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贵阳观山湖社区医院四维预约贵州市贵阳乌当区人民医院查血怀孕多少钱【学习提示】第一步:先听,理解句子;第二步:看原文模仿!【原声模仿】1. I know that the drop off is desirable with the great schools and the amazing view, but do we really need so much space?2. And the neighborhood is awesome.3. Aw, look, they are dreaming. /200605/7333遵义医学院附属医院妇科检查价钱 Scale does not matter anymore, flexibility does.批量化不再重要,弹性化取而代之。They will be operating on a multi-product, made-to-order basis.工厂将会基于多种类产品及订制的基础上生产。The change will be drastic. Globalization will enter a new era.这将是个剧变。全球化将进入一个新纪元。The East-to-West trade flows will be replaced by regional trade flows.由东至西的贸易流动将会被区域化贸易往来取缔。East for East, West for West.东部供给东部,西部供给西部。When you think about that, the old model was pretty much insane.再回首看看过去的生产模式,就会发现它有多么不切实际。Piling up stocks, making products travel the whole world before they reach their end consumers.囤积存货,在产品达到客户手上之前让它们经历一次世界旅行。The new model, producing just next to the consumer market, will be much cleaner, much better for our environment.这种在客户市场附近生产销售的新生产模式,将会更为清洁,对环境更好。In mature economies, manufacturing will be back home, creating more employment, more productivity and more growth.在成熟经济体中,制造业将回归本国,这将创造更多就业,提高生产率并且推动经济发展。Good news, isnt it? But heres the thing with growth -- it does not come automatically.好消息,不是吗?但问题在于--经济发展并不是自然而然就会发生的。Mature economies will have to seize it.成熟经济体需要抓住经济发展机遇。Well have to massively re-train our workforce.我们必须对劳动力进行大规模的再培训。In most countries, like in my country, France, weve told our children that manufacturing had no future.在绝大多数国家,比如我的祖国,法国,我们曾经告诉孩子们:制造业是没有前途的。That it was something happening far away.而且很早以前就是这样了。We need to reverse that and teach manufacturing again at university.我们必须改变这一观点,在大学里重新教授制造业课程。Only the countries that will boldly transform will be able to seize this growth.只有大胆变革的国家才能够抓住这次经济发展机会。Its also a chance for developing economies.这对发展中国家而言也是一个机遇。201703/499639英语日常口语 39:A friend of a friend本单元是关于同教授谈话的对话Prof. Lewis: Come in Helen, sit down. Now how are you? Helen: Fine really. Honestly, I'm fine.Prof. Lewis:Are you? That's not what your marks are saying to me. They tell a very different story. You failed this mid-term test quite badly. Even John, who seems to do no work at all in class, managed to do so much better than you.Helen: Humph!Prof. Lewis:Is there something you want to talk about?Helen: No, it's nothing. Prof. Lewis:You and John just don't seem as close as you used to be. Is there something wrong? Helen: No, it's just that?Oh I don't know.Prof. Lewis:Helen, I'm here to help. Now why don't you just tell me what's on your mind. Vocabulary:(词汇)close friends: (好朋友)pals who like each other very muchon your mind: (放在心上)what you're thinking about本单元的语言点是 used to 的用法,used to 意思是过去常常,请看下面例句Used toUses:(用法)We can use used to to talk about things: 1. we did regularly in the past that we don't do nowShe used to smoke 20 a day but gave up cigarettes almost 10 years ago. He used to eat lots of meat but now he's a vegetarian so he doesn't eat chicken, lamb or beef any more.2. that were true in the past but which aren't true nowYou and John just don't seem as close as you used to be. Have you two fallen out? There used to be loads of shops in our village but now there are only four.Form:(句型)The positive, negative and question forms of 'use to' stay the same no matter what pronouns you use: Positive:This is made up of used to + base verbTim used to work in a newsagent's but now he works in a department store.You used to like me. Why aren't we friends anymore?Negative:This is made up of Didn't use to + base verb There didn't use to be a cinema here.She didn't use to like wine but now she drinks a glass of it every evening.Question:This is made up of Did + pronoun + use to + base verbDid you use to play sport?Did she use to be scared of spiders?Note it's unusual to use this form when asking questions about the past. We're much more likely to ask:Did you play sport when you were at school?Are you scared of spiders?/Were you scared of spiders when you were young?Used to refers to the past. We can't use 'used to' to talk about the present or future.To talk about your daily habits you can't say 'Every day I use to go to work by bike' you need to use the present simple - 'I go to work by bike'To talk about future habits you can't say 'When I live in New York next year, I'll use to take the subway everywhere', you need to use will + base verb - 'I'll take the subway' /200707/16043清镇市妇幼保健医院宫颈糜烂手术

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毕节市阴道紧缩好不好 Under no circumstances were they to refuse any application whatsoever on the basis of whether someone had no arms, no legs they could still perhaps play a wind instrument if it was supported on a stand.在任何情况下,他们都不能拒绝任何申请者,仅仅基于他有没有胳膊或者腿等等,他们很可能仍然可以演奏管乐器,只要乐器好。No circumstances at all were used to refuse any entry.无论任何情况,都不应该习惯于去决绝任何申请。And every single entry had to be listened to, experienced and then based on the musical ability-then that person could either enter or not.每一个都申请者都应该被聆听,被感受,基于音乐上的才能,然后再决定这个人是否被录取。So therefore, this in turn meant that there was an extremely interesting bunch of students who arrived in these various music institutions.这就意味着,有相当一部分有趣的学生能够在这些多元化的音乐学院学习。And I have to say, many of them now in the professional orchestras throughout the world.我不得不说, 现在他们当中的很多人遍布于世界各地的专业管弦乐团。The interesting thing about this as well, though is quite simply that not only were people connected with sound which is basically all of us, and we well know that music really is our daily medicine.但是,有意思的也是其实很简单,人们不仅仅于声音连系在一起,基本上是我们所有的人,我们都深知音乐其实是我们的生活良药。I say ;music, but actually I mean ;sound.我所说的音乐,其实就是指声音。Because you know, some of the extraordinary things Ive experienced as a musician, when you may have a 15-year-old lad who has got the most incredible challenges,其实,我所经历的一些非比寻常的事情,作为一个音乐家,你可能有一个15岁的男孩,他有很多不可思议的挑战,who may not be able to control his movements,who may be deaf, who may be blind, etc., etc.他可能无法控制自己的行动,也有可能是失聪的,失明的等等等等。suddenly, if that young lad sits close to this instrument,突然,如果这个年轻的小伙子坐在乐器旁边。and perhaps even lies underneath the marimba,and you play something thats so incredibly organ-like, almost I dont really have the right sticks, perhaps but something like this. Let me change.甚至躺在木琴底下,然后你弹奏一个非常像木琴的声音,可能我拿的鼓棒不对,但和这个差不多。 换一下。201605/441709贵 阳 友 好 医 院 人 流 价 格 表贵阳医学院附属医院妇科预约挂号

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