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福州包皮包茎价格南平市妇幼保健院有治疗前列腺炎吗Warren: Hey, Antoinette, why dont you tell me about growing up in New York?沃伦:嘿,安托万内特,和我谈谈你在纽约的成长经历吧。Antoinette: New York. Warren, why do you want to know about that? Well, growing up in New York was lots of fun. I loved growing up in New York. I couldnt imagine growing up anywhere else.安托万内特:纽约。沃伦,你为什么想知道这个呢?在纽约成长很有趣。我喜欢在纽约长大。我无法想象在其他地方成长会怎样。Warren: Really?沃伦:真的吗?Antoinette: Yeah, really. The fun things I did – well, lots of movies to go see but I guess you can see movies anywhere in the US. Anywhere in the world for that matter. I enjoyed being able to go to Lincoln Center for concerts or Carnegie Hall and even play in Carnegie Hall. So I did play in Carnegie Hall.安托万内特:对,真的。我做了很多有趣的事情,我去电影院看了很多电影,不过我想美国任何地方都可以看电影。就这点而言,世界任何地方都可以办到。我喜欢去林肯中心和卡内基音乐厅看演出,我甚至还在卡内基音乐厅表演过。我真的在卡内基音乐厅表演过。Warren: Wow. Well, thats exciting.沃伦:哇哦。那真人兴奋。Antoinette: Have you ever been to New York?安托万内特:你去过纽约吗?Warren: I have.沃伦:去过。Antoinette: You have.安托万内特:你去过。Warren: Yeah. Ive been there twice.沃伦:对,我去过纽约两次。Antoinette: Okay. What did you do when you were there?安托万内特:好。你去纽约哪些地方游玩了?Warren: The first time, I was with my mother. I was 12 years old. And we went to Central Park and we saw some museums around Central Park.沃伦:我第一次去纽约是和我妈妈一起去的。当时我12岁。我们去了纽约中央公园,我看到纽约中央公园周边有一些物馆。Antoinette: You didnt go into the museums?安托万内特:你没进物馆吗?Warren: Yes, we did go into the museums.沃伦:进了,我们去物馆参观了。Antoinette: Oh, okay. Yeah. Thats my park, Central Park. How did you find my park? Did you like my park?安托万内特:哦,好。纽约中央公园是我的公园。你是怎么发现我的公园的?你喜欢我的公园吗?Warren: It was great. I was surprised how big it was.沃伦:那里非常棒。那里的规模让我非常吃惊。Antoinette: It is a big park. Thats what I like about it. You can get lost in the park and almost forget that youre in a city.安托万内特:那的确是一座大公园。所以我非常喜欢它。在纽约中央公园可能会迷路,几乎会忘掉自己身处城市之中。Warren: Yeah. Thats what I found really neat about it is sometimes I felt like I was in the countryside. But then I would see large buildings.沃伦:是的。我发现那里非常整洁,有时我感觉我好像在乡村。不过我能看到大型建筑。Antoinette: Yes. Yeah, I enjoy that, too. Did you know that you could ride horses in the park?安托万内特:对,没错。我也很喜欢这点。你知道可以在纽约中央公园骑马吗?Warren: No, I didnt.沃伦:我不知道。Antoinette: Did you know about the skating rink in the park?安托万内特:你知道纽约中央公园里有滑冰场吗?Warren: Yes. Ive seen the skating rink on TV.沃伦:我知道,我在电视上看到过那个滑冰场。Antoinette: Okay. What time of year did you go? What season was it?安托万内特:好。你是什么时候去的?什么季节?Warren: Ive been there in the summer and in fall but not winter.沃伦:我在夏天和秋天去过纽约中央公园,不过没在冬天去过。Antoinette: Its beautiful in any season, I think. I love Central Park.安托万内特:无论什么季节,那里都很漂亮。我爱纽约中央公园。Warren: Yeah, me too. It was very – it was a memorable experience.沃伦:我也是。那真的是一次令人难忘的经历。Antoinette: Im glad to hear that. What other places did you go to?安托万内特:我很高兴听到你这么说。你还去哪些地方游玩了?Warren: Well, when I was older, I went with my friend and we went on top of the Empire State Building.沃伦:我长大以后,又和朋友去了纽约,我们登上了帝国大厦顶楼。Antoinette: Okay. Im not sure if they allow you to go up there now.安托万内特:好。我不确定现在还让不让上到顶楼了。Warren: That was around 2004 that we went.沃伦:我们是2004年去的。Antoinette: Okay. Were you able to look over the edge?安托万内特:好。你能从顶楼往下看吗?Warren: I dont know if I was looking over the edge. I think its inside but youre at the top.沃伦:我不确定我有没有往下看。我记得当时我们在里面,不过那的确是顶层。Antoinette: Okay. So yeah, things have changed a bit since I was a little girl.安托万内特:好。我小的时候去过,看来那里变了。Warren: Did it use to be outside that you could go?沃伦:之前是能到外面去吗?Antoinette: You could go outside. There were these binoculars or I dont know what theyre called but you put a little change in and you could see the city.安托万内特:可以去外面。外面有双筒望远镜,我不确定是不是这样叫,放些零钱进去,你就可以欣赏纽约的景色。Warren: Yeah. They had those as well. Yeah.沃伦:嗯。我也看到了那些望远镜。Antoinette: Okay.安托万内特:好。Warren: Yeah. We could see Central Park and you could even see the Statue of Liberty from there.沃伦:嗯。用望远镜可以看到纽约中央公园,甚至还能看到自由女神像。Antoinette: Oh well, Ive been there.安托万内特:嗯,我去过那里。Warren: Yeah. Actually, I never got to go. Both times I went to New York, we wanted to go to the Statue of Liberty but we didnt have enough time.沃伦:嗯,实际上,两次我都没能去自由女神像。我去了纽约两次,每次我们都想去看看自由女神像,可是我们的时间不够。Antoinette: Oh well, you should plan another trip.安托万内特:哦,你应该再去一次纽约。Warren: Id like to, yeah. Sounds great.沃伦:我很想去。听起来太棒了。 译文属 /201706/513959福州哪家不孕不育医院比较好的医院 福州泌尿专科割包皮

福州前列腺炎怎么治疗福州泌尿专科医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱 Daniel: Hey, Vella, how are you?丹尼尔:嗨,维拉,你好吗?Vella: Im good. How are you?维拉:我很好。你呢?Daniel: Im fine thanks. Is there, like do you remember any time where youve been really sad or angry or embarrassed?丹尼尔:我很好,谢谢。你还记得你感觉悲伤、生气或尴尬的时刻吗?Vella: Yeah. Actually it happened before I came here. I had a huge fight with my father, dad, and yeah we had a disagreement about something and I, well I had a disagreement with my aunt which is my dads sister and my dad just kind of took her side instead of my side and I was really disappointed in him and I lost my temper and I started hitting the window and it kind of broke and my dad was...维拉:记得。那就发生在我来这里以前。我和我爸爸大吵了一架,我们两个人发生了争执,我和我姑姑,就是我爸爸的意见不和,而我爸爸站在我姑姑那边,而不持我,我当时对他非常失望,所以我大发脾气,开始砸窗户,然后把窗户砸破了,我爸爸……Daniel: Wait a minute. You broke the window because you were angry?丹尼尔:等一下。你因为生气打破了窗户?Vella: I did.维拉:对。Daniel: OK.丹尼尔:好吧。Vella: I really lost my, you know, control and my dad he started crying and, you know, seeing him cry was really, you know, painful.维拉:我当时完全失控了,然后我爸爸开始哭,我看到他哭感觉非常痛苦。Daniel: Wow. I didnt know you were that kind of person that could break a window.丹尼尔:哇哦。我不知道你是会打破窗户的人。Vella: You know when I lose my temper, I tend to do, you know, things that are out of control but yeah.维拉:你知道,我发火的时候会做出一些不受控制的事情。Daniel: But what was the whole argument about? Do you think it would have that result like where you break a window because of an argument with your dad?丹尼尔:那就是你们的全部争吵吗?你只是和你爸爸发生了争吵,至于让你打破窗户吗?Vella: Well, I think it was just because I was really disappointed that he took, you know, my aunts side instead of my side.维拉:我想那是因为我对他站在我姑姑那边而不持我感到非常失望。Daniel: Hm, hm.丹尼尔:嗯,嗯。Vella: And he was saying stuff like, you know, its all my fault and, you know, he was really disappointed in me so I was really sad that he said that and, yeah, I lost my temper and started hitting.维拉:他还说,那全是我的错,他对我非常失望,我对他说的话感到非常难过,所以我发火了,然后开始砸窗户。Daniel: OK, how about being embarrassed? Do you remember any time where you were really embarrassed?丹尼尔:嗯,那尴尬的时候吗?你还记得你感觉非常窘迫的时候吗?Vella: Yeah, I think in high school. So theres this guy I have a huge crush on and I was walking down the stairs and, you know, he saw me and, you know, I was acting like awkwardly and there was a big plant in front of me and I didnt see it because I was, you know, too busy looking at him and I kind of tripped over and it was really embarrassing and everyone was laughing and that guy, you know, saw me.维拉:有,那是在高中。当时我非常喜欢一个男生,有一次我下楼的时候碰到了他,而当时我表现地非常笨拙,我前面有一株很大的植物,而我因为一直在看他所以没有看到那个植物,然后我就绊倒了,当时我非常尴尬,所有人都在笑我,而那个男生一直看着我。Daniel: Thats the worse thing.丹尼尔:那真是最糟糕的情况。Vella: Falling like in front of your crush, I think that will be really embarrassing.维拉:在你喜欢的人面前摔倒,我想那真的非常难堪。Daniel: OK, what did you do afterwards?丹尼尔:对,那之后你做了什么?Vella: Well I just acted cool, you know, and said Im fine and just left.维拉:我表现得很酷,说了句我还好,然后就离开了。Daniel: Wow, that must be really difficult?丹尼尔:哇哦,那一定很难吧?Vella: Because I was trying to, you know, look pretty as I walked down the stairs and I didnt see the plant in front of me.维拉:因为我在下楼时努力让自己看起来很漂亮,可是我没看到我前面的那个植物。Daniel: So after that did you ever get that guy to like you?丹尼尔:那后来你有让那个男生喜欢上你吗?Vella: Well actually he, you know, he came up to me and he was asking if I was OK and we ended up exchanging numbers.维拉:其实他有走过来问我有没有事,后来我们交换了电话号码。Daniel: So that was a success?丹尼尔:所以其实那也算是成功了?Vella: Yeah, it was a success.维拉:对,是成功了。Daniel: OK, thats pretty good.丹尼尔:好,那太好了。 译文属 /201611/476443福州泌尿专科医院割包皮

福州做尿常规多少钱 It is the latest fashion. 这是最新款式。A:Could you tell me how much this dress is?请问这条裙子多少钱?B:US0.It is very popular among young girls this summer.150美元。这一款今年夏天很受女孩子们喜欢。A:I see,but it seems a little bit expensive.How about that one?我知道了。但是价格似乎有点贵。那件呢?B:US0.It is the latest fashion.200美元。这是最新的款式。A:Its more expensive than the first one.Anything cheaper?它比第一件还要贵呢。有没有便宜一点的呢?B:I think this blue skirt will look good on you.And it only costs US0.我觉得这条蓝色的裙子穿在你身上会很好看。而且它只要100美元。A:Not bad.Mary,what do you think of this blue skirt?还不错。玛丽,你觉得这条蓝色裙子怎么样?C:I like its design,especially the bowknot at the back of it.It fits you very well.我喜欢它的设计。尤其是裙子后面的 蝴蝶结。它很适合你。A:Ill buy it.Could you please wrap it up for me?请你帮我包起来好吗?更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201706/512444福州看早泄哪家医院好鼓楼区治疗前列腺炎多少钱



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