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  • An unmanned cargo ship destined for the International Space Station blew up minutes after launching from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on Sunday morning, NASA said, raising questions about how the agency and its partners will continue keeping the station supplied.美国国家航空航天局(NASA)表示,周日上午,在从佛罗里达州的卡纳维拉尔角空军基地发射数分钟后,一艘前往国际空间站的无人驾驶货运飞船发生了爆炸。这对该机构及其合作伙伴将如何为空间站提供补给提出了疑问。The countdown had proceeded without a hitch or worries about weather, and the 208-foot-tall rocket lifted off at 10:21 a.m. Eastern time. But 2 minutes, 19 seconds later, just as George Diller, the commentator of NASA#39;s television broadcast, said, “Data coming back shows vehicle on course, on track,” a cloud of white smoke emerged from the rocket#39;s midsection, and then a rain of pieces started falling toward the Atlantic Ocean more than 20 miles below.倒计时进行得很顺利,天气方面也没有任何问题,208英尺(约合63.4米)高的火箭在美国东部时间上午10时21分升空。但是2分钟19秒后,正当NASA的电视直播员乔治·迪勒(George Diller)表示“传送回来的数据显示,飞船按计划在轨道上飞行”时,一团白色烟雾从火箭的中段冒出,然后雨点一般的碎片开始向20多英里之下的大西洋坠落。Elon Musk, the chief executive of SpaceX, reported on Twitter, “Falcon 9 experienced a problem shortly before first stage shutdown.” About an hour later, he added some preliminary analysis: “There was an overpressure event in the upper stage liquid oxygen tank. Data suggests counterintuitive cause.”SpaceX公司的首席执行官埃隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)在Twitter上表示:“‘猎鹰9号’在第一级燃料耗尽之前不久遇到了问题。”大约一个小时后,他又做了一些初步的分析:“火箭上一级的液氧罐有超压现象。数据表明,出现了有悖常理的原因。The more than 4,000 pounds of payload included a docking adapter needed for future crew capsules being developed by Boeing and SpaceX, student experiments and a camera to record meteors streaking into the earth#39;s atmosphere.这艘飞船4000多磅的有效载荷中包括波音(Boeing)和SpaceX共同研发的供未来的船员舱使用的一个对接接合器、一些学生实验用具,以及准备记录流星进入地球大气层状况的一台摄像机。It was first failure in 19 launchings of the Falcon 9 rocket built by Space Exploration Technologies of Hawthorne, California, better known as SpaceX.这是位于加利福尼亚州霍桑的太空探索技术公司(Space Exploration Technologies Corporation)——更多地被简称为SpaceX——制造的“猎鹰9号”火箭19次发射历史上的首次失败。Until now, SpaceX has had a charmed record with the Falcon 9, avoiding the “infant mortality” that usually afflicts new rocket designs.迄今为止,SpaceX的“猎鹰9号”火箭保持了骄人的记录,避免了通常会困扰新火箭设计的“早期故障期”。This episode follows the failures of two other cargo rockets. In October, an Antares rocket, built by Orbital ATK, exploded on the launching pad in Virginia. In April, a Russian Progress rocket spun out of control, unable to reach the space station.在此次事故发生之前,还有另外两枚运载火箭发射失败。去年10月,Orbital ATK制造的安塔尔(Antares)火箭在弗吉尼亚州的发射台上爆炸。今年4月,俄罗斯“进步号”(Progress)火箭失去控制,无法到达空间站。The three astronauts on the space station — Scott J. Kelly of NASA and two Russians, Gennady Padalka and Mikhail Kornienko — are not in any immediate danger, with sufficient supplies to last until October, Michael T. Suffredini, NASA#39;s space station program manager, said during a news conference on Friday.NASA空间站项目的负责人迈克尔·T·苏弗雷迪尼(Michael T. Suffredini)在周五的新闻发布会上表示,空间站的三名宇航员——NASA的斯科特·J·凯利(Scott J. Kelly)及两名俄罗斯人根纳季·帕达尔卡(Gennady Padalka)和米哈伊尔·科尔尼延科(Mikhail Kornienko)——暂时没有危险,他们的供给足以撑到10月。 /201507/383561。
  • Chinese authorities have fined shale gas developers including state-owned oil company Sinopec for failing to meet their investment commitments.中国当局处罚了包括国有石油企业中石化(Sinopec)在内的几家页岩气开发商,原因是它们未能履行投资承诺。Officials in Beijing are eager to replicate the North American shale boom, in the face of reluctance from oil companies.中国官员急于复制北美的页岩气繁荣——尽管石油企业不情愿。Shale gas development has moved slowly in China because of difficult geography and a legal system that reserves most oil, gas and pipeline infrastructure for a handful of state-owned companies.中国的页岩气开发迄今进展缓慢,一方面因为地质条件复杂,另一方面因为法律体系使得大多数石油、天然气和管道设施只能为少数几家国有企业所用。Sinopec and PetroChina, the two dominant oil groups, have pledged to meet the government’s shale goals with flagship projects in the southwest. Sinopec says its project in Fuling, near the inland port city of Chongqing, is China’s most promising shale development.两大主要油企——中石化和中石油(PetroChina)——承诺要通过西南地区的旗舰项目达到政府的页岩气开发目标。中石化表示,它在内陆口岸城市重庆市涪陵区的项目是中国前景最好的页岩气开发项目。Royal Dutch Shell has shown signs of cooling on its joint venture with PetroChina in Sichuan province.有迹象显示,荷兰皇家壳牌(Royal Dutch Shell)对与中石油在四川的合资项目热情减退。Other developments have flagged. An initiative two years ago to open tracts to other companies has failed to bear fruit, amid concerns that groups would not make a profit from any gas found.其他开发项目似乎都一筹莫展。两年前提出的向其他企业开放区块的建议无果而终,人们担心企业可能无法从勘探到的天然气获利。The Ministry of Land and Resources said this week it would fine Sinopec for failing to spend about a quarter of its Rmb591m (m) contracted investment on the Nanchuan shale block. It will fine Henan Coal Seam Gas Development and Utilization for spending only half its commitment on the Xiushan prospect. Both blocks straddle the lawless border region where Chongqing, Guizhou and Hunan provinces meet.国土资源部本周表示,将对中石化处以罚款,因为后者在合同中承诺要对南川页岩气区块投资的5.91亿元人民币(合9700万美元)有约四分之一没有到位。国土资源部还将对河南省煤层气开发利用有限公司(Henan Coal Seam Gas Development and Utilization)处以罚款,因为该公司承诺投资于秀山区块的资金只兑现了一半。两个区块都位于法律监管薄弱的渝黔湘交界地带。Sinopec said yesterday it had relinquished a portion of the block after conducting seismic surveys and drilling the deepest horizontal well in China. The ministry has aly fined it Rmb7.97m. Henan CBM was fined Rmb6.03m.中石化昨日表示,经过地震勘察、并打下中国最深水平井之后,该公司已上报核减无效区块。国土资源部已对其处以797万元人民币的罚款。河南省煤层气开发利用有限公司被罚603万元人民币。The project that state-owned Petro#173;China is developing with Shell has been slower than expected.国有的中石油正在与壳牌合作开发的项目进展比预期缓慢。Simon Henry, Shell chief financial officer, said in September the company might trim its venture because of geological challenges and difficulty accessing water in an area dense with farming villages.壳牌首席财务官西蒙#8226;亨利(Simon Henry) 9月表示,该公司或许会缩减四川合资项目规模,因为项目所处地区地质条件复杂,而且遍布农耕村落,获取水源不易。 /201411/340969。
  • Ticket prices for tourist attractions in Beijing will remain stable despite an expected glut of visitors during the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday, according to an official at Beijing#39;s tourism authority.根据北京旅游局相关工作人员表示:即使已经预料到大批游客将会在即将到来的;双节;--中秋节和国庆节,来到北京,但是北京各大旅游胜地的票价仍将会保持不变.We support the suggestions from the China National Tourism Administration and will not raise the ticket prices at scenic spots during the coming holidays,; said Zhao Guangchao, a member of the Beijing Tourism Development Commission. ;Besides, ticket prices of Beijing#39;s attractions are comparably cheap.;北京旅游发展委员会的赵广超称:“我们持中国国家旅游局的建议,并且在即将到来的节假日,我们不会提高旅游景点的票价。除此之外,北京市内的各大景点的票价相对更便宜”According to the tourism research center at the China Academy of Social Sciences, the average ticket price at all 186 top-level attractions in China was 112 yuan (.50) at the end of 2014. However, the ticket price at scenic spots in Beijing is relatively cheap. A ticket for the Palace Museum, for example, only costs 60 yuan, despite being a top attraction.根据中国社会科学院旅游调查中心的研究表示:在2014年末,中国186个5A级旅游景区的普遍票价为112元(17.5美元),相比较之下,北京各大风景名胜的票价更便宜.例如即使作为最顶级的景点的故宫,票价仅收取60元Zhao said that related government departments would check ticket prices at tourist sites during the National Day holiday and impose financial penalties if necessary.赵广超还表示,在国庆节期间,相关政府部门将在旅游景点监管票价,并且必要时加强罚款措施During the coming holidays, Beijing is expected to see another increase in visitor numbers. According to an estimate from Beijing#39;s transportation authority, the number of visits will reach 160 million from Oct 1 to 7. At tourist attractions, Oct 2 and 3 will see a great increase in visitors, the authority said.在即将来临的节假日里,预计北京将会再一次出现游客数量上涨的现象.根据北京交通部门的预估,从10月1日到10月7日游客数量将会达到1亿6000万.该部门还表示,从10月2日到3日,游客数量将会达到顶峰Song Yu, head of the Beijing Tourism Development Commission, said Beijing would collect information about the capacity of tourist attractions to avoid overcrowding.宋宇,北京旅游开发委员会会长表示,他们将会及时收集各旅游景点的相关信息以此来避免拥挤;For those that have reached their maximum capacity, scenic spots should stop selling tickets and inform other tourists immediately,; added Song.宋宇补充道:“那些已经达到最大容量的景点,应该停止售票并且立即通知其他游客” /201509/400180。
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