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昆明盘龙区去色素痣多少钱石林寻甸禄劝祛斑多少钱I remember very clearly my own first conscious attempt at acting. I was six, placing my mothers half slip over my head in preparation to play the Virgin Mary in our living room. As I swaddled my Betsy Wetsy doll, I felt quiet, holy, actually, and my transfigured face and very changed demeanor captured on super-8 by my dad, pulled my little brother Harry to play Joseph and Dana too, a barnyard animial, into the trance. They were actually pulled into this little nativity scene by the intensity of my focus, in my usual technique for getting them to do what I want, yelling at them would never ever have achieved and I learned something on that day.我很清楚地记得自己第一次有意识地尝试演戏的情景。那时我六岁,把妈妈的半裙罩在头上,正准备在客厅里扮演圣母玛利亚。当我抱着我的洋娃娃,我感觉安静、神圣。事实上,我容光焕发的表情和不同往常的行为被父亲用八毫米的摄像机记录了下来。我还把弟弟哈利也拉进来扮演约瑟,也拉来了小动物达纳。他们被我的表演迷住了,我的专注把他们带入了耶稣诞生的场景中。这就是我想让他们帮忙时常用的小把戏,跟他们吼叫是没有用的。而且那天我还学到了一些其他经验。Later when I was nine, I remember taking my mothers eyebrow pencil and carefully drawing lines all over my face, replicating the wrinkles that I had memorized on the face of my grandmother whom I adored and made my mother take my picture and I look at it now, and, of course,I look like my grandmother then. But I really do remember in my bones how it was possible on that day to feel her age. I stooped, I felt weighted down but cheerful, you know I felt like her.之后,记得当我九岁的时候,我拿起妈妈的眉笔,仔细地照着我曾记得的外婆脸上的皱纹,在自己脸上画上了和她一样的皱纹,画了一脸,然后让我妈妈拍照留念。今天当我再看到当年拍摄的那张照片时,当然比起那时,现在的我更像那时的外婆了。但是我从骨子里记得,当时我是如何感受到了她的年纪。我的背驼了,身子也感觉到沉重而向下坠,但是我却很高兴,因为,我觉得自己模仿得很像外婆。201403/278750昆明市儿童医院美容整形科 Well, welcome to the White House,everybody. And that was one of the best introductions I’ve ever had. (Applause.) So we’re so proud of Kiara for the introduction and for sharing yourstory, and you’re just so poised. And Iknow Geoff Canada is just out there all excited -- (laughter) -- and proud, andI know your mom is proud. I know she is. She should be. Kiara and the rest of these youngpeople grew up in a 97-square-block section of Harlem. It’s a place where the odds used to bestacked against them every single day, even just graduating from high schoolwas a challenge. But with the help ofsome very dedicated adults and a program called the Harlem Children’s Zone,they’re right on track to go to college. Together, students, teachers, administrators, parents, community, they’rechanging the odds in this neighborhood. And that’s what we’re here to talk about today -– changing the odds forevery American child so that no matter who they are, no matter where they areborn, they have a chance to succeed in today’s economy.Now, the good news is that,thanks to the hard work and sacrifice of the American people all across thecountry over the last five years, our economy has grown stronger. Our businesses have now created more than 8million new jobs since the depths of the recession. Our manufacturing, our housing sectors arerebounding. Our energy and technologyand auto industries are booming. We’vegot to keep our economy growing. We’vegot to make sure that everybody is sharing in that growth. We’ve got to keep creating jobs, and then we’vegot to make sure that wages and benefits are such that families can rebuild alittle bit of security. We’ve got tomake sure this recovery, which is real, leaves nobody behind. And that’s going to be my focus throughoutthe year. This is going to be a year ofaction. That’s what the American peopleexpect, and they’re y and willing to pitch in and help. This is not just a job for government; thisis a job for everybody. Working people are looking forthe kind of stable, secure jobs that too often went overseas in the past coupleof decades. So next week, I’ll join companies and colleges and take action toboost high-tech manufacturing -- the kind that attracts good new jobs and helpsgrow a middle class. Business owners arey to play their part to hire more workers. So this month, I’m going to host CEOs here at the White House not once,but twice: First to lay out specificsteps we can take to help more workers earn the skills that they need for today’snew jobs; second, they’re going to announce commitments that we’re making toput more of the long-term unemployed back to work. And on January 28th, in my Stateof the Union address -- which I want all the legislators here to know I’m goingto try to keep a little shorter than usual -- (laughter) -- they’re cheeringsilently -- (laughter) -- I will mobilize the country around the nationalmission of making sure our economy offers every American who works hard a fairshot at success. Anybody in this countrywho works hard should have a fair shot at success, period. It doesn’t matter where they come from, whatregion of the country, what they look like, what their last name is -- theyshould be able to succeed.And obviously we’re coming off ofa rancorous political year, but I genuinely believe that this is not a partisanissue. Because when you talk to the American people, you know that there arepeople working in soup kitchens, and people who are mentoring, and people whoare starting small businesses and hiring their neighbors, and very rarely arethey checking are they Democrat or Republican. There’s a sense of neighborliness that’s inherent in the American people-- we just have to tap into that. And I’ve been very happy to seethat there are Republicans like Rand Paul, who’s here today, who are y toengage in this debate. That’s a goodthing. We’ve got Democratic andRepublican elected officials across the country who are y to roll up theirsleeves and get to work. And this shouldbe a challenge that unites us all.I don’t care whether the ideasare Democrat or Republican. I do carethat they work. I do care that they aresubject to evaluation, and we can see if we are using tax dollars in a certainway, if we’re starting a certain program, I want to make sure that young peoplelike Kiara are actually benefiting from them.Now, it’s one thing to say weshould help more Americans get ahead, but talk is cheap. We’ve got to actually make sure that we doit. And I will work with anybody who’swilling to lay out some concrete ideas to create jobs, help more middle-classfamilies find security in today’s economy, and offer new ladders of opportunityfor folks to climb into the middle class.And, personally, I hope we startby listening to the majority of the American people and restoring theunemployment insurance for Americans who need a little help supporting theirfamilies while they look for a new job. And I’m glad the Republicans and Democrats in the Senate are workingtogether to extend that lifeline. I hopetheir colleagues in the House will join them to set this right.Today I want to talk aboutsomething very particular, a specific example of how we can make adifference. We are here with leaders whoare determined to change the odds in their communities the way these kids andtheir parents and dedicated citizens have changed the odds in Harlem. It’s now been 50 years since PresidentJohnson declared an unconditional War on Poverty in America. And that groundbreaking effort created newavenues of opportunity for generations of Americans. It strengthened our safety net for workingfamilies and seniors, Americans with disabilities and the poor, so that when wefall -- and you never know what life brings you -- we can bounce backfaster. It made us a better country anda stronger country.201501/355834When researchers ask heroin addicts whats the toughest drug to quit, most say cigarettes.当研究人员问海洛因成瘾者,他们最难戒掉的是什么大多数人说是香烟。Yet in my country and many others,half of all the people who were ever addicted to cigarettes have quit without anyone being arrested or put in jail or sent to a treatment program by a prosecutor or a judge.而在我的国家和许多其他国家,那半数曾对香烟上瘾、后来成功戒烟的人,都没有被逮捕或投入监狱,或者被检察官和法官送去戒毒所。What did it were higher taxes and time and place restrictions on sale and use and effective anti-smoking campaigns.带来这种成功的原因是高税收,对销售、使用的时间和空间的限制,以及有效的反吸烟运动。Now, could we reduce smoking even more by making it totally illegal? Probably.现在,我们可以通过立法完全禁止吸烟来进一步减少吸烟吗? 或许吧。But just imagine the drug war nightmare that would result.但不妨想想,可能导致的类似禁毒战争一样的噩梦。So the challenges we face today are twofold.所以,我们今天面临的挑战有两方面。The first is the policy challenge of designing and implementing alternatives to ineffective prohibitionist policies,even as we need to get better at regulating and living with the drugs that are now legal.第一,是政策挑战我们要设计和实施有效的替代方案,来取代无效的禁令,同时我们还需要更好地规范它学会跟这些(现在合法的)药物共存。But the second challenge is tougher,because its about us. 但第二个挑战就困难了,因为它是关于我们的。The obstacles to reform lie not just out there in the power of the prison industrial complex or other vested interests that want to keep things the way they are,but within each and every one of us.对这种改革的阻碍不只是存在于监狱工业体系的复杂状况和力量,或其他想保住自己既得利益的人希望一切保持一直以来的样子,而最主要是在于我们每个人。Its our fears and our lack of knowledge and imagination that stands in the way of real reform.我们的恐惧,我们的缺乏了解还有我们的想象力 这些才是改革路上真正的阻碍。And ultimately, I think that boils down to the kids,and to every parents desire to put our baby in a bubble,and the fear that somehow drugs will pierce that bubble and put our young ones at risk. 从根本上来说,我认为这都是为了孩子,因为每一位家长都希望自己的宝贝被保护在一个泡泡里,我们害怕毒品会以某种形式刺破这个泡泡把我们的年轻一辈置于危险之中。In fact, sometimes it seems like the entire War on Drugs gets justified as one great big child protection act,which any young person can tell you its not. 其实,有时候看起来整个禁毒战争好像很正当因为它是一个伟大的大型的儿童保护行动,然而任何一个年轻人都会告诉你,事实并非如此。So heres what I say to teenagers.因此,这里我要对年轻人说:First, dont do drugs.第一,不要吸毒。Second, dont do drugs.第二,不要吸毒。Third, if you do do drugs,theres some things I want you to know,because my bottom line as your parent is,come home safely at the end of the night and grow up and lead a healthy and good adulthood. 第三,如果你非要吸毒,有一些事情是我想让你知道的,因为我作为父母能够接受的底线是:每天晚上平平安安地回到家里,要好好长大,过一种健康的、美好的成年生活。Thats my drug education mantra: Safety first.这是我的禁毒教育口头禅:安全第一。So this is what Ive dedicated my life to,to building an organization and a movement of people who believe we need to turn our backs on the failed prohibitions of the past and embrace new drug policies grounded in science,compassion, health and human rights,where people who come from across the political spectrum and every other spectrum as well,where people who love our drugs,people who hate drugs,and people who dont give a damn about drugs,but every one of us believes that this War on Drugs,this backward, heartless, disastrous War on Drugs,has got to end. 所以,这就是我一生致力于做的事,要建立一个组织,推动一个运动,让人们相信,我们应该转身放弃以前失败的禁令,去接受一个基于科学、爱心、健康和尊重人权的新药物政策,我们的成员来自不同的政治派别,拥有各种不同的背景,有喜欢毒品的人,有痛恨毒品的人,还有根本不在乎毒品的人,但我们每个人都相信:禁毒战争,这个落后的、无情的、灾难性的禁毒战争必须得结束了。201503/363077昆华医院去疤多少钱

富民县妇幼保健人民中心医院做双眼皮开眼角多少钱This not only proved unfair, it also proved to be a poor business decision. The lack of women in management came to hurt Avon. Between 1975 and 1985, more than twelve and a half million women entered the ed States work force. These working women had to be served in new ways. But, at that time, Avons leadership team was still made up entirely of men. Womens voices werent heard as we planned our marketing strategy and as a result, sales in our largest market suffered.这不仅不公平,也是一个很糟糕的决策。没有女性参与的管理层开始给雅芳的业务带来损害。在1975年到1985年间,超过1250万妇女加入美国的就业大军。这些职业妇女需要新的务。但是,那时雅芳的领导团队还是全部由男性组成,我们规划市场战略时听不到女性的声音,结果便是我们在美国这个最大市场上的销售情况受到冲击。Fortunately, Avon learned to change. Men and women now work together as equal business partners. They learn from each other and respect each other. We still offer our male executives an outstanding career opportunity, but now women have an equal chance to succeed.幸运的是,雅芳学会了改变。男性和女性现在作为平等的商业搭档一起工作。他们互相学习,互相尊重。我们仍向男性高级管理者提供最佳的职业发展机会,但现在,女性有了同样的成功的可能性。Today, six out of eleven of Avons board of directors are women. My number two executive is a woman. Almost half of our management staff around the world are women. And importantly, we have put in place special programs to develop the next generation of women who are being trained and prepared to become General Managers in markets all over the world.今天,雅芳的11位董事会成员中有6位是女性,我的助手是一名女性,我们全球的管理层几乎一半是女性。重要的是,我们设立了专门的项目来培养下一代女性职员,准备把她们培养成全球各个市场的总经理。 /201303/232510昆明晋宁县人民医院激光去黄褐斑多少钱 Oh my goodness! Im at Harvard! Wow!我的天哪!我在哈佛!哇塞!To President Faust, my fellow honor ands, Carl, that was so beautiful, thank you so much, and James Rothenberg, Stephanie Wilson, Harvard faculty with a special bow to my friend Dr. Henry Lewis Gates.尊敬的Faust校长、和我一起获得荣誉学位的各位,Carl(注:Carl Muller哈佛校友会主席),真是太棒了,谢谢你们!还有James Rothenberg,Stephanie Wilson和哈佛的教职工们,特别感谢我的朋友Henry Lewis Gates士(注:美国知名黑人教授)!All of you alumni with a special bow to the class of 88, your hundred fifteen million dollars. And to you, members of the Harvard class of 2013! Hello!感谢所有的哈佛校友,特别要感谢88届的毕业生,你们为哈佛捐出了一亿一千五百万美元(注:哈佛历史上最多的一次同一班次校友捐款)。所有2013届的各位毕业生们!大家好!I thank you for allowing me to be a part of the conclusion of this chapter of your lives and the commencement of your next chapter.感谢你们让我成为你们人生这一篇章的结束与下一篇章开始的纽带。To say that Im honored doesnt even begin to quantify the depth of gratitude that really accompanies an honorary doctorate from Harvard.对我而言,荣幸根本无法表达我内心深处对哈佛授予我荣誉学位的感激之情。Not too many little girls from rural Mississippi have made it all the way here to Cambridge.不是每个来自密西西比州的农村小姑娘都能来到剑桥城的(注:哈佛位于波士顿郊剑桥城)。And I can tell you that I consider today as I sat on the stage this morning getting teary for you all and then teary for myself, I consider today a defining milestone in a very long and a blessed journey.我可以告诉你们,当我今天早上坐在这个台上,为你们和我自己流下眼泪的时候,我觉得今天是我漫长并被祝福的人生旅途中的一个里程碑。My one hope today is that I can be a source of some inspiration.我希望今天我能为你们带来一些启发。Im going to address my remarks to anybody who has ever felt inferior or felt disadvantaged, felt screwed by life, this is a speech for the quad.我的演讲是为那些曾在人生中感到自卑或觉得自己没有优势,甚至觉得生活一团糟的人,这就是我给哈佛带来的演讲。Actually I was so honored I wanted to do something really special for you.我真的感到很荣幸,因此我想为你们做些特别的事。I wanted to be able to have you look under your seats and there would be free master and doctor degrees but I see you got that covered aly.我想要跟你们说,请看你们座位下面有免费硕士或士学位书,但是我发现你们已经有了。I will be honest with you. I felt a lot of pressure over the past few weeks to come up with something that I could share with you that you hadnt heard before because after all you all went to Harvard, I did not.说实话,过去几个星期我压力很大,因为我想要跟你们分享一些你们从没听到过的东西,毕竟你们都上了哈佛,而我没有。But then I realized that you dont have to necessarily go to Harvard to have a driven obsessive Type A personality. But it helps.但后来我意识到其实并不是一定要上哈佛才能有一个驱动性强迫型的A型人格,当然上了哈佛还是有帮助的。And while I may not have graduated from here I admit that my personality is about as Harvard as they come.虽然我没有从哈佛毕业,但我认为我的性格和哈佛的毕业生是一样的。You know my television career began unexpectedly.大家都知道,我的电视事业生涯开始的出乎意料。As you heard this morning I was in the Miss Fire Prevention contest.正如你们早上听到的,我当时在参加“防火”比赛。That was when I was 16 years old in Nashville, Tennessee and you had the requirement of having to have red hair in order to win up until the year that I entered.那年我16岁(注:奥普拉出生于1954年,今年59岁),在田纳西州的纳什维尔。在我参加比赛那年之前,想赢的话你必须得是红头发女孩。So they were doing the question and answer period because I knew I wasnt going to win under the swimsuit competition.在进行问答环节时,由于我知道我在泳装比赛中无法取胜。So during the question and answer period the question came ;Why, young lady, what would you like to be when you grow up?;所以当问答环节问道:“年轻的女士,你长大后想做什么?”And by the time they got to me all the good answers were gone.等轮到我回答的时候,好都被之前的参赛者说完了。201507/386964解放军昆明总医院隆鼻多少钱

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