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福州市做包皮手术哪家好福州前列腺囊肿医院哪家好US First Lady Visits Afghanistan To Promote Aid Need劳拉.布什突访阿富汗  U.S. First Lady Laura Bush has made a surprise trip to Afghanistan to raise awareness of the country's need for development aid before an international donors conference this week in Paris. 美国第一夫人劳拉.布什突然访问阿富汗,以在本周的巴黎国际捐助大会召开前让人们更加关注阿富汗对发展援助的需要。Mrs. Bush's day-long visit was her third to Afghanistan, where she has long championed women's rights and education initiatives. Speaking to reporters while flying to Kabul, the first lady said she hoped her visit would bring awareness to the country's continuing need for international assistance.  布什夫人对阿富汗进行了为期一天的访问。这是她第三次访问阿富汗。长期以来,布什夫人一直积极持阿富汗妇女的权益和教育项目。她在飞往喀布尔的途中对记者们说,她希望此行可以让人们更加了解阿富汗对国际援助的不断需求。"I hope that what we will be able to see today will encourage all of us so that when I go to the donors conference later this week in Paris I can make the case that we need to stay - the whole international community needs to stay with Afghanistan," she said. 她说:“我希望我们今天将要看到的一切能鼓励我们所有的人,这样当我这个星期晚些时候去巴黎参加捐助大会的时候,我可以用事实明,我们需要,整个国际社会需要持阿富汗。”From Kabul, Mrs. Bush flew to Bamiyan province to see where two enormous sandstone Buddhas, carved out of a sheer cliff, stood for centuries until they were blown up by the Taliban in 2001. She also met with a group of female police cadets and Bamiyan's governor, Habiba Sorabi, Afghanistan's first female governor. 离开喀布尔后,布什夫人乘飞机前往巴米扬省,参观那里的两座巨大的沙岩佛像。这两尊佛像依山体峭壁雕刻而成,矗立在那长达几个世纪,但在2001年被塔利班炸毁。布什夫人还会晤了一些女警察学员以及巴米扬省省长索拉比。索拉比是阿富汗的第一位女省长。Mrs. Bush later announced two American aid initiatives for Afghanistan, a million grant over five years for the American University in Kabul and a five-year million package for a national literacy center that mainly teaches adults.  稍后,布什夫人宣布美国对阿富汗的两项援助计划。一个是在五年之内为美利坚大学喀布尔分校提供4千万美元的拨款;另一个是五年内向一个全国扫盲中心提供4千万美元的拨款,这个中心主要为成年人提供教育。Afghanistan's leaders have high hopes for Thursday's international donor conference in Paris, where officials have said they hope to raise about billion in reconstruction funds.  阿富汗领导人对星期四在巴黎举行的国际认捐大会寄予很高期望。巴黎的有关官员说,他们希望能募集到大约500亿美元的重建资金。But there are widesp concerns among donors about the Afghan government's ability to responsibly manage those donations.  但是,捐助者对阿富汗政府是否能负责任地管理这些捐款,普遍心存疑虑。During a news conference with Mrs. Bush, Afghan President Hamid Karzai was asked to address donor concerns about official corruption and financial mismanagement. 在阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊同布什夫人一起出席一个新闻发布会的时候,有记者请他谈谈如何解决捐赠者对官员腐败和资金管理不当的担忧。"The issue of corruption in the Afghan administration, the issue of corruption with regards to the delivery of aid and all of that is something that we constantly discuss with each other, Paris will be one of the true evaluations in a very friendly manner and of contributions on both sides," said Karzai. 卡尔扎伊说:“我们一直在不断地讨论阿富汗政府的腐败问题,特别是在使用援助款等方面的腐败问题。巴黎会议将以非常友好的方式对这一问题进行认真评估,双方将在这个问题上各抒己见。”Afghan officials say the bulk of the new donations should be spent on improving infrastructure and security.  阿富汗有关官员说,大部分新收到的捐款应当被用于改善基础设施和安全状况。Foreign aid groups in Afghanistan say international donors have pledged about billion to the country since 2002, but only about billion has been delivered. The aid groups say those foreign funds account for 90 percent of all public spending. 在阿富汗的外国援助机构说,自从2002年以来,国际捐赠者已向阿富汗认捐大约240亿美元,但迄今为止仅有约150亿美元到位。这些援助机构说,外国援助款占阿富汗所有公共出的90%。200806/41552福州前列腺炎的费用 fifth wheel ------ 多余的人 英文释义A person who serves no function. 例句 When my father gave all my responsiblies in our familys business to my brothers, I felt like a fifth wheel, and so I started looking for another job.当我父亲把家里的生意都交给我的哥哥们时,我觉得自己是个多余的人,所以开始找别的工作。 /201610/466517福州支原体尿道炎治疗

福州治疗性病的男科医院EU Defense Ministers Agree to Phase Out Peacekeeping Mission in Bosnia欧盟防长:逐步停止波斯尼亚维和  European Union Defense ministers have wrapped up a two-day meeting in France focused on beefing up the bloc's defense capabilities and looking at EU missions in Bosnia, Chad and elsewhere.欧洲联盟国防部部长在巴黎结束了为期两天的会议,会议着重讨论了加强欧盟国防实力,以及欧盟在波斯尼亚、乍得和其他地方的任务等问题。EU ministers meeting in the northern French city of Deauville agreed to phase out their peacekeeping presence in Bosnia, although they did not set a deadline to do so.在法国北方城市多维尔开会的欧盟各国国防部长同意逐步停止他们在波斯尼亚的维和任务,但他们没有确定完成这项任务的期限。French Defense Minister Herve Morin called the four-year-old peacekeeping operation a success. The 2,000-member mission has been involved in military tasks in accordance with a deal ending Bosnia's 1992-1995 war. 法国国防部部长莫兰说,欧盟在波斯尼亚的四年维和行动是成功的。有两千名成员组成的维和部队,根据结束波斯尼亚1992年到1995年战争的协议,参与了多项军事任务。Morin said several options were now on the table, including phasing out the operation and turning the tasks over to civilians and Bosnian soldiers.莫兰说,现在摆在我们面前有几个选择,包括分阶段停止维和任务,以及将任务移交给平民和波斯尼亚士兵。Eight EU countries also volunteered to create a maritime security force to fight piracy that has been rampant off the coast of Somalia. In perhaps their most audacious act, Somali pirates have boarded a Ukrainian ship carrying arms. The maritime initiative still needs approval - probably during another EU defense meeting in Brussels next month.8个欧盟国家还自愿组织了一海上安全部队来打击索马里海岸线外十分猖獗的海盗活动。索马里海盗最近登上一艘载有武器的乌克兰船只,这可能是他们至今采取的最嚣张的行动。组成海上安全部队的提议尚待批准,可能会在下个月在布鲁塞尔再次举行欧盟国防部长会议时获准。Morin also said the EU ministers had made strides on ways to improve Europe's military capabilities in cooperating more closely. Among other ideas, they are pushing a plan to allow officers to study in military schools across the 27-member block.莫兰还说,欧盟国家的部长已经通过加紧合作,在改善欧盟军事实力方面取得了长足的进展。另外, 他们正在推动允许军官在欧盟27个成员国的军事学校就读的计划。200810/51519浦城县中医院治疗龟头炎多少钱 US Envoy Denies Secret Agenda in Iraq Negotiations美大使否认与伊拉克谈判秘密议程  U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker said Thursday the Bush administration has no secret agenda in negotiations with Iraq on the future status of U.S. forces there. He said the ed States does not seek permanent bases or long-term control of Iraqi airspace. 美国驻伊拉克大使克罗克星期四说,布什政府就美军在伊拉克的未来地位问题与伊拉克进行的谈判没有秘密议程。他说,美国并不寻求在伊拉克设立永久性的基地,也不想长期控制伊拉克领空。Crocker, in Washington for consultations, says the Bush administration would like to conclude the wide-ranging accord on future U.S. relations with Iraq by July. 在华盛顿进行磋商的克罗克说,布什政府希望在7月就未来美军与伊拉克的关系问题达成范围广泛的协议。But he rejects suggestions the proposed deal would tie the hands of a future U.S. administration, or that the ed States has a secret agenda for permanent Iraqi bases. 但是,他否认拟议中的协议会束缚新一届美国政府的手脚,他也否认美国有在伊拉克设立永久性基地的秘密打算。The veteran diplomat briefed State Department reporters, who asked about a report in the British newspaper The Independent, that said Washington is seeking a "secret deal" with Iraqi authorities that would extend U.S. military occupation indefinitely, regardless of the outcome of the November U.S. election. 这位资深外交家向报导国务院的记者介绍了情况。英国的独立报报导说,华盛顿正寻求与伊拉克当局达成秘密协议,不论11月美国大选结果如何,美国都要无限期延长美军在伊拉克的军事部署。记者们对这一报导提出了问题。Crocker dismissed the notion of a secret component to the accord under negotiation, saying the process will be transparent and the deal subject to full debate by Iraqi legislators.  克罗克否定了正在谈判协议内秘密条款的说法,他说,谈判进程将是透明的,而且会经过伊拉克立法人员的充分辩论。"It's a negotiation in progress, so I can't tell you what it is going to like at the end," he said. "But I can tell you that we are not seeking permanent military bases in Iraq. That is just flatly untrue. Nor are we seeking to control Iraqi airspace. That is another kind of enduring myth. Iraq is working hard at developing its air traffic control capacities, and, as it does, we're handing over increasing responsibility to them." 克罗克说:“谈判正在进行,所以我目前无法告知协议会有什么样的最终文本。但是我可以告诉你们:我们不寻求在伊拉克设立永久性基地。有关永久性基地的说法完全不符事实。我们也不寻求控制伊拉克的领空。控制领空的说法也是流传已久的天方夜谭。伊拉克正努力发展航空交通控制能力,与此同时,我们在不断地向他们移交更多的责任。”Crocker said the impetus to complete the deal this year, before the current U.N. mandate for foreign forces in Iraq expires, comes from the Iraqi side.  克罗克说,伊拉克方面努力促进在今年联合国关于驻伊拉克外国部队的授权令到期前达成有关协议。He said an American military presence in Iraq will clearly be needed beyond this year, but that the status-of-forces agreement will have review provisions so that it could be altered by either side in the future. 他说,显然过了今年仍然需有美军驻守伊拉克,但是,军队地位协议将包括复审条款,所以任何一方都可以在未来作出改变。The ambassador said improved security conditions in Iraq in recent months stem from what he termed a "virtuous circle" of growing competence by Iraqi security forces and public revulsion against al-Qaida in Iraq and other foreign-backed militants. 这位驻伊拉克大使说,近几个月来伊拉克安全状况改善的根源是伊拉克安全部队能力日益加强的“良性循环”、以及公众对在伊拉克的基地组织以及其他外国持的民兵武装产生反感。He spoke of a substantial backlash also against Iran's support of radical Shiite militias, and said Tehran would be well-advised to reconsider its behavior toward its neighbor: 他谈到伊朗由于持激进的什叶派民兵武装而遭到的有力反击。他说,德黑兰最好重新考虑自己在邻国的作为。克罗克说:"One would hope that that will lead to a rethinking in Iran as to what its long-term policy toward Iraq should be - to support a democratically-elected central government, or to support militias that are aligned against that government," he said. "I don't think Iran can really have it both ways. It's not a U.S. position, it's what Iraqis themselves are saying." “希望那会引导伊朗当局就对伊拉克应采取的长期方针问题三思而行,究竟该持民选的伊拉克中央政府,还是要持狼狈为奸反对伊拉克政府的民兵武装。我认为伊朗不可能做到两面兼顾。这并非美国的立场态度,而是伊拉克人自己的表态。”Crocker said the Thursday announcement by the ed Arab Emirates that it intends to name an ambassador and open an embassy in Baghdad reflects an appreciation by Arab states that "things are different in Iraq," in both political and security terms. 克罗克说,阿联酋星期四宣布打算任命驻巴格达大使并在当地开设使馆,这反映阿拉伯国家赞许伊拉克政治和安全局势的改善。200806/41267福州龟头炎出血怎么办

福建省福州泌尿专科医院治疗早泄多少钱Here we are again at Tip Top Trading, where Annas interview for a sales job has been suddenly interrupted.我们又到了Tip Top Trading,在这里安娜的销售面试又突然中断了。Office assistant Denise has entered the room, looking very worried.办公室助理丹尼斯进来了,她看起来忧心忡忡。Whats wrong? And will Anna have any suggestions that might help?出什么事了?安娜的建议能有帮助吗?I dont know what to do!我不知道怎么办了!So whats the matter Denise?出什么事了,丹尼斯?You know the PowerPoint presentation?你知道演示文稿吗?The one weve been preparing for the last two months? Yes.我们准备了两个月的那个吗?是的。The one thats very, very important and that we need this afternoon? That one.非常重要,并且我们下午要用的那个吗?是它。Weve lost everything! No!全都丢了!不!I had it on a USB stick, to transfer it, but the stick has vanished!我带着一个U盘用来转存,但是U盘不见了!Right Anna, now is your chance to help them find solutions to the problem.好的,安娜,现在是你帮他们找到问题解决办法的机会。Youll need phrases like: Can I make a suggestion?你需要像这样表达:我能提个建议吗?Why dont you...? Have you tried...?为什么你不……?你有没有试过……?Maybe we could...? How about...?也许我们可以……?……怎么样? /201612/479866 福州做包皮手术医院福州妇幼保健医院男性专科




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