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Tablet throwdown: HP, Sony and Samsung CNNMoney#39;s Adrian Covert offers his take on tablets from HP, Sony and Samsung. He begins with the smallest, HP#39;s Slate 7.平板电脑潜力巨大,将在未来的移动商务,更多的应用入口,如视频、社交、游戏、网页浏览等中扮演重要角色。三星、Sony、惠普继续发力平板电脑市场!It#39;s kind of a confusing product.I mean, what HP wanted to do was come and offer a tablet that was cheaper and more affordable than everything else, which is a smart idea. But given like specs it has and what it is, it actually costs still a little too much money, for 30 dollars more, you can get a far nicer tablet from, you know, someone like Google with Nexus 7 or Amazon with Kindle Fire. And you know, it will last longer. It#39;s more expensive. So,I just, I don#39;t think that, you know, HP, you know, priced their device low enough for, you know, how it#39;s probably get under performing for what it#39;s gonna do.So the price point is the issue.Yeah.The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, you checked that out as well? How was it?You know, it was nice.you know, It is fast and speedy. It has some interesting, you know, stylish features and, you know, works as remote control. And so, I think it#39;s, you know, sort of, you know, angle to compete with the iPad mini. And so, you know, price is still, you know, to be determined, we#39;ll see, you know, how much it costs. But if they can kneel, get it at a, you know, reasonable range toward the iPad mini is, they probably have a shot at, you know, competing with Apple in my regard.It#39;s a solid Samsung tablet that gonna go after the iPad mini. I know you personally have an issue with user interface. Tell me about it.Yeah. You know, I#39;m not the biggest fan of Samsung user interface, you know. Server B maybe the design will be more advanced, sophisticated but, you know, at the same time it#39;s not the worth of everything so..Yeah. Now let#39;s talk about the biggest, one of the bunch. It#39;s a 10-inch Xperia 7 tablet from Sony. How did it go?It was, it#39;s really nice. It#39;s probably the thinnest and lightest 10-inch tablet on the market. And when you pick it up, you immediately notice it.you know, one of the issues is when you have a tablet that kinda light, sometimes it#39;ll feel cheap. But in this case, like the materials, everything was really beautiful about it and it worked well. And you know, it doesn#39;t quite, you know, have the most powerful enough today components. But they are good enough to wear, you know. You are probably not gonna tell the difference between disks player and retina display which is better, but you know, only marginally so. And so, you know, it#39;s a little bit high price starts with 500 dollars for a 16-year you can buy a tablet which is as same as, you know, the iPad 4. So, I mean, it#39;s a little bit high price, but at the same time, it#39;s so thin, so light and it#39;s also water-proof which is really cool.Wow.Yeah.Water-proof, beautiful thing. It worked well. And this is a Sony product. Right? Is this gonna be part of turnaround for the company?I mean, it can be.Sony#39;s always made really great hardware and so, you know, and this is, you know, in that tradition, you know, their software, you know, is, it#39;s, you know, their costume eye#39;s not as good as stuck-in rays. So that might be a point of contention for some people. But, yeah, I mean, it#39;s definitely another great piece of hardware from Sony. /201303/229041

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Just the facts -- Affirmative Action aims to improve opportunities for women and members of minority groups. 这就是事实——平权法案旨在提高女性和少数人群的机会。It started as a way to help people who had been discriminate against in the past. 它最初是一种帮助过去被歧视的人的方法。Critics argue that it uses reverse discrimination to accomplish its goals. 批评者说这一法案逆向歧视来达到它的目的。Affirmative action policies have been used in employment and education.平权法案在雇佣和教育中运用。AZUZ: Abigail Fisher says Affirmative Action is the reason why she didn#39;t get in the University of Texas. 阿比盖尔·费雪说她之所以没能进入德克萨斯大学的原因就是因为平权法案。She sued the school over its admissions policies, and the case went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. 她起诉该校的录取政策,这一诉讼一直被送到了美国最高法院。The decision on it could come out today. 该案将会在今天得出决议。Joe Johns breaks down the details of the case and some of the arguments on both sides.乔·约翰斯分析了该案件的细节和双方的论点。Abigail Fisher dreamed of going to the University of Texas at Austin for most of her life. 阿比盖尔·费雪一生最大的梦想就是进入奥斯汀的德州大学。After applying, she didn#39;t get in, attending Louisiana State University instead. 申请之后,她没有选上,而是去了路易斯安那州立大学。But the rejection from U.T. led Fisher to file a lawsuit against the school claiming she was squeezed out, unfairly denied admission because of her race. 但德州大学的拒绝让费雪将学校告上法庭,声称她被排挤了,被不公平的拒绝录取因为她的种族。She is white. 她是白人。She said in a statement, ;There were people in my class with lower grades who weren#39;t in all the activities I was in who were being accepted into U.T., and the only other difference between us was the color of our skin.;她在一个声明中说,“有些成绩没我好又没参加过我所参加的所有活动的人被德州大学录取了,我们之间唯一的区别就是我们皮肤的颜色。Whether race should be part of the application process at the University of Texas is the issue before the Supreme Court. 种族该不该是得克萨斯州申请过程的一部分是最高法院所面临的问题。 /201303/228195

Antarctica: Shokalskiy Passengers RescuedAll 52 scientists and tourists on board a ship trapped by ice since Christmas Eve have been airlifted to safety.新闻背景:俄罗斯科考船“绍卡利斯基院士”号被困南极超过一周后,中国、澳大利亚和法国的3艘破冰船此前的救援行动均因天气原因以及冰层厚度超出破冰能力而告失败。最终,经过多方讨论,决定用中国“雪龙”号上的直升机疏散俄罗斯科考船上的乘客。中澳两国的救援船——中国雪龙号和澳大利亚南极光号均停泊在围困俄罗斯船的浮冰区边缘地带,它们与后者的距离分别为11.8海里和14.6海里(1海里等于1.852公里)。经过努力,所有52名被困乘客及其行李已全部由中国直升机运出,并已转移到南极光号上。We’ve just heard that a helicopter, the Chinese icebreaker, Julong is heading over to check out our helipad just behind me. If it all goes well, we’ll be off in about an hour’s time.In the end it was help from above which came to the rescue of the stranded scientists and tourists, with their ship firmly wedged in 3m thick ice, the 52 passengers from the Akademik Shokalskiy waited patiently for their turn in the helicopter. A dozen people at a time were flown off the ice.It’s first of the helicopters to take us home.Thanks, everyone.The Akademik got stuck on Christmas eve, three ships try to come and set her free—French vessel L’astrolabe, Australia’s Aurora Australis, and the Chinese Julong, meaning snow dragon, all failed to break the ice and set the Akademik free. But the snow Dragon stayed in free water, and when the weather cleared, its chopper airlifted the passengers to safety. They are now on the Aurora Australis y for the 15,000 nautical mile journey to Tasmania.With a rescue by sea not possible, the chopper was the last hope. The passengers foot in some legwork and created their own temporary helipad. But not everyone has left the ship, rescue coordinators in Australia are in touch with the 22 Russian crew members who’ve stayed on board. It’s fully operational, it’s fully prepared to be in the ice. It’s well stored and well provisioned, so the risks will be low for the crew.It was a Christmas and New Year the stranded passengers won’t forget, at least now, they can properly celebrate, but they may well face criticism too, with 3 working ships diverted and what’s been a difficult and expensive operation.Johansson Samuels, Sky News, Sydney. /201401/272110

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