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The shoulder cape is the perfect accessory for the woman who tends to get cold at work. Store one in a drawer at your office and simply pull it out and throw it on when you start getting chilly. The cape stays on-trend by drawing attention upward and outward toward your shoulders, and you don't have to worry about fit, as its designed to only cover your upper arms. 披肩是女人应对寒冷天气工作的绝佳配饰。在你的办公室抽屉里放上一条吧。当你感到寒意来袭的时候就可以非常方便的取出它来披在肩上。披肩让你的肩部四周都很吸引眼球,你不必担心是否合适,它的设计目的只是覆盖你的上臂而已。 /201110/158254

Here are 10 tips to help you create a productive and memorable college experience.下面是关于如何建立一个有成效的、值得回忆的大学生活的十条小建议。1. Answer the question, ;Why am I going to college?;回答问题:“我为什么要上大学?”Many college students really don#39;t have a clear reason for being there other than the fact that they don#39;t know what else to do yet. They inherit goals from family and peers which aren#39;t truly their own. What are you there to learn? What do you want to experience?很多大学生对于上大学都没有明确的原因,除了一个事实——不知道还有其它的事可以做。他们的目标不是出于内心而是根植于家庭以及同伴。你在这里学什么?你想要经历体验什么?2. Imagine your ideal college experience.想象你的大学生活Once you know why you#39;re going to university, imagine your ideal outcome. Whether you#39;ve aly started university or not, stop and simply write down some attributes of your ideal experience. Describe it in as much detail as you can. Real life will of course turn out differently than you visualize. The point of visualization is to give you more clarity for making decisions right now.一旦明确了上大学的目的,就想象一下最完美的结局。无论你是否已经开始了你的大学生活,停会儿,把你的一些完美畅想的特点都简单地写下来。尽可能地描述详细。真实的生活当然会不同于你的想象。但想象的关键在于可以帮助你现在更好地做决定。3. Take at least one extra class each semester.每学期至少要报一门选修课The real benefit to a dense schedule isn#39;t that you#39;ll graduate sooner. The real benefit is that you#39;ll enjoy a richer experience. This sort of thing sure looks great on a resume.紧凑的学习计划的真正好处不是你能很快毕业。真正的好处是你可以享受一个更丰富的经历。而且这也会给你的简历锦上添花。4. Set clear goals for each class.每个课程都确立目标Decide what you want out of each specific class. Sometimes you#39;ll achieve your goals; sometimes you won#39;t. Even if you do your best, you may still fall short. You#39;ll have to pick your battles. Some are worth fighting; others are best ignored.考虑决定好你想从每个课程里得到什么。有时你会达到你的目标,有时不会。尽管你尽力了,但你有可能仍然失败。你要选择你的战场。有些值得战斗,有些完全可以忽略。5. Triage ruthlessly.有所取舍You don#39;t need to put an equal amount of effort into every class. Inject extra effort when it#39;s important to you, but feel free to back off a little from classes that are a low priority based on your specific goals.你无须对每一个课程都付出同样的努力。重要的课程可以多加把劲,但对于那些对你的目标无足轻重的课程可以松懈一点。6. Get an early start to each day.一天之计在于晨Getting an early start each day helped you get a lot more done, not just in the morning but throughout the day.每天早起对你益处很多,不仅仅是早晨而是一整天。7. Reclaim wasted time during your classes.充分利用课堂时间Not every class is going to require your utmost concentration. Sometimes teachers babble. Sometimes they reiterate what you aly know. If a class is really challenging, sit in the front and soak up every word. But if a class isn#39;t challenging you, then sit in the back, do homework for other classes, and pop your head up every once in a while to see if there#39;s anything worth jotting down.不是每一节课都需要你全神贯注。有时老师只是在东扯西拉,有时只是在重复你已经知道的东西。如果这节课很有意思,那么坐在前面,仔细听每一个字。如果很无聊,那么坐在后面完成其它学科的家庭作业吧。当然,每隔一会要抬头听听是不是有什么值得记下来。8. Learn material the very first time it#39;s presented.拒绝重复学习One of the biggest time wasters in school is having to relearn something you didn#39;t learn properly the first time. When students say they#39;re studying, most of the time they#39;re making up for a previous failure to learn the material.学校里最大的一个时间浪费就是不断重新学习你在第一次没有完全掌握的东西。学生们说他们在学习时大部分的时间都是在重复以前的错误。9. Master advanced memory techniques.科学记忆One of the keys to learning material the first time is to train yourself in advanced memory techniques. I don#39;t recommend memorizing by repetition because it#39;s way too slow.学习的关键之一就是掌握科学的记忆方法。不推荐重复记忆,因为太没有效率了。10. Have some serious fun!享受生活 更多信息请访Challenge yourself academically, but give yourself plenty of time for fun as well. Don#39;t squander your leisure time hanging around doing nothing.学业上要努力,但也要给自己充足的时间。别在业余时间无所事事。 /201208/193509

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