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呼和浩特第一人民医院减肥瘦身多少钱呼和浩特市第一医院打溶脂针多少钱Walt Disney cartoon character Donald Duck on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in August 2004. A first edition of a Donald Duck comic book from 1948 has been held behind bars in Sweden for a year-and-a-half amid a divorcing couple's drawn-out custody battle.A first edition of a Donald Duck comic book from 1948 has been heldbehind barsin Sweden for a year-and-a-half amid a divorcing couple'sdrawn-outcustody battle.The 58-year-old comic book was part of a collection at a museum in Koeinge, in southern Sweden, run by the couple.When they split up, they both claimed to be the rightful owner of the comic book. But in 2004, one of the couple decided to shut down the museum and sold the comic book to a third party, regional daily Hallandsposten reported in its online edition.As a result, the other spouse reported the comic as stolen to police, and it was confiscatedpendinga ruling.If inmintcondition, the item would be considered a rarity by collectors and could be worth up to 125000 kronor(16200 dollars, 13,345 euros), according to Swedish news agency TT.Prosecutor Sonja Seligmann said she would soon rule on the matter.In the meantime, the comic book remainsunder lock and keywith the Halland police.一本1948年首次出版的唐老鸭漫画书在瑞典卷入一对夫妇的漫长离婚官司。夫妇二人对这本漫画书的保管权争执不休,致使该书被瑞典警方“关押”了一年半。这本漫画书已有58年的历史,原本收藏在瑞典南部Koeinge一家由该夫妇经营的物馆里。这对夫妇关系破裂后,均声称自己是唐老鸭漫画书的合法主人。但2004年,据当地《哈兰日报》网络版报道,这对夫妇中有一人决定关闭物馆并把漫画书卖给第三方。之后,另一人则报警称漫画书被盗,警方由此收管该书,等待法庭做出判决。据瑞典TT通讯社报道,收藏家认为如果这本漫画书保存完好,它将是一件珍品,价值12.5万冰岛克朗(约16200美元或13345欧元)。检察官索尼亚·塞利格曼说,她将尽快处理此案。在这期间,唐老鸭漫画书仍由哈兰警方妥善保管。Vocabulary:behind bars: 坐牢drawn-out: 拉长的,拉锯式的pending: not yet decided or settled; awaiting conclusion or confirmation(悬而未决;等待作结论或批准的)mint: undamaged(未损坏的)under lock and key: 妥善锁藏着 /200809/47531呼和浩特祛痘印哪里好 Son: Why are hen#39;s legs so short?Dad: You#39;re a fool. If the hen#39;s legs were too long, wouldn#39;t they drop their eggs into pieces when laying?儿子:为什么母鸡的腿这么短呢?父亲:你真笨。如果母鸡的腿太长,它们下蛋的时候,鸡蛋岂不都摔碎了?内容来自: /201203/174556LIKE a tired marriage, the relationship between libraries and publishers has long been reassuringly dull. E-books, however, are causing heartache. Libraries know they need digital wares if they are to remain relevant, but many publishers are too wary of piracy and lost sales to co-operate. Among the big six, only Random House and HarperCollins license e-books with most libraries. The others have either denied requests or are reluctantly experimenting. In August, for example, Penguin will start a pilot with public libraries in New York.就像是一个令人疲惫的婚姻,图书馆和出版商之间长期存在着无聊的关系。然而,电子书的出现引起了它们的心痛。图书馆知道,如果它们想保持自己存在的价值,就需要数字化的设备,但对于许多出版商而言,由于在盗版和失去销量问题上太过谨慎的态度,而不予合作。在最大的六家出版商中,只有兰登书屋和哈珀?柯林斯出版社授予了绝大多数图书馆电子书的许可。其它出版社或是拒绝了这项要求,或是在勉强进行试用。例如,在八月份,企鹅出版社将在纽约的公共图书馆开始试验。Publishers are wise to be nervous. Owners of e-ers are exactly the customers they need: book-lovers with money (neither the devices nor broadband connections come cheap). If these wonderful people switch to borrowing e-books instead of buying them, what then?出版商感到紧张是明智的。电子阅读器的所有者们恰恰是他们需要的顾客:有钱(而既不是设备或是便宜的宽带连接)的爱书人。如果这些了不起的人们由借阅电子书而变为购买电子书,将会怎样呢?Electronic borrowing is awfully convenient. Unlike printed books, which must be checked out and returned to a physical library miles from where you live, book files can be downloaded at home. Digital library catalogues are often browsed at night, from a comfy sofa. The files disappear from the device when they are due (which means no late fees, nor angst about lost or damaged tomes).电子借阅非常方便。与印刷版书籍不同,电子书籍文件在家就可以下载,而不需要去离家几英里外的实体图书馆借阅和还书。人们常在晚上在舒适的沙发里浏览数字图书馆目录。当文件到期时,它们将自动从设备上消失(这意味着没有滞纳金,也无需担心丢失或损坏煌煌巨著)。Awkwardly for publishers, buying an e-book costs more than renting one but offers little extra value. You cannot resell it, lend it to a friend or burn it to stay warm. Owning a book is useful if you want to savour it repeatedly, but who s ;Fifty Shades of Grey; twice?这对出版商而言却很尴尬。购买一本电子书比租用一本的花费更多,然而带来的收益增加却相当微小。你不能把电子书二次售出或是借给朋友,甚至不能将它烧了以取暖。如果你想重复品味一本书,那么拥有一本书是非常好的,但谁愿意读第二遍《格雷的50道阴影》?E-lending is not simple, however. There are lots of different and often incompatible e-book formats, devices and licences. Most libraries use a company called OverDrive, a global distributor that secures rights from publishers and provides e-books and audio files in every format. Some 35m titles were checked out through OverDrive in 2011, and the company now sends useful data on borrowing behaviour to participating publishers. Yet publishers and libraries are worried by OverDrive#39;s market dominance, as the company can increasingly dictate fees and conditions.然而电子借阅并不简单。电子书的格式、设备和许可之间有极大不同,并常常不能互相兼容。大多数图书馆所采用的是OverDrive公司提供的电子书,这家全球性经销商确保了来自出版商的版权,并提供所有格式的电子书和音频文件。2011年,高达三亿五千万的条目通过OverDrive公司借出,这家公司现在正通过输出借阅行为相关的有用数据参与到出版商中来。OverDrive的市场占有率让出版商和图书馆担忧,因为这家公司可以提高授权费用和条件。Publishers were miffed when OverDrive teamed up with Amazon, the world#39;s biggest online bookseller, last year. Owners of Amazon#39;s Kindle e-er who want to borrow e-books from libraries are now redirected to Amazon#39;s website, where they must use their Amazon account to secure a loan. Amazon then follows up with library patrons directly, letting them know they can ;Buy this book; when the loan falls due.去年,当OverDrive公司与世界上最大的在线图书销售商——亚马逊合作之后,出版商们有点恼火。亚马逊Kindle阅读器的所有者们现在如果想从图书馆借阅电子书,就将被带入到亚马逊的网站上,在那里,他们必须使用他们的亚马逊账户来为他们的借阅提供担保。亚马逊还进一步与图书馆的老主顾们直接交涉,告诉他们若是借阅过期,则他们可以直接;购买这本书;。This arrangement nudged Penguin to end its deal with OverDrive earlier this year. The publisher#39;s new pilot involves 3M, a rival distributor that does not yet support the Kindle. ;Ultimately Amazon wants to control the library business,; says Mike Shatzkin, a publishing consultant.这一约定迫使企鹅出版社在今年早些时候终止了它和OverDrive的合约。这家出版商的新合作者包括3M公司,OverDrive的竞争对手之一,一家尚未持Kindle的经销商。;亚马逊最终想控制图书馆事务。;出版业咨询师麦克?肖特金说。Library users-nearly 60% of Americans aged 16 and older, according to Pew, an opinion researcher-are a perfect market for Amazon. It woos them by making loans on the Kindle uniquely easy. Late last year Amazon also unveiled its Kindle Owners#39; Lending Library, which lets its best customers (called ;Amazon Prime; members) borrow free one of thousands of popular books each month.根据民意调查研究机构皮尤的数据,16岁以上并占美国人口数近60%的图书馆使用者,是亚马逊最好的市场。它通过在Kindle上极其便利的借阅程序,从而取悦了他们。去年晚些时候,亚马逊还推出了Kindle所有者的借阅图书馆,这个图书馆允许亚马逊最好的客户(被称为;亚马逊会员;的成员)每月在上千本畅销书中免费借阅一本。Library boosters argue that book borrowers are also book buyers, and that libraries are vital spaces for ers to discover new work. Many were cheered by a recent Pew survey, which found that more than half of Americans with library cards say they prefer to buy their e-books. But the report also noted that few people know that e-books are available at most libraries, and that popular titles often involve long waiting lists, which may be what inspires people to buy.图书馆的持者认为,借阅图书者也就是购买图书者,而图书馆则是这些读者发现新作品的重要根据地。许多人为皮尤研究机构最近的调查而感到欢欣鼓舞,这项调查发现,超过一半拥有图书馆卡的美国人说,他们更喜欢购买他们的电子书。但是这项报告也指出,几乎没有人知道电子书在大多数图书馆都是可借阅的,而那些畅销书籍常常有着很长的等候借阅名单,这也许将促进人们的购买行为。So publishers keep tweaking their lending arrangements in search of the right balance. Random House raised its licensing prices earlier this year, and HarperCollins limits libraries to lending its titles 26 times. Penguin plans to keep new releases out of libraries for at least six months, and each book will expire after a year. Hachette is engaged in some secret experiments, and the others are watching with bated breath. In Britain the government will soon announce a review of the matter. The story of the library e-book is a nail-biter.因此出版商在不断微调他们的借阅合约以找到最恰当的平衡点。兰登书屋在今年早些时候提高了授权价格,哈珀?柯林斯出版社限制图书馆借阅条目的次数为26次。在企鹅出版社的计划中,新书从出版后到进入图书馆,至少要等六个月的时间,且一年后就到期。阿歇特出版社正在进行一些秘密实验,而其它出版社则在屏息观望。在英国,政府不久将宣布一份这一事项的报告。电子图书馆的故事实在是一个令人高度紧张的故事。 /201208/193704和林格尔县哪家医院开眼角技术好

呼和浩特上睑下垂矫正多少钱呼和浩特第一人民医院整形中心 You probably count on your daily jolt of caffeine to wake up your brain and stay sharp all day long. But downing that coffee, tea, cola, or chocolate bar may be giving you a leg upin another unexpected way: It can improve your proofing skills, according to a new study. 也许你现在每天要靠咖啡来醒脑、醒神。但其实咖啡、茶、可乐和巧克力棒还能在其他方面给你意想不到的帮助:一项最新研究表示,它能帮你提高你的校正能力。 In the study, published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, researchers asked 36 college students who consumedlow levels of caffeine -- about a half-cup of coffee a day -- to do a "language task." The students were given 5 minutes to a one-page news story, and needed to identify and correct as many spelling and grammatical mistakes as they found in that time. 在《实验心理学期刊》上发表的文章:研究者让36名对咖啡摄入程度较低的大学生——每天咖啡摄入量低于半杯——做一个“语言测试”。给这些受测试者5分钟时间来读一篇长度约为一页的文章,让他们找出并更正文内的拼写和语法错误。 Forty-five minutes before taking the proofing test, students were randomly given a capsule containing one of four doses of caffeine: none, 100 milligrams, 200 milligrams , or 400 milligrams. 在校对测验开始前45分钟,有四种剂量的咖啡因胶囊,分别是不含咖啡因、100毫克、200毫克、和400毫克,这些胶囊让参加测验的学生任意领取一枚。 /201111/160545呼和浩特脸颊红血丝哪家医院好

呼和浩特市第一医院祛除腋臭多少钱Women in general are vain when it comes to their looks. In fact, the most important part of their body where they spend their money the most is their hair. Women have various hair maintenance and other treatments just to ensure that they would look good and better each day. As beliefs say that hair is the woman’s glory and for this to be kept that way, routines must be made aside from the daily shampooing and conditioning application. However, there are also common hair mistakes that some women do and it should serve as a reminder for all not to repeat them.女人在外表方面都不免有些虚荣。事实上,女性全身上下最重要、也是花钱最多的地方是她们的头发。女人们对头发进行各种各样的保养和护理,只是为了确保头发每天都看起来美美的,而且越来越美。有人坚信,头发是女人的荣耀,为了让这种荣耀得到保持,对头发的常规护理绝不能仅仅停留在洗发水和护发素的使用上。然而,有些女人们在头发上常犯的错误,大家都应该吸取教训,不要再犯这些错误。10. Too Much Heat on the Hair10. 对头发过分加热There are various hair tools that women use these days such as blow dryer, ceramic straightener, and curling irons. They become more conscious on how their hair would look for today and the next day. It has become their partners each day whether they like curly hair or a more straight hair look.现在女性用在头发上的工具五花八门,比如吹风机、陶瓷直发器和卷发棒。女性对于每日发型的变换有了更清醒的认识。不论是喜欢卷发还是更中意直发造型,这些工具都成为了女人们每天的伙伴。9. Wearing a Pony Tail9. 扎马尾It does not mean that women should not wear any pony tail at all but wearing it frequently and putting it on the same position will damage the hairline gradually. It#39;s best to find various ways of putting hair accessories and not just the same pony tail, not doing it every day. It will cause hair breakage.并不是说女人们完全不能扎马尾,但是如果扎马尾过于频繁,而且每次都扎在同一个位置,将会逐渐对发际线构成损害。最好能用不同的方法来佩戴发饰,而不只是每天都扎同样的马尾。这样会导致头发脱落。8. Too Much Hair Products8. 过度使用美发产品Imagine your hair that has received shampoo, conditioner. After taking a bath, chemicals will be put on not just one, but two or more hair products such as styling gel, anti-hair frizz, and others. Yes, the thought of maintaining its shape and shine would not help, especially if an exaggerated amount is being damped into hair.想象一下,你的头发已经用香波洗干净并且涂上了护发素。洗完澡以后又要用上不止一种化学产品,可能是两种甚至更多,比如造型啫喱、头发柔顺精华等等。是的,这也许并不能帮助你保持头发的造型和光泽,尤其是在使用过量的时候。7. No Regular Haircuts7. 没有定期修剪头发It does not mean that you would cut your hair shorter. It#39;s up to you. But to those who are used to maintaining long hair cut should once in a while by visiting the parlor to trim the hair down. It#39;s the best remedy in removing unhealthy hair, especially where split ends mostly appear.这不代表你要把头发剪短。头发的长短由你决定。但是对于那些习惯留长发的人来说还是应该偶尔去把头发修剪一下。这是去除不健康头发的最佳办法,尤其是对于那些出现分叉的头发。6. Regular Shampooing of Hair6. 每天用洗发水洗头Shampooing your hair daily decreases the natural oil that it actually produces. It washes away the natural shine the moment that you put on shampoo into your hair. This is the reason why conditioners must be applied after shampooing your hair. The ideal is to use shampoo every other day and not regularly.每天用洗发水洗头会使头发分泌的天然油脂减少。当你把洗发水倒在头发上时,它会洗掉你头发的自然光泽。这就是为什么用洗发水洗完头后必须要用护发素。最好是每隔一天用洗发水洗头,而不要每天使用。5. Doing Personal Hair Dying5. 自己染发Those who can#39;t afford to have their hair dyed in the nearby parlor would just do self-dying at home. Yes, it#39;s economically wise because you can save from expensive process that is being offered in a regular hair salon. However, it#39;s better that experts handle them because there are necessary directions that must be followed, especially when it comes to mixtures.那些觉得在附近的发廊染发过于昂贵的人可能会自己在家染发。是的,从节俭的角度来说这是明智的,因为你可以省下去正规美发沙龙里染发的昂贵费用。然而,最好还是让专业人士来打理,因为有一些必备的操作程序必须要遵守,尤其是在调配混合剂时。4. Drying Hair after Bath4. 洗澡后用毛巾擦干头发It is automatic that after that you take a bath that you put towel on your hair to absorb excess water. Nonetheless, rubbing the towel on your hair to dry them up would cause hair frizz and damage.洗完澡后你会很自然地用毛巾包裹住头发来吸收多余的水分。但是,用毛巾在头发上擦来弄干头发会导致头发的毛糙和损伤。3. Too Much Brushing/Combing3. 梳头过多There is an old saying that when you brush your hair 100 hundred times, it would become healthier and natural shine will appear. Nonetheless, too much combing or brushing will cause hair breakage and damage.有句老话说,梳头100遍,光泽就出现,头发更健康。然而,梳头过多会将导致头发脱落和损伤。2. Doing Your Own Haircut2. 自己剪发This is for those who are not really hair experts where they could not really follow the right direction in hair trimming. Once you make a cut, you#39;ll never know that you have aly created a direction. Most of the women who did try it were never satisfied after and they would run to a nearby salon to save their hair from a big fiasco.这条错误是针对那些在头发方面并不专业,也无法完全按照剪发的正确流程操作的人。从你自己动剪刀的那一刻起,你就已经错了,而你自己却还没有意识到。大部分自己动手剪发的女人剪完后都对发型极其不满,而且会到附近的美发沙龙想办法补救这个重大的错误。1. Following the Latest Hairstyles1. 追随最新的发型潮流It#39;s okay that you follow some trendy hairstyles but it does not mean if specific hairstyle looks good to others that the same effect would reflect on you. You have to know the shape of your face and the appropriate cut that will improve your look and that would really suit you. If it won#39;t work for you then try other hairdos. You have to experiment and ask others#39; opinions if necessary.追随潮流发型并没有问题,问题在于某些让别人看上去很美的发型在你身上却没有同样的效果。你必须清楚自己的脸型,要明白哪些合适的发型真正适合你,让你更好看。如果这款发型不适合你,那么就试试其他的。你要进行一些尝试,必要的时候可以问问他人的看法。 /201204/179579 China#39;s box-office revenue in the first half of this year surged 42% from a year earlier, to 8.07 billion yuan (.28 billion), on the strength of foreign films like the re-release of 1997#39;s ;Titanic.; 借助《泰坦尼克号》(Titanic)3D版等外国电影的强攻,今年上半年中国票房收入较去年同期猛增42%至80.7亿元(合12.8亿美元)。 While the figures released Thursday demonstrated the importance of this fast-growing market to Hollywood, they also showed the challenges facing China#39;s film industry岸box-office revenue for domestically produced films was down 4.3% over the same period. Chinese films generated 2.7 billion yuan, or about a third of total box-office revenue, compared with 5.37 billion yuan for foreign films. 周四发布的数据一方面明迅速扩大的中国市场对于好莱坞的重要性,另一方面也显示了中国本土电影产业面临的挑战。中国国产电影票房收入较去年同期下降4.3%。国产电影票房是27亿元,约为总票房收入的三分之一。相比之下外国电影的票房收入达到了53.7亿元。 China#39;s leaders appear aware of Hollywood#39;s threat. China is currently in the midst of a monthlong period in which no U.S. films have permission to be distributed. And while other years have featured a similar hiatus, this year#39;s is taking place during the summer season岸prime time for U.S. action films. It is scheduled to end next week, with the release of #39;The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1#39; on July 25. 中国领导人似乎意识到了好莱坞的威胁。目前中国正处在一个美国电影拿不到上映许可的时期,时间长达一个月。虽然过去几年也曾有过类似禁映期,但今年的禁映期时逢暑假,正好是美国动作片的黄金档期。禁映期按计划于下周结束,7月25日将上映《暮光之城4:破晓(上)》(The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1)。 The government-controlled China Film Group, which distributes most films in the country, has also arranged the release schedule so that several 3-D Hollywood movies will be pitted against one another. ;Ice Age: Continental Drift,; from 20th Century Fox, and Universal Pictures#39; ;The Lorax; will both premiere on July 27 in China. Warner Bros.; latest Batman chapter, ;The Dark Knight Rises,; and Sony Pictures#39; ;The Amazing Spider-Man; are both scheduled to open Aug. 30, one month after the U.S. premiere. The move will create competition for Chinese audiences. News Corp., which owns 20th Century Fox, also owns The Wall Street Journal. 另外,由政府控制、负责发行中国境内多数影片的中国电影集团公司通过放映档期安排,将使多部好莱坞3D影片展开针尖对麦芒的竞争。20世纪福克斯(20th Century Fox)的《冰川时代4:大陆漂移》(Ice Age: Continental Drift)、环球影业(Universal Pictures)的《老雷斯的故事》(The Lorax)都将于7月27日在中国首映。华纳兄弟(Warner Bros.)的《蝙蝠侠:黑暗骑士崛起》(Batman: The Dark Knight Rises)和索尼影业(Sony Pictures)的《神奇蜘蛛侠》(The Amazing Spider-Man)都计划于8月30日开映,距离美国首映已经过去一个月。中影公司此举将使这些电影为争夺中国观众而竞争。20世纪福克斯的母公司新闻集团(The Amazing Spider-Man)也是《华尔街日报》的母公司。 Hollywood sees big opportunity in the world#39;s most-populous country, where revenue last year reached .1 billion, up 29% from 2010. In February, after Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping#39;s visit to Los Angeles, Chinese leaders agreed to allow 34 movies a year to be shown in China, up from 20, on the condition the additional 14 be shown in 3-D or in jumbo-sized IMAX format. 好莱坞在世界人口最多的国家看到了巨大机会。去年中国电影票房收入达21亿美元,较2010年增长29%。今年2月份,在中国国家副主席习近平访问洛杉矶之后,中国领导人同意每年允许34部美国电影在中国上映,多于原先的每年20部。条件是新增的14部必须是3D格式或超大屏幕的IMAX格式。 U.S. film-industry lobbyists had been pressuring China to resolve a standoff dating back to 2009, when the World Trade Organization ruled that China#39;s policy of limiting foreign films to 20 a year violated international trade rules. 美国电影行业游说人士此前曾一直向中国施压,要求其遵守世界贸易组织(World Trade Organization)2009年做出的一项裁决。当时世贸组织裁定,中国规定每年进口影片不得超过20部的政策违反了国际贸易规定。 Critics of China#39;s film industry say the country#39;s filmmakers are burdened by censorship and that more freedom of expression would help elevate the nation#39;s films, putting them on equal footing with U.S. productions. 中国电影行业的批评人士说,中国的电影人面临影片审查的重压,扩大言论自由有助于提升中国的影片,使之与美国影片站在同等水平上。 Some of China#39;s filmmakers say they don#39;t believe the country#39;s regulators need to restrict the entry of foreign films so tightly. 中国的一些电影人说,他们认为中国的监管机构不需要那么严格地限制外国影片的引进。 ;We don#39;t need to be scared or screaming like crazy, saying the wolf is here,; said Chen Kaige, director of such Chinese films as ;Farewell My Concubine.;导演陈凯歌说,我们不需要害怕或像疯了一样地尖叫着喊狼来了。陈凯歌曾执导《霸王别姬》等中国影片。 Still, Mr. Chen, who spoke in a recent interview, added that he feels increasingly pressured to make films designed to take on the U.S.-produced competition─and is even considering directing an action film to rival some of Hollywood#39;s. 不过陈凯歌最近在接受采访时也说,他背负着越来越大的压力要拍些与美国影片竞争的片子,他甚至在考虑拍一部动作片与好莱坞大片抗衡。 Investment in the Chinese film market is too recent to have borne much fruit yet, said Dan Mintz, chief executive of Chinese film company DMG Entertainment. ;Everything from setting up the infrastructure and dealing with regulations to learning the creative side just takes a lot of time in film,; he explained, adding that Chinese films may grow more dominant at home in the future. 中国电影公司DMG传媒集团(DMG Entertainment)的首席执行长丹#8226;密茨(Dan Mintz)说,中国电影市场的投资才刚起步,还没有取得太大成果。他解释说,在电影制作过程中,从搭设基础设施、应对监管规定到学习创意,所有这一切都要花大量时间。他还说,中国影片在国内市场上的主导地位今后可能会进一步增强。 To be sure, there are aly marks of success emerging in China. ;Painted Skin: The Resurrection,; a film from Huayi Brothers Media Corp., is on track to become the highest-grossing domestic film ever, with box-office revenue at 628 million yuan and counting, according to data from Beijing-based film-research firm EntGroup. But ;Titanic; has brought in more than 934 million yuan this year. 显然,中国已经开始出现成功的迹象。据位于北京的电影研究公司艺恩咨询(EntGroup)的数据显示,华谊兄弟传媒股份有限公司出品的《画皮2》有望成为迄今为止票房最高的国产影片,该片的票房收入目前已达人民币6.28亿元,而票房统计工作仍在进行。不过,3D版《泰坦尼克号》(Titanic)今年的在华票房收入已超过9.34亿元。 Notes Mr. Mintz, ;In 1998, there were hardly any theatres in China, so this was actually the first time many got the real experience.;密茨说,1998年时中国的电影院还很少,所以这是很多中国人第一次到电影院观看《泰坦尼克号》。 /201207/191358呼和浩特去哪种医院做隆鼻好内蒙古医学院附属医院去痘多少钱



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