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Im somebody who spends a lot of time我花了很多时间modelling hurricanes in the current climate and future climates.建立现在气候和未来气候下的飓风模型When we do that, we begin to see hurricanes模型告诉我们that havent happened yet in history, if you well,从未出现过的飓风but they could happen on physical grounds.理论上可能发生We call those ;Black swan events;,我们称之为;黑天鹅事件;the particularly bad ones.就是最糟糕的那种This is something that worries me particular对此我很担心because there are places around the world因为世界上有些地方that are at great risk from hurricanes.极有可能遭受飓风Some of which dont know theyre at great risk from hurricanes.但有些还不知道自己正面临飓风的威胁It seems scarcely credible,听起来似乎难以置信but one of the places但其中一处he thinks could be hit by a hurricane他认为可能会遭受飓风袭击的地方is here in Dubai就是迪拜in the Persian Gulf.就在波斯湾The Persian Gulf is a body of water波斯湾中的海水that gets very hot in the summer.在夏天时温度会很高Really hot. The hot water runs very deep, as well.非常热 热水会流到很深的地方To our knowledge, in the limited history of the region,据该地区有限的历史记录所知there hasnt been a hurricane there.那里还从未发生过飓风There may have been one in the distant past that wasnt recorded.很久以前可能发生过但未被记录下来201410/333311These colonies are extremely rare.这种栖地极为稀有Not surprisingly, most life thrives难怪多数生物 都聚集在靠近海面之处nearer the surface, where feeding is considerably easier.在这里觅食轻松许多These are krill, tiny shrimp-like crustaceans.这是磷虾 类似虾子的细小甲壳动物Swarms can reach astounding numbers - 60,000 per cubic metre.磷虾群数量惊人 每立方公尺可高达六万只During the night they rise towards the surface to feed on plankton.它们会在夜间 浮上海面,吃浮游生物Here, in the Sea of Cortez, off Mexico,在墨西哥的科提兹海the swarms attract hunters of all kinds,磷虾群吸引各式掠食动物from humpback whales to shoals of predatory fish.从大翅鲸到大批食肉鱼类Yet another hunter arrives. Its one from the deep.有另一个猎人抵达了 它来自深海A Humboldt squid.这是美洲大赤鱿Two metres long, they have a local reputation身长两公尺 当地人称为as man-eaters.吃人怪兽201310/259194要怎样才能使更多的人住进城市中,而不显得过分拥挤呢?Kent Larson展示了折叠汽车,可快速调整的公寓,还有其他的创新作品,他们都能使得城市变得和以前的小村庄一样舒适。201405/291683

Young infants have a vise-like grip, used to cling on to mum for dear life.叶猴宝宝虎钳般的爪帮助他们附着在妈妈身上以保安全。As they get older, they get bolder and take more risks. Those that survive spend a lot of time travelling.随着年龄的增长,他们越发胆大并开始常识更多刺激。这些是经历诸多冒险后的幸存者。The experienced adults know exactly where to find seasonal foods in different parts of their range.在不同的守备范围内,经验丰富的成年叶猴深知到的哪里去寻觅当季的食物。In such steep terrain, travel involves a high level of climbing skill.在如此陡峭的地带,旅途顺利包含了高超的攀爬技巧。These monkeys are spectacularly good rock climbers from the time they learn to walk.这些猴子打会走路起就是卓越的攀岩专家。In langur society, females rule the roost and take the lead when the family is on the move.叶猴族群是母系社会,并且是举家迁徙的领队人物。 /201406/307166

Axes like this normally have a haft-that is, theyre fitted into a long wooden handle and theyre used like a modern axe; but its quite clear that our axe has never been hafted-in fact, it shows no signs of wear and tear at all. If I run my finger carefully, rather gingerly, round the blade end, I cant feel even the smallest chip. The long flat surfaces are remarkably smooth and still have a glossy, mirror-like sheen.斧头通常都有斧柄,装上长长的木制斧柄,才能像现代斧头一样发 挥功用。但很明显,本节中的这把斧头从未装过斧柄,且完全没有任何使用过的痕迹。用手指小心地抚摸斧刃,也完全感觉不到哪怕最细微的缺损。长而平坦的表面极为光滑,仍旧发出镜面般的光泽。The conclusion is obvious: not only has our axe not been used-it was never intended to be used. Mark Edmonds of York University explains how this magnificent prestige object was made:结论是肯定的。这把斧头从未被使用过,人们打造它的目的也不是使用,而是欣赏。约克大学的马克埃德蒙玆阐述了这件华丽迷人的物品是如何打造出来的:;If you have the good fortune to handle one of these axes-the feel in the hand, the balance, the weight, the smoothness-they have been polished to an extraordinary degree. We are talking about hour upon hour of grinding against stone, and then polishing with fine sand or silt and water, and then rubbing backwards and forwards in the hand, perhaps with grease and leaves, to really give that polish-thats days and days of work. It gives the edge a really sharp and resilient bite to it, but the polishing also brings out the shape, allows the control of form, and brings out that extraordinary green and black speckled quality to the stone-it makes it instantly recognisable, it makes it visually very striking. And those things maybe are just as important almost as the cutting edge.;如果你有幸握过一把这样的斧头,感受它的重量、光滑与均衡, 就会了解工匠们将其打磨得何等精细。要获得这样的光泽,先要用石头长时间打磨,再用细沙或混水的泥沙抛光,最后在手里反复挲,可能还要用上油脂和树叶。不知道要用掉多少天的工夫才能磨 出尖端略带弹性的利刃。在打磨的过程中还要留心形状,控制形式,体现出这种玉石特有的黑绿相间的色泽,让它变得十分抢眼,使人 一眼就能认出。对这样的斧头来说,视觉事受也许与锋利的斧刃同样重要。201406/303797

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