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YAY, a red carpet!耶,又走红地毯咯!Rarely used, but efficient method to get rid of celebrities很少用,但却是除掉明星的有效方法啊(大家都知道走红地毯是很风光的一件事,明星们应该都喜欢走红地毯,该怪物则利用了明星们的这种心理,来达到它的目的) /201704/501570


  Pregnancy is one of the most fascinating things that every woman will experience. There is nothing like growing a human inside of your own body. Did you know that your baby pees in the womb? 怀是每个女人都会经历的最神奇的事之一,没有什么事能跟育宝宝相提并论了。你知道宝宝在子宫里会尿尿吗?And do you know where that pee goes? They drink it. Kind of disgusting, right?! Here are 12 weird facts about pregnancy that will blow your mind!你知道尿去哪儿了吗?被宝宝喝掉了。有点恶心,对吧?下面这12件关于怀不可思议的真相绝对会让你脑洞大开!婴儿在怀21周左右开始有大便,直到出生才会排出来。妇的脚会涨一个码,因为脚部会保留额外液体和水。婴儿在子宫里真地能品尝妈妈吃的食物。2000个婴儿中有一个出生时就有一颗牙。经过整个期子宫从桃子那么大长到大约西瓜那么大。宝宝会在子宫里哭。整个期的90%女人肤色都在变化。多花时间抚摸肚子,和里面的宝宝说说话,因为胎儿有感觉,能看到,也能听到。婴儿会在子宫里尿尿,然后自己喝掉,然后再尿,再喝掉。羊水主要是无菌尿。中非比任何其他发展中地区的双胞胎数量都多。新晋妈妈和妇听到宝宝哭时会自动分泌乳汁,甚至哭的不是自己家孩子时也会如此。 /201612/481141。


  China#39;s top health authority has publicized new guidelines to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle.中国最高健康部门日前公布了一项新的指南,以帮助人们保持健康的生活方式。The guidelines, named ;5125,; contain a series of healthy tips, including daydreaming for five minutes every day, and exercising each day for one hour.这一名为“5125”的指南包含了一系列健康小贴士,其中包括每天发呆五分钟,每天锻炼一小时。Citizens can do this, the guidelines suggests, by mastering a sport or joining a social group for athletics.该指南指出,民众可以通过掌握一项运动或加入一个运动社群来做到这一点。It also suggests that citizens eat a diverse diet; in accordance with China#39;s dietary guidelines, people should consume 12 types of food every day, and 25 types in a week.它还建议民众保持多样化的饮食;按照中国的饮食指南,人们应该每天摄入12种食物,每周摄入25种食物。Work stress, irritability, overeating, decreased attention spans and insomnia are all common health problems in society today.工作压力大,易怒,暴饮暴食,注意力不集中和失眠都是当今社会常见的健康问题。At the launching ceremony, Wu Tao, an emotions management expert, said that living with long-term emotional distress has many health risks, such as cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal disease and even cancer.在启动仪式上,情绪管理专家吴涛表示,长期的情绪困扰有很多健康风险,如心血管疾病,胃肠道疾病甚至癌症。If not effectively handled, these stressors can have a huge impact on one#39;s family life, work and social life.如果不能有效地处理,这些压力可能对个人的家庭生活、工作和社会生活产生巨大的影响。To this end, Wu suggested learning to understand and analyze one#39;s own emotional state, and practicing skills to effectively manage emotions.为此,吴涛建议人们要学会理解和分析自己的情绪状态,以及练习有效地管理情绪的技能。This way, with one#39;s emotions in check, it#39;s possible to convert pressure and other seemingly negative feelings into motivation.这样,通过检查个人的情绪,可以将压力和其他看似消极的感觉转化为动力。 /201611/476174I baptize the child #Dylan_McGregor28 ...我给Dylan_McGregor28这个孩子施洗礼……Baptisms in the future以后的洗礼是这样子的(#(井号)在社交平台如Twitter等,表示响应一个话题,广播,如在发Twitter消息时加上#Dylan_McGregor28表示跟这个主题相关的内容。说明洗礼也与时俱进了) /201612/485149


  Gerald waited a bit too long to declare his love for the woman he had secretly loved for a lifetime杰拉尔德等了太久才宣布他偷偷地爱过这女人一辈子 /201610/469966



  British pop singer and songwriter George Michael, who rose to fame in the 1980s as the frontman of Wham! before pursuing a successful solo career, has died “peacefully” at his home in England at the age of 53. 英国流行歌手和作曲人乔治.迈克尔(George Michael)圣诞节(12月25日)在英格兰家中“平静”离世,享年53岁。上世纪80年代,他以威猛(Wham!)乐队主唱成名,随后追求独唱生涯并取得成功。Michael, born Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou, first made his name on the UK pop scene in the early 80s as one half of Wham!, with chart-topping hits such as “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go;, ;Club Tropicana; and “Last Christmas”. 迈克尔原名乔治斯.基里亚科斯.帕帕纳约图(Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou),于上世纪80年代初作为威猛乐队两名成员之一、以《Wake Me Up Before You Go Go》、《Club Tropicana》和《Last Christmas》排行榜大热单曲,首次登上英国流行乐坛。After the duo broke up in 1986, he forged a career as a solo artist, winning a Grammy award for his album Faith only a year later. He sold more than 100m albums during his lifetime. 1986年威猛乐队解散后,他以独唱歌手开始新的职业生涯,仅一年后便以专辑《Faith》赢得了一项格莱美奖(Grammy)。他生前总共卖出了超过1亿张专辑。The pop icon’s death was confirmed by his publicist on Christmas Day. The cause of death was heart failure, according to his manager Michael Lippman.这位流行偶像的公关代理在圣诞日实了他的死讯。其经理迈克尔.李普曼(Michael Lippman)表示,死因是心脏衰竭。;It is with great sadness that we can confirm our beloved son, brother and friend George passed away peacefully at home over the Christmas period,; Michael’s publicist said in a statement. “我们万分悲痛地实,我们挚爱的儿子、兄弟、朋友乔治在圣诞节期间于家中平静离世,”迈克尔的公关代理在一份声明中表示。;The family would ask that their privacy be respected at this difficult and emotional time. There will be no further comment at this stage,; he said. “在当下这种艰难和恸情的时刻,他的家人希望他们的隐私能够受到尊重。现阶段不会再有进一步的,”他称。British police said they were treating the pop star’s death as “unexplained but not suspicious”. 英国警方称,他们认为这位流行歌手的死因“不明但并不可疑”。Born in north London 1963 to Greek Cypriot immigrant parents, Michael played music on the London Underground before finding success alongside school friend Andrew Ridgeley as Wham! in 1981. 迈克尔于1963年出生于伦敦北部一个希腊裔塞浦路斯移民家庭,他曾在伦敦地铁演奏音乐,直到1981年与校园好友安德鲁.维治利(Andrew Ridgeley)一起以威猛乐队获得成功。The pair went on to release a string of successful dance hits and ballads and built up a teenage fan base. After Wham! split, Michael launched his solo career, and would achieve global success with his work centring on themes of sexuality and desire. 他们二人接着发行了一系列成功的舞曲和民谣,构建了一个青少年粉丝群体。在威猛乐队解散后,迈克尔开始独唱生涯,以专注于性取向和欲望等主题的作品在全球取得了成功。A pilot solo single “I Want Your Sex” was banned by daytime radio stations but became one of his most popular hits.试播单曲《I Want Your Sex》曾被广播电台禁止在白天时段播出,但这首歌成为了他最受欢迎的单曲之一。In the 1990s, Michael sought to distance himself from the pop industry with his album Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1. In the music of his 1990 hit “Freedom ‘90”, supermodels lip-synced his lyrics while Michael himself did not appear. 上世纪90年代,迈克尔以专辑《Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1》试图告别流行音乐。在他1990年发行的《Freedom ‘90》畅销歌曲录影带中,超级名模假唱了他的歌词,而他本人没有出场。His time in the spotlight was dogged by public discussion of his personal life, including his own sexuality and drug abuse. 站在聚光灯下的他,一直被公众对于他私人生活的讨论困扰着,其中包括他的性取向和吸毒。In 1998, the singer disclosed that he was gay after being arrested by an undercover policeman in Los Angeles for engaging in a lewd act in a public toilet. He reacted by releasing the hit single “Let’s Go Outside”, the music for which featured a bathroom transformed into a disco and Michael dancing dressed as a policeman. 1998年,在因参与公厕猥亵而遭洛杉矶一名卧底警察逮捕之后,这位歌手披露自己是同性恋。接着,他发布了流行单曲《我们去外面吧》(Let’s Go Outside),这段音乐视频呈现一间由浴室改装的迪厅,迈克尔打扮成警察的样子跳舞。;I feel stupid and reckless and weak for letting my sexuality be exposed that way,; Michael told CNN at the time. ;But I do not feel shame [about my sexuality], neither do I think I should.”“以这种方式暴露性取向,让我感到愚蠢、鲁莽和弱势,”当时迈克尔告诉CNN。“但(我的性取向)没有让我感到羞耻,我也不认为自己该有羞耻的感觉。”Fellow musicians wrote tributes to the singer following Sunday’s news. Former Wham! bandmate Mr Ridgeley said he was “heartbroken at the loss of my beloved friend Yog”, the nickname he used for Michael. 周日的消息传出后,音乐家们纷纷悼念这位歌手。威猛乐队前成员维治利说,他“对我亲爱的朋友Yog去世感到极度伤心”。Yog是他对迈克尔的昵称。“I am in deep shock,” Sir Elton John wrote on Instagram, posting a photograph of himself and Michael. I have lost a beloved friend — the kindest, most generous soul and a brilliant artist. My heart goes out to his family and all of his fans.”“我深感震惊,”埃尔顿.约翰爵士(Sir Elton John)在Instagram上写道,并公布了一张自己跟迈克尔的合影。“我失去了一个亲爱的朋友——最善良、最慷慨的灵魂,一个才华横溢的艺术家。我对他的家人和所有歌迷深表同情。”Pop star Madonna posted an undated of herself on stage with Michael in a tribute on Twitter. In the clip, she makes reference to some of his best known lyrics: “George, I want your sex, so be my father figure and I will have faith if we have to live hand-to-mouth. The diva himself.”流行歌星麦当娜(Madonna)在推特上发布了一段她跟迈克尔一起在舞台上的视频(未标日期),向迈克尔致敬。在这段剪辑中,她提到他一些最著名的歌词:“George, I want your sex, so be my father figure and I will have faith if we have to live hand-to-mouth. The diva himself.”Michael#39;s death comes at the end of a year in which several music icons have died, including David Bowie, Prince and Leonard Cohen. Rick Parfitt, guitarist of British rock band Status Quo, died on Saturday at 68.今年还有几位音乐界偶像级人物离世,包括大卫.鲍伊(David Bowie)、普林斯(Prince)和莱昂纳德.科恩(Leonard Cohen)。英国摇滚乐队Status Quo的吉他演奏家里克.帕菲特(Rick Parfitt)于上周六(12月24日)去世,享年68岁。Michael was in the process of relaunching his career after suffering from ill health over the past few years. In 2011, he postponed a number of concerts after time spent in hospital with pneumonia. 过去几年遭受健康折磨之后,迈克尔此前正在重启职业生涯。2011年,他因肺炎住院一段时间,之后推迟了一些音乐会。Earlier this month, it was announced that he was working with producer and songwriter Naughty Boy on a new album. He had also recently been making a documentary named Freedom, focused on his rise to fame with Wham!, the protracted legal battle with Sony Music over his contract and the making of the “Freedom ‘90” music .本月早些时候有消息称,迈克尔正在与制作人和作曲家Naughty Boy合作筹划一张新专辑。他最近在制作一部名为《自由》(Freedom)的纪录片,核心主题是他在威猛乐队的崛起、他跟索尼音乐(Sony Music)围绕他的合同的漫长法律战,以及音乐视频《Freedom ‘90》的制作。 /201612/485709

  You#39;ve achieved a major milestone: You#39;ve had a baby. No matter how many successes you#39;ve racked up in your life before becoming a mother, having a child—through C-section, vaginal birth or adoption—is a hard thing that alters your life like nothing else.你做成了一件大事:生了个宝宝。不管在成为母亲之前你有多成功,抚养孩子——不管是剖腹产、顺产还是领养——都是一件十分困难的事情,会彻底改变你的生活。But now you have to do a harder thing: Find a nanny to take care of your precious child while you bring home the bacon. I#39;m not trying to intimidate you, but having a baby cut out of my uterus was only slightly more difficult than my first nanny search.但现在,你要做一件更有难度的事情:为自己的宝贝找个保姆,这样你出门工作的时候,就有人照顾他们了。我并非想要吓你们,但是顺产生宝宝只比我当时找第一位保姆时难一点点儿。Maybe my boss won#39;t notice if I bring the baby to work every day and stick her under my desk. And good lord, I#39;d never been so tired in my life. Around week three of my maternity leave, I began to understand why sleep deprivation was such an effective torture device. And don#39;t even ask about my wardrobe! It was a hot mess, all of it was milk-stained.也许我每天把孩子带去上班藏在办公桌下,老板并不会注意呢。老天,我从未这么累过。在产假的第三周,我开始理解为什么睡眠不足会让人饱受折磨了。千万别问我的衣柜!简直就是一团糟,所有的衣都有奶渍。Against that glamorous backdrop, I had to become an employer. And I needed to employ someone loving, dependable and competent who could help me raise my child. Just the thought of it made me sob. But someone had to watch the baby while I was at work, so I had to get to work.在这一情况下,我不得不雇佣保姆了。我需要找一个有爱心、可靠而且有能力的保姆,她能帮助我抚养孩子。只是这样一想我就鼻头一酸。但我上班的时候必须得有人看孩子啊,所以我必须要开始招募起来。1. All the good nannies are taken.1. 所有好保姆都被别人找去了。2. The only nannies left are psychopaths who are going to steal my baby and hitch a ride to Vegas.2. 剩下的保姆都是变态,她们要把我的孩子偷走,然后搭顺风车去赌城。3. We will never find someone good by the time I go back to work.3. 产假一到我必须得去工作的时候,我肯定还是找不到保姆。4. We cannot afford a nanny so I might as well stay home with the baby.4. 我们也雇不起保姆,要不然我还是留在家带孩子吧。5. Every nanny we interview is judging me and thinks I#39;m a bad mom.5. 面谈的每一位保姆都用有色眼光看我,觉得我是坏妈妈。6. I can#39;t possibly be someone else#39;s boss—look at me! I#39;m a milk-stained mess of a woman.6. 我不可能当别人老板的——看看我吧!我是一个衣上全是奶渍的母亲啊。7. No one is going to love my baby to my satisfaction.7. 没有哪位保姆对我宝宝的爱能让我满意。8. Maybe my boss won#39;t notice if I bring the baby to work every day and stick her under my desk.8. 也许我每天把孩子带去上班藏在办公桌下,老板并不会注意呢。译文属 /201610/470221

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