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福州韩式微创包皮手术价格福州中心医院泌尿科咨询福州治疗男科的医院 The election victory for pro-austerity parties in Greece failed to assuage fears over the eurozone#39;s future, as investors ratcheted up the pressure on policy makers by sending Spain#39;s benchmark borrowing costs to a new euro-era high. 希腊持紧缩的政党在大选中获胜,未能缓解人们对欧元区未来的担忧。投资者推动西班牙基准借款成本创出欧元时代新高,这加大了政策制定者们的压力。 Markets initially rallied on news that New Democracy and Pasok, two mainstream parties that support the austerity conditions of the eurozone#39;s bailout, gained enough seats to form a parliamentary majority in Athens. But the optimism was swiftly deflated by dismal bad bank loan figures in Spain that underlined the country#39;s woes. 最初当希腊持欧元区纾困方案的紧缩条件的两大主流政党——新民主党(New Democracy)和泛希腊社会主义运动党(Pasok)——赢得足够组成议会多数派的席位消息传出时,市场走高。但西班牙糟糕的不良贷款数据突显出该国的困境,迅速冲散了乐观情绪。 Data from the Bank of Spain showed that the non-performing loan ratio of Spanish banks rose to 8.7 per cent of their outstanding portfolios in April–the highest in almost two decades. 西班牙央行的数据显示,西班牙的不良贷款占贷款余额的比率在4月升至8.7%,为近二十年的最高水平。 The eurozone has aly promised /201206/187475福州治疗尿道炎多少钱

福州泌尿专科皮肤科医院在哪福州割包皮手术哪里比较好 ;It is very reassuring to learn that the government of China has set a target of 7.5 percent GDP growth while trying to keep inflation at a manageable level. It will not only maintain China#39;s prosperity, but also help spur the regional and global economy, which Indonesia can benefit from.;“中国政府将GDP增长目标设定为7.5%,并努力将通胀保持在可控水平,很令人欣慰。这不仅会保持中国经济的繁荣,还将促进地区经济和全球经济的发展,印尼也将从中受益。”Imron Cotan, Indonesian ambassador to China;We are quite interested in looking at China#39;s efforts and experience in combating corruption. It#39;s a problem we are faced with in South Africa, and one we are tackling with a lot of vigor.Recently, the South African government introduced new measures to combat corruption. This is interesting, because it was immediately after a visit by our minister for public services, who met with the minister here who is responsible for anti-corruption measures.So this is one of the examples of the usefulness of this interaction between our leadership and the leadership of the People#39;s Republic of China.;“我们对中国在应对腐败问题上所做出的努力和取得的成功经验非常感兴趣。南非也面临腐败问题,耗费了我们很大精力。”南非政府最近提出了应对腐败的新举措。此举令人关注,因为这正出现在南非公共职能和行政事务部部长(琳迪韦·西苏鲁)访华之后。中国国家预防腐败局局长(马馼)参加了会见。这也体现出南非与中国领导人互访的益处。”Dr Bheki Langa, South African ambassador;He (Premier Wen) underlined that China effectively countered the severe impact of the global financial crisis and has maintained steady and fast economic development. This allowed China to become the second-largest economy, almost doubling its GDP in five years.;“温家宝总理强调指出,中国有效应对了全球金融危机的严重影响,经济保持稳定快速增长。因此中国成为全球第二大经济体,在五年内GDP几乎翻番。”Luis Schmidt Montes, Chilean ambassador;Compared with previous years, this year#39;s two sessions are due to see the new leadership elected, and reforms of organizations will be discussed. They will also elaborate on detailed plans for implementing policies proposed by the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.;“与前些年相比,今年两会适逢领导人换届,还将讨论机构改革。会上还将讨论贯彻执行十八大政策的详细规划。”Lee Kyu-hyung, Republic of Korea ambassador;Premier Wen Jiabao#39;s speech had a big focus on economic and social development. It#39;s clear the government is working very hard to bring about the goal of building a prosperous society.;“温总理的讲话重点提到了经济和社会发展。中国政府为实现建设繁荣社会这一目标付出了巨大的努力。”Irene Giner-Reichl, Austrian ambassador /201303/228668福州治疗慢性前列腺炎哪家医院好

福建省福州泌尿专科医院阳痿早泄价格It was in June 2000 when Greg De#39;Eb, a diplomat at the South African High Commission in Hong Kong, attended a conference organized by the territory#39;s trade-development council asking whether the region could become the wine-trading center of Asia. It provided, he says, the genesis of an idea. If this small city-state was serious about attracting some of the greatest names from Bordeaux and Burgundy, then the collectors who bought these wines were going to need somewhere to store them. 2000年6月,时任南非驻香港高级专员公署(South African High Commission in Hong Kong)外交官的格雷戈里#8226;迪耶布(Greg De#39;Eb)参加了由香港贸易发展局组织的会议,主题是探讨香港能否成为亚洲的葡萄酒贸易中心。他说这次会议启发了他。如果这个弹丸之地真心想吸引波尔多(Bordeaux)和勃艮第(Burgundy)最著名的葡萄酒品牌,那么购买这些名酒的藏家们就需要找地方贮藏它们。 With cellar space at a premium on the island, Mr.De#39;Eb, together with U.S. businessman Jim Thompson, decided to provide it. Their search took them to Deep Water Bay Drive, an unassuming road that snakes off the main thoroughfare that carries busy commuter traffic down toward the south of the island.由于香港可做酒窖的空间稀少而昂贵,迪耶布与美国商人吉姆#8226;汤普森(Jim Thompson)决定给人们提供这样一个场所。他们在深水湾径(Deep Water Bay Drive)找到了一个理想之所,深水湾径是从深水湾道上蜿蜒分出的一条不起眼的路,深水湾道是通向香港岛南区的主干道,每天上下班时间十分繁忙。It is here, 18 meters below ground, in a former British army munitions bunker, that much of Hong Kong#39;s fine wine is stored. ;We have between one billion and two billion Hong Kong dollars worth of wine stored here,; equating to 100 million euros -200 million euros, Mr. De#39;Eb explains over a coffee in the club house at Crown Wine Cellars. ;Which works out at around one million bottles, or 200,000 cases.;Vinexpo亚太区葡萄酒和烈酒展览会刚刚在香港举行了迄今为止最繁忙的贸易展。这个理想之所就是如今的酒窖(Crown Wine Cellars),位于地面以下18米,曾经是英军的弹药库,如今这里贮藏着香港大部分的名贵葡萄酒。在酒窖的会所里,迪耶布边喝咖啡边解释说,这里贮藏了价值10至20亿港元的葡萄酒,相当于1至2亿欧元,总计大概有100万瓶,20万箱。Twelve years on from that conference and not only has Hong Kong become the fine-wine trading hub of Asia but it is now the largest auction market for fine wine in the world. Following a move by the Hong Kong administration in February 2008 to remove a 40% import duty on fine wine, auction houses including Sotheby#39;s, Christie#39;s, Bonhams and Acker Merrall amp; Condit now sell more wine in Hong Kong than in London and New York put together.2000年那场会议后已经过去了12年,如今香港不仅成为了亚洲高端葡萄酒贸易的枢纽,还是全世界最大的精品葡萄酒拍卖市场。随着香港当局于2008年2月取消40%的高档葡萄酒进口关税,包括苏富比(Sotheby#39;s)、佳士得(Christie#39;s)、宝龙(Bonhams)和Acker Merrall amp; Condit在内的拍卖行现在在香港卖出的葡萄酒比在伦敦和纽约卖出的总和还要多。To underline this geographical shift from the mercantile trading routes of Western Europe and the North Atlantic, Vinexpo Asia-Pacific has just held its busiest trade show in Hong Kong to date. Last week, more than 15,000 wine professionals from 28 countries converged on the enclave to talk wine and the business of selling it.亚太区葡萄酒和烈酒展览会(Vinexpo Asia-Pacific)刚刚在香港举行了迄今为止最繁忙的贸易展,这再次凸显了葡萄酒商业交易路线从西欧与北大西洋地区的东移。5月29至31日,来自28个国家的超过15,000名葡萄酒行家齐聚香港,探讨葡萄酒并交流相关生意经。 ;I would say between 74% and 78% of what we have stored with us is from Bordeaux,; says Mr. De#39;Eb. ;This is followed by wines from Australia, Napa and, increasingly, Burgundy. In Hong Kong at the moment Burgundy is hot.;迪耶布说,我们这里贮藏的74%到78%的酒都来自波尔多,紧随其后的是来自澳洲和纳帕谷(Napa)的葡萄酒,勃艮第的葡萄酒也越来越多,目前勃艮第酒在香港很受追捧。 But when Mr. De#39;Eb talks about Burgundy or Bordeaux, he is referring to the greatest wines from those regions, such as Chateau Lafite Rothschild in Bordeaux or Domaine de la Romanee-Conti and Domaine Georges Roumier in Burgundy. When I visited a wine merchant in the Central district of Hong Kong, the shelves were filled with names one would more often encounter in a fine-wine auction catalog.但在说到勃艮第或波尔多时,迪耶布指的是这两地的顶级酒庄出产的葡萄酒,比如波尔多的酒庄(Chateau Lafite Rothschild)或勃艮第的罗曼尼#8226;康帝酒庄(Domaine de la Romanee-Conti)和乔治#8226;鲁米耶酒庄(Domaine Georges Roumier)。在笔者到访的香港中环的一家葡萄酒店里,酒架上放的都是精品葡萄酒拍卖目录上常见的名酒。 And it is this top-down approach that differentiates the Asian market from Europe. In Europe, we are introduced to wine from a young age; we grow up drinking either the most local or the cheapest. It is only after our interest is piqued that we graduate to the more prestigious estates; eventually we may enjoy a sip of a first growth. But what happens when your first introduction to wine is Chateau Latour, from a particularly fine vintage such as 1982?正是这种从高端酒起步的推广方法将亚洲市场与欧洲区分开来。在欧洲,人们从小就接触葡萄酒,喝当地酒或廉价酒长大。只有在产生了兴趣之后,人们才会逐渐接触比较名贵的酒庄酒,直到最后才会品尝一等列级酒庄酒。但如果你第一次接触的葡萄酒就来自拉图酒庄(Chateau Latour),并且产自1982这样特别好的年份,会是什么情况呢? ;Many of my clients have been collecting wine for more than 40 years,; says Mr. De#39;Eb. ;They have palates as developed as any Frenchman I know.; But, he adds, these collectors have been joined by people who want to invest in wine and a small crowd who are relatively new to wine but are beginning to appreciate the older vintages.迪耶布说,我的许多客户都有40余年藏酒经验,这些人味觉的灵敏度堪比我所认识的任何法国人。但他补充说,这些人中也有以投资为目的的人,还有一小部分人,刚刚涉足葡萄酒领域就开始追捧陈年佳酿。 There is also the prospect of buyers in Asia expanding beyond the traditional markets of Australia, Bordeaux, Burgundy and New Zealand to source their wine.亚洲买家还有一种趋势,即走出澳大利亚、波尔多、勃艮第和新西兰等传统市场,搜集其他地方的葡萄酒。 ;Napa is waiting to happen; says Mr. De#39;Eb. ;But I wouldn#39;t be surprised if German Riesling became of interest. As the market is introduced to unfamiliar grape varieties from unfamiliar wine-producing countries, the reaction is always ; This is incredible, what is it? ; But it will not only be German Riesling, it will be other floral wines from the region, such as Gewurztraminer, that will gain in popularity too.; 迪耶布说,纳帕谷即将成为新宠,但如果德国雷司令(German Riesling)炙手可热起来,我也不会感到意外;随着来自非传统产酒国不常见的葡萄品种被推入市场,人们的反应总是“真不可思议,这是什么?”不仅仅是雷司令,来自德国的其他带有浓郁花香的葡萄酒也会流行起来,比如琼瑶浆(Gewurztraminer)。 /201206/188208 High on Crack Street(1995)毒瘾Following the struggle of three crack addicts, ‘High on Crack Street’ digs deep into the complex daily lives of individuals striving to obtain their next fix. From prostitution to pregnancies to STDs, we see the true dark side of drugs they don’t show you in school. There is something quite shocking about just how badly crack ruins lives. Unfortunately there is no happy ending to this story—six months after filming Boo Boo was still hooked on a 200 dollar a day habit, Dicky was imprisoned and, sadly, Brenda died. A remarkable film about a horrific plague, ‘High on Crack Street’ is unwavering in it’s portrayal of crack addiction.“毒瘾”是一部有关吸毒人员的纪录片。本片跟踪拍摄了三名吸毒人员的日常生活,通过镜头深度观察到吸毒人员为满足不时来袭的毒瘾而不计后果的疯狂人生。卖淫、计划外怀到最后染上性病,片中主人翁的阴暗人生给观众提供了学校课本里学不到的教材,向观众展示了令人震惊的事实——毒品如何一步步摧毁掉正常人的生活。片中主人翁注定了结局悲惨,布布到最后任然要为每天高达200美元的毒品消耗而疲于奔命;迪克的结局是漫无边际的铁窗生活;可怜的布伦达死在了她最爱的毒品上。这部值得关注纪录片真实的向观众展现了沾上毒品有多可怕。Suicide Forest自杀深林Lying at the base of Mount Fuji, Aokigahara Forest has a rather unsettling reputation as a suicide hotspot . This documentary follows a geologist as he performs a walk through of the forest, looking for both those who have, and may soon, succumb to depression. Spotting an abandoned car in the parking lot on the way in, passing signs dissuading suicide, and taking an ill trodden path into the bewildering forest, it isn’t long before we’re shown our first images of forsaken souls—all of whom hang from Aokigahara’s thick ligatures. From this point onwards, it only gets worse. I encourage all with a strong heart to watch this bleak, but brief, portrayal of the utter desperation in full.富士山脚下的青木原深林是日本有名的自杀深林。本片跟随一名日本地理学家走进这片恐怖的深林,寻找那些因为不堪生活压力在这片深林里结束自己生命的人们以及那些已经逝去的自杀者。跟随镜头我们看到了进入深林口被自杀者遗弃的汽车和劝阻人们珍惜生命的警示牌。通过一条人们走出来的小路进入到这片充满死亡气息的的深林,一件自杀者留下的遗物骇然呈现在观众面前——一条上吊的绳子,继续的搜索是更多的惊骇呈现在镜头面前。影片通过对死亡深林的探索向观众呈现自杀者压抑、绝望直至死亡的全过程。请心脏承受力不好的观众谨慎观看。The Iceman Tapes(1992)急冻杀手自白书Vicious, ruthless, remorseless, brutal, fearless, violent, disturbed and callous are just some of the words which can be used to describe serial contract killer Richard “The Iceman” Kuklinski. ‘The Iceman Tapes’ attempts to take the viewer into the broken mind of a cold-blooded paranoid psycho-sociopath through a series of interviews conducted by psychiatrist Michael Baden. From his upbringing to his reasons, watching Kuklinski describe his atrocities in detail with little to no emotion is a truly unsettling, yet compelling, experience. In his own words: “I am what you call . . . a person’s nightmare.”邪恶、无情、冷酷、残忍、无惧、暴力、麻木....这一系列的形容词都可以用在一个人身上,他就是“急冻杀手”库克林斯基。纪录片“急冻杀手自白书”通过心理学家迈克尔.巴登对急冻杀手面对面采访,以及对他童年成长环境的探析,总结出这个冷血杀手的偏执和反社会行为的原因。片中,库克林斯基对他残忍施暴细节的平静陈诉令人不寒而栗但是却让人情不自禁的继续深究。用他自己的话说“我就是你们所说的那种人....我是别人的噩梦。”Nuit et brouillard (Night and Fog)1955夜与雾Drawing the viewer in with an almost poetic charm, few films portray the intricacies of the Holocaust better than this 1955 French film, Nuit et Brouillard, or—to give it its English title—Night and Fog. Featuring the camps at Auschwitz and Majdanek, we are taken on an uncompromising, and unforgiving, journey through the encampments history, and the fate of its occupants. From construction to destruction, Nuit et Brouillard etches horrific images onto the minds of its viewers which will seldom leave their memory.如诗歌般地陈述历史,也只有这部1995年上映的法国纪录片可以将这段纷繁复杂的大屠杀拍的如此极致。夜与雾向观众陈诉了在波兰奥许维次以及迈丹尼克集中营大屠杀的历史故事。观众被镜头带到了一个让人无法忘却也无法原谅的残酷历史中,集中营难民的悲惨人生让人骇然。从开始到结束,“夜与雾”将那些恐怖的记忆深深引入观众脑海,永远难忘记。Atomic Wounds(2006)核之伤For all the propaganda and scaremongering that occurred during the Cold War, it is difficult for us to imagine the human effects of nuclear weapons—besides the massive loss of life, of course. We tend to imagine nukes as pulverizing all whom stand in it’s way, but a nuclear weapon doesn’t simply destroy, it poisons, it burns, it corrupts. Those unlucky enough not to be obliterated are left to suffer a horrific and painful death—often over months, years or even decades, rather then minutes or seconds. ‘Atomic Wounds’ takes us on an up close and personal trip to the victims of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, documenting the terrifying effects of atomic warfare on those who were not struck down in the initial cataclysm. It is difficult to watch this film without asking “how could we ever do this to our fellow man?” We often forget that the victims of Nagasaki and Hiroshima we’re living and breathing humans, just like you and I. We see a statistic. This film ensures that we remember that there is only misery under those numbers.在所有关于冷时期的那些骇人听闻的传说里,核武器的强大杀伤力是人们可想而知的,然而除了死亡以外,恐怕还有很多核武器带给人们的影响是难以想象的。我们一般会想到核武器在爆炸瞬间毁灭掉的事物,然而,核武器带给人类的灾难却并瞬间的,而是长期的。核武器的剧毒、辐射、腐蚀性可以让无保护的人们无一幸免地被恐惧和剧痛折磨到死。这个折磨至死的期限也许是几个月、几年、甚至是几十年。“核之伤”把观众带到长崎和广岛,近距离了解那些核武器的受害者的生活。本片记录了原子弹在日本投放以后,被其辐射的无辜百姓所遭受的触目惊心的影响。看完这部片子人们禁不住问“人类为什么对自己的同类如此残忍?”我们也常常会忘记长崎和广岛那些受害者其实和我们一样都是人类。核武器给人类的伤害为世人所知的也许只是一个受害人数的数字统计,这部纪录片让我们记住那些数字里面隐藏的悲惨人生。Conspiracy of Silence无声阴谋Apologies for the poor quality on the above , ‘Conspiracy of Silence’ has never been released, and numerous parties have been attempting to prevent this documentary, espousing the perversion and abuse of power that occurs at the highest levels in society. A representation of how influence and wealth can be used for personal gain and the suppression of criminal acts, ‘Conspiracy of Silence’ takes us into the world we all know that exists, and yet hopes it does not.因为极差的画面质量,这部纪录片并没有被公映,这让很多人案子庆幸。很多人也全力阻止这部纪录片的上映,因为这部片子记录了社会高层们滥用手中权力。讲述了这些社会高层们如何用手中权力为自己获利,甚至违法。“无声阴谋”将观众带回一个丑陋的现实里,虽然我们希望这个现实是不存在的。Interview with a Cannibal(2012)采访食人兽What drives a man to kill and cannibalize an innocent woman? Well, why not ask such a man… in his own living room? ‘Interview with a Cannibal’ does just that, with the infamous case of Issei Sagawa—propelled to fame through his crimes, he was deemed insane by the courts and thus released without charge. A fascinating insight into the life of a man lost in his own fantasies, this documentary challenges perceptions about what humans are truly capable of—as well as allowing us to understand the path one must take to reside where he now sits.是什么驱使一男人杀掉一个女人并将她大快朵颐掉?在这个饕餮家里采访他?“采访食人兽”就是这样一部纪录片,跟随镜头去了解佐川一政——因为臭名昭著的食人罪行而名声大振,他被法官判为精神病人,而后无罪释放。一部怪异的纪录片,带你洞察佐川一政的食人动机。这部纪录片绝对挑战大众对人类行为底线的理解——同样也让我们了解一个人是怎样变成如此变态的食人饕餮的。Bulgaria’s Abandoned Children(2007)保加利亚弃儿Words simply cannot explain what is expressed in this B documentary. Put simply, Bulgaria has a serious problem with child abandonment, particularly of the disabled—and, worse yet, the government is apparently unable to care for them sufficiently. Recording numerous children over a nine month period, we are offered a unique insight into the appalling inner workings of a Bulgarian orphanage. With many of the children’s poor lives consisting mainly of sitting in a room rocking back and fourth amongst themselves, these children have little hope for the future: no education, no therapy… no help. The plight of an otherwise intelligent young lady known as Didi starkly highlights the failing of the Bulgarian system: she is classified as ‘untreatable’ and thrown amongst the disabled, despite being quite the opposite—a maddening position if you ask me, and her behavior soon reflects this fact as she eventually succumbs to rocking and self harm to burn away her days.文字已经很难描述B这部纪录片所想要表达的内容。儿童在保加利亚被遗弃的问题是十分严重的,特别是残疾儿童。更糟糕的是,保加利亚政府并未对弃儿们提供很好的保护。本部纪录片深入保加利亚儿童收养院,对弃儿在儿童收养院的生活进行了长达九个月的观察,揭露了保加利亚儿童收养院里令人震惊的工作过程:很多收养院的儿童每天只能呆坐在房间里,前后摇晃身体度日。在这里的孩子看不到任何生活希望,他们没有任何受教育的机会,也没有任何康复医疗的机会....有着特殊才能的女孩迪迪的在收养院里的困境足以明收养院工作的失败。迪迪被定义为“无法医治”,然而事实表明她的行为却与正常孩子无异,却受到与残疾儿童同样的对待——如果你问我她在怎样的环境里生活,我只能回答说:令人发狂。然而无奈的命运前她只能屈,到最后如不正常的孩子一样,前后摇晃身体度过她的每一天。 /201307/246883福州泌尿专科男科医院看泌尿科怎么样福州泌尿专科专家介绍尖锐湿疣




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