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The Desert Rose.这是沙漠玫瑰In really harsh conditions, it jettisons its leaves to minimise water loss.在情况很恶劣的时候 它会放弃叶片以减少水分流失Strangely, it chooses this time to flower.它开花的时间很奇怪Its bulbous trunk is like a barrel that stores water all year round.沙漠玫瑰膨胀浑圆的树干 像个终年储水的水桶It#39;s so hardy it can grow out of bare rock.生命力极强的沙漠玫瑰 可以生长在光秃秃的岩石上It might seem that conditions can#39;t get much tougher for a plant than here.对植物来说 这里的环境应该算是最恶劣的But, for some, the conditions are even harsher.但有些植物生长环境的恶劣程度 有过之而无不及Six hours ago, here on the coast of Australia,六个小时前 这棵生长在澳洲海边的树this tree was high and dry on a sandy beach.还在一片干燥的沙滩上For almost all plants, saltwater is lethal,盐水几乎对所有植物 都有致命杀伤力so submersion of this tree#39;s roots by the tide twice a day should kill it.这棵树的根部,一天被潮水淹没两次 它应该活不成了Yet this Red Mangrove is flourishing.但这棵红海榄却长得很茂盛The retreating tide reveals the key to surviving the sea#39;s assault.潮水退去之后 它不畏海水蹂躏的关键昭然若揭 Article/201311/264057



  It came quite literally and metaphorically out of the clear blue sky.它真的就像是晴空中的一道霹雳Nobody saw this coming.来得毫无预兆It was the blackest day in American history.那是美国历史上最黑暗的日子 No doubt about it.毫无疑问Someone said,; General, you need to turn on the television.;有人说 ;将军 您得把电视打开;I did that and I watched along with the world我打开了 我和全世界的人们一起as the second jet hit the second tower.看着第二架飞机撞上另一座大楼On the morning of September 11th, 2001,2001年9月11日上午two passenger planes hijacked by terrorists linked to al-Qaeda两架被基地组织的恐怖分子劫持的客机crash into the World Trade Center towers in New York.撞上了纽约市的世贸中心大楼When it first happened and I first realized how bad it was,当灾难刚刚发生 而我刚刚意识到问题有多严重时 it took a while to understand how bad it was,我愣了好一阵 才明白势态的严重性and I realized it was the worst attack in our history.然后就知道这是我们历史上最可怕的袭击I remember thinking, ;Well, the world is gonna change.我记得我当时在想 ;世界要发生巨变了;I#39;m not sure how, but the world is gonna change.;;我不知道会怎么变 但是变革不可避免;34 minutes later,a third plane, American Airlines Flight 77,hits the Pentagon.34分钟后 第三架飞机 美国航空公司的77号航班撞上了五角大楼At 10:03, a fourth plane,believed to be heading for the Capitol or the White House10点03分准备撞向国会大厦或者白宫的第四架飞机crashes near Shanksville, Pennsylvania after passengers on board take on the hijackers.在机上乘客与劫机者激烈搏斗后坠毁于宾夕法尼亚州的尚克斯维尔We were stunned. We were frozen.我们震惊了 我们愣住了And I know in our small community that same feeling of helplessness and hopelessness我知道在我们的小区里大家的那种无助与绝望的感觉was replicated out across the ed States, coast to coast.蔓延到了整个美国 全国都是这样We watched while the fires developed.我们眼睁睁地看着火势蔓延It was a horrible event.太可怕了But almost no one, certainly no one around me但是几乎没有人 起码我周围没有人had any idea that the integrity of the entire towers was at risk.事先意识到整个双子楼已经岌岌可危 /201305/237572

  你是怎么看待穷人的呢?也许杰西卡的经历明:穷人需要的仅是我们的滴水之恩。KIVA网站创始人讲述了,她对穷人态度的改变和她在小额贷款方面所做的努力。这些努力给生活质量徘徊在贫困线的人们带来了新的力量。 Article/201307/248016Today in History: Monday, May 20, 2013历史上的今天:2013年5月20日,星期一May 20th, 1927. Aviator Charles Lindbergh takes off from New York’s Long Island aboard the Spirit of St. Louis. Some 33 hours later, Lindbergh lands in Paris, becoming the first person to fly solo nonstop across the Atlantic Ocean.1932. Aviator Amelia Earhart takes off from Newfoundland, Canada for Ireland, becoming the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic.1961. The Freedom Riders suffer more violence as they campaign against racial segregation in the South. This time, the civil rights activists are attacked by a white mob in Montgomery, Alabama. That prompts the federal government to sending US marshals to restore order and protect the activists.1506. Christopher Columbus, the explorer whose trans-Atlantic voyages led to European colonization of the America’s dies in Spain.And 1989. “I think that the people are worrying too much about conserving this country’s natural resources.” In Los Angeles, comedienne Gilda Radner, an original cast member of TV’s Saturday Night Live dies of ovarian cancer. She was 42.Today in History, May 20th. Camille Bohannon, the Associated Press. /201305/240630

  一个可口可乐零度的员工,在超市里想一瓶百事极度,在大家持鼓励下,他终于成功了,而后他也了,但奖品同样很令人哭笑不得。 以下是中英对照:Cashier: Pepsi MAX? Really? I love Pepsi MAX. I drink it myself.收银员:百事极度?你确定吗?我爱百事极度。我自己也喝它。The Coke Zero Driver: Great.可口可乐零度员工:很好。Cashier: I’d beat you’re wondering how they got all that Pepsi taste into a zero calorie cola?收银员:我敢打赌你想知道百事怎么把可乐加工成零卡路里的吧!The Coke Zero Driver: Ya可口可乐零度员工:是Cashier: Melvin, do we have a club card discount for Pepsi MAX?收银员:梅尔文,我们有没有可以给百事极度打折的会员卡?The Coke Zero Driver: I’m good. I’m good.可口可乐零度员工:我没关系的,我真的没关系。Melvin - Store Manager: Yup梅尔文—经理:有Cashier: (hits the cash register)收银员拍了一下收银机。WINNER!!!屏幕上显示“胜利者”字样。Cashier: Do you know what that means? You have won Pepsi MAX for life. FOR LIFE!收银员:你知道这意味着什么吗?你赢得了终生喝百事可乐极度机会。终生哦! Article/201405/294583这则动人演讲选自TED锦集,是漫画家Ben Kachor从他的连环漫画中选出来朗读的。这些独具风韵的超现实小故事,在电灯开关、标记牌这些小物件上找到了历史(和现代纽约)残留其中的殷切希望和种种瑕疵。 Article/201305/237595

  In Bangkok,Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has arrived for an official visit to Thailand. Premier Li is scheduled to meet the Thai royal family and leaders of the government and the parliament. They will hold in-depth talks on bilateral ties as well as regional and global issues of common concern. Premier Li will also address the Thai parliament during his three-day stay in the country. Thailand is the second leg of Premier Li#39;s maiden trip to Southeast Asia after Brunei, since he took office in March.中国总理李克强已经抵达泰国曼谷进行正式访问。李克强将按计划与泰国皇室以及政府国会领导人见面会谈。他们将就共同关心的区域与国际问题进行双边深层讨论。在为期三天的国事访问期间,李克强还将在国会进行演讲。自李克强三月就职以来,泰国是其首次东南亚之行,继访问文莱后的第二站。 Article/201310/259905

  Vitamin D is important to keep your bones healthy, particularly as you age and to protect you against diseases. Sunshine is a great source of this nutrient, but if you don’t get a lot of rays or eat the right foods, you may have to add D to your diet.维生素D对于维持骨骼健康非常重要,尤其是当你年长的时候,还可以抵抗疾病。阳光是维生素D的最佳来源,但是如果你没有接受充分的阳光照射,或者没有摄入正确的食物,你必须向饮食中添加维生素D。You Will Need你需要Milk牛奶Orange juice橙汁Cereal谷类食品Eggs鸡蛋Fish鱼Vitamin D supplements维生素D补充剂Soy milk (optional)豆奶(可选)Rice milk (optional)米糊(可选)Egg substitute (optional)鸡蛋代替品(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Drink fortified beverages1.加强维生素D的饮品Guzzle a glass of milk, which is fortified with Vitamin D, each day. Other drinks, like orange juice, are also fortified with the vitamin – giving you about 400 IUs of the nutrient for each 8 ounces.每天喝一杯富含维生素D的牛奶。其他饮料,例如橙汁,也含有丰富的维生素D,每8盎司可以提供400个IU的维生素D。If you’re allergic to dairy, try soy or rice milk.如果对奶制品过敏,可以尝试豆奶或米糊。Step 2 Eat cereal2.食用谷类食品Grab your spoon, bowl, and favorite cereal. Vitamin D is added to breakfast cereal to start your day right.拿起勺子和碗,吃一点最喜欢的谷类食品。早餐谷类中添加维生素D可以帮助你正确地开始一天的生活。Step 3 Eat eggs3.吃鸡蛋Scramble or poach an egg. Vitamin D is found naturally in egg yolk.每天吃一个鸡蛋。蛋黄中含有天然的维生素D。Check out the carton of your favorite egg substitute. Many are fortified with D.选择你最喜欢的鸡蛋代替品。许多产品中都添加了维生素D。Step 4 Eat fish4.吃鱼Add more fish to your diet. Tuna, salmon, herring, mackerel, and sardines are the top fish picks for Vitamin D.饮食中多添加一些鱼。金鱼,鲑鱼,鲱鱼,鲭鱼和沙丁鱼中都富含维生素D。Step 5 Use a Vitamin D supplement5.用维生素D补充剂Take a daily vitamin D supplement if you aren’t able to add D-rich foods to your diet, or enjoy at least 10 minutes of sunshine each day.如果饮食中难以添加丰富的维生素D,可以每天用维生素D补充剂,或者每天至少晒10分钟的太阳。Vitamin D deficiency can impair normal bone metabolism, leading to rickets, osteomalacia, and osteoporosis.维生素D缺乏会损害骨骼正常的新陈代谢,造成佝偻病,软骨病和骨质疏松症。视频听力栏目译文属。 /201303/230378。

  视频出处:本影片片段来自《非洲》But the birds need to be careful,但鸟儿们需要加倍小心for the sun has played a terrible trick.因为太阳开了一个可怕的玩笑This oasis is poisonous.绿洲里的水是有毒的Intense evaporation over thousands of years上千年的剧烈蒸发has left the water saltier than the sea.使得此片水源的盐度超过了海水As if to underline the horror,更为恐怖的是the place is infested by vast swarms of flies.大量的苍蝇聚集于此But this plague is a birds#39; salvation.然而这些疫虫是候鸟们的救星The flies are filled with freshwater, filtered from the brine.它们能将盐水过滤 使体内充满淡水So, like a desert wanderer squeezing a drink from a cactus,就像沙漠迷途者挤压仙人掌摄取水分那样the birds get all the water they need from the flies#39; bodies.鸟儿们通过捕食苍蝇来获取淡水More and more migrants join in.越来越多的候鸟加入了捕食行列Wagtails.比如鹡鸰 Article/201405/295399

  Make your back happy at work for less than the price of a hot dog.只需不到一根热的价格来改造办公椅,就可以让你的背部更舒适。You Will Need你需要A paper towel roll or empty one-liter soda bottle一筒纸巾或1升装空汽水瓶A towel or pillow一条毛巾或枕头Telephone books电话本Tape胶带Steps步骤Step 1 Adjust seat height1.调整座椅高度Place your hands and forearms on your desk. If your elbows are not level with your workspace, raise or lower your chair until they are even.将手和前臂放在办公桌上。如果肘部与办公台不在同一水平,调整椅子高度,直到高度适中。If your chair is too low and you can’t move it any higher, sit on a folded towel or pillow.如果你的椅子太矮了,不能调高,在椅子上垫一个枕头或一条折叠的毛巾。Step 2 Check your feet2.检查双脚Now that your chair is at the optimum height, check your feet. If they cannot be placed firmly on the floor, create a footrest with telephone books. This will remove stress from the shoulders and neck.椅子调到最佳高度后,检查双脚。如果不能稳稳地放在地板上,用几本电话本作脚凳,这样可以缓解肩膀和脖子的压力。Step 3 Make a backrest3.靠背Sit up straight, leaning slightly back, with your feet on the ground or footrest. If there’s a large gap between your back and the chair, tuck a roll of paper towels behind your lower back. Remove towels until it fits perfectly, then tape it so the roll won’t unravel.坐直,背部稍微向后倾斜,双脚放在地面或脚凳上。如果背部和椅背之间有很大的空隙,在背部较低的位置后塞一卷纸巾,调整纸巾卷的位置,直到最佳位置,然后用胶带粘好,这样纸巾卷就不会移动。An empty, one-liter soda bottle can be used in place of the paper towel roll.也可以用1升装的空汽水瓶来代替纸巾。Step 4 Don’t cross your legs4.不要交叉双脚Keep both feet on the floor as you work; crossing your legs puts stress on both your back and neck.工作时双脚放在地板上。交叉双脚会对背部和脖子造成压力。In many countries in Asia, workers sit on a cushion on the floor.在亚洲许多国家,人们坐在地板的垫子上工作。视频听力译文由。 Article/201402/276853

  ATamp;T and DirecTV to merge CNN#39;s Miguel Marquez talks to Fortune Magazine#39;s Leigh Gallagher about the announced merger of ATamp;T and DirecTV.Your TV and internet habits, they maybe are changing this after today#39;s major announcement that ATamp;T and DirecTV have agreed to merge. The roughly 50-billion-buck deal will have to be approved by federal regulators.Under terms of the agreement, ATamp;T will acquire DirecTV in a stock and cash deal for about 95 bucks a share. It will create a company with unprecedented capabilities in mobile, and broadbands services. The merger comes just after a few months after another blockbuster telecom deal, Comcast,announcing it was buying Time Warner, a deal worth about 45 billion dollars.Joining me now on the phone is Leigh Gallagher, assistant managing editor of ;Fortune; magazine.Leigh, if regulators approve this merger, good, bad for consumers? It seems a little concerning.Well, it#39;s just a continuation of what#39;s happening which is a huge consolidation of , voice and data all coming together. And, you know, as you mentioned, this is right after the Time Warner and Comcast deal which is probably one reason why regulators may not have a problem with this deal because they will present a more robust competitor to Comcast Time Warner. But it#39;s definitely interesting time.Very interesting time, you do have to wonder, you have these very large companies that will be controlling all the broadband in the pipe that all of information is set through. Is it changing too fast? Are regulators able to keep up and actually properly regulated industry?I think they are, I mean, regulators are looking at this industry very closely right now, especially with the whole net neutrality debate. So, this will probably draw a lot more attention, obviously. But, you know, we live in a changing time and this, you know, there#39;s been more activity in this space in the past few months and there has been in years and I mean this the first big deal for ATamp;T since the failed effort to take over T-Mobile a couple of years ago, which was thwarted by regulators.So there#39;s a lot of activit. And what#39;s interesting also is that pay TV is actually not- growth is slowing in pay TV. If you just think about it, all the activity that we all talk about, the way we watch TV now is changing and everyone, you know, watching ;House of Cards; on Netflix and Amazon and Hulu are all getting into that game. So it#39;s-a lot of analysts are saying that strategically it#39;s not the most obvious deal, but they are doing it for other reasons.Yes. Binge TV is what it#39;s all about these days. But these two companies coming together for * and * consumer. What are they gonna see? What will they provide service wise?Well, you know, they will provide DirecTV offers pay TV and ATamp;T sells data wireless and telecommunications services, so they will be bundling those. But you know, you can aly get those bundled depending on your market. It may benefit consumers in rural areas, but it really remains to been seen, it#39;s-these deals tend to make more sense for the companies than for the consumer sometimes.And is it the Comcast/Time Warner Cables of the world that#39;s gonna be most concerned about these guys, or is it the content providers, the studios and television networks that are going to be most concerned about this large amount of power?It#39;s both. I mean, Comcast will be the biggest competitor. But one of the things that this deal will do will give the combined company more access with content providers and more able to strike more and better deals with programming, which is really the name of the game.Leigh Gallagher, thank you very much for your thoughts.Thanks for having me. /201405/300972

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