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Billy: That's because you're too busy shopping.Jennifer: You got me there. So let me see him...he looks like a little Eskimo.Billy: Would an Eskimo wear a bright orange parka? I don't think so.Jennifer: What's this on his back?Billy: It's a cell phone holder. See, it's got a shoulder strap.Jennifer: You can keep your cell phone warm! How sweet! But why are his eyes so big?Billy: All the better to glare at you with! /201105/136583

mouse tribe 鼠族 提起“北漂”族的艰辛生活,大家都会想到这几年被称为“蚁族”的低收入大学毕业生,但是,在北京还有一群人的生存条件比“蚁族”们更为艰苦,他们多为高中或中专学历,居住在狭小的地下室里,这部分人被称作“鼠族”。请看《中国日报》的报道:The mouse tribe, known as the shuzu, are thought to number about 1 million and are well known for living in some of the 1,374 civil air defense shelters beneath the city.据估计,“鼠族”约有100万人,因住在地下民用防空洞中而得名。北京的地下民用防空洞共有1374个。在上面的报道中,mouse tribe就是“鼠族”。鼠族连同ant tribe(蚁族)、egg house(蛋屋)、dwelling in a narrow space(蜗居)、capsule apartment(胶囊公寓)等词都是大城市生存成本高涨的产物。大城市里的人形形色色,并且自成“部落”,有在城市间往返的pendulum clan(钟摆族),也有热衷网购的code-copying clan(抄号族),有冲出都市重压的pressure-free clan(零帕族),善于保持平衡的rainbow clan(虹族),也有失去工作热情的over-drained clan(掏空族)。 /201101/122748

外面天气比较凉爽,阿美和丹尼尔一块儿带着他们家的芭比来到了社区的院子里玩耍。两人聊起了各自喜欢的天气,他们都会喜欢什么样的天气呢?Listen Read LearnMay: Hurry up, Daniel, it's Barbie time.Daniel: All right, Sis!May: Come on, it's cool outside.Daniel: I really wish Mom and Dad were here with us.May: Hey, Daniel, what's your favorite weather? Snowy or sunny?Daniel: Me? Er, I like hot weather, just like today.May: What? Are you crazy?Daniel: I like to watch Barbie sticking her tongue out.May: Ew, Danny, gross!Daniel: By the way, what's your favorite weather?May: I love snowy, because it is very very romantic.Daniel: Look, is that Tom?听看学阿美:快点,丹尼尔,现在是芭比时间。丹尼尔:知道了,。阿美:哎呀,外面真凉爽。丹尼尔:真希望爸爸妈妈也和我们一块出来。阿美:对了,丹丹,你最喜欢什么天气呢?下雪天还是晴天?丹尼尔:我?嗯,我喜欢热天,就像今天一样。阿美:什么?你疯了吗?丹尼尔:我就喜欢看芭比吐它的舌头。阿美:丹丹,你真是恶心!丹尼尔:那么,你最喜欢什么样的天气呢?阿美:我最喜欢下雪天,因为非常浪漫。丹尼尔:看那是汤姆吗?经典背诵 RecitationDaniel: My sister May and I play with Barbie out in our neighborhood every day in summer. The weather outside would be cool. Mom and Dad would sometimes go out with us too. But actually, I like hot weather very much. Because I enjoy it when Barbie is sticking her tongue out.生词小结cool adj. 凉的,凉快的favorite adj. 最喜爱的weather n. 天气stick vi. 伸出,刺tongue n. 舌头gross adj. 令人厌恶的单词扩展 Vocabulary Builder 表达天气的单词基础词汇fine 晴朗的hot 热的cold 冷的rainy 下雨的windy 有风的snowy 下雪的cloudy 多云的sunny 阳光充足的提高词汇foggy 有雾的breezy 有微风的muggy 闷热的humid 湿润的chilly 寒冷的freezing 严寒的downpour 倾盆大雨drizzly 下毛毛雨 /200804/33766

张扬、幽默、自作主张,这就是今天的女人?还是只有在“Sex and the City”?看“Sexy and the City”,您自己就能给出!从今天开始,让我们一起“挖掘”欲望都市的角角落落。。。Ok, Let's find out more!Carrie被邀请去参加一场慈善模特秀,但她有点犹豫。Chalotte说:还记得你拉我一起去看过多少场时装表演吗?Carrie说:8次,怎么啦?Chalotte:...[翻译]你为什么要拒绝成为模特的一个机会呢? []Why are you turning down a chance of being a model? /09/85765

鲍勃带着坏消息回家,幸好妻子苏姗善解人意,没有对鲍勃被解雇多加刁难,还予以鼓励...Susan: what’s the matter, dear?Bob: Susan, I got canned today at work.Susan: But Bob, you were Peter’s right-hand man!Bob: Yes, and he stabbed me in the back.Susan: Keep your chin up. Maybe he’ll change his mind and take you back.Bob: when pigs fly! Once he makes up his mind, he never changes it. Besides, I told him off.Susan: Look on the bright side: you won’t have to set eyes on Peter ever again!Bob: Thank goodness for that!Susan: hang in there. I’m sure you won’t be out of work for long.Bob: In the meantime, we’ll have to live from hand to mouth.Susan: Don’t get too stressed out, Bob. We’ll make ends meet.Bob: I can always get a job MacDonald’s as a last resort.Susan: I don’t think they are hiring right now.Bob: If worse comes to worst, we can sell our home and move into a tent.Susan: Let’s think big! Maybe you can start your own business.Bob: Easier said than done! /07/77715

1. Are you with me? 都明白了吧? /201006/105453

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