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Bruce Lee has the big middle finger raised toward any form of authority.李小龙对一切形式的权威都不屑一顾All kinds of dogmas, all kinds of traditions.Hes saying a big;Screw you; To all of them.他会对所有教条、所有传统说一句-去死吧。This guy was preaching back in the 60s you shouldnt stay to one style.No one style is the best. Have a piece of everything.他在六十年代一直教育人们不要只盯着一种流派,没有最好的流派,要兼收并蓄。In 1968 he says, ;JKD in 69 will be different.;他在1968年说 1969年的截拳道会与现在不同I said, ;This is really good stuff were doing now.He says, ;JKD in 69 will be different.JKD in 1970 will be different.;我说现在这样就很好啊,他说1969年截拳道会有所改变,1970年的截拳道又会不同。Martial arts has evolved more in the last ten years than it has in the last 10,000 years,because all the stuff that Bruce Lee talked about and his philosophies and things that he believed were finally proven and now this new art was able to start to grow and evolve.martial武术在近十年里的发展比过去一万年都要多,这要归功于李小龙的理论和他的哲学,他所相信的最终都得到了验。现在新武术正要进一步发展、进化。Our main event, for the light heavyweight title,here we go!轻重量级拳击的一场重要赛事,现在开始。You talk about Chinese boxing.How does it differ from, say, our kind of boxing?Well, first we use the feet.Second to none.And then we use the elbow.你说过中国式拳击,它跟我们的拳击有什么不同。首先我们可以用脚,这点独一无二,而且我们可以用手肘。Oh! Beautiful elbow!Do you use the thumb too?You name it, man, we use it.You use it all. -You have to.漂亮的肘击。拇指能用吗?凡是身上的部位都能用。你们全都用 -必须的。Because that is the expression of the human body.I mean the... everything, I mean, not just the hand.因为这是一种身体的展现,我是说一切部位,不光是手。201311/266090


You might expect that because the Parthenon is called a temple, it would have been a place of prayer and sacrifice;你也许会认为,帕台农名为神庙,一定是个祭祀与祈祷的所在。in fact, it became a treasury-a war-chest to finance the defence of Greece against the Persians.但事实上这里成了雅典的金库:希波战争的军费来源。In time, though, this fighting fund became protection money, demanded by Athens from the other Greek cities when Athens placed itself at the head of them.后来军费变成保护费,雅典以老大自居,要求希腊的其他城邦向它缴纳费用,It forced them into becoming satellites of its growing maritime empire.强迫它们成为不断壮大的雅典海上帝国的附庸。And a great chunk of that money was siphoned off by the Athenians to fund the Acropolis building programme.其中一大笔钱被雅典用于修建卫城。Heres Mary Beard again, on the non-Athenian view of the Parthenon:玛丽?彼尔德告诉我们,雅典以外的希腊人是这么看待帕台农的。;I think the Parthenon must have been the kind of building that you spat at and kicked if you could.帕台农神庙是那种让人想往上吐口水,如果可能的话还要踢上一脚的建筑物。You knew, if you were one of Athens subjects, that this was a statement of your own subordination.如果你是雅典的附属城邦之一,它就是你屈从的标志。There was a clear and vociferous faction in Athens when the Parthenon was built, which said the money shouldnt be spent that way.神庙修建时,雅典城内反对的声音很大,认为不能这样挥霍钱财。That this was, in the words of one, dressing Athens up like a harlot.还说它把雅典城装扮得像个。Now, thats very odd, I think, for us to empathise with now, because the Parthenon sculptures seem so austerely beautiful, I think, its hard to think of them in terms of prostitution.这样的描述今人恐怕很难理解,因为在我们眼里,帕台农雕像深具朴素之美,很难令人联想到淫邪。Its very discomfiting, I think, to think of our touchstone of good classical taste as having appeared vulgar.被我们视为古典美基准的物品,曾被人视为粗俗,这实在让人难以接受。But it clearly did, to some.;但在当时,对一些人来说的确如此。One of the many extraordinary things about the Parthenon is that its meant so many different things to different people at different times.帕台农神庙的另一个奇特之处,是它在不同的历史时期,对不同的人群具有不同的意义。201409/329235

  How To Pick Shoes To Make Short Legs Look Longer. When youre vertically challenged, you want to create the illusion of having longer legs. Looking taller is not as hard as it seems.怎样选择鞋子让粗短的腿看上去更修长。当你的身高受到挑战,你肯定想要打造拥有一双长腿的假象。看上去更高并不是很难的事情。Step 1: Back in Black1.穿黑色Consider wearing all one color down right down to your shoes. This creates a long visual line.考虑双腿和鞋子穿同样的颜色。这样会让打造比较长的视觉线条。Step 2: No Cuffs Please2.不要有脚踝带的If you have shorter legs youll want to stay away from wide leg or cuffed pants as well as ankle strap shoes. These styles create horizontal lines that are unflattering for the shorter frame. If you have short legs avoid capri pants, ankle bracelets, and shoes with ankle straps.如果你的双腿比较短,最好不要选择阔腿裤或卷边裤子,也要避免有脚踝带的鞋子。这些款式会打造水平线条,不适合矮短的身材。如果你的双腿比较短,避免卡布里裤,脚链和有脚踝带的鞋子。Step 3: Cankles3.小腿和脚踝If you have no discernable narrowing from calf to ankle-You got cankles. Opt for one- to one-and-a-half-inch heels to elongate your calves and maintain circulation. The word is derived from a combination of the words calf and ankle.如果从小腿到脚踝并不修长,有赘肉,选择一寸半的高跟鞋来拉长小腿长度,又可以保持血液流通。Cankles这个词来自calf和ankle的结合。Step 4: The Booster4.穿细跟的高跟鞋或厚底运动鞋Give yourself a boost with pointy heels. Or for a more casual look, sport tennis shoes that have a thick sole.穿细跟的高跟鞋来延长腿部线条,或者为了看上去更加正常,厚底运动鞋效果也不错。视频听力译文由。201405/300074

  One of the smartest things you can do -- besides getting a college degree -- is to find the least expensive way to pay for it. Following these guidelines will help.除了获得大学文凭之外,你能做的最明智的事情之一就是找到付大学费用的成本最低的方法。下面这些建议可以帮助你。You Will Need你需要Internet access能够上网Information on aid关于援助的信息scholarships奖学金and loans贷款Healthy debt-management habits健康的债务管理习惯Steps步骤STEP 1 Apply for federal aid1.申请联邦救助Before you even think about student loans, find out how much free money you can get. Begin by applying for need-based federal aid with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, which uses your familys tax information to determine your Estimated Family Contribution (EFC). Based on your EFC, youll find out how much financial assistance youre entitled to. FAFSA application deadlines vary from state to state; make sure you check. Millions of dollars in student financial aid go unclaimed each year by eligible students simply because they didn’t apply for them.在申请学生贷款之前,先看看能无偿获得多少钱的资助。开始申请按需提供的联邦救助。先申请联邦学生助学金,根据家庭税收信息来决定你的家庭贡献估算。根据该评估来确定你可以得到多少资助。联邦助学金申请日期各州有所不同,一定要提前确认。每年有数百万美元联邦助学金未被有资格的学生认领,因为他们没有申请。Go to ;custudentloans.org;:http://www.custudentloans.org/ for a comprehensive list of links to federal and other financial aid websites.登录该网站了解联邦和其他财政资助网站详细列表。STEP 2 Search for scholarships2.申请奖学金Look for local and private scholarships and grants. In addition to rewards for academic and athletic achievement, plus funds set up for minorities, there are all kinds of scholarships for specific abilities and talents.申请当地和私人奖学金和资助。除了奖励学习和运动方面的成就,以及为少数民族人群设立的基金,还有针对所有特殊能力和天赋的奖学金。Ask the financial aid office at the school youll be attending if they offer any scholarships or grants.向你即将就读的学校财政资助办公室了解他们是否提供奖学金。STEP 3 Apply for a federal loan3.申请联邦贷款If you need a student loan, look into federal government loans first, which are guaranteed without a credit check or cosigner and offer fixed interest rates. Need-based loans like Perkins and Subsidized Stafford loans dont accrue interest while you’re in school, while Parent Plus and unsubsidized Stafford loans do.如果你需要学生贷款,先申请联邦政府贷款,不需信用审查或联合签署,并提供调整利率。按需提供的贷款,例如普金斯贷款和津贴斯坦福联邦贷款在你读书期间不收取利息,而联邦父母贷款和无补助的斯坦福贷款则计算利息。STEP 4 Seek private lending4.寻求私人借贷Still facing a gap to pay for school? Explore private lending options. Private loans have variable interest rates and a 15- to 20-year repayment window. Most lenders offer interest rate reductions and other benefits, such as cosigner release, for borrowers that demonstrate responsible repayment habits.要付上学费用仍差一些钱?寻求私人借贷。私人贷款利息多种多样,偿还期限介于15年至20年间。大部分贷款方乐意为表现出负责任的偿还习惯的借款人提供减息和其他优惠,比如免于连署保。Credit unions are a good alternative to banks for private loans. They often offer lower interest rates and promote financial literacy and healthy borrower habits.对于私人贷款来说,信誉联盟是除了之外的另一个选择。他们通常提供较低的利率,推广理财素养和健康的借贷习惯。STEP 5 Understand the debt youre taking on5.了解你所承担的债务Understand how much debt youre taking on, including how much youre going to owe in interest; when you have to start paying it back; and the benefits and consequences of deferring repayment. When comparing Cost of Attendance (COA) across different schools, dont forget to factor in expenses beyond tuition, like housing, meals, books, and school supplies.弄清楚你承担了多少债务,包括应付多少利息,何时应该开始偿还,延迟偿还会面临的后果。各所学校的就读成本进行对比时,不要忘记考虑除了学费之外的费用,比如住宿,餐饮,书籍和学校补给品。STEP 6 Pay it off early6.尽早偿还Consider a plan that requires you to start repaying while youre still in school; just a month can lower your interest rate, and substantially reduce your debt load down the line. Plus, borrowers who begin repayment before graduation develop better debt management habits than those who defer payment -- something that will serve you well throughout your life.考虑要求你在学校期间就开始偿还的计划:每月25美元就可以降低你的利率,并且长期来看可以大大减少你的债务负担。此外,毕业前就开始偿还的借款人比延迟偿还的人容易养成更好的债务管理习惯,这样的习惯会让你受益终生。201501/351853。


  If you suffer from _iatrophobia_, a fear of physicians, these simple tips can help you realize a checkup isnt so terrifying after all.如果你害怕医生,以下这些简单的建议可以帮助你意识到健康检查根本没有那么可怕。You Will Need你需要Partner伴侣Imagination想像Personal stories个人的故事Steps步骤While this is awesome, it didnt go to medical school. Always consult your doctor for actual medical advice.尽管这段视频很精,然而并不是医学院专业出品。如果想要专业的治疗意见,一定要咨询医生。Step 1 Remember: hot docs and nurses!1.记住:医生和护士很热门The reason there are so many medical shows on TV is because doctors and nurses are hot! If making an appointment makes you queasy, just remember: Every checkup is a chance to check out the talent.电视上有那么多医疗节目的原因就是医生和和护士非常出色!如果跟医生预约让你感到有点紧张,记住:每次健康检查都是了解医生和护士的智慧的机会。Step 2 Expose yourself2.暴露自己Get comfortable with the concept by turning your home into an exam room. Disrobe and let your significant other examine your body thoroughly.把家变成检查室,让自己逐渐适应。脱掉衣,让另一半为你彻底检查身体。Step 3 Go to your happy place3.想像令你愉快的地方Actually make it to the exam room? Congratulations! Now picture yourself somewhere warm and comfortable. You’ll mentally overcome both your fear and the fact that you’re in a hospital gown.已经成功进入检查室?祝贺你!现在想像你自己置身于一个温暖舒适的地方。你将可以从思想上克你的恐惧和身穿病号的事实。Have a masseuse in your happy place. When the doctor touches you, itll seem like a pleasant rubdown.在你感到愉快的地方安排一位女师。当医生触碰你的时候,你可以想像成一次。Step 4 Humanize your doctor4.将医生人性化During your visit, tell your doctor some personal, non-medical details. In return, they may share some of their own life story. Theyll seem a lot less scary once youve heard about their bottle-cap collection.看医生期间,向医生讲述一些个人的,非医疗的故事细节。他们或许也会分享自己的生活经历。听着他们的故事,你可能不再觉得他们那么可怕。Dont bring up golf. You want your doctor thinking about you, not the sand trap on the 15th hole.不要提起高尔夫球。你肯定希望你的医生想的是你,而不是打高尔夫球时的情景。Step 5 Talk it out5.说出来Simply talking about fears can lessen activity in the amygdala, a part of the brain that serves as an alarm against danger and triggers negative feelings. So go ahead -- open up!简单地把你的恐惧说出来可以放松扁桃腺的活动。扁桃腺是大脑的一部分,负责发送危险预警,触发消极感受。所以,坦白说出你的恐惧!Step 6 Make your grandma proud6.让你的祖母自豪Your grandmother always wanted you to marry a doctor -- think how happy shell be when you call and tell her youre finally seeing one! Plus, the sooner you go in, the sooner you can leave with a lollipop!你的祖母可能一直希望你和医生结婚——想像一下,当你打电话告诉她你见到一位医生的时候她会多么开心!此外,进去的越快,离开的越快!In 2007, almost 18,000 students entered medical schools across the ed States.2007年,美国大约有18,000名学生进入医学院就读。视频听力译文由。 /201408/320053Dont wait until your temperature is 102 to realize that youre out of ibuprofen or its expired. Stash away these essentials now, in an emergency flu kit.不要等到发高烧才意识到没有退烧药或药物过期了。现在就收拾一个紧急药品箱,储备好必需的常用药品。You Will Need你需要Thermometer体温计Ibuprofen or acetaminophen布洛芬或扑热息痛Decongestant解充血药Antihistamine抗组织胺药Cough suppressant镇咳剂Tissues纸巾Hand sanitizer洗手液Face mask口罩Liquids液体DVDsDVDSteps步骤Seek emergency medical attention for a child with a fever over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 24 hours and is unresponsive or sluggish. Adults should seek emergency care if they have difficulty breathing, persistent vomiting, or sudden dizziness or confusion.如果儿童体温超过38摄氏度,持续时间超过24小时,反应迟钝,应该立即去急诊。成年人如果出现呼吸困难,持续呕吐,突然眩晕或神智不清时,立即看急诊。STEP 1 Have a thermometer1.准备体温计Put a thermometer into your emergency flu kit. One sign that you have the flu is a high fever.紧急流感工具箱中放入一个体温计。患上流感的一个症状就是高烧。STEP 2 Sock away some ibuprofen2.储备一些布洛芬片Sock away some ibuprofen or acetaminophen to lower your temperature and relieve muscle aches.储备一些布洛芬片或扑热息痛,降低体温,缓解肌肉疼痛。Aspirin is not the first choice for fever reduction: it may be toxic in large doses in adults and may cause Reye’s syndrome -- a rare but serious condition -- in children and teenagers.阿司匹林并不是退烧的首选,成年人大量用会造成中毒,导致儿童和青少年患瑞氏综合征——这种症状比较少见,但是非常严重。STEP 3 Tuck in a decongestant3.准备解充血药Tuck a decongestant into your emergency flu kit to treat nasal blockage.你的紧急流感工具箱中放入解充血药,治疗鼻塞。Do not give cold and flu medicine to children under age 4. Consult a doctor.四岁以下儿童不要用感冒或流感药物。向医生咨询。STEP 4 Include a cough suppressant4.镇咳剂Include a cough suppressant to take at night if needed. Avoid taking it during the day, when its better to expel any phlegm.准备一些镇咳剂,如果必要的话可以晚上用。避免白天用,这种时候最好排除粘液。Be careful when mixing over-the-counter medications; several may have an ingredient in common, which can lead to an inadvertent overdose.混合用药店非处方药物时要谨慎。几种药物可能含有相同的成分,无意间导致药物过量。STEP 5 Stock up on tissues5.准备纸巾Stock up on tissues and hand sanitizer. Consider keeping a face mask in your emergency flu kit to help prevent sping the flu to housemates with weakened immune systems -- the very young, the very old, and anyone with a chronic illness.准备纸巾和洗手液。考虑在应急箱中放一个口罩,预防流感传染给免疫系统较差的室友——年幼或年老者,或者有慢性疾病的人。STEP 6 Store liquids6.储备液体Store sports drinks to avoid dehydration. If you prefer bottled water to tap, have extra set aside. And put away some packaged soups and herbal tea; hot liquids can be soothing and you probably wont feel like cooking. Finally, stash some comedy DVDs -- because laughter really can be the best medicine.存储一些运动饮料,防止脱水。如果你喜欢瓶装水,多准备一些。也准备一些袋装的汤料和香草茶。热的饮料可以缓解感冒,当你感冒时或许不想煮东西。最后,准备一些喜剧风格的片子,因为大笑是最好的药物。Theres no such thing as the ;stomach flu.; Gastrointestinal distress is usually caused by eating or drinking something contaminated.并没有肠胃感冒这种疾病。肠胃不适是由于吃了不干净的东西导致的。 /201412/348212

  Ivanovic!伊万诺维奇!A great finish!伟大的绝杀!重点词汇: finish 临门一脚、绝杀例句:Oh,what a shame!Just demand the finish!噢,太遗憾了!就差临门一脚啊! 视频介绍:切尔西与那不勒斯在第二回合90分钟内比分为3:1,两回合总比分为4:4,进入加时赛。在加时赛中凭借伊万诺维奇的绝杀,切尔西总比分5:4淘汰那不勒斯,晋级1/4决赛赛。201404/291645An example of that strategy had its finest hour当全球的未来遭到威胁时when the future of the world was in the balance.这种方法大放异In a quiet corner of the Met Office library hangs a map,在英国气象局图书馆的僻静角落挂着一张地图probably the most famous weather map in the world.它可能是全世界最著名的一张气象图Its the forecast for D-Day.它是诺曼底登陆的天气预报It played a critical role对于二战的结局in the outcome of the Second World War.它发挥了至关重要的作用The weather forecast might well have won the war.可能是天气预报赢得了战争They were trying to predict, within a window of a few days,他们尝试预测在几天里with the right amount of moon, the right tides,是否有合适的月相 合适的潮汐as to whether the weather would be flat enough for the landings.以及合适的天气用于登陆The forecast was for this ridge of high pressure预测结果是这道高压脊to move in across the western part of the Channel.将从海峡西部移动过来As you can see, it hadnt got quite as far in as was expected.能看到 它没有预计中走的那么远So conditions werent perfect,所以登陆条件并不是绝佳的but they knew that if they didnt go at the beginning of June,但是他们知道如果六月初不出发的话theyd have to wait another month.就必须再等一个月201411/341929


  Olubi had a dramatic change of heart.奥卢比的心灵发生了巨大变化He turned his back on hundreds of years of Maasai tradition.他背弃了马萨伊几百年来的传统Along with some other warriors, Olubi became a lion guardian.奥卢比和其他战士一起成为了狮子守护者Instead of hunting lions, Olubi will be protecting them.奥卢比不再猎杀狮子 而是保护它们He teamed up with Stephanie Dolrenry,他和斯黛芬尼·道琳who helped pioneer the project.一个帮助开展项目的人一起合作Just by respecting their traditions尊重他们的传统and also bringing in their ecological knowledge,带给他们生态知识its been hugely successful.取得了巨大成功They know their areas, they know how to track lions,他们了解那片土地 知道如何追踪狮子theyve been doing it for generation after generation.一代代人不曾改变They know how to track them,他们知道如何追踪they know how to hunt them, they know how to find them.如何捕猎 如何寻找This is only a small-scale project.这只是小范围的项目But with lion numbers as low as they are,但由于狮子总数过少they need all the help they can get.他们需要一切可能得到的帮助201406/306016。

  The teams had a two-month window拍摄团队仅有两个月的时间to film Antarcticas two top predators in action.捕捉南极洲 两种顶尖掠食动物的画面We knew that one could be found prowling the coast of Rosenthal Island我们知道有一种动物 可能在罗森泰岛沿岸觅食waiting for young penguins to take their first plunge.等着小企鹅第一次跃入海中And the man to take us there was Jerome Poncet.带我们去南极洲的人 是杰若米庞塞He skippered the first yacht to sail south of the Antarctic Circle他曾带领第一艘逛艇 航行至南极圈的南侧and has been back every year for the past 35.之后年年返回南极洲 连续三十五年He knows Antarctic sailing like no-one else.他是当今南极航海的第一人His yacht, the Golden Fleece, is not an ice breaker,杰若米的游艇金羊毛号 不是破冰船but Jerome has his own unique way of getting through.但是他自有穿越冰层的妙计He shunts one floe against another他撞击冰块 调动浮冰的位置to clear a way through like playing marbles.像打弹珠一般开出一条路Jerome, once he gets his teeth into,杰若米一旦认真起来into a situation he doesnt like to let it go.不会轻易放弃So, maybe well be here for a few hours yet.所以我们可能还要在这里 待上好几个小时Jerome is determined to get through this channel.杰若米决心要穿越这条水道We talk about hundred, hundreds of tonnes,大概有几百吨的冰块maybe 1,000, 250,000 tonnes or more.也许有一千吨 二十五万吨的冰块Its a pooling of water, you have to push.但是水位在下降,必须往前挤Some marbles are just too big.有些弹珠实在太大了201307/248212

  Flesh-Eating Maggots In Ear: Britons Horror The woman discovered maggots had chewed a 12mm hole in her ear canal after she returned from a trip to South America.英国一名27岁女性,今年和男友前往秘鲁游玩,在回英国的飞机上,开始感到头痛,脑子里不断传出刮擦声,第二天起床耳朵还流出大量液体,她急忙就医。起初,医生以为只是单纯的耳朵感染,但进一步的检查发现该女子的耳朵里居然有蛆,可能是苍蝇飞入她的耳朵产卵然后孵化,这些蛆吃着她耳朵里的肉慢慢进入耳朵深处,医生在女子的耳朵里发现一个被啃食12毫米大小的洞。最后开刀取出了8只巨蛆,这些蛆经查明是食肉苍蝇的后代,不幸中的万幸,群蛆还沒有进入大脑,否则这位女性将可能患脑膜炎,还可能脸部瘫痪。He reposing,said that we will just try our best to get it out.The buzzing stopped. Rechelle assumed that was the end of it.Within 48 hours on her flight home,she was in serious trouble.An expetiating,unstopping pain that never relented.One of the team spotted a small hole in Rechelles ear canal.She spent quite a lot of time looking at my ear without saying what was in there.I think it was after about an hour,Mamon asked,you know,can you see what it is.The doctor had seen there was something could have the orginary going on her ear.The doctor said if you dont mind I prefer to go to be the registrar before I tell you anything.And then,Mamon said please tell us then.And I said as well,you know,no,please,I want to know.And thats when she said you got maggots in your ear.Doctors ordered the CT scan to establish what damage that has aly been done.How many maggots were still inside Rechelle and where they were hiding.I was very scared as they were in my brain,I thought you know this could be very,very serious.Our main concern was the facial nerve at risk.And the facial nerve controls all of the muscles and expression on that side of your face.The scan showed Rechelles ear-drum and facial nerve were undamaged but the maggots have chewed a 12 millimeter hole in her ear canal.Although the CT has guided us as to the size of the cavity,it was important for us to have a full explore around the soft-issue cavity and make sure that it was not extending any danger,like the facial nerve or blood vessels.Given Rechelles traumatized state,she was sedated in preparation for surgery.Unsure of what they just might find,the surgical team explored Rechelles ear using a microscope and a speculum.And as I push the speculum through the hole that was opened, I saw a massive of maggots.It was clear that the maggots aly extracted werent dying alone. /201307/248957

  Every cowboy needs his hat and boots, especially on a day for celebrating cowboy culture. The Festa do Peao of Barretos is an annual rodeo festival in Brazil. Lets head to Barretos to check it out and find out what makes the towns boots so famous.每个牛仔都需要一顶帽子和一双靴子,特别是在一个庆祝牛仔文化的节日上。巴雷图斯是巴西一年一度的马术节。让我们一起去巴雷图斯看看究竟都有哪些好戏上演,又是什么让巴西城的马靴如此出名。Barretos lies in the northern part of Sao Paulo. During the festival, that began in mid-August, cowboys walking in their shiny boots are a common sight on the streets here.巴雷图斯坐落在圣保罗北边。在八月进行的马术节期间,牛仔们脚蹬闪亮马靴,穿梭于街道是一道常见的风景。Time-honoured workshops for handmade boots are all over the city. Borges and her husband own one of the most successful.手工打制马靴的老店在这座城市随处可见。格斯与丈夫经营着一家极其成功的店铺。;Our shop will be half a century old next year. Every year, we offer new styles and they are all made from leather by hand. From sizes designed for babies all the way up to size 48, we have everything,; Borges said.格斯说“我们的店铺到明年就历时半个世纪了。每年,我们为顾客提供新款马靴,这些马靴全都是用皮革纯手工制成。从婴儿码一直到48码的马靴,我们这里一应俱全。”Barretos Boots have earned quite a reputation for design, quality and custom made service. Besides cow leather, crocodile, snake, and ostrich skin are also used.巴雷图斯马靴因其新颖的设计,上乘的质量以及客户定制的务而声名赫赫。除牛皮,鳄鱼皮和蛇皮外,鸵鸟皮也是马靴原料。As the most renowned cowboy festival in Latin America, the Festa do Peao has stimulated big sales for boots. Borges said the shop had a lot of customers during the festival, and sales have increased four times.作为拉美地区最出名的牛仔节,Festa do Peao为马靴的销售注入了一剂助推剂。格斯说,牛仔节期间,前来店铺购买靴子的人很多,而且销售额也会翻上四翻。The sales during the festival account for 80 percent of the total annual income of the cobblers.牛仔节期间的销售额占到店铺一年总销售额的80%。201308/254021

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