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武汉血糖高影响性功能吗武汉男科医生咨询在线On Wednesday, Samsung revealed the Galaxy A8, which measures just 5.9 millimeters (0.23 inches) thick -- making it the phone manufacturer#39;s thinnest phone yet.三星周三发布了仅厚5.9毫米(0.23英寸)的Galaxy A8, 它也成为了三星手机制造商目前最薄的一款手机。It#39;s slimmer than its predecessor, the wispy Galaxy A7 (6.3 mm), as well as the S6 Edge (7.1 mm). Its display measures 5.7 inches, larger than the A7 (5.5 inches) and the S6 Edge (5.1 inches). The A8 also comes with a 3,050 mAh battery, larger than that of the A7 and S6, both of which had 2,600 mAh batteries. Weighing 151 grams, the A8 is actually a little heavier than the A7 (141 grams).Galaxy A8比三星前款纤细Galaxy A7(厚6.3毫米)以及S6 Edge(厚7.1毫米)都薄。Galaxy A8的显示屏长5.7英寸,比5.5英寸的A7和5.1英寸的S6 Edge还大。A8还配置了一个3050毫安时的电池,容量要比配有2600毫安时电池的A7和S6多。Galaxy A8仅重151克,实际上比A7(141克)重。Samsung this week launched the Galaxy A8 in China, where it will sell for about 5. There#39;s no exact release date for the A8 just yet, and no firm word on whether it#39;s coming to the U.S.三星这周在中国发布了Galaxy A8,它的售价将约为515美元。目前Galaxy A8在美国具体的发布日期还未可知,关于它何时能在美国上市也毫无定论。The Verge noted that the Galaxy A8 is not the thinnest phone on the market today -- phones like the Vivo X5 Max in China and the Oppo R5 are 4.75 and 4.85 mm thick respectively.The Verge(美国的一家科技媒体公司)表示Galaxy A8并不是如今市面上最薄的手机,像是中国的Vivo X5 Max和Oppo R5分别厚4.75和4.85毫米。Still, the A8 is slimmer when compared to the iPhone 6 (6.9 mm) -- and rumor has it that Apple isn#39;t desperate to make thinner phones any time soon.但和厚6.9mm的iPhone6相比,Galaxy A8还是更纤细。而且有谣言流传,苹果不久将推出更薄的手机。Super-slim handsets usually come with a trade-off. As The Wall Street Journal reported in February, the larger the phone, the better the battery. With more space, manufacturers can ;cram; more battery inside. The A8#39;s big battery might actually save it here, though.至薄手机通常需要权衡。《华尔街日报》二月份报导,手机越大,电池配备越好。更多的空间使手机制造商们能塞进更多的电池。然而,Galaxy A8的大电池也许真的足够节省空间了。 /201507/388077湖北省汉口包皮手术哪家医院最好 Science in Hollywood好莱坞与科学There#39;s so much snow in the movie Frozen that the cold white stuff might as well be the star of the animated film. It falls, flies, piles and melts. Snow sprays through the air as Anna and Kristoff cling to a reindeer-pulled sleigh, barely escaping a pack of snarling wolves. Snow dances in the air as Elsa uses her special powers to build an icy fortress on a lonely mountain. The movie even includes Olaf, a wisecracking snowman.电影《冰雪奇缘》描绘了一个满是冰雪的王国,我们不妨把雪看成是这部动画片的主角。她缓缓落下,在天空里飘舞,落在地上堆积在一起,直至融化。电影里,暴风雪中的安娜和克里斯托夫紧紧地抓住驯鹿的缰绳,从狼群中逃生。雪花漫天飞舞时艾莎用她呼风唤雪的魔力在孤山上建起了一座冰雪堡垒,该电影甚至还设有奥洛夫这个角色,一个俏皮逗笑的雪人。Knowing that snow would play such an important role, the filmmakers at Walt Disney Animation Studios wanted to be sure they got it right. So they turned to Joseph Teran. He is a mathematician at the University of California, Los Angeles. Teran uses computers to model natural phenomena. Teran has worked on many animated films for Disney, but Frozen posed a new challenge.雪在该电影中是个很重要的角色,迪斯尼动画片厂制片人希望能把它做对做好,因此他们求助于约瑟夫·特朗,一名来自洛杉矶加利福尼亚大学的数学家。特朗使用电脑来模仿自然场景,尽管他已经是一个为迪斯尼动画工作过多次的老手,但《冰雪奇缘》却成了他的一个新挑战。No animated movie before had needed snow to do so many things, he says. Snow can flow like a liquid - or stick together like a solid. For months, he and his team used mathematical equations and computer software to create some of the most realistic animated snow ever to fall on the Big Screen.特朗表示直到现在还没有哪一部动画片需要雪充当这么多角色,在这里他可以像液体一样流动,也可以像固体一样团在一起。几个月以来,他和他的团队利用数学公式以及电脑软件制作出最逼真的最后在大银幕上飘落的雪。In the world of Hollywood blockbusters, the science that went into making Frozen is becoming the new normal. More and more, makers of films, television shows and even games are enlisting the help of scientists to bring more dazzle - and accuracy - to theater, television and computer screens across the planet.在好莱坞大片的世界里,利用科学技术制作《冰雪奇缘》现已变成了新常态。越来越多的电影、电视节目甚至等制作者纷纷向科学家求助,为影院,电视以及电脑屏幕带来更多精准、耀眼的视觉享受。译文属 /201506/381134Germany’s Daimler unveiled the first self-driving truck to be licensed for commercial use on Tuesday, citing a deal with Nevada’s governor as the first step towards its goal of transforming the safety and efficiency of freight transport.周二,德国戴姆勒(Daimler)公布了首款将被批准用于商业用途的自动驾驶卡车。戴姆勒提到,该公司已经和内华达州州长达成协议,并表示这是实现其改变货运安全性和有效性目标的第一步。Daimler said it had brought the new self-driving technology to the desert, southwestern state after European governments were slower to approve regulations for autonomous trucks. Nevada was also one of the first states to allow autonomous passenger cars.戴姆勒表示,由于欧洲各国政府在自动驾驶卡车的监管批准方面动作较慢,该公司已将这种新的自动驾驶技术引入位于美国西南部的人烟稀少的内华达州。内华达州也是美国首批批准自动驾驶小轿车的州之一。However, the company said it would require far more states to accept the technology before it could show its potential by handling road freight deliveries “from coast to coast”. The vehicle will be able to operate autonomously only in Nevada — when it crosses state lines the driver will have to take the wheel.不过,戴姆勒表示,该公司需要更多的州接受这种技术,才能通过完成“东西海岸间”的货运,显示这种技术的发展潜力。目前,这种卡车将只允许在内华达州自动驾驶。一旦跨越州境,驾驶员就必须拿回方向盘。Wolfgang Bernhard, chief executive of Daimler’s bus and truck division, said autonomous driving would sharply reduce crashes from driver error. Driver error — often a result of fatigue or distraction — leads to around 90 per cent of crashes involving trucks.戴姆勒公共汽车和卡车部门的首席执行官贝瀚德(Wolfgang Bernhard)表示,自动驾驶技术会极大程度地减少因驾驶员误操作导致的事故。大约90%的卡车事故源自驾驶员的误操作,这种误操作往往是疲劳驾驶和分神导致的。 /201505/373691武汉如何提高性生活质量

武汉阿波罗男子医院泌尿科咨询Uber France and two of its top executives in Europe are to stand trial on September 30 on charges of “misleading commercial practices” and “complicity in the illegal exercise of the taxi profession”, the Paris prosecutor’s office has confirmed.巴黎检方实,Uber法国公司及其在欧洲的两名顶级高管将于9月30日受审,罪名是“误导商业惯例”和“共谋非法出租车业务”。The charges come a day after police detained Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty, Uber’s general manager in western Europe, and Thibaud Simphal, head of the company’s operations in France, in relation to a complaint filed late last year by one of the country’s taxi unions.一天前,Uber负责西欧业务的总经理皮埃尔-迪米特里#8226;戈尔-科蒂(Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty)以及该公司在法国的业务主管蒂#8226;桑法尔(Thibaud Simphal,见上图)因去年底法国某出租车工会提交的申诉被警方拘留。The California-based ride-hailing company operates several services in France. But the charges relate to its UberPop service, which allows individuals to offer rides to the public without the standard 250 hours of training.总部位于加州的这家叫车务公司在法国运营多项务。但此案指控涉及UberPop务,该务允许个人在没有经过250小时标准培训的情况下向公众提供搭车务。The Paris prosecutor’s office described the investigations behind the charges as “numerous and complex”. It did not state the maximum sentences linked to the charges.巴黎检方称,上述指控背后的调查“众多且复杂”,但没有透露与这些罪名相关的最高刑期。The case is the latest twist in a fight between the company and the French government, which has declared some of its activities illegal.此案是Uber与法国政府之间斗争的最新进展,法国政府将Uber的一些活动列为非法。Fran#231;ois Hollande, French president, declared UberPop’s presence a problem of “unfair competition” last week. His socialist government has also passed a law that in effect declared UberPop illegal. Mr Hollande added that such services needed to be challenged. “Non-compliance with tax and competition rules is illegal. UberPop should be dissolved and branded illegal, and cars should be seized,” he said.法国总统弗朗索瓦#8226;奥朗德(Fran#231;ois Hollande)上周宣布UberPop的存在带来“不公平竞争”问题。他领导的社会党政府还通过了一项法律,实际上将UberPop定性为非法。奥朗德补充称,需要对这些务提出异议。他表示:“不遵守税务和竞争规则是非法的。UberPop应当被解散,被界定为非法,相关汽车应当被没收。”His comments followed angry protests last week as thousands of taxi drivers across France declared a strike against Uber’s activities in the country.上周,法国数千名出租车司机举行罢工,愤怒抗议Uber在法国开展业务活动。 /201507/383838武汉阿波罗男子医院验血都有那些项目 Fossil find adds a relative to our family tree化石研究帮我们寻找人类其他近亲Scientists have discovered fossils of jawbones and teeth from what may be a new species on the human family tree. This distant human relative is long extinct. It lived between 3.3 million and 3.5 million years ago in what#39;s now Ethiopia.科学家从一种可能是人类的;近亲;的新物种上发现了下颚骨和牙齿化石,然而他们早已在地球上绝迹。存在现在的埃塞俄比亚,时间介于330万年至350万年前。Scientists have named the new species Australopithecus deyiremeda. Researchers used a partial upper jaw and two lower jaws (one recovered in two pieces), to describe the species. (Deyiremeda means ;close relative; in the local Afar language.)科学家把这一新物种命名为Australopithecus deyiremeda(南猿近亲属),研究员利用一个上颌和两个下颌(下颌被发现时已是两半)来描述这一物种。(Australopithecus在当地阿尔法语言中意为;近亲属;)Yohannes Haile-Selassie of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History in Ohio and his colleagues shared details of their new find May 28 in Nature.美国俄亥俄州克里兰夫自然历史物馆研究员Yohannes Haile-Selassie和他的同事于5月28号在自然杂志中分享了他们的这一新发现的细节。Paleoanthropologists like Haile-Selassie study ancient humans and their ancestors, based on fossils and cultural artifacts or symbols that they left behind. The new discovery suggests two or more species of ancient hominids coexisted in East Africa, Haile-Selassie says. (Hominids include humans and our fossil ancestors.) The new fossils were found near where another species of hominid lived at the same time. That species is best known by a partial skeleton nicknamed Lucy.与Haile-Selassie一样的古人类学家利用化石,文化制品或者被遗留下来的文字符号来研究古人类以及他们的祖先,Haile-Selassie表示研究发现有两种或多种原始人类共同生存于非洲东部(原始人类包括人类和我们的祖先化石。)新化石发现于同时期另一个人类物种居住点附近。最著名的是一个昵称为Lucy的只剩部分骨骸的南方古猿。Species tend to adapt and change - sometimes so much so that they morph into a new species. The emergence of new traits, as part of that adaptation, usually comes in response to changes in the environment, food supply or perhaps climate. ;The million question,; says Haile-Selassie, ;is #39;What environmental and ecological factors triggered hominid species diversity between around 4 million and 3 million years ago?#39;;物种倾向于适应和改变,有时候大量的变化最终导致他们干脆进化成一个全新物种。作为变化的一部分,那些新出现的特点通常会与周围环境,食物供应,或者气候等相协调。Haile-Selassie 指出;那个价值6400美元的问题就是‘约400300万年前导致原始人类物种多样性的环境和生态因素是什么’;? /201506/380639武汉蔡甸区治疗前列腺疾病哪家医院最好

武汉长期没做爱射的快吗SEATTLE — Microsoft is serious about making its most lucrative business, Office, relevant to mobile users. What is less clear is how much money it will be able to make from them.西雅图——让Office这个公司最赚钱的业务对移动用户构成吸引力,是微软(Microsoft)十分看重的。至于能从他们身上赚多少钱,就不得而知了。On Monday, the company announced partnerships with nearly a dozen makers of tablets based on Android, Google’s mobile operating system. The most prominent of those deals is with Samsung, the largest maker of Android devices, which plans to ship Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, on some of its tablets during the first half of this year. Just recently, Microsoft cut a similar deal to load Office onto Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge phones. Microsoft said Dell would also put Office on its Android tablets. Nine other companies, mostly regional hardware makers in other countries, will do the same.周一,微软宣布将与十几家基于谷歌(Google)移动操作系统Android的平板电脑制造商合作。这批交易中最引人注目的就是它与最大的Android设备制造商三星(Samsung)之间协议。该公司计划于今年上半年,在公司的一些平板电脑上装载Word、Excel、PowerPoint和OneNote等Office软件。前不久,微软刚刚达成了一笔相似的交易,要在三星的新款Galaxy S6和S6 Edge手机上装载Office软件。微软称,戴尔(Dell)也会在其Android平板电脑上装载Office。另外还有九家公司,其中大多是其他国家的地区性硬件制造商,也会这样做。The deals are yet another illustration of how Microsoft has changed its philosophy about mobile. The old Microsoft fought the mobile technology duopoly of Android and Apple’s iOS by withholding its Office applications from them. The new Microsoft is doing everything it can to get Office into the hands of people with those devices.这些交易也再次说明,微软关于移动设备的观念发生了何种转变。原来的微软,为了对抗Android和苹果(Apple)iOS对移动科技的垄断,一直不肯在相关设备上安装Office应用。而新的微软,却在尽一切可能,让使用这些设备的人们能接触到Office。“It goes to show we are truly reinventing ourselves,” Peggy Johnson, executive vice president for business development at Microsoft, said in an interview.微软商业发展执行副总裁佩吉·约翰逊(Peggy Johnson)在采访中说,“它会表明我们真的在重塑自己。”Microsoft’s top priority at the moment is clearly more use, not sales. The company is letting mobile users run Office on their phones and tablets free, in the hopes of eventually luring them to buy premium features available through an Office subscription service. Ms. Johnson said there had been 80 million downloads of Office on iOS, which powers iPhones and iPads.微软目前的首要任务无疑是更多的使用量,而非销售量。微软正在让移动设备用户在他们的手机和平板电脑上免费使用Office,希望最后能诱使这些用户通过Office订阅务,购买相关的高级功能。约翰逊表示,在用于iPhone和iPad的iOS系统上,Office的下载量达8000万次。This so-called freemium approach to making money is the standard for countless app start-ups today. It is, however, a bit riskier for a company like Microsoft with a colossal, mature software franchise like Office, one that brings in billions of dollars in revenue a year.这种通过所谓的免费增值模式来赚钱的方法,是当今无数应用程序初创企业的惯用手段。不过,对于拥有Office这样大型而成熟的软件的微软而言,风险就会大一些。Office每年可以带来数十亿美元的收益。Microsoft does not seem worried that giving away a functional version of Office for mobile will kill its business. And it certainly does not seem to be slowing the pace of its efforts to make Office a mainstay for Android and iOS users.微软似乎并不担心,为移动设备提供一个可用的Office版本将对其业务造成致命危险。而且它无疑还会继续努力,让Office成为Android和iOS用户的首选。“We’re comfortable with the model as it stands,” Ms. Johnson said.约翰逊说,“目前来看,我们对这种模式挺满意。” /201503/366480 7.Disposable Contact Lenses7.一次性隐形眼镜Contact lenses have been around for decades, and they#39;ve changed quite a bit since the early days of hard plastic lenses. The 1970s saw the rise of soft lenses made from hydrogel. It#39;s no secret why soft lenses quickly became popular: They were more air permeable than the older lenses and more comfortable to boot. Since then, both hard and soft contact lenses have seen improved permeability, and can be worn for longer periods of time.隐形眼镜的存在已经有几十年了。从早期的硬塑料镜片开始,新型的隐形眼镜已经改善了很多。二十世纪七十年代,由水凝胶制成的软性隐形眼镜开始崛起。软性隐形眼镜随之变得风靡全球。它们比旧的镜片更具透气性,且更方便佩戴。从那以后,硬性和软性隐形眼镜的透气性都有所提高,而且可以长时间地持续佩戴。In 1987, contact lenses became an even more convenient substitute for wearing glasses. That#39;s the year disposable contact lenses hit the consumer market. Disposable lenses are soft contact lenses meant to be worn for a short period of time. Before disposable lenses, owning contacts was a bit like owning glasses. You wore the same pair every day and had to clean and care for them regularly. That meant losing a lens was a costly mistake.1987年,隐形眼镜代替眼镜,成为更方便的替代品。那一年,年抛隐形眼镜抢占了消费者市场。一次性隐形眼镜是软性隐形眼镜,这意味着此类隐形眼镜只能短时间佩戴。在一次性隐形眼镜出现之前,拥有隐形眼镜和拥有眼镜就是一码子事,因为你每天戴同一副镜片,也很难保可以定期去清洗和护理,就无形中增加了丢失镜片所要承受的损失。With disposable lenses, that problem vanished. Since 1987, these contacts have become the go-to solution for in-eye vision correction. They#39;re available in daily, weekly, and monthly forms.有了一次性隐形眼镜,这样的问题就完全不存在了。1987年起,这些隐形眼镜成为内眼矫正视力的首选解决方案。隐形眼镜还多了日抛、周抛、月抛等多种选择。6.The Space Shuttle6.航天飞机After the lunar missions in the late #39;60s and early #39;70s, the people at NASA dedicated themselves to developing a new type of vehicle that could venture into space and return home safely. The culmination of their research and development was the Space Shuttle. The engineers and mechanics designed it to be more than just a transportation vehicle -- the Space Shuttle would become an orbiting scientific laboratory capable of hosting numerous experiments designed to increase our understanding of the universe. The Space Shuttles also played an important role in deploying and maintaining equipment in space, including satellites and the International Space Station.在60年代末期70年代早期的月球任务完成之后,美国国家航空和宇宙航行局(NASA)就致力于开发一种新的交通工具,使得飞行器能够进入太空也能安全回国着陆。他们研发的最高成就就是航天飞机。工程师和机修工想要把航天飞机设计成可绕轨道运行的科学实验室,且能够承载大量帮助人们加深对宇宙理解的实验项目,而不仅仅只是一个交通运输工具。航天飞机在配置和维修包括卫星和国际空间站等在内的太空设备上也发挥着很大作用。The first Space Shuttle launch was the Columbia on April 12, 1981. The mission lasted a little more than two days. The Columbia returned home safely and gave NASA valuable information about the design of the shuttle. A few tiles had broken off during the launch sequence, which informed NASA that engineers would need to make adjustments to head off future problems with other launches.航天飞机的首次发射是1981 年4月12日的“哥伦比亚”号。这个任务持续了两天多。“哥伦比亚”号的安全着陆,给美国国航局带来了在航天飞机制造方面的诸多宝贵信息。在启动序列期间,有几个瓦片掉落,这让美国国航局意识到,工程师必须得做一些调整来应对以后发射中可能会出现的问题。Since Columbia#39;s launch, there#39;ve been more than 130 Space Shuttle missions, and the program has inspired hundreds of children to study science and dream of space exploration.自“哥伦比亚”号发射以来,已经完美执行了130多起航天飞机发射任务,与此同时,这一项目也激励了无数梦想着太空探险的孩子学习科学的热情。5.IBM and Macintosh Personal Computers5.美国国际商用机器公司(IBM)和苹果个人电脑A computing revolution began in the 1970s. Early computers were massive machines -- some so large that they#39;d take up an entire floor of a building. Yet these machines had less processing power than a typical smartphone might boast today. As the era of miniaturization approached, computers shrunk. And hobbyists began to explore a world previously reserved for academic, government and research institutions. The personal computer became reality.19世纪70年代,世界范围内开始了一场电脑革命。早期的电脑都是十分庞大的机器——有些大到足足占据了一整层楼。并且,这些机器加工处理的能力比现如今的智能机还要低。随着微型化时代的到来,电脑的形态也开始缩小了。那些电脑爱好者开始探讨先前政府部门以及科研机构等遗留下来的学术问题。自此,个人电脑日渐在大众中普及。IBM#39;s 5150 Personal Computer launched in 1981. It contained an Intel 8088 processor and ran on version 1.0 of the PC-DOS operating system. The computer supported the Microsoft BASIC programming language. For much of the 1980s, IBM was synonymous with personal computers. You might say you own an IBM the same way you#39;d talk about owning a Windows PC nowadays. In fact, the old IBM PC is an ancestor to the Windows-based computers used by millions of people today.1981年,IBM-5150号个人电脑首次亮相。它配备英特尔8088处理器,并延续了第一版的个人计算机磁盘操作系统 ——(PC—DOS)操作系统。这台电脑持微软的基本编程语言。19世纪80年代的很长一段时间里,IBM就是个人电脑的代名词。可能你有一台“IBM”就相当于你现在说你有一台微软电脑。实际上,以前的IBM个人电脑就是现在无数人所使用的微软系统电脑的鼻祖。In 1984, Apple launched the Macintosh computer. It was the first personal computer to feature a graphics-based user interface. Other computers required users to type in commands to launch applications. The Macintosh used icons to represent programs and a strange device called a mouse. Though neither the mouse nor the graphic user interface were new ideas, they hadn#39;t been part of the mass consumer market until the Macintosh hit store shelves.1984年,苹果推出了Macintosh电脑。它是首台设有基于图形用户界面的个人电脑。而其他计算机则需要用户输入命令以启动应用程序。苹果电脑利用图标来表示程序并配有一个称之为“鼠标”的陌生装置。尽管鼠标和图形用户界面都不是什么新想法,但直到苹果个人电脑出现在商店的货架上之后,才真正的占领了大众消费市场。4.Compact Discs4.激光唱片Music collectors in the early 1980s had limited choices. Audiophiles claimed that the only sound worth hearing was stored on vinyl albums. But these records take up a lot of space and can be damaged easily. Cassettes and 8-track tapes took up less space, but the magnetic storage format degraded over time. Companies like Sony and Philips swooped in to create an alternative: the compact disc.上世纪80年代的音乐收藏者们在音乐上的选择很受限。发烧友称,唯一值得细细品味的音乐都储存在黑胶唱片里。但是这些记录介质占用太多存储内存,很容易损坏。而盒带和八轨磁带则不会占用太多存储内存,可其磁记忆体的格式却会随着时间流逝逐渐劣化。于是,索尼和飞利浦等这样的公司便趁虚而入,创造出另一款替代品——激光唱片。In the early to mid 1980s, engineers wrote a series of books that set out the standards for the compact-disc format. There were five books in the series, each a different color. The first book, which was red, established the basic standards for audio recording on compact disc. Later books expanded the standards, adding data storage capabilities to the CD and giving birth to the CD-ROM and CD-RW formats.上世纪80年代早期,工程师们编著了一系列丛书,详细规范了激光唱片的格式标准。 该系列丛书共有五本,分别以五种不同颜色来区分。第一本书是红色的,它阐述了激光唱片音频录制的基本标准。后续的几本书均在第一本的基础上扩充了格式标准,在CD上附加数据储存的能力,新创造包含CD-ROM和CD-RW格式的光盘。Not only did this revolutionize the music industry, practically killing off the cassette and vinyl markets, but also the budding computer industry. Early floppy disks had limited storage capacity and could lose data if exposed to magnets. Compact discs stored information in an optical format and could hold far more data than typical magnetic disks. The first compact disc players were expensive, but by the 1990s the format dominated both the music and computer storage markets.激光唱片不仅仅是音乐产业的一场革命,更是消灭了盒式磁带和黑胶唱片的市场。早期的软盘存储能力有限,置于磁场中十分容易丢失数据。而激光唱片以一种视觉上可见的格式保存数据,且其可存储量远超传统的磁体光盘。世界上首台激光唱片播放机非常昂贵,直到上世纪九十年代,这种唱片格式才开始在音乐和计算机存储器市场占据主要地位。审稿:省略珺 校对:CMX /201507/384667武汉治疗前列腺肥大的费用是多少武汉精液量少



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