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The worst password of 2013 is #39;123456#39; according to new research.根据一项最新调查显示,2013年度最差劲密码非“123456”莫属了。The 25 most common passwords have been released by Splashdata which makes password management applications.密码管理应用设计商Splashdata发布了一份“25个最常见密码” 榜单。;password; had held the top spot in the rankings since the annual list began to be compiled. In 2013 it slipped to number two on the list.自这份年度榜单编制之初,“password”就占据了“最常用密码”的榜首位置。而在2013年榜单中,“password” 排名下滑到了第二位。The swap is due largely to the major security breach at software company Adobe in October which affected tens of millions of users.这个变化很大一部分原因是因为去年十月软件巨头Adobe公司发生了重大安全漏洞,致使数百万用户遭受影响。Splashdata#39;s list shows that many people use easily guessable passwords. Some other passwords in the Top Ten include ;qwerty,; ;abc123,; ;111111,; and ;iloveyou.;Splashdata发布的榜单显示,很多人都使用很容易让人猜中的密码。其他几个排名前十的“最差劲密码”还包括“qwerty”、“abc123”、“111111”和“iloveyou”。Morgan Slain, CEO of SplashData said: ;Seeing passwords like #39;adobe123#39; and #39;photoshop#39; on this list offers a good reminder not to base your password on the name of the website or application you are accessing.SplashData的首席执行官根·斯兰说:“当你看到‘最差劲密码’榜单上出现‘adobe123’或者‘photoshop’,你就该意识到,在你正在使用的网站或应用上,不该用它本身的名字作为密码。”;Another interesting aspect of this year#39;s list is that more short numerical passwords showed up even though websites are starting to enforce stronger password policies.;“今年榜单有趣的地方之一是,尽管网站都开始实行更严的密码设定政策,位数少的密码仍出现在今年的榜单上。”The data was released to encourage the adoption of stronger passwords. Mr Slain added:;As always, we hope that with more publicity about how risky it is to use weak passwords, more people will start taking simple steps to protect themselves by using stronger passwords and using different passwords for different websites.;SplashData发布这份榜单是为了鼓励大家使用复杂的密码。根·斯兰还说道:“和往常一样,我们还是希望通过了解使用简单密码存在很大风险,大家能设立比较严谨的密码来保护自己,并在不同的网站上使用不同的密码。”The company advises consumers or businesses using any of the passwords on the list to change them immediately. Splashdata warned that even passwords with common substitutions like ;dr4mat1c; can be vulnerable to attackers#39; increasingly sophisticated technology.SplashData公司建议,使用榜单上出现的密码的用户和公司赶快修改自己的密码。SplashData公司警告称,用数字代替字母的常见密码,像“dr4mat1c”,也很容易遭到破解,因为现在密码入侵者的科技手段也越来越高端了。They say that it is especially risky to use the same password for entertainment sites as for email and social networking accounts.SplashData公司称,在网站上使用和邮箱及社交网站相同的密码尤其不安全。Most common passwords of 2013:2013年最常用密码:1. 1234562. password3. 123456784. qwerty5. abc1236. 1234567897. 1111118. 12345679. iloveyou10. adobe12311. 12312312. admin13. 123456789014. letmein15. photoshop16. 123417. monkey18. shadow19. sunshine20. 1234521. password122. princess23. azerty24. trustno125. 000000 /201401/274345。

To the people, food is the most important issue under the sky.” So says an old Chinese proverb; but if that is so, the clouds may be darkening. As the world’s population grows – and as its people grow more prosperous and more carnivorous – it will only become more difficult to provide a plentiful supply of food at affordable prices.中国有句古老的俗语是“民以食为天”。但如果它说得对,那么天空可能开始乌云密布。随着世界人口的增长,且人们变得更富足、更爱吃肉,以民众付得起的价格供应足够粮食只会越来越难。In many countries, food security is aly an urgent challenge, as the world food price crisis of 2007-08 showed. According to research by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, global grain production will have to increase by 70 per cent to meet the rise in food demand caused by population growth, changing dietary habits and urbanisation. The world has no shortage of fertile land and every prospect of meeting that target. But the crops will not plant themselves. Meeting the world’s need for food will require long-term investment – which, in developing countries, will have to increase by as much as 50 per cent from the current level.粮食安全现已成为许多国家面对的一项紧迫挑战,这在2007年至2008年的世界粮价危机中得到了印。联合国粮农组织(UN Food and Agriculture Organisation)的研究表明,只有把全球粮食产量提高70%,才能满足人口增加、饮食习惯变化和城市化所导致的粮食需求上升。世界不缺少良田,很有希望实现上述目标。但农作物需要人去种植。满足世界粮食需求,需要进行长期投资。在发展中国家,必须将粮食长期投资从现有水平上提高50%。Since governments everywhere are stretched, the private sector and institutional investors have a significant role to play. But it is difficult to attract small and short-term investors to this sector since crop prices are volatile, assets (once acquired) are difficult to dispose of quickly – and that is not to mention the burden of onerous regulation. While some private capital has been drawn to businesses in sectors such as agricultural supply-chain management, processing and distribution, it has by and large shunned investment in the assets most closely involved in increasing the food supply. The drought of capital afflicts the entire industry, from infrastructure, such as irrigation, to grain and animal protein production, to support services such as transport, storage and processing. This is a serious misallocation of funds. All these areas require investment if adequate supply is to be produced.由于各地政府手头拮据,私人部门和机构投资者可以从中扮演重要的角色。但这个行业很难吸引到短线小投资者,因为农产品价格波动剧烈,且资产一旦购入便很难快速处置,更别提还要承受繁重的监管负担了。尽管有些私人资本被吸引进入了农业供应链管理、加工与分销等领域,但基本不会投资与增加粮食供应密切相关的资产。资本匮乏困扰着整个粮食产业,从灌溉等基础设施,到谷物与动物蛋白质生产,再到运输、加工与存储等持性务。这是一种严重的资金错配现象。要想提供充足的粮食供应,就必须对所有这些领域进行投资。And yet, difficult as this sector is, for long-term and patient investors it can offer bounteous returns. For the past four decades, farmland in the US and other advanced markets has outperformed investments in stocks and bonds. This has attracted the attention of some of the world’s savviest investors. Pension funds in North America, the Nordic region and Australia are cultivating portfolios of agriculture investments. Some have developed their own vehicles. Others have formed consortiums with peer funds. Many are reaping handsome rewards.尽管粮食产业是个困难的投资领域,但它能给专注长线的、耐心的投资者提供丰厚的回报。过去40年,美国等发达市场国家的农田投资收益高于股票与债券投资。这已引起世界上一些最精明投资者的注意。北美、北欧和澳大利亚的养老基金开始构建农业投资组合。有些基金建立了自己的专门投资工具。也有些基金与同行组建了投资财团。许多基金开始收获可观的回报。China Investment Corp oration is a long-term financial investor with a diversified portfolio. We believe the agriculture sector offers stability, a way of hedging against inflation and a device for sping risk. We are keen to invest more across the entire value chain – in partnership with governments, multilateral organisations and like-minded institutional investors – in areas that will help to unlock the industry’s potential, increase the food supply and offer attractive returns.中投公司(CIC)是一个进行多元化投资的长线财务投资机构。我们认为,投资农业可以获得稳定回报,有效对冲通胀,并分散风险。我们希望对整个价值链进行更大投资,与各地政府、多边机构和志同道合的机构投资者合作,共同投资于那些有利于释放农业潜能、增加粮食供应和提供可观回报的领域。While we are focusing on existing assets, we are also keen to work with the right partners to invest in greenfield projects.我们不但关注于投资既有资产,而且也乐于跟合适的伙伴一道投资新建项目。Food security is a global issue that no one can afford to ignore. While CIC invests to make stable financial returns over the long term, we also strive to shore up food security in places that we invest in, and contribute our share to local job creation and economic growth.粮食安全是一个谁也不敢忽视的全球性问题。中投公司在通过投资获得稳定的长线回报的同时,也努力增进所投资地区的粮食安全,在创造就业和推动经济增长上为当地贡献我们的力量。The countries of the world must do more to make sure that their growing populations will have enough food. However, an unmet need is an investor’s opportunity. And investors everywhere will prosper if they can help the people of the world meet one of the most basic needs of all.世界各国必须加大努力,确保为不断增加的人口提供足够粮食。然而,未满足的需求对投资者来说便是机会。如果能帮助世界人口满足最基本需求之一的话,各地投资者都将收获自己的成功。 /201406/308089。

Tough times could get tougher for Hong Kong#39;s luxury retailers.香港奢侈品零售商的日子可能会难上加难。The financial center and shopping Mecca reported May retail sales fell 4.1% from a year earlier, and many point the finger at mainland Chinese tourists. It#39;s the fourth straight month of declines, after an uninterrupted streak of growth since the aftermath of the global financial crisis in 2009. One could see false hope that the decline was less severe in May than the month before. It#39;s likely to get worse.作为金融中心和购物天堂,香港5月份零售额较上年同期下降了4.1%,许多人将原因归于中国大陆游客。这是香港零售额连续第四个月下滑,此前,2009年全球金融危机余波后香港零售额曾持续增长。5月份零售额降幅低于4月份,这或许会给人们一种虚假的希望,而实际上香港的零售业状况可能会进一步恶化。A series of confrontations in recent months between mainlanders and Hong Kong residents received wide media attention in China. Many Hong Kong residents view the crowds of shopping mainlanders as uncouth and resent their presence as a sign of Beijing#39;s growing influence on the self-governing city#39;s affairs.近月来,大陆游客与香港市民之间发生的一系列冲突受到中国媒体的广泛关注。许多香港市民认为赴港购物的大陆游客素质低,而且认为他们的到来是北京对香港事务影响力越来越大的一种迹象,并因此而感到厌恶。On Tuesday, Hongkongers upset with Beijing marked the anniversary of the territory#39;s handover from British control with the biggest pro-democracy demonstrations in a decade.周二,对北京不满的香港人在香港回归周年纪念日这天举行了十年来规模最大的一次亲民主示威游行。In fact, mainlanders aren#39;t staying away--yet. They are just spending less. For the month of May as a whole arrivals from China continued to rise, albeit at a slowed-down pace of 13%, compared with 21% growth in May of 2013. This is partly driven by the ongoing corruption crackdown in China that has made ostentatious displays of wealth and bribery disguised as gift giving lose favor. Sales of #39;jewelry, watches, clocks and valuable gifts#39; fell by 24.5% from a year earlier in May.事实上,大陆游客并未离开香港,他们只是减少了在港出。5月份到港大陆游客数量继续上升,只是升幅由上年同期的21%放缓至13%。造成这一现象的部分原因是,中国当前的反腐运动使得浮夸的炫富和送礼贿赂行为得到遏制。5月份,香港的珠宝、手表、时钟和贵重礼品的销售额较上年同期下降24.5%。Yet an outright decline in Chinese tourists could yet be in the cards. In a bow to public opinion, Hong Kong is considering measures to restrict the number of tourist arrivals by up to 20%. Barclays estimates such a reduction could cut 2014 earnings by 18% at cosmetics retailer Sa Sa International, by 9% and 16% respectively at jewelry merchants Chow Tai Fook and Luk Fook, and by 19% at Trinity Limited, owner of clothing-store brands Kent amp; Curwen and Cerruti 1881.不过,赴港大陆游客数量仍有可能出现大幅下滑。迫于民意压力,香港正考虑采取措施将赴港游客数量削减至多20%。巴克莱(Barclays)预计,受这一举措影响,化妆品零售商莎莎国际(Sa Sa International) 2014年利润或下降18%,珠宝专卖店周大福(Chow Tai Fook)和六福集团(Luk Fook)的利润或分别下降9%和16%,装品牌肯迪文(Kent amp; Curwen)和切瑞蒂1881 (Cerruti 1881)的所有者利邦控股有限公司(Trinity Ltd.)的利润将下降19%。Any changes require cooperation between Hong Kong and Chinese authorities, as mainlanders gain visas to the city by applying with local government bureaus. While a 20% cut might prove too drastic, Beijing and Hong Kong could settle on still substantial cuts in a bid to reduce tensions.由于大陆游客是通过向当地政府部门申请获得赴港通行,因此,任何限制大陆游客数量的措施都需要香港与大陆有关部门的合作。虽然20%的削减幅度可能过大,但北京和香港方面仍有望就大幅削减游客数量达成一致,以缓解双方的紧张关系。Shares in Hong Kong retailers have aly taken a beating this year, but given all that could still go wrong, investors are better off shopping for bargains elsewhere.今年以来,香港零售商的股票已受到冲击,但鉴于行情仍可能变糟,投资者们最好到其他地方寻找便宜货。 /201407/309858。

A surprise visit by China#39;s president to a Beijing steamed bun restaurant has sparked a bun craze, with customers lining up by the hundreds to order food and take photos at the table where he ate.中国国家主席习近平意外光临北京的一家包子铺,引发了一股包子热潮。成百上千的顾客们在包子铺外排队,点餐并在主席坐过的位子上轮流留影。President Xi Jinping shocked patrons and restaurant staff when he visited the restaurant on Saturday, paid for his food, carried his own tray and happily chatted with customers.上周六,习近平主席突然出现在这家餐馆,让包子铺里的食客和务员都大吃一惊。习主席亲自付款和拿餐盘,还跟其他的顾客们亲切交谈。At lunchtime the day after Xi#39;s visit, more than 400 people waited for a taste of the ;Uncle Xi combo; as customers took to calling the pork and onion buns, fried liver and stir-fried greens, the Beijing Morning Post said in a report widely carried in state media.据《北京晨报》一篇广为引用的报道,当天中午在习近平离开后,有差不多400人排队等候准备一尝“主席套餐”——指的是习近平主席点的二两猪肉大葱包、一碗炒肝和一份芥菜。Customers waited in line for 40 minutes for their food and a photo in front of Xi#39;s table, the paper said.该报纸还表示,有顾客等待了40分钟点餐和与习主席坐过的位子合照。Since coming to power as president in March, Xi has demanded officials cut down on waste and extravagance and get closer to the people, as part of a broader campaign to root out pervasive corruption.习近平于2013年3月正式当选中国国家主席,在上任后他要求各级官员要减少奢侈浪费、贴近群众,这是在全国范围内根除腐败的行动举措之一。 /201401/271215。

In 2010, The New York Times asked Gallup to dub ;The Happiest Man In America; based on its annual Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index. The answer, as the Times reported at the time: “a tall, Asian-American, observant Jew who is at least 65 and married, has children, lives in Hawaii, runs his own business and has a household income of more than 0,000 a year,” specifically, Alvin Wong.2010年《纽约时报》请盖洛普为基于年度盖洛普幸福指数评出的“全美最幸福的人”颁奖。当时《纽约时报》是这么描述的“一位高大的亚裔美国人,有孩子,已婚,至少65岁的典型犹太教徒,住在夏威夷,有自己的事业,家庭年收入超过12万美元。”他就是阿尔文·王。Today, judging by 2013#39;s well-being results, Hawaii is still one of the country#39;s happiest states, but it recently dropped from the top spot (down to eighth) for the first time in four years.现在,根据2013年的幸福结果,夏威夷依然是这个国家最幸福的城市之一,但是最近它没能保住榜首之位(掉到了第八位)。这可是四年来的首次。Given Hawaii#39;s recent slip, we wondered if America#39;s Happiest Man -- now 72 years old and working for a home care agency aiding seniors in his community -- is still just as happy. After all, four years ago, Wong was launched into the public eye and forced to contemplate why his simple, happy life was such an anomaly.鉴于近期夏威夷地位的下滑,我们想知道全美最幸福的人——现年72岁却任然务于一家为社区的老人们提供务的机构的人——是否依然幸福。4年前,王进入了公众的视线,人们也开始思考为什么他的简单并且幸福生活是如此的与众不同。Wong didn#39;t think much about his happiness before being dubbed something of an expert on the topic. ;Everybody would ask me the same question,; he tells The Huffington Post. ;What is the secret to your happiness? And at first it was amusing, but a part of this is really sad. People from all over the world called. #39;Give me the secret so that tonight I’m going to be very happy for the rest of my life.#39; It struck me, first, as funny, but then as sad.;在被称为这方面的专家之前王没怎么思考过他的幸福之源。“每个人都问我同样的问题,”他告诉《赫芬顿邮报》。“幸福的秘诀是什么?起初这些问题让我觉得很好笑,但是现在觉得这真的是一种悲哀。全世界的人都在呼吁‘告诉我幸福的秘诀,这样我就可以幸福的度过余生。’这让我很受触动,心情也由好笑变成了难过。”The 5-foot-10 Wong lived, as he still does, in a stuccoed house in the university neighborhood of Manoa with his wife, Trudy, and dog, Samuel Sprocket. His two children are in their 30s; his son lives in Washington, D.C., and his daughter lives in Honolulu.身高5#39; 10;英尺(178cm)的王和妻子特鲁迪、小萨缪尔·斯伯克特依然住在马诺阿大学附近的一间灰泥墙房子里。他的两个孩子都30多岁了,儿子住在华盛顿,女儿住在火奴鲁鲁。After being given the label of the country#39;s happiest man, Wong says he felt a certain responsibility to be more introspective about his happiness and good fortune. He considers the title both an honor and a duty, and has pursued a second career in motivational speaking.在被贴上全美最幸福的人的标签后,王说他有一种责任感,这种责任感让他对幸福和好运有了更深入的思考。他认为这个头衔既是一直荣誉,也代表了一种责任。因此他投身励志演讲作为第二职业。;People are looking for a quick fix,; Wong says of his many questioners. ;But it doesn#39;t happen like that. Like marriage or anything else, you#39;ve got to work at it.;“人们都在寻找一种快速疗法,”王回答提问者们时说道,“但是这是不可能的,就像婚姻或者其他的事情,你需要用心经营。”Wong says the mantra that kept him happy before the fame still works for him today. ;Since being named the happiest man in America, I#39;ve done a lot of ing and research on this stuff,; he says. ;I learned about myself ... And I think, for my own sake, I#39;ve come to terms with what is the secret to my happiness. It#39;s attitude.;王说以前让他幸福的咒语现在依然有效,“从被称为全美最幸福的人后我做了很多这方面的阅读和研究,”他说,“我在了解我自己……我想对我自己来说,让我幸福的秘密就是态度。”Wong -- in the way only a happy, self-assured person can -- boils it down to basics. Remembering a convention for people with disabilities, Wong notes that the audience, not the invited speaker, was most inspiring. ;They#39;ve come to realize,; he said about the people he met, ;#39;If I don#39;t have a positive attitude, then I#39;m going to have a very rotten life.#39; It#39;s either a rotten life, or try to create a positive attitude. So they work at it.;快乐、自信的王以他特有的方式发现了幸福的本质。在一场为残疾人召开的大会上,王注意到最令人启发的并非受邀演讲嘉宾,而是那些听众。他这样描述那些听众——“他们逐渐意识到,#39;如果我没有积极的生活态度,我的生活就会堕落#39;。要么过一种堕落的生活,要么尝试积极的态度。所以他们开始改变。”Working to maintain a positive attitude, Wong says, is the foundation for happiness, especially his. After that, he notes that balance and prioritizing are necessary building blocks.王认为积极的生活态度是幸福的基础,对他来说尤为如此。他还注意到,内心的平衡与分清轻重缓急是打造幸福基础的必要基石。;If you have a family, your family has to come before anything else,; he notes. No matter how many jobs or how menial the labor, Wong stresses that approaching work with a positive attitude will make all the difference. ;It should be the most important job to you. It#39;s important because you are working to support your family. It#39;s important because you#39;re keeping yourself busy instead of just wallowing around, saying #39;woe is me.#39;; Working, he notes, can and should be therapeutic.“如果你有家庭,家庭必须重于一切”。无论你的工作有多忙,无论你的工作有多平凡,当你以积极地态度工作时,一切都将不同。保持积极的态度才是最重要的工作。“你要赚钱养家,你要保持忙碌避免无所事事还整天抱怨‘我是个杯具’。”工作是一件有利与身心的事情。Wong certainly doesn#39;t show any signs of slowing down. In addition to his motivational speaking, he maintains an herb garden and loves to cook Asian cuisine and barbecue for the neighboring university students (but says his wife does it better).当然,王没有表现出任何懈怠。除了励志演讲,他还建了个香草园,而且热衷于为邻近的大学生做亚洲菜和烤肉(据说他的妻子厨艺更好)。He says clarity comes the moment you realize that it#39;s OK to not be the smartest or even the happiest person in the world, and when you learn to accept your mistakes.他说,当你学着承认你的错误时,或当你意识到即使成不了世界上最聪明或最幸福的人也没什么的时候,你会豁然开朗。It#39;s not his unique demographic make-up, he says, that makes him happy. ;Every day,; he says matter-of-factly, ;I [take] one step forward and I#39;m very happy doing that.;并不是他独特的身份背景让他变得幸福,“每天,”王承认,“我都会进步一点点,这让我很快乐。” /201405/296748。