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南平市妇幼保健院男科医生福州妇幼保健医院尿科福州泌尿专科男科医院男性专科 Please welcome newly appointed ed Nations Messenger of Peace, Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio.请欢迎新任联合国和平大使,莱昂纳多·迪卡普里奥。Thank you, Mr. Secretary-General, your excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, and distinguished guests.尊敬的秘书长先生,女士们先生们,以及尊贵的客人们,谢谢你们。I’m honored to be here today, I stand before you not as an expert but as a concerned citizen, one of the 400,000 people who marched in the streets of New York on Sunday, and the billions of others around the world who want to solve our climate crisis.我今天很荣幸来到这里,不是以专家身份,而是以一个关心气候问题的市民身份站在你们面前,不仅是作为周日漫步在纽约街头的40万市民之一,也作为全世界数十亿想要解决气候危机的人们之一。As an actor I pretend for a living. I play fictitious characters often solving fictitious problems.作为一个演员,我以扮演别人的方式谋生。我扮演虚构的角色去解决虚构的问题。I believe that mankind has looked at Climate Change in that same way, as if it were a fiction, as if pretending that Climate Change wasn’t real would somehow make it go away. But I think we all know better than that now.我觉得过去人类也是以同样的方式看待气候变化,好像这是一件虚构的事情,好像假装气候变化不是真实的事情,就能让它消失。但我想我们现在了解得更多了。Every week, we’re seeing new and undeniable Climate Events, evidence that accelerated Climate Change is here right now.每周,我们都看见新的且不可否认的气候问题,加速了气候变化的迹象随处可见。Droughts are intensifying, our oceans are acidifying, with methane plumes rising up from the ocean floor.干旱在加剧,海洋伴随着甲烷缕流从海底升腾而上正在酸化。We are seeing extreme weather events, and the West Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets melting at unprecedented rates, decades ahead of scientific projections.极端天气频现,南极西部和格陵兰冰盖正以空前的速度融化着,比科学预测提前了几十年。None of this is rhetoric, and none of it is hysteria. It is fact. The scientific community knows it, industry knows it, governments know it, even the ed States military knows it.这一切都不是夸张,也不是狂热,是铮铮的事实。科学界知道这些,工业界和政府知道,甚至美国军队也知道。The Chief of the U.S.Navy’s Pacific Command, Admiral Samuel Locklear, recently said that Climate Change is our single greatest security threat.美国海军太平洋司令部长官尊敬的塞廖尔·洛克利尔上将最近说过:“气候变化是我们面临的唯一最大的安全威胁。”My Friends, this body - perhaps more than any other gathering in human history now faces this difficult but achievable task. You can make history or you will be vilified by it.我的朋友们,这个团体——也许比人类历史上的任何一次集结人数更多,正面临着一个艰巨但可以达成的任务。你可以选择创造历史,或者被历史蔑视。201603/433031台江区治疗性功能障碍哪家医院最好

福州治疗前列腺疾病哪家医院最好Two My mom likes to live alone.我妈妈喜欢一个人住。1 Introduction For several reasons, many retired Americans choose not to live with their grown children. Even elderly widows and widowers choose to live on their own. This might seem strange to elderly Chinese, but older Americans have become accustomed to having their own cars, homes, and activities. 基于好几个原因,许多退休的美国人选择不和他们的成年孩子住在一起。连年迈的寡妇和鳏夫都选择独自生活。这对于年老的中国人来说可能是不可思议,但是年迈的美国人已经对拥有自己的车子、房子和自己的活动习以为常了。2 Sample Sentences 1. Many older people live on their own. 许多老年人独立生活。2. Some have always lived alone while others have outlived their partner or other relatives. 一些人一直都是一个人住,另一些人却是因为他们比他们的伙伴或者亲戚长寿。3. Most people are happy living by themselves, but some feel vulnerable and isolated. 大多数人都很高兴一个人住,但也有些人却感觉脆弱、孤立无援。4. Most people live on their own in safety without ever having a serious accident. 多数人一个人住很安全,从来都没有发生过很严重的事故。5. If you don’t go out much or don’t see your family and friends as often as you would like, it’s easy to become lonely and isolated. 如果你很少出门或者没有经常见到你的亲人、朋友,这样就很容易感到寂寞、孤立。6. Pets can be valuable companions for those living alone. 宠物对于那些独自生活的人来说,可以是很好的伙伴。7. Looking after yourself and your home can mean a lot of hard work when you live on your own. 当你一个人生活时,照看自己和你的家可能意味着会要干很多活。8. For people living alone, being able to get out and about to do shopping, go to social clubs, and visit friends and relatives is essential. 对于那些独自生活的人来说,可以出门逛逛街、能参加社交俱乐部,会会朋友和亲戚是很重要的。9. My mom is 70 years old, and she wants to trade in her old car for a new one. 我妈妈七十岁了,她想把她的车以旧换新。10. If you are adjusting to life on a single income or finding that your pension does not stretch as far as you would like, you may want to check that you are receiving all the benefits you are entitled to. 如果你正在适应靠自己的薪水养活自己,或者发现你的退休金不够使你过上你想要的生活,那么你可能就想核实一下你有没有收取到你应得的好处。2 Conversations 1. Too busy to feel lonely!A: Mom, you know that Andrea and I sometimes worry about you. B: Really? Why would you worry about me? I’m just fine. A: You’re almost 70 years old, Mom! Don’t you think it would be better for you if you moved in with us?B: No way! I like my apartment, and I like to be independent1. A: Do you ever get lonely living alone?B: Not at all. I see you and your family twice a week, and I enjoy seeing my own friends. I’m too busy to feel lonely!——妈妈,你知道吗,安德里亚和我有时很担心你。——真的吗?你们为什么会担心我?我都很好。——妈妈,你都快70岁了!你难道不觉得你搬过来和我们一起住更好吗?——绝对不行! 我喜欢我的公寓,而且我也喜欢自立。——一个人住,你不觉得孤独吗?——才不会呢。我看见你和你的家人一周都有两次,而且我喜欢看见我自己的朋友。我忙得都没时间觉得孤独!2. Independence. A: Alice, your father is amazing. He’s 90 years old and he lives alone in that big house.B: I know. He doesn’t like to ask anyone for help. My dad insists on paying his own bills and taking care of himself!A: That sounds like my Grandmother. She was always stubbornly2 independent.B: It seems that folks3 like my father and your grandmother are determined to4 be on their own5.A: They see their independence as a kind of character strength.B: Sometimes they are too independent.——艾丽斯,你的爸爸可真行! 他九十岁了,还一个人住那么大的房子。——我知道,他不喜欢求助任何人。我爸爸坚持自己付帐单,自己照顾自己!——那听起来倒像我奶奶。她总是极其自立。——好像像我爸爸和你奶奶那样的人注定是要自力更生的。——他们把他们的独立性看作是一种性格坚强。——有时候他们也太独立了。3. Talking about a TV program. A: I saw an interesting program on TV last night. It was about elderly people. B: And what did the program say?A: It said that people with a positive6 attitude7 tend to live longer and happier.B: I think that many physicians8 now agree with that idea. A: And the TV program also said that physical exercise9 helps people deal with stress10.B: And the most active older people seem to enjoy some kind of physical exercise. My father is over 60 years old, and he lifts weights every day.——昨晚我在电视上看了一个很有趣的节目。是关于老年人。——那么节目上都说了些什么?——节目上说,一个态度积极的人似乎可以活得长久一些,快乐一些。——我觉得现在很多医师都同意这种观点。——而且电视节目上还说锻炼身体可以帮助人们减缓压力。——而且,最活跃的老年人似乎都喜欢某一种类型的运动。我爸爸六十多岁了,他每天都练习举重。4. A place to live after graduation. Valerie: So, Fred, what are your plans for after graduation?Fred: Well, I've aly got a job waiting for me back in my hometown.Valerie: That's cool. Have you aly found an apartment to live in?Fred: I’m planning on living with my parents. Won't you?Valerie: I couldn't even if I wanted to. My parents told me that if I went home, then I'd have to find my own place. Fred: You mean they're kicking you out? Valerie: Not really, they just don't want me living at home. My older sister did that, and she lived at home for seven years. Once she started living at home, it got harder and harder for her to move out.Fred: Well, it's not like my parents want me to live at home the rest of my life. They said that it's ok if I move back home to begin with, but they want me to find a place of my own after a year or so.Valerie: My parents just didn't handle my older sister very well, and because of that, they want me to be more independent. They think that it's important that I should learn how to live on my own.Fred: I know I need to learn that myself, but I just don't have the money for it at the moment. Living at home allows me to save up some money before I started finding a place.Helpful Information:Americans value independence, even when they’re getting older. They learn that from an early age. After the age of eighteen, most want to have their own homes, demonstrating their independence. And one way of showing that is living separately from their parents or their adult children. 美国人很看重自立,甚至当他们年迈已老也一样。这一点他们从小就学会了。十八岁以后,多数人想要有他们自己的家,以示他们的独立性。而显示这一点的一种方式就是,和他们的父母亲或者他们的成年孩子分开住。——那么,弗莱德,毕业后你有什么打算?——嗯,我家乡已经有份工作正等着我回去做。——那太好了。你已经找到住房了吗?——我正打算跟我父母住在一起。难道你不会吗?——即使我想也不行啊。我父母亲告诉我如果我回家,那我必须自己找个地方住。——你是说他们会把你踢出去?——不完全是。他们只是不想我住在家里。以前我住在家里,她就在家住了7年。一旦她在家里住下来,对她来说,搬出去就越来越难。——嗯,不是我父母亲想要我以后都住在家里。他们说如果我搬回家开始生活,那很好,但他们想要我大约一年后自己去找地方住。——我父母只是没把我的事处理好,也正因为那样,他们想让我更独立。他们认为让我学会如何独立生活是很重要的。——我知道我自己需要学会独立生活,但现在我只是没钱那样做。在我开始找个地方住之前,住在家里可以让我节约一些钱。4 Words and Expressions 1. independent 自立的,独立的 2. stubbornly ] 倔强地; 顽固地 3. folk (某一民族或社会阶层中的) 广大成员 4. determined to 有做...的决心5. on one's own 独立无助地6. positive 正面的,积极的7. attitude 态度, 意见, 看法8. physician 医师9. physical exercise 锻炼身体10. stress 压力; 紧张; 压迫 /200603/5426闽清县治疗睾丸炎哪家医院最好 Paul Farmer the Duke graduate I admire most I think most of you know him 保罗.法默是我最钦佩的一位杜克毕业生我想你们大多数人都听说过他Hes a doctor and a global health innovator He spends his time between Boston, Haiti, Rwanda Hes now trying to fix or completely change the Rwandan health system 他是一名医生 一名全球健康革新者他把大部分时间都花在波士顿 海地 卢旺达他现在正尝试着彻底改革卢旺达的医疗体系I first met Paul in 2003. I went to travel to his clinic in Cange, Haiti and what struck me about that visit was first of all it took us so long to get the 100 yards from the vehicle to his clinic 我2003年第一次遇见保罗 我拜访了他在海地小村康吉的诊所这次访问让我惊奇的 首先是从下车到他诊所的100码距离竟然走了那么久And the reason for that was that Paul introduced me to every single person along the way Every single person 原因在于保罗向我介绍了路上碰到的每一个人每一个人And he introduced them by first and last name he told me something about their family. He asked them about their lives And when we arrived at the clinic 他介绍了他们的全名告诉我他们的家庭情况 问他们生活过得如何等我们到达诊所On the outside, there was this beautiful little trellis with morning glories growing on it When I asked Paul about it, he said, ;Oh, I built that myself 我看到外面搭有长满牵牛花的漂亮棚架我问保罗 他说 ;这是我自己建的;I built it because I wanted the people here to see the beauty in the world that I see and I also wanted them to have a little bit of shade in the sun while they wait to go in the clinic; 我想让这里的人和我一样 看到世界的美丽;另外 这还能为他们排队就诊;提供阴凉之所The very next day, I traveled to another clinic in Haiti It was in Port-au-Prince. It was set up for the same reasons as Paul to give great healthcare to the people of Haiti 第二天 我又拜访了海地另一家诊所这是在太子港 诊所的建立目的和保罗一样是为了给海地民众提供好的医疗The doctors there went for all the right reasons I noticed something very different in that clinic The doctors thought of themselves as health care providers 那里的医生也都出于良好动机但我注意到 这个诊所就非常不同了医生们只把自己当作是医疗提供者And they thought of the Haitians as recipients and consequently even though healthcare was good quality, healthcare was going on there 只把海地人当作是医疗接受者结果尽管同样有高质量的医疗There was a lot of resentment in that clinic between both patients and doctors and experiencing those two clinics one-day right after the other taught me something 但诊所内病人和医生的不满之声却都不绝于耳两天之内连续访问这两家诊所的经历让我认识到201608/457720南平妇幼保健院不孕不育科

福州治包茎的费用Now, aly you may be saying of yourself, ;Im not intriguing.也许你们会评价自己,“我不是个有趣的人。I am the 46th most boring person in the Western Hemisphere.;我在西半球最无趣排行榜上排第46名。”Or you may say of yourself, ;I am intriguing, even if I am regarded by most people as a great, thundering twit.;也许你会评价自己,“我是个有趣的人,尽管大部分人都觉得我是个傻瓜。”But it is your self-diagnosed boringness and your inherent ;twitiness;但正是你们这种自我认知的无聊,或者内在的“傻”,that makes me, as a psychologist, really fascinated by you.让我这个心理学家觉得非常有趣。So let me explain why this is so.我来解释一下为什么。One of the most influential approaches in personality science is known as trait psychology,人格心理学中最有影响力的方法叫做特质理论,and it aligns you along five dimensions which are normally distributed,它用5个正态分布的维度判定你,and that describe universally held aspects of difference between people.这5个维度描述了被广泛认同的人与人之间不同的5个方面。They spell out the acronym OCEAN.这5个方面的首字母缩写是OCEAN。So, ;O; stands for ;open to experience,; versus those who are more closed.“O”代表“开放性”,与之对立的是那些不愿冒险的人。;C; stands for ;conscientiousness,; in contrast to those with a more lackadaisical approach to life.“C”代表的是“责任感”,与之相反的是那些懒散随意的人。;E; -- ;extroversion,; in contrast to more introverted people.“E”指的是“外向性”,与之相对的是内向的人。;A; -- ;agreeable individuals,; in contrast to those decidedly not agreeable.“A”——“宜人性”,与之相对的是不那么和善的人。And ;N; -- ;neurotic individuals,; in contrast to those who are more stable.最后是“N”—— “神经质”,与之相对的是那些更加稳定平和的人。All of these dimensions have implications for our well-being, for how our life goes.这5个方面影响我们的健康,影响我们的人生走向。201608/461485 We have to recognize that real faith has no easy answers.我们须认识到真正的信仰,从来没有简单Its difficult and stubborn.它是困难的、固执而不顺从的It involves an ongoing struggle,牵涉不间断的挣扎a continual questioning of what we think we know, a wrestling with issues and ideas.要不断怀疑自以为知道的,它是一场争议和想法之争It goes hand in hand with doubt, in a never-ending conversation with it,在不停的对话中,它和怀疑如影随形and sometimes in conscious defiance of it.某时有意地蔑视怀疑And this conscious defiance is why I, as an agnostic, can still have faith.作为一名不可知论者,这种有意识地蔑视怀疑就是为什么我仍然要有信仰I have faith, for instance, that peace in the Middle East例如,我相信中东地区和平是可行的is possible despite the ever-accumulating mass of evidence to the contrary.尽管越来越多据明事实恰恰相反Im not convinced of this. I can hardly say I believe it.我不相信这点,也很难说我相信I can only have faith in it, commit myself, that is, to the idea of it,我只能护卫着信仰,致力于它的理念and I do this precisely because of the temptation我这样做正因为诱惑to throw up my hands in resignation and retreat into silence.让我举起双手投降,并退回到沉默中Because despair is self-fulfilling.因为绝望是一种自我实现If we call something impossible, we act in such a way that we make it so.如果我们认为某些事不可能,我们就以这样的方式行动使它真的不可能实现And I, for one, refuse to live that way.对我来说,我拒绝这样生活201609/468595福州市人民医院有泌尿科吗福州男科预约



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