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伊山镇侍庄东王集图河杨集同兴镇治疗结肠炎多少钱新安堆沟港北陈集张店三口镇治疗痛经多少钱Humanitarian agencies are warning that Fiji may be facing a potential health crisis after one of the most powerful cyclones on record battered the Pacific island nation.人道主义机构警告称,太平洋岛国斐济遭遇有记录以来最强飓风,可能面临潜在健康危机。Harsh winds and torrential rains cut power, water and communication links across the country on Saturday night.周六晚上,强风和暴雨切断全国电力、水和通讯。The archipelago of about 300 islands was hit by winds that gusted up to 325 kilometres an hour.大约300个岛屿的群岛遭遇每小时325公里的飓风袭击。The capital Suva escaped the brunt of the storm after it changed direction at the last minute.首都苏瓦躲过了风暴的冲击,飓风在危急时刻改变了方向。Residents flocked to more than 700 evacuation centres, while tourists hunkered down in hotel ballrooms and conference rooms in coastal areas.居民涌入700多个疏散中心,而在沿海地区游客被困在酒店的宴会厅和会议室。Fiji’s prime minister confirmed that at least five people were killed in the cyclone. He has extended a nationwide curfew to Monday .. and declared a month-long state of emergency.斐济总理实,飓风至少造成五人遇难。他延长全国宵禁至周一,并宣布一个月的紧急状态。译文属。 /201602/427457下车南岗四队龙苴圩丰小伊乡燕尾港镇宫颈糜烂哪家医院最好的 Time for the SHOUTOUT. Two people who signed the U.S. Constitution later became presidents. Who were they? If you think you know it - shout it out. “大喊”时间到了。以下哪两位签署美国宪法后成为了总统。他们是谁?如果你知道,大声喊出来。Was it :A) John Adams and James Madison B) George Washington and Thomas Jefferson C) George Washington and James Madison D) Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson是:A)约翰·亚当斯和杰姆斯·麦迪逊 B)乔治·华盛顿和托马斯·杰佛逊斯 C)乔治·华盛顿和詹姆斯·麦迪逊D)托马斯·杰佛逊和安德鲁·杰克逊。You go three seconds - GO!你有三秒种-开始吧!The two signers of the Constitution who`d later become presidents were George Washington and James Madison. That`s your answer and that`s your SHOUTOUT.两位签署宪法随后成为总统的是乔治·华盛顿和詹姆斯·麦迪逊。这就是你的,这就是你的大喊。It was on this date - back in 1787 that 39 people plus a secretary signed the U.S. Constitution. What Constitution Day does is commemorate the event and the document that defined fundamental law in America. Ok, you knew that. But let`s see what else you know about the document in our official Student News Constitution Day quiz.就在1787年的今天,由39人和一位秘书组成的团队共同签署了美国宪法。宪法纪念日就是纪念这一事件以及定义美国基本法的文件。好的,你知道了。加入我们官方学生新闻宪法纪念日测试,看看你是否还知道有关宪法的其它事情。It`s Constitution Day. On this date in in 1787, 39 delegates to the Constitutional Convention signed the document that today is the oldest written Constitution still used by any government. We are finding out how much you know about the U.S. constitution starting with some fun TRUE or FALSE questions.今天是宪法日。在1787年的今天,39名参加宪法会议的代表签署了这一是最古老的书面文件,目前任何政府都在使用。就下列问题回答对还是错,看看你有多了解美国宪法。All right. Number one - the word democracy appears in article 1 of the U.S Constitution. Answer - FALSE. The word democracy actually doesn`t appear anywhere in the document.好的,第一个问题,美国宪法第一条出现了“民主”这个词。是错误的。实际上民主这个词没在宪法中出现过。Next, Benjamin Franklin was the oldest person to sign the constitution. This is TRUE. He was 81 and in declining health. So he needed someone to sign it. It said, as he was signing it, tears were streaming down his face. Three - some delegates of the constitutional convention refused to sign the constitution. Answer - TRUE! Of the six delegates who did not sign, three of them Edmund Randolph and George Mason of Virginia and Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts refused to do so. Partly because the constitution did not have a bill of rights. Those amendments guaranteeing individual liberties were proposed two years later.接下来,本杰明·富兰克林是签署宪法中年龄最大的。是正确的。富兰克林时年81岁,身体状况每况愈下。所以他需要别人来签署。据说,当他签署宪法时老泪纵横。第三个问题,一些会议代表拒绝签署宪法。是正确的。拒绝签署宪法的六人中,三人是埃德蒙·伦道夫、弗吉尼亚州的乔治梅森即马萨诸塞州的埃尔布里奇·格里。拒签的部分原因是宪法没有包含一项权利。这些保个人自由的修正案于两年后提出。Since the ratification of the Bill of Rights in 1791, how many additional amendments have been added to the constitution? Is the answer, 7, 10, 12, or 17? If you said D- 17, you got it. That last amendment, the 27th says that a pay raise for members of Congress cannot take effect until after an election.自1791年人权法案正式批准后,宪法还加入了多少次额外的修正案。是7、10、12还是17次。如果你说17次,那你正确了。最近的一次即第27次修正案中规定,国会人员直到大选后才能加薪。Now, which branch of the U.S. Government is mentioned first in the Constitution? Is it the legislative, judicial or executive?. Answer: A. The Legislatives branch`s powers are laid out in article one of the constitution. This is the branch that includes the House of Representatives and the Senate and it`s charged with making the laws that govern the country.现在,美国政府的哪个部门首次在宪法中被提及?是立法部、司法部还是行政部?是立法部门。立法部门的权利位于宪法的第一篇,包括众议院和参议院,负责制定管理国家的法律。Finally, where can you find the original copy of the Constitution? Is it in Fort Knox Kentucky, The Library of Congress, The Smithsonian Institution or The National Archives? Answer D. The National Archives building in Washington D.C. To preserve the quality of the document it is kept at 67 degrees Fahrenheit and 40 percent humidity and you can say that fascinating fact constitutes our Constitution Day quiz.最后,你可以在哪里找到宪法的原始副本?是肯塔基州诺克斯堡、国会图书馆、史密森学会还是国家档案馆?是D。国家档案馆建于华盛顿特区,其中的文件保存在67华氏度及百分之40的湿度下。宪法纪念日的测试包含了令人着迷的事实。译文属。 /201509/399563In a strange reversal of the Big Bang,在宇宙大爆炸的奇异倒转之中space itself would contract.空间会进行收缩This theory is known as the Big Crunch.这个理论叫做宇宙大挤压理论In the end, if the theory is right,如果理论是正确的,那么最后in 30 billion years from now,在距今三百万年之后的未来all the matter of the universe would be swallowed by a single black hole.宇宙中的所有物质都会被一个黑洞所吞没The entire universe would exist as one tiny point,整个宇宙将会变成一个小点much as it was at the instant of the Big Bang.和宇宙大爆炸发生时的大小差不多But although thats a neat ending,尽管这是个有道理的结局I think that its more likely我却认为更加有可能的是that dark energy will drive the expansion of the universe forever.暗能量能使宇宙永远膨胀下去And ultimately everything will just keep sping out最终一切都会继续扩散until the universe is cold and dark.直到宇宙变得冷却与黑暗为止Everything will become so far apart一切都会相距甚远that even gravity will be defeated.以至万有引力也将不再起作用I think a big chill is what we have got in store,宇宙冷却才是我们会遇到的结果not a big crunch.而不是宇宙大挤压So will this be the end of us and life as we know it?这就是我们与所有生命的终结吗Or will we have figured out或是在那之前how to navigate through a new universe before then?我们已经具备远航至其他宇宙的能力呢I think we will only know when we truly understand我想只有在我们完全了解宇宙起源后why the universe exists at all.才会知道问题的Perhaps then when we finally unravel the whole cosmic puzzle,或许当我们最终揭开宇宙谜题时we will become masters,我们就会成为主宰not just of the universe,不仅主宰我们的宇宙but the universe next door.也将主宰其他宇宙201511/408869连云港赣榆区盆腔炎多少钱

新坝锦屏镇板浦浦南镇检查妇科病哪家医院最好的连云新城治疗肛裂多少钱 A Brief History of Santa圣诞小故事On the 24th of December every year, children around the world put out milk and cookies in the hopes of luring a magic fat man into their home who will leave presents behind before sneaking into the house next door.每年的十二月二十四日,世界各地的孩子都会拿出牛奶及饼干,希望能吸引一名有魔法的胖男人来到他们家,并在偷偷潜入下一户人家前留下礼物。How did such an odd tradition begin?这样奇怪的传统是如何开始的?You can pretty much blame Northern Europe, where the winter weather is cold and dark and depressing. And the coldest and darkest and depressingest day is the Solstice on December 21st to 22nd when the sun only gives a few weak hours of light if any at all.你几乎可以归咎于北欧,在这里冬天的气候又冷、又暗、令人消沉。而最冷、最暗、最令人消沉的一天是十二月二十一日到二十二日的冬至,这时即便有阳光,也只会带来几个小时的微弱光明。These sun-deprived people invented magical characters to visit them and lighten the mood by bringing gifts and celebrations. These characters ranged from elves to Gods to goats, but there are two of particular interest to the modern story.这些缺乏日光的人们创造出神秘的角色拜访他们,并带来礼物及庆典来放松他们的情绪。这些角色的范围从精灵到神、到山羊都有,但对现代故事来说,其中有两个特别重要。The first is Saint Nick, in The Netherlands. Saint Nick is thin and perhaps a bit stern, but still brings presents to children in early December. He dresses like a bishop in red and white with a staff and rides on a horse named Amerigo, for whom Dutch children are encouraged to leave out a carrot. Saint Nick is called Sinterklaas in Dutch.第一个是荷兰的Saint Nick。Saint Nick很瘦,可能还有点严苛,但还是会在十二月初带礼物给孩子们。他穿着像主教一样的红白衣,拿着权仗并骑着一匹名为Amerigo的马,荷兰的孩子们被鼓励留给它一红萝卜。Saint Nick的荷兰文叫做Sinterklaas。The second character is Father Christmas from England. Father Christmas is a big, jolly pagan dressed in green with a holly wreath on his head. Traditionally he is less concerned with children and gifts than he is with food and wine and celebration and is perhaps best known for being one of the three spirits of Christmas who terrorize Scrooge.第二个角色是从英国来的Father Christmas。Father Christmas是个身材魁梧、快乐的异教徒,穿着绿色衣,头戴冬青花环。传统上,他跟孩子们及礼物的关系,还不及于他和食物、美酒和庆典的关系,而且也许他最出名的身分可能是三个圣诞节精灵之中,会恐吓Scrooge(吝啬鬼)的那一个。When Europeans settled the colonies, Saint Nick and Father Christmas and the other characters began to mix together. This explains why the U.S. version has so many names.当欧洲人安顿好殖民地后,Saint Nick、Father Christmas及其他角色开始融合。这解释了为什么美国的版本有这么多名字。Santa Claus is the Americanization of Sinterklaas, but hes also called Saint Nick and Father Christmas and Kris Kringle which comes from Germany. In the old world these were different characters, but in the new world over time they evolved into one which you can see happening in older stories.圣诞老人是经美国化的Sinterklaas,但他同样也被称为Saint Nick、Father Christmas还有从德国来的Kris Kringle。在旧世界(欧亚非大陆)这些是不同的角色,但在新世界(美洲大陆),他们随着时间合而为一,你可以在较古老的故事中目睹。For example, the poem ;The Night Before Christmas; came out in 1823 in New York, which established that Santa lands on the roof and fills stocking with toys. But this Santa is an elf, much like those from the Nordic Countries. Hes small and drives a miniature sleigh with tiny reindeer, which makes a lot more sense for someone whose job description includes fitting down chimneys. Also, the word ;Santa; appears nowhere in the poem. The original title is ;A visit from Saint Nick.;举例来说,〈圣诞节前夕〉这首诗是在1823年的纽约诞生的,它表明了圣诞老人会降落在屋顶上,并将袜子塞满玩具。但这个圣诞老人是个精灵,很像那些从北欧国家来的。它身材短小,驾着小型雪橇和迷你驯鹿,这对于一个工作内容包括钻进烟囱的人来说合理多了。同样的,“Santa”这个字在诗里任何地方都没有出现。原本的题目是“Saint Nick的探访”。As the 1800s continued, a fat, human looking immortal Santa evolved into the standard among American authors. It was in the States that he gained both his elvish workforce and a wife.随着十九世纪过去,一个胖胖的、人类模样、长生不老的圣诞老人发展成了美国作家间的标准。他就是在美国得到了他的精灵工人以及妻子。By about 1900, Santa had developed into his current iconic style. It should be noted that, contrary to popular belief, Coca-Cola didnt change his colors to their corporate scheme, but instead used the conveniently red-and-white Santa in 1931 to help sell more soda during their off season. Though Coke didnt create him, their omnipresent ads probably did brand this as the One True Santa in the minds of millions, helping sp him around the world to many cultures with no traditions of winter gift-givers.在大约西元1900年时,圣诞老人发展成了现今的经典形象。值得一提的是,与普遍的认知相反,可口可乐并没有将圣诞老人的颜色改成他们的公司企划,而是便利地在1931年时使用红白色的圣诞老人,帮助在淡季时卖出更多可乐。虽然可口可乐并没有创造出他,但他们无所不在的广告可能将这作为“唯一真正的圣诞老人”,铭刻在数百万人的心中,帮助圣诞老人普及于世界上许多没有冬季送礼传统的文化。This American Santa in turn influenced his relations in Northern Europe to become more like him, although not always to the pleasure of the locals. In particular, the British Father Christmas has been completely assimilated into the Santa collective, to the point where many Britons dont realize they were ever separate. In the Netherlands, however, Saint Nick is still successfully holding his own as a distinct character.这个美国版圣诞老人反过来影响了他在北欧的亲戚们,让他们变得更像他,虽然当地人并非总是对此感到开心。特别是英国的Father Christmas已完全被圣诞老人系列给同化,以致于到了许多英国人并没有意识到他们曾经是不同的地步。然而,在荷兰,Saint Nick还是成功地坚持住自己与众不同的特色。The one last detail about modern Santa thats still up for debate, at least between countries, is exactly where he lives. In the late 1800s, his home was the magnetic North Pole, centered under the aurora borealis.有关现代圣诞老人的最后一个细节是仍有争议的,至少是在国家之间仍有争议,就是他到底住在哪里。在十九世纪晚期,他的家在磁北极,以北极光底下为中心。While this would be the most diplomatic option for Santa, Magnetic North has since moved off the Polar Ice Sheet and into the ocean, a rather inconvenient place to set up a toy factory.尽管对圣诞老人来说,这是最圆融的选择,但磁北极自此离开了极地冰原,进入海洋之中,一个比较不方便设立玩具工厂的地方。So Canada claims his workshop is somewhere in Nunavut and has given Santa a post code and, no joke, official Canadian citizenship. The American response is that the North Pole doesnt refer to the obviously inhospitable sheet of non-domestic ice but rather to the little town of North Pole, Alaska. Denmark claims he lives in their former colony of Greenland. And Greenland, not surprisingly, agrees.所以加拿大声称他的工作坊是在Nunavut某处,并提供圣诞老人一个邮递区号,还有,没在开玩笑,正式的加拿大公民身份。美方的回应是,北极指的并不是明显荒凉、不适宜居住的冰层,而是阿拉斯加的一个小镇,North Pole镇。丹麦声称他住在他们的前殖民地格陵兰。而格陵兰,不意外的,也同意这说法。The Nordic countries quarrel about his exact location, but Finland is the clear winner of this argument with his workshop in Rovaniemi on the Arctic Circle. For the evidence inclined, you can actually go visit Santa and see the elves, toys, reindeer and post office, which makes Finlands claim pretty strong. Santa is even available during the off-season.北欧国家争论他确切的所在地,但芬兰这关于他的工作坊在北极圈的Rovaniemi市的说法,在这场争执中显然是个赢家。为寻找有力据,你可以实际上过去拜访圣诞老人,并看看精灵、玩具、驯鹿和邮局,这些使得芬兰的声明相当有力。甚至在圣诞节以外的季节也能看到圣诞老人。But no matter where he might be based, Santa still manages to get around the world in just one night to deliver all those presents...and eat all those cookies.但不管他可能以何处为基地,圣诞老人仍设法在仅仅一个晚上环游世界递送所有礼物...并吃掉所有饼干。201505/374285连云港市灌云县人民医院彩超检查好吗

连云港连云区治疗肛裂多少钱 ;Theres a marvellous section in the Beowulf poem itself-the Last Veteran its called-the last person of his tribe, burying treasure in the hoard and saying: Lie there treasure, you belong to earls, the world has changed. And he takes farewell of the treasure, and buries it in the ground. That sense of elegy-a farewell to beauty and farewell to the treasured objects-that hangs round the helmet, I think.《贝奥武甫》中有一节特别精的《最后的老兵》, 部落里剩下的最后一个人将珍宝埋藏起来,说,待在这里吧珍宝,你属于爵爷们,世界已经改变了。他向这些财宝告别,将它们掩埋起来。这是一首哀歌,向美好告别,向珍宝告别。我觉得类似这样的哀歌一直萦绕在这头盔周围。;So it belongs in the poem, but obviously it belonged within the burial chamber in Sutton Hoo. But it has entered imagination, it has left the tomb and entered the entrancement of the ers, I think, of the poem-and of the viewers of the object in the British Museum.;它属于诗歌.同时也属于萨顿胡的墓室。但当它进入想象世界,便离开了墓室,成为诗歌的欣赏者和大英物馆的参观者脑内的奇观。The Sutton Hoo helmet belonged of course not to an imagined poetic hero, but to an actual historical ruler. The problem is we dont know which one. Its generally supposed that the man buried with such style must have been a great warrior chieftain, and because all of us want to link finds in the ground with names in the texts, for a long time the favoured candidate was Raedwald, king of the East Angles, mentioned by the Venerable Bede in his History of the Anglo-Saxons and probably the most powerful king in all England around 620.当然,萨顿胡头盔的主人一定不是诗歌中想象的英雄,而是现实中的某个统治者,只是我们不知道是哪位。人们普遍认为,拥有如此高规 格墓葬的人一定是位势力很大的武士首领。而由于我们都希望能在历史 记载中找到对应的人物,长期以来,我们都倾向于认为他有可能是东盎格魯的国王雷德沃尔德。比德在他的《英吉利教会史》中提到过他,他可能是620年左右全英格兰最强大的国王。But we cant be sure, and its quite possible that we may be looking at one of Raedwalds successors or, indeed, at a leader whos left no record at all. So the helmet still floats intriguingly in an uncertain realm on the margins of history and imagination. Heres Seamus Heaney again:但我们无法确定。很可能他只是雷德沃尔德的一位继任者,或是一个完全没有留下任何记录的统洽者。头盔依然充满诱惑力地漂浮在历史与想象之间。谢默斯希尼说:201509/401362连云港连云区输卵管再通术哪家医院最好的连云港做子宫肌瘤手术哪个医院好



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