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The English version of Empresses in the Palace, both drama and TV movie, was favored by many well-known overseas television stations in Mipcom in France, receiving strong attention from various media and achieving purchase intention with many television stations, Sina news reported on Monday.新浪网报道,在法国戛纳举行的国际秋季电视节(Mipcom)影展上,《甄嬛传电视剧和电视电影的英文版受到许多海外知名电视台的喜爱,得到许多媒体的关注,并且多家电视台表达其购买意愿The movie was edited and produced with American first-class production team. Sun Media Group founder Wu Zheng, drama director Zheng Xiao Long, and Justin Lin, the most successful Chinese American film director in Hollywood who presented Fast and Furious, are co-genreral producers of the drama and TV movie. Zheng are also the general director.电视电影版的《甄嬛传是由美国一流制作团队制作编辑阳光传媒(Sun Media Group)创始人吴征(Wu Zheng)、《甄嬛传电视版导演郑晓龙(Zheng Xiao Long)和最成功的华裔好莱坞导演同时也是《速度与的导演林诣彬(Justin Lin),是美版《甄嬛传的联合出品人郑晓龙仍是美版《甄嬛传的总导演Well-known drama producer Danielle Woodrew, who merly was in charge of Fox drama department and who received five Emmy awards in , are in the production team as well.前福克斯(Fox)电视台电视剧部门的主管,年获五项艾美奖的著名电视剧出品人丹妮尔·伍德罗也将加入制作团队Based on the 76-episode drama in the original Chinese version, the six-episode TV movie and -episode American drama reproduced the TV music and retook the shots of the life in old age of the main character Zhen Huan, presented by Chinese popular TV star Sun Li.76集的中文版《甄嬛传将被改编成6集的迷你电视电影和集的美版电视剧,重新制作电视配乐,中国电视明星孙俪补拍甄嬛晚年生活的镜头Both the opening song and the ending song were created and edited by Benjamin Wallfisch, famous musician who has produced music many Hollywood films. The opening song named ;A New Day; was presented by Yo Hong Fei, Chinese soprano from China National Opera House, national first-level actress. The music of ;A New Day; was released in Mipcom; the ending song will be released a little later.片头曲和片尾曲将由著名音乐家、曾为许多好莱坞影片配乐的本杰明·沃菲斯齐(Benjamin Wallfisch)制作片头曲名为《新的一天(A New Day),由中央歌剧院(China National Opera House)国家一级演员、女高音歌唱家尤泓斐演唱《新的一天的音乐录影带已在电视节公布而片尾曲则随后公布Empresses in the Palace will be first released in the pay-TV platms in Comcast through In Demand and Time Warner, which cover 1 million users in North America. At the same time, many Asian main stream TV stations which have shown the Chinese version bee look ward to the English drama and TV movie as well.《甄嬛传将通过iN Demand公司和时代华纳在康卡斯特(Comcast)电视台的付费频道首播,康卡斯特在北美拥有1.1亿观众同时,许多播放过中文版《甄嬛传的亚洲主流电视台也对英文版《甄嬛传的电视剧和电视电影非常期待 1393

In the December issue of Vogue, the stunning series of images have been dubbed Dreaming a Dream by the photographer and feature the star studded cast - including Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman.摄影师安妮莱柏维兹为月的VOGUE杂志拍摄了一组名为梦中梦的照片,悲惨世界的众卡司们仅仅用眼神和姿势展示了剧中角色的感知-包括安妮海瑟薇,罗素克罗,休杰克曼Directed by The King Speech Tom Hooper, the film follows Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean, a French peasant and paroled prisoner seeking redemption.由《国王的演讲奥斯卡金奖导演汤姆·霍伯执导的圣诞歌舞大作《悲惨世界,本片围绕着休杰克曼扮演的冉阿让,一个法国的获释罪犯寻求救赎的故事The whole thing is really one big love story, Amanda told Vogue. There’s something about Les Mis that makes everyone see the world differently.“这整个事情其实是一个宏大的爱情故事,”阿曼达告诉VOGUE“关于悲惨世界,它让每个人都可以看到一个不一样的世界” 19

Janet Jackson is not engaged, but the singer and actress did confirm that she and rumored boyfriend Wissam Al Mana are in a "private" relationship.   乐坛天后珍妮·杰克逊已经与男友——商业翘楚Wissam Al Mana定下婚约,爱情修成正果,即将步入婚姻殿堂而传闻女主角珍妮在采访中则对这一消息一笑置之,并称两人的关系相当“私密”   Making the television rounds to promote her new movie ' Colored Girls,' Jackson stopped at 'Good Morning America' and addressed talk of Mana's rumored proposal and their relationship. "They've been trying to marry me off a very long time. I will say I am not engaged," Jackson said when asked whether rumors were true. She later admitted that she was indeed dating the man she's been spotted with since Spring, saying it was "private."   为了宣传电影《 Colored Girls而接受了采访的珍妮·杰克逊否认了已经接受男方求婚的消息,“他们(家人)早就想把我嫁掉了,但是我现在真的没有订婚”   "He's a very private man so I don't talk about our relationship," said Jackson, later reiterating "I don't talk about our relationship because he is very private."   不过他也大方承认今年春季被曝光的约会对象正式目前所交往的男友“他不是一个喜欢抛头露面的男人,所以对于恋情我闭口不谈”   Janet Jackson is starring in the Tyler Perry-directed ' Colored Girls,' which is an adaptation of the book, ' Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf.' It is due in theaters on Nov. 5.  珍妮杰克逊出演了有泰勒·佩里所导演《 Colored Girls,改编自小说《' Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf,电影将于十一月五日登陆院线 67

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