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内蒙古自治区医院瘦腿针多少钱呼和浩特哪家医院脱毛好The chairman of one of China’s largest internet companies is looking to join the ranks of the technology world’s big philanthropists Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, by donating more than bn to charity. 中国最大互联网企业之一的董事长承诺向慈善事业捐赠逾20亿美元,此举将使他加入高科技领域最大慈善家马克#8226;扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)和比尔#8226;盖茨(Bill Gates)的行列。 Pony Ma, who is founder and chief executive of Tencent Holdings, plans to cash in 100m company shares to make the donation to the Tencent Foundation, which gives money to healthcare, education and environmental protection in China, the company said yesterday. 腾讯控股(Tencent Holdings)昨日表示,创始人和首席执行官马化腾(Pony Ma)计划捐献1亿股腾讯股票给腾讯基金会(Tencent Foundation)。该基金会将向中国的医疗、教育和环保事业捐赠资金。 Tencent shares in Hong Kong closed up 0.24 per cent at HK5.7, making the donation worth about .1bn. 腾讯H股昨日收涨0.24%,至每股165.7港元,让这笔捐赠的价值达到约21亿美元。 The company operates QQ and WeChat, two of China’s largest online and mobile chatting applications. The Shenzhen-based, Hong Kong-listed group has a market capitalisation of 5bn and owns entertainment and online gaming businesses, as well as a bank and other financial services. 该公司运营着中国两大在线和移动聊天应用QQ和微信(WeChat)。这家总部位于深圳的香港上市集团市值达到1850亿美元,旗下除了和网络游戏业务,还有一家和其他金融务业务。 Mr Ma has a net worth of about bn, according to Forbes but his success has often been overshadowed by Jack Ma of Alibaba, the e-commerce company. The Alibaba founder was reportedly worth more than bn. Alongside his chief financial officer, he said last year that he had set up a fund using share options worth about 2 per cent of the company’s equity, or about bn at the time of the announcement. 根据《福布斯》(Forbes)的统计,马化腾的财富净值约为200亿美元。不过,他的成功经常笼罩在电子商务公司阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的创始人马云(Jack Ma)的阴影之下。马云的财富净值据报道超过220亿美元。去年,马云曾表示已和他的首席财务官一道,用相当于阿里巴巴约2%股本的股票期权设立了基金,消息公布时这一捐赠价值约为30亿美元。 The Tencent chairman said in a statement: “After 10 years of exploration and participation in philanthropic activities, I increasingly feel a better way to continue giving back to the society is to do it over a longer term and in a more organised way.” 马化腾在一份声明中表示:“通过十年的公益实践和探索,日益感到需要一个更长远、更高效的系统规划和架构,以善用财富回馈社会。” Tencent said its foundation, which was established in 2007 and co-operates with other charities in China, was set to become one of the biggest charitable funds in the world. 腾讯表示,其基金会将成为全球最大的慈善基金之一。该基金会成立于2007年,与中国其他多家慈善机构存在合作关系。 /201604/438362呼市第一医院激光祛痘手术多少钱 灵歌天后当选PETA最差穿着名人PETA thinks Aretha Franklin is no queen of soul when it comes to wearing fur. Franklin was crowned this year's worst-dressed celebrity by the animal rights organization. Her crime: wearing "yet another vulgar fur" at the Grammy Awards."... you looked as if you were going to perform `I Am the Walrus' by the Beatles," People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said Wednesday of Franklin's appearance. "You might be a queen, but you don't know jack about compassion.""How 'bout some R-E-S-P-E-C-T for animals?" PETA added.The other offenders are Marilyn Manson, Eva Longoria ("in her trashy furs, she looks like the streetwalker of Wisteria Lane"), Lindsay Lohan, Kate Moss and Kylie Minogue.PETA called Minogue as cold-blooded as her python purse. As for Lohan, the group remarked: "`I Know Who Killed Me' isn't just the title of Lindsay Lohan's latest bomb, it's the cry of the animals snuffed outs."Christina Ricci, Martha Stewart and Alicia Keys have said they've given up wearing fur since being singled out by PETA in previous years.PETA asked people to vote on the Web site Fur Is Dead.The group said it took Britney Spears out the running because they didn't want to kick her while she's 在“善待动物组织”看来,如果说到穿皮草,阿莉莎#8226;富兰克林可不是什么灵歌天后。日前,富兰克林被该动物保护组织评为年度“最差穿着名人”。她的“罪状”是:在格莱美颁奖仪式上“又穿了件俗气的皮草”。本周三,善待动物组织对富兰克林的装扮做出了这样的评价:“……看上去好像要去表演披头士乐队的《我是海象》。你可能是个什么歌后,但你根本不知道什么是同情。”“能不能给动物们一些尊重呢?”其他几位“冒犯”了动物的女星包括玛里琳#8226;曼森、伊娃#8226;朗格莉亚(点评:她穿着那俗气的皮草,看上去就像是紫藤巷的)、林塞#8226;洛翰、凯特#8226;丝和凯莉#8226;米洛。“善待动物组织”批评米洛与她的蛇皮提包一样“冷血”(蛇是冷血动物);洛翰得到的评价是:“‘我知道谁杀了我’不仅是她的最新败作,也是被杀害动物的哭泣。”克里斯蒂娜#8226;里奇、玛莎#8226;斯图尔特和艾丽西娅#8226;凯斯说,自从前几年她们被PETA点名后,就再也没穿过皮草。善待动物组织号召人们登陆Fur Is Dead网站对年度最差穿着名人进行投票。该组织未将“小甜甜”布兰妮列入名单,因为他们不想在她处于人生低谷的时候打击她。 /200803/30498A self-driving start-up in Silicon Valley is exploring emojis as a robotic response to the honks, nods, waves and other signals exchanged between human road users.硅谷一家自动驾驶初创公司正在探索利用表情符号自动回应鸣喇叭、点头、挥手等人类道路使用者之间交换的信号。Drive.ai is beginning a test near its Mountain View headquarters of autonomous cars fitted with digital signage on their roofs. Drive.ai公司正在位于山景城(Mountain View)的总部附近对车顶装有数字显示屏的自动驾驶汽车进行测试。The display, which also incorporates an array of cameras and sensors for navigation, can show text and pictures, as well as making sounds, to provide cues to human drivers of the robot’s intentions.这种显示屏还包含一组用于导航的摄像头及传感器,它能够显示文本和图片,还可以发出声音,以向人类司机提示无人车的意图。If you take the driver out of the equation, how do other human beings communicate with this car? A self-driving car needs to emote intention, understand what the other cars are doing and signal to them what it wants to do, said Carol Reiley, co-founder and president of the year-old company.这家成立仅一年的公司的联合创始人、总裁卡萝尔#8226;赖利(Carol Reiley)表示:如果你的车里没有驾驶员,其他人该怎样与这辆车沟通?自动驾驶汽车需要表达意图,领会其他车辆正在做什么并向它们发出信号,告知它想做什么。Among the signs being tested are the smiley faces, winks and hand gestures of emoji that have become a popular addition to text messaging and social networking in recent years.正在被测试的信号包括笑脸、眨眼、手势等各种表情符号,这些表情包近年来已经成为短信与社交网络中很流行的附加符号。We are anticipating that people’s behaviour will be very different around self-driving cars [compared] to normal cars, she said. We aren’t satisfied with the lights and sounds on a current car. 我们认为,相对普通汽车,人类驾驶员在自动驾驶汽车周围时的行为将大为不同,她说,我们并不满足于现有汽车的灯光和声音。We need to design a new kind of robot that can communicate safely and interact with people.我们需要设计一种能够安全地与人类沟通和互动的新型机器人。While most robots in use are in factories, cordoned off behind warning notices, Ms Reiley said that a self-driving car would be the first social robot that will be released into the world.虽然大多数在使用的机器人都位于工厂且被警戒线隔离在警示告示之后,但赖利表示,自动驾驶汽车将成为首个被投放到真实世界的社交型机器人。Drive.ai, which has raised m from undisclosed investors, was founded last year by Stanford University graduates. 由斯坦福大学(Stanford University)几名毕业生去年创立的Drive.ai,已从未公开的投资人手中筹集了1200万美元。They had been working to apply deep learning, a strand of artificial intelligence research, to driving.他们一直在致力于将深度学习(人工智能研究的一个分)应用于驾驶。In April, Drive.ai became the 13th company to be approved for autonomous testing in California by the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles .今年4月,Drive.ai成为第13家获得加州机动车辆(Department of Motor Vehicles)批准进行自动驾驶测试的公司。While others are focused on highway driving, Drive.ai is targeting more crowded and complex urban environments for its first deployments.虽然其他一些公司正专注于高速公路驾驶测试,但Drive.ai首批测试的目标是更拥挤、更复杂的城市环境。 /201609/464386呼和浩特治疗青春痘

呼市第一医院激光去黄褐斑多少钱This is the story of two deals and the future of healthcare in the UK. 这是一个关于两笔交易以及英国医疗卫生事业未来的故事。The first was made in September 2015, under which three UK hospitals in the Royal Free NHS Trust handed the identifiable patient records of more than 2m Londoners to DeepMind, an artificial intelligence company wholly owned by Google.第一笔交易完成于2015年9月,根据这项交易,三家隶属英国皇家自由NHS信托基金会(Royal Free NHS Trust)的医院将超过200万名伦敦市民的可识别个人身份的病历交给了DeepMind,谷歌(Google)全资拥有的一家人工智能公司。With the company riding high on breakthroughs in the fields of game play and image recognition, DeepMind Health was launched in February. 随着DeepMind在游戏竞技以及图像识别领域不断取得重大突破,DeepMind Health在今年2月应运而生。Strangely for an AI company with no healthcare experience, DeepMind Health’s inaugural project claimed it had nothing to do with AI. 而对一家没有医疗经验的人工智能公司来说颇为奇怪的是,DeepMind Health的首个项目号称与人工智能没有任何关系。Rather, it involved developing Streams, a mobile app, to integrate data and co-ordinate push alerts concerning acute kidney injury, 相反,该项目涉及开发一款名为Streams的移动应用,用于有关急性肾脏损伤的整合数据以及协调推送通知。a serious condition affecting up to one in six National Health Service patients.在英国国家医疗务体系(NHS)的病人中,存在这一严重病情的病人比例高达六分之一。In April, an investigation by New Scientist revealed the scale of DeepMind’s data hoard — a five-year superset, covering almost every patient passing through Royal Free — as well as the commercial terms: essentially, that there were none. 今年4月,由《新科学家》(New Scientist)进行的一项调查揭示了DeepMind海量数据的规模——这是一个时间跨度长达5年的超大集合,涵盖了皇家自由基金会系统内的几乎所有病人——调查还揭示了这些数据的商业条款:基本上没有任何商业条款。The claimed basis for sharing the data was implied consent for direct clinical care for kidney injury. 这一数据共享的公开依据是对肾脏损伤进行直接临床救治的默示同意。The problem is that the data set extended well beyond those who will be monitored or treated for this condition: it extended hospital-wide, raising issues about proper compliance with data protection, privacy and medical confidentiality rules. 问题在于,数据集的覆盖面远远超过了因这一病症而被监测或治疗的群体:数据延伸至整个医院,由此引出了有关如何恰当遵守数据保护、隐私以及医疗保密等方面规定的问题。Perhaps even more importantly, engaging with citizens about the deal and exploring the desirability of open, competitive, forward-looking service procurement beyond Google, seemed not to enter consideration.或许更重要的是,与市民接触、交流对于此项交易的看法,以及在谷歌之外探索公开、竞争性、前瞻的务采购的可取程度,似乎并未被纳入考虑范围。The second deal was rather more proactive. 第二项交易更加主动积极。Last month, perhaps in anticipation of regulatory action after a year of silence (the first deal is the subject of an investigation by the UK Information Commissioner’s Office and a review by the National Data Guardian, plus DeepMind’s self-styled independent reviewers), a five-year agreement was signed.上月,或许是预见到了在一年的沉寂之后将有监管举措出台(第一笔交易受到了英国信息专员办公室(UK Information Commissioner’s Office)的调查以及国家健康和医疗数据守护者(National Data Guardian)的评估,DeepMind自诩的独立评估方也参与了评估),双方进一步签署了一项为期五年的合作协议。This accord contains a remarkable pivot. 这项协议包含了一个值得关注的转折。After a year of structuring the whole Trust-wide data set, DeepMind has developed a software interface that allows multiple conditions to be monitored and provides a platform for an open innovation ecosystem. 在花费了一年时间设计整个基金会系统的数据集结构之后,DeepMind开发了一个软件界面,可用于监测多种病情,并为开放创新的生态系统提供一个平台。Open, that is, except that the platform is strictly owned and controlled by DeepMind under a time-bound licence that prevents the Royal Free hospital working directly with any other provider. 不过,这种开放是有限度的——整个平台由DeepMind根据一项有时间限制的许可协议(阻止皇家自由医院与其他任何提供商直接合作)严格拥有和掌控。DeepMind, for its part, wishes to enable a community of innovators to develop niche applications over the top of data acquired through the first deal.DeepMind希望借此形成一个创新者社区,在通过第一项交易获得的数据基础上开发细分应用。Many of DeepMind’s aspirations are laudable, particularly its promises to bring cutting-edge provenance, transparency and audit to data flows. DeepMind有不少值得赞许的抱负,特别是该公司承诺将把尖端的来源鉴定、透明化以及审计技术应用到数据流上。However, it is critical that this company’s dealmaking does not involve special treatment, particularly given it can only do much of what it does because of the money and power of Google, its patron, which has long coveted the healthcare market. 但有一点非常关键,该公司的商业交易不应牵涉特殊待遇,尤其是考虑到该公司之所以能开展其目前进行的绝大部分业务,靠的是来自其母公司谷歌的资金和影响力,而谷歌长期以来一直对医疗卫生市场垂涎三尺。Until now, DeepMind’s deals have attracted no comment from those with oversight of sensitive data processing, despite clear questions about both the direct care justification for processing and where the control of data-processing lies.直到现在,负责监督敏感数据处理的相关部门也没有对DeepMind的交易发表,尽管在两方面(以直接救治为理由的数据处理,以及对数据处理的管控从何体现)明显存在问题。These deals matter as a litmus test of our institutions and our instincts, and whether we can advance technologically without evading due process and hard-earned rights. 这些交易意义重大,是检验我们的机构、我们的直觉、以及我们能否取得技术进步而不回避正当程序和来之不易的权利的试金石。The primary limits to promising advances in machine learning are access to data and computing power. 机器学习取得重大发展所面临的主要限制在于数据的可获得性以及计算能力。The Royal Free deals do a civic disservice if they undervalue publicly funded data sets, while failing to consider the long-term consequences of giving advance access to powerful private prospectors. 皇家自由基金会的交易对公众不利——如果它们低估了源于公共资金持的数据集的价值,同时也未考虑到给予实力强劲的私营开拓企业先入优势的长期后果。DeepMind may be a worthy partner but it must prove itself as such so that the future of healthcare is genuinely competitive, open, fair and in the public interest.DeepMind或许是一个有价值的合作伙伴,但该公司必须明自己确实如此,以确保医疗卫生事业的未来真正具有竞争性、开放、公平以及符合公众利益。 /201612/485920呼和浩特治疗宽鼻哪家医院好 Tesla Motors came under renewed questioning about the safety of its Autopilot technology after news emerged on Wednesday of a fatal crash in China that may have occurred while the automated driver-assist system was operating.周三,中国出现一起致命车祸的新闻,随后,特斯拉汽车(Tesla Motors)自动驾驶技术的安全性再次受到质疑。事故可能是在自动的驾驶员辅助系统运行期间发生的。The crash took place on Jan. 20 and killed Gao Yaning, 23, when the Tesla Model S he was driving slammed into a road sweeper on a highway near Handan, a city about 300 miles south of Beijing, according to a report broadcast on Wednesday by the Chinese government news channel CCTV.中国政府的新闻机构中央电视台周三报道,事故发生的时间是1月20日,地点在北京以南约480公里处的城市邯郸附近的一段高速公路。报道称,一辆特斯拉Model S撞向一辆道路清扫车,导致23岁的驾车人高雅宁死亡。The report includes in-car looking through the windshield as the car travels in the left lane at highway speed just before ramming into a parked or slow-moving orange truck. 央视的报道中出现了一段在车里透过挡风玻璃拍摄到的视频。视频显示,就在撞向一辆停着或正在缓慢移动的橘黄色卡车前,特斯拉汽车正在以高速公路的限速行驶在左侧车道上。The , apparently shot by a camera mounted on the rearview mirror, recorded no images, sounds or jolts that would suggest the driver or the car hit the brakes before impact. At that point, the in-car ends.这段视频似乎是由一个安放在后视镜上的摄像头拍摄的。视频未记录下任何画面、声音或震动能表明驾驶员或特斯拉汽车在撞车有刹车动作。视频停在了撞车那一瞬间。“When it was approaching the road sweeper, the car didn’t put on the brake or avoid it,” a police officer said in the CCTV report. “Instead, it crashed right into it.”“白色特斯拉轿车在遇到前方正在施工作业的这个道路清扫作业车时,没有采取任何紧急制动和躲避措施,”一名警察在央视的报道中说。“直接与其相撞。”In an emailed statement, Tesla said on Wednesday that it had not been able to determine whether Autopilot was active at the time of the Handan accident. The company declined to say when it learned of the fatality in China, or whether it had reported the crash to ed States safety officials, who are investigating a fatal accident in Florida on May 7 in which Autopilot was engaged.周三当天,特斯拉在一份通过电子邮件发出的声明中表示,尚无法断定邯郸那起事故发生时,自动驾驶系统是否处于激活状态。该公司拒绝透露是何时得知发生在中国的这起致命事故的,以及公司是否已向美国的安全事务官员汇报此事。相关官员正在调查5月7日发生在佛罗里达州的一起致命事故。在那起事故中,自动驾驶系统处于使用状态。So far, that Florida accident is the only confirmed death involving a Tesla with Autopilot turned on. In that accident, there was no sign that the driver or Autopilot had applied the brakes before the car collided at high speed with a tractor-trailer that had turned in front of it.迄今为止,佛罗里达州那起事故是唯一一起得到实的,涉及打开了自动驾驶系统的特斯拉汽车的致命案例。在那起事故中,没有迹象表明在那辆特斯拉汽车与前方一辆转弯的牵引式挂车高速相撞前,驾驶员或自动驾驶系统采取了刹车措施。Although Tesla learned of the Florida accident a few weeks after it happened, it did not publicly disclose it until late June, when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced it was investigating the crash.特斯拉尽管在佛罗里达州那起事故发生几周后便知道了事故情况,但直到6月末美国国家公路交通安全局(National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)宣布正在进行调查时,才公开披露此事。News of the Chinese crash will renew questions about when the company should disclose information about accidents in cars equipped with Autopilot and what information should be shared.对于公司应该何时公布配备自动驾驶系统的车辆的事故,以及具体应该分享哪些信息,此前早有质疑,此次中国的车祸消息传出后,人们再次提出这一问题。“Because of the damage caused by the collision, the car was physically incapable of transmitting log data to our servers, and we therefore have no way of knowing whether or not Autopilot was engaged at the time of the crash,” a Tesla spokeswoman, Alexis Georgeson, said in the company’s statement. “碰撞给车身造成的损坏,会导致事故车辆无法将记录下来的数据传输到我们的务器上,因此我们无从得知事故发生时,是否使用了自动驾驶,”特斯拉的发言人亚历克西丝#8226;乔治森(Alexis Georgeson)在公司声明中说。“We have tried repeatedly to work with our customer to investigate the cause of the crash, but he has not provided us with any additional information that would allow us to do so,” she said of the car’s owner, Mr. Gao’s father.“我们多次试图与顾客合作,调查事故原因,但他未提供任何能允许我们这么做的额外信息,”她说到那辆特斯拉的所有者,也就是高雅宁的父亲时说。She said Tesla was saddened to learn of the death of Mr. Gao. “We take any incident with our vehicles very seriously and immediately reached out to our customer when we learned of the crash,” she said.乔治森表示,得知高雅宁的死讯,特斯拉感到悲伤。“我们非常重视和我们的车辆有关的任何事故,获悉撞车事故后,我们立即与顾客取得了联系,”她说。Tesla and Autopilot have been under scrutiny since the disclosure of the May fatality. That crash killed Joshua Brown, 40, whose 2015 Model S was traveling 74 miles per hour when it collided with a tractor-trailer that had turned left and was crossing a highway near Williston, Fla. Autopilot’s radar and cameras failed to recognize the white truck against a bright sky.自从5月那起致人死亡的事故被公开后,特斯拉和自动驾驶一直备受关注。那起事故导致40岁的约书亚#8226;布朗(Joshua Brown)死亡。与一辆牵引式挂车相撞时,布朗驾驶的2015年产Model S正以74英里的时速行驶。那辆挂车已完成左转,正要穿过佛罗里达州威利斯顿附近的一条公路。在能见度很高的情况下,自动驾驶系统的雷达和摄像头未能识别那辆白色的卡车。News of the China crash comes just three days after Tesla’s chief executive, Elon Musk, outlined changes planned for Autopilot that he said would have prevented Mr. Brown’s accident and that he contended would make the Model S one of the safest cars on the road.就在有关中国这起事故的新闻出现的三天前,特斯拉首席执行官埃隆#8226;马斯克(Elon Musk)简要介绍了自动驾驶的调整计划。他说相关变化能够防止发生布朗遭遇的那一类事故,并宣称它们会让Model S成为路面上最安全的汽车之一。The changes include refinements in Autopilot’s radar that improve its ability to spot and identify obstacles down the road and additional warnings to force drivers to keep their hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road while the system is active.这些变化包括对自动驾驶系统的雷达进行多处改进。这些改进能够提升雷达发现并识别路面障碍的能力,此外还会发出警告,迫使驾驶员在使用自动驾驶系统期间将双手放在方向盘上,并注意路面情况。Tesla has said Autopilot is not meant to take over completely for a human driver. When Autopilot is turned on, drivers are given audio and text warnings to remain alert and engaged while using it.特斯拉表示,自动驾驶系统不是为了彻底取代驾驶员。打开自动驾驶后,驾驶员会收到语音和文字警告,让其在使用自动驾驶系统期间保持警惕,注意车辆行驶情况。In August, Reuters reported that Tesla removed a Chinese term for “self-driving” from its China website after a driver in Beijing had a nonfatal crash while Autopilot was engaged. That driver later complained that the carmaker had oversold Autopilot’s capability.路透社(Reuters)在8月报道,北京的一名驾驶员在使用自动驾驶系统期间发生车祸后,特斯拉在其中文网站中去掉了“自动驾驶”这个词。那起事故未造成人员伤亡。后来,那名驾驶员抱怨称特斯拉夸大了自动驾驶系统的能力。The of the January accident indicates the type of unexpected problem that can crop up at highway speeds. Critics of Autopilot say a driver can be lulled into complacency, leaving too little time to take back control of the vehicle.在1月那起事故中保留下来的视频,表明了汽车在高速公路上行驶时可能会出现的意想不到的问题。对自动驾驶持批评态度的人认为,驾驶员可能会错误地产生一种自信,导致其几乎没有时间重新控制汽车。Mr. Gao was traveling in the left lane of a three-lane highway with another car ahead of him. When the car ahead moved into the center lane, it revealed the orange truck, which was straddling the road’s left shoulder. Mr. Gao’s car never slowed before plowing into the truck.邯郸那起事故发生时,高雅宁正行驶在一段三车道高速路的左侧车道上,另一辆车在他前面。前车并入中间车道后,那辆橘黄色的卡车显露了出来。它的车身跨上了左侧路肩。撞向那辆卡车时,高雅宁的车丝毫没有减速。Police investigators concluded that Mr. Gao was responsible for the accident, CCTV reported. But in July his family sued the dealer who had sold the Tesla.央视报道称,警方调查人员认定高雅宁对事故负主要责任。但7月,高雅宁的家人把卖出那辆特斯拉的经销商告上了法庭。The driver’s father, Gao Jubin, told CCTV he thought his son had been relying on Autopilot to drive the car and so was not watching the road when the crash took place.高雅宁的父亲高巨斌对央视表示,他认为自己的儿子一直依赖自动驾驶,因此在事故发生时未观察路面情况。The lawsuit was filed “to let the public know that self-driving technology has some defects,” the family’s lawyer said in the report. “We are hoping Tesla, when marketing its products, will be more cautious. Don’t just use self-driving as a selling point for young people.”高雅宁家人的代理律师在央视的报道中表示,提起诉讼是为了“让公众知道,这种自动驾驶技术有缺陷”。他说,“希望特斯拉公司能够在宣传的过程中,在产品营销过程中,要有一个慎重的态度。不要把自动驾驶作为一个吸引年轻人的卖点。” /201609/467286内蒙古自治区第一附属医院激光去痣多少钱

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