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大理市开美甲店做美甲教学定日县美甲纹绣学习自学教程培训Loyalty cards and insurance会员卡和保险Every little helps积少成多As it pushes into finance, Tescorsquo;s Clubcard gives it a competitive edge乐购进军金融界,其会员卡为之奠定优势SOME young drivers get tanked up and wrap their cars round lampposts; others drive carefully, and sober. Insurers would love to collect more background information on the personal habits of those buying motor, household and life policies, but do not want to put off potential customers with intrusive questionnaires. So they end up pooling groups of people by such basic factors as age, occupation and postcode, which means that some low-risk customers are lumped in with risky ones and subsidize their cover.一些年轻的司机给车加满油,不开而是停在路灯边上;也有一些谨慎上路,不过时刻清醒绝不酒驾。之于购置汽车,家居用品和人寿保险的消费者,保险商更乐意于收集他们的个人喜好,而不是用无礼的问卷赶走潜在客户。因此他们趋向于将收集的信息划成年龄,职业,地域邮编等分类,也就是说把不乐意冒风险的和有冒险意识的客户放在一起考虑,用后者的投资弥补前者的保险金。If only insurers could stealthily gather a few titbits about their potential policyholdersrsquo; consumption habits. Such hints might help them more accurately target those customers least likely to make claims, and attract them with better rates. As it happens, Tesco routinely collects such information from holders of its Clubcard loyalty card. As it bulks up in financial services, that may give Britainrsquo;s largest supermarket chain an edge over traditional insurers.若保险公司真能暗地里收集到些许潜在投保人的消费喜好也不是坏事。这些线索能帮他们更准确的找出不愿投保的人,并以优惠的利率将其吸引过来。碰巧乐购长期以来也正用会员忠诚卡收集客户的信息。乐购在金融务业正日益壮大,相较于传统保险公司,这种忠诚卡将会使这个英国最大的超市产业链在信息收集上更具优势。To give an obvious example, it would be worth offering pet insurance to someone who has started buying kitty-litter. Buying lots of booze does not make you a drunk-driver, but someone who buys little or none seems less likely to be one. Buyers of window locks are likely to be more security-conscious, and so on.举个典型的例子,向开始买猫砂的人推销宠物保险是值得一试的;疯狂买酒的人不一定会酒驾(车祸保险),但几乎不买酒的人可能性更小;买窗锁的人极有可能安全意识较强,等等。Tesco declined to discuss how it uses Clubcard data for this article. But a group of students at the London School of Economics carried out a class project in which they made several applications for Tesco car insurance. When they gave the number of an unused Clubcard it earned a 1% discount. When they gave the same personal details but ed the numbers of heavily used Clubcards, the discounts varied greatly, reaching 18%. To paraphrase Tescorsquo;s slogan, it seems that every little scrap of information helps.乐购拒绝在如何利用会员卡收集信息方面谈得过多。但伦敦经济学院的一组学生对此做了课题并投保了乐购车险。当他们报出一张已经闲置不用的卡号时,只得到1%的折扣;而当他们用同样的身份信息加上频繁一个使用的卡号时,折扣大的多,将近有18%。借用乐购的标语,似乎正是涓流成河,积少成多。201111/161224曲麻莱县加盟培训美甲用品工具批发商城市场 We would never know about diamonds were it not for volcanic activity, for thatrsquo;s what delivers diamonds from deep inside the earth to where we can get to them. Theoretically diamonds can remain diamonds only at high temperature and pressure. In theory, at atmospheric pressure and lower temperature chemical changes are liable to take place that change diamond into graphite, similar to the stuff pencil leads are made of. However, it has been calculated that even if this change were to take place it would take over ten billion years to happen. Now back to the diamondrsquo;s age. Scientists think diamonds may have been forming throughout earthrsquo;s history. Many have been found that are three-point-three billion years old. And the young ones are a mere one billion years old.我们永远不会知道钻石是否火山活动形成的,因为正是火山活动将砖石从地球内部深处带到我们能找到钻石的地方。理论上钻石只有在高温和高压下才能是钻石。从理论上讲,可在大气压力和温度较低下钻石很可能发生化学变化,变成类似铅笔芯的石墨。但是,据估算即使这种变化发生,这需要十亿年。现在再来说下钻石的年龄。科学家认为,钻石的形成可能贯穿整个地球的历史。许多钻石的年龄是33亿年。新形成的只有10亿年。165257Piano at the Proms夏季音乐会上的钢琴天才Going for Grieg诠释格里格A talent for the Romantics浪漫时期作品的演奏天才Aug 13th 2011 | from the print edition Playing from the sole 独一无二的演奏ALICE SARA OTT, a German-Japanese pianist, has been impressing audiences and music executives since 2002, when, at the age of 14, she was named the most promising artist in Japan’s Hamamatsu International Piano Academy competition. On August 8th she chose Edvard Grieg’s concerto in A minor for her Proms debut at London’s Royal Albert Hall.爱丽丝.纱良.奥特,德国日籍钢琴家, 自2002年,14岁的奥特在日本宾松国际钢琴专业比赛上,被誉为最有潜力的钢琴家之后,她一直受到观众和音乐专家的好评。今年的8月8日,奥特选择了爱德华-格里格的A小调协奏曲,拉开了在伦敦皇家埃尔伯特音乐厅夏季钢琴音乐会的序幕。At 23, Ms Ott is just a year younger than Grieg, a 19th-century Norwegian composer, was when he penned his iconic—and only—piano concerto in 1868. Hugely popular, the piece has been recorded by pianists as well known as Arthur Rubinstein and, more recently, Leif Ove Andsnes. Ms Ott is used to comparisons with high-profile performers. Last November she replaced an ailing Lang Lang at a day’s notice and performed Liszt’s first piano concerto with the London Symphony Orchestra to critical acclaim. Even so, the Grieg was a brave choice.奥特今年23岁,只比1868年的格里格小一岁,这位19世纪的挪威作曲家在当时写下了他的代表作——也是唯一的——钢琴协奏曲。这首曲子随即带来很大反响,之后分别被著名的钢琴家,例如阿瑟.鲁宾斯坦,以及更近代一些的,利夫#8226;奥韦#8226;安兹涅斯重新录制。人们把奥特和这些著名的演奏家们相比较。去年11月,她代替生病的朗朗,在演出前一天通知的情况下,与伦敦交响乐团合作了李斯特的第一钢琴协奏曲并获得了好评。即便如此,选择格里格的钢琴曲也是一个勇敢之举。201109/153210青神县美甲美睫睫毛嫁接半永久课程培训视频

成都市学会美甲技术全套美甲视频教程大全分享China remembers quake victimsExactly a week after the Sichuan earthquake left tens of thousands of people dead, China stops for a three minute silence. Rescue teams stopped work, troops bowed their heads and China's president stood in silence in central Beijing exactly one week after the Sichuan earthquake left tens of thousands of people dead. Sirens wailed and flags flew at half-mast as China began three days of official mourning. And our colleagues from ITV's News at Ten obtained new images showing the very moment the quake struck in Beichuan County. The panic and the anguish as hundreds of school children were trapped under tons of falling rubble. This report by our chief correspondent Alex Thomson contains some highly distressing images. Beichuan, close to the epicenter, seconds into the quake. A town pulverized to dust clouds; close by, a wall collapsed inside the cinema full of children. "Get over there", he says, "help!" Across the road, two children trapped by their feet in fallen concrete. The cameraman wanders the streets: the injured, the dazed, people beginning to realize their most loved ones are missing in their destroyed town. Some are ordering people to get out to seek open ground. But many are just too confused or injured to heed the warnings. 2:28, one week on in Beijing, and on the trading floor of the HongKong Stock Exchange, and across China's vast railway network. 2:28 today, in Tian'an Men Square, Beijing, and 2:28 in Sichuan Province itself. Three days of national mourning are underway. Almost 32,500 people now confirmed dead, nearly a quarter of a million injured.But the diggers are in along with 150,000 troops, slowly erasing the rubble piles. Makeshift schools are opening up. Today's lesson and this one personal hygiene, what do you do when there is no running water. First of all, it's for their own safety. Many houses are wrecked. If the children stay at home running around in the rubble, it could be very dangerous, especially if they have lost their family. And still people were coming out alive. 61-year-old Li Lingkui pulled clear after 164 hours today.And here is Tanrong, a hospital worker, gingerly freed after being entombed for 139 hours. They said he was just slightly bruised and in his right senses. He certainly was. His wife, aly rescued, enabled to greet him, described how they take in turns to shout for help. "Yesterday he shouted to help and I didn't to save energy. He always checked whether I was awake from time to time. We took it in turns to shout. Across Sichuan Province, they are trailing out of the mountain villagers. In all 4.8 million people are homeless. Such as the terrain and the number of roads sealed by landslides, bringing people out from these places is arduous and slow. This is their chipping town. All these people are fortunate. They believe hundreds more are still alive here but trapped. And after a week, the clock must surely be ticking down. And so a day of pause and reflection across this vast nation has given way to nighttime vigil.They shout "come on China!" "It's OK!" They sense on some togetherness here and great faith in the government to do everything it can. But from that same government tonight, the estimate that at least 50,000 lives will have been lost to the tremors of one week ago.pulverize: v.To pulverize something means to do great damage to it or to destroy it completely.heed: v.If you heed someone's advice or warning, you pay attention to it and do what they suggest. (FORMAL)arduous: adj.Something that is arduous is difficult and tiring, and involves a lot of effort.200811/55409九江市学习自学美甲培训视频教程 US Jobless Rate Up to 8.9 Percent, Highest in 26 Years美失业率升至26年新高  The U.S. Labor Department reports the unemployment rate in the ed States rose last month to 8.9 percent. It was the highest rate since 1983, but the number of jobs lost was not as large as expected.美国劳工部报告称,上个月美国的失业率升至8.9%。这是1983年以来美国最高的失业率。但是,当月失去的工作职位并不像预期的那么多。The commissioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Keith Hall, presented the Labor Department report to the Joint Economic Committee.美国劳工部统计局专员基思.霍尔向国会联合经济委员会陈述了劳工部的报告。"This was another bad report. There was a significant deterioration in the labor market again. The job loss is large, it is widesp, it is affecting every industry sector and every demographic group," he said. “这是又一份糟糕的报告。劳工市场明显恶化。失去的工作职位数量之大,范围之广,正影响着每一个工业部门和每一个年龄阶段。”Some 539,000 jobs were lost in April, bringing the total number of unemployed to 13.7 million, up from 13.2 million in March.4月份共失去了大约53万9千个工作机会,使总的失业人口从3月份得1320万人增加到了1370万人。But the number of job losses were the fewest in the past six months, tempered in part by the federal government's hiring of temporary workers to prepare for the U.S. census next year.但这个数据是过去六个月来失业人数单月增加最少的一次。新增失业人数减少的部分原因是由于联邦政府正在雇用临时工为美国明年的人口普查做准备。Commissioner Hall says the slowdown in layoffs could be, as he put it, "a glimmer of hope" that the economy could be improving.霍尔说,失去就业机会的速度放缓,显示出了经济可能正在改善的“一丝希望的曙光”。"That looks like a moderation, but it's only one month," he cautioned.“看起来是在减速,不过只是一个月。”Senator Amy Klobuchar, a Minnesota Democrat who chaired the hearing, said the Labor Department report underscores the need for continued government assistance.来自明尼苏达州的民主党参议员艾米.克洛布查尔主持了这次听会。她说,劳工部的报告凸显了政府继续提供援助的必要性。"It is a testament to making sure unemployment compensation is available, making sure we are looking out for people who have lost their jobs," she said.“这是个实,明我们必须确保人们都可以得到失业补偿,确保那些失去工作的人们得到照顾。”Republicans used the report to criticize the policies of the Democratic majority in Congress and the Obama administration. 共和党人利用这份报告对国会多数党民主党以及奥巴马政府提出批评。Congressman Eric Cantor, a Virginia Republican, said in a statement that the Democrats continue to increase government intervention in the free market, taking away incentives to create jobs.来自维吉尼亚州的共和党议员埃里克.坎托在一份声明中说,民主党持续干预自由市场,打消了人们创造工作机会的动力。05/69308丰城市美甲教程视频学怎么做美甲视频教程

邢台市美甲工具用品材料网上自学视频教程追求自由之风袭来时,领带一度被男人们搁置,代之以休闲的装束。然而如今,领带又一次成为商业人士的必备之物。领带代表着什么, 潮流、归属感、美观、力量?Ties, Ties, Ties!Mo Rocca looks at the history of the tie, from accessorizing dictated uniforms to signifying freedom of expression, and what it has done for men's fashion over the ages.For fans of fashionable neckwear for men, what's old is new again. Now Mo Rocca who follows these matters has his own ideas about that. Way back in the 1990s, freedom was ringing everywhere. Women were making huge inroads in the workplace. As for men, business casual would liberate them from the stranglehold of the tie. Millions of American males heard the cry. Mr. Businessman, tear off that tie! But reports of the tie's demise have been greatly exaggerated. Yes, today ties are back. What do you think this tie says? It says first says it is a matter second says it's stylish. It makes me feel a little bit one of our people. It makes me feel empowered and makes me feel good like I am actually a businessman. OK. I am not. Sales are way up among 20-somethings. Andrew Escobar manages the John Varvatos store in New York City. I really just found with us you could throw a tie almost on anything and it kind of just ups the look a little bit. Makes a look a little bit more refined. And yet you can still leave your jeans on and your Chuck Taylors on. And it still has a rock'n'roll-edge. It is not surprising that the tie has survived. After all, ties and men have been bound for more than a millennium. Among the earliest models these knotted scarfs worn by Chinese soldiers of the 3rd century . What I'm putting around my neck right now is a proud descendant of a line going back 300 years. Back then, men wore cravats wide ruffled and unapologetically impractical. Over time the cravat became today's necktie. By the middle of the 20th century, though, the tie had lost much of its personality. It had become obligatory. Part of a uniform dictated from on-high. Then the arrival of business casual sounded the death knell for the tie. Or did it? There is not as much social pressure to wear a tie. Wearing now, it becomes more of a, you know, an interesting piece that stands out more. In fact, men have embraced the responsibility of choosing what to wear to work, and more and more they are choosing the tie. In one word, how does that tie make you feel? Powerful! Clean, smooth! Clean, smooth! You look okay. That's fine about it, they are so good. I guess proper. Probably it's the first way to go to work. Ok. So it gives you respectability. Sure. Because you wouldn't wear a suit with that color and pattern. Right? (Absolutely I wouldn't). Actually what do you look like? Kinda cool, I think? (ur, well, without a suit...in the suit, yeah,yeah) Maybe a little modest. You would never get a job. There is a tie for every occasion, season or mood. This one makes me feel dependable; this one makes me feel like a seventh grade English teacher; this one makes me feel minty fresh. Men's fashion a lot of guys complain they don't have a lot of choices. But the tie is the one area where you can really letter a wrap, right? Sure, yeah. You definitely have a lot of freedom. Of course, freedom isn't just an American value. (undefined language) He is from Albania and he has a beautiful tie. And so today's man is no longer required to wear a uniform. Instead he is fit to be tied.03/63855 Instant FameShowbiz Tonight reports on how the hooker at the center of the Spitzer sex scandal is cashing in. I'm A.J. Hammer, welcome to the Showbiz Tonight Podcast. This is where we go inside the Hollywood's biggest stories. Right now call girl gone wild and not just any girl, the call girl, who brought down the governor of New York. There are startling new pictures of Ashley Dupre. As everyone including her, scrambles to cash in on her 15 minutes’ plus of fame. And Showbiz tonight's Brooke Anderson is looking into what a lot of people are asking: Is there anything wrong with that? She may be the most talked-about woman in America, who is not running for President. She is all over the newsstands. She's at the center of one of the juiciest stories of the year. Songs she's posted on Myspace have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times. And she may soon appear on one of the biggest series in the country. "She's everywhere. Americans wanna know about this girl!" She's America's newest "it girl". Oh, and did we mention that she's a prostitute? Us Weekly has just revealed for the very first time exclusive photos of Ashley Alexander Dupre, the call girl who is the reason New York Governor Eliot Spitzer is now former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. Sure, we may not see this new "it girl" throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game or hosting Saturday Night Live. But Us Weekly Ian Drew tells Nancy Grace now it's the time for Ashley Dupre to cash in.She can make anything, but she has to strike right now. But Showbiz tonight can tell you how is it that a prostitute can get such instant fame. "You cannot get away from Ashley Alexander Dupre,"Alicia Quarles of the Associated Press tells ShowBiz tonight offers are lining up for Dupre. "She's been offered sps in "Hustler" and "Penthouse", reportedly offered a vodka contract. Another amazing offer that Ashley Dupre got was from Joe Francis, "The Girls Gone Wild". The founder of Girls Gone Wild Joe Francis also made Ashley an offer, although he's turned out to be a bit premature. "He initially offered her a million dollars to do one of his tapes. Lo and behold he said ,'Wait a minute, I renege on the offer.' Because he's got plenty of footage of this girl." Apparently, in 2003, Ashley Dupre spent a week going wild on the Girls Gone Wild Bus. After the Spitzer's scandal broke, the Girls Gone Wild website started promoting this steamy . But questions about whether Ashley was 17 when the was shot had delayed its release. Ashley Dupre laid low after the Spitzer scandal, but some are troubled by her instant fame. "What kind of message are we sending to our youth, saying this girl who dropped out of high school, who went on the Girls Gone Wild bus, who slept with the governor of New York who's paid for it is now a superstar. This is kind of ridiculous." call girl: A prostitute catering to wealthy clientele, especially one who is contacted by telephone for an appointment.cash in on: To see (a chance) and profit by it; take advantage of (an opportunity or happening). it girl: An It girl or It-girl is a charming, sexy young woman who receives intense media coverage unrelated or disproportional to personal achievements. The reign of an "It girl" is usually temporary; some of the rising It girls will either become fully-fledged celebrities or their popularity will fade. The term "It boy", much less frequently used, is the male equivalent.Us Weekly: A celebrity magazine, originally founded in 1977 by The New York Times Company."Hustler" and "Penthouse": Names of two magazines which quite resemble "Playboy", kind of porno.Lo and behold: used to express wonder or surprise.renege: to not do something you have promised or agreed to do.02/61633美姑县2016全新美甲诀窍教程美甲培训视频永济市美甲精英全科培训班图片



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