Guard probably by 2019 will be the smallest National Guard weve been since 1955, and our Army and Air Force are getting smaller,; Grass says, ;So we have to be y even faster than weve been before.;People who live near Camp Grayling are used to sounds of war in their own backyards. But others in Michigan also got a taste of urban warfare training.The U.S. Army conducted more secretive exercises in June in several other Michigan cities, rattling windows and nerves in Flint when explosions rang out without prior warning. And a helicopter blew bricks off a building in Port Huron, damaging the awning below. Michigans not alone. Many parts of the U.S. are seeing military exercises this summer. The biggest exercise, called Jade Helm 15, prompted some groups to claim something more sinister is afoot.;Whether its drones, or the billions of bullets, the emergency FEMA camps, the preparations to attack the Tea Party and veterans, or the veterans secret death lists or dont treat lists,; says Alex Jones, counting down a long list of threats he sees the federal government posing.Jones Infowars website is an influential source for people who dont trust the federal government. This summers military exercises, including those in Michigan, are on his mind.;People are coming up to me on the street, saying Is it true martial law is coming? Have you heard about this? They dont even know that were where the story came from,; Jones told his listeners. ;Theyre asking me if its true. No, theyre not going to take over this summer…probably.;;The idea that these exercises are preludes to imposing martial law are completely hogwash,; says Mark Potok, with the Southern Poverty Law Center. The center tracks hate groups in the ed States.Potok says radical right wing groups have been warning about the federal government arresting patriotic Americans for decades. And those fears are often fanned by large-scale military exercises. He says its a message that is not confined to extremist chat rooms on the internet.;While I dont think millions and millions of citizens believe this, there are quite a few who do,; says Potok, ;And they are not all people who are in radical groups or have extreme radical right ideologies.;Eventually, this summers military exercises will come to an end.And in all likelihood, the federal government will not round up and arrest Tea Party members, impose martial law in parts of Texas or any of the other claims made by the some Jade Helm 15 critics.But Mark Potok with the Southern Poverty Law Center does not expect the critics to say they were ;wrong.; In fact, he expects them to take credit for the fact none of those things happened.;Thats the nature of conspiracy theories,; says Potok, ;Just as it is the nature of religionist profit-types who say the world is ending next Tuesday. Theres always a reason why that didnt happen. But its again coming in the near future.;Potok expects the extreme right wing blogs will soon start talking about the next big military exercise and how it will be much worse.201508/390027。
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