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2017年10月22日 03:39:10

There#39;s no such thing as dreaming too big or setting unreachable goals. Today might be one of those days when you find yourself wishing for something better for yourself or your family. Wanting better life doesn#39;t have to mean you#39;re dissatisfied with what you aly have or that you#39;re greedy, so if you#39;re feeling guilty about those dreams, cut it out. Instead, take a look at some concrete steps that you can take toward reaching those goals.根本就没有遥不可及的梦想或不可实现的目标这件事。今天你可能会希望自己或家人能够更好。想要更好的生活并不一定意味着你对现有的生活不满或者你很贪婪,所以如果你对这些梦想感到愧疚,那大可不必。相反,你可以想想具体的步骤,以实现这些目标。Your well being horoscope幸福运势Your sense of self may be challenged today. Keep in mind that the way others see you isn#39;t necessarily who you really are. Don#39;t feel like you have to change your direction to please anyone. Ultimately, your only responsibility is to yourself. Bizarre events are apt to spring up today, asking you to change your way of thinking.今天,你的自我感可能会受到挑战。切记别人对你的看法并不一定就是真实的你。不要觉得你得改变自己以迎合他人。最后一点,你唯一的责任就是要对自己负责。今天可能会发生奇怪的事情,这些事情会让你改变自己的思维方式。Your finance horoscope财务运势A gift you weren#39;t expecting could arrive, and you might not even be sure who sent it. Communications of all kinds are vague and somewhat unfinished, as though everyone#39;s too preoccupied to express themselves very well. You might be wondering if you should go out and run some more errands, but unless they#39;re vital, this isn#39;t a good idea. You need to relax more this evening than you need to go out.你可能会收到意料之外的礼物,你可能都不确定是谁送的。这类的交流都是含糊不清的,还有一点未完待续之意,就好像每个人都太全神贯注了,以至于不能清楚地表达自己。你可能会想要出去,多干些活,但除非这些活十分重要,否则这就不是好想法了。今晚,相比出去来说,你更需要放松放松。Your love horoscope爱情运势Family issues play an important role in your day today. Speak from your heart and tell your closest of kin how much they really mean to you. In general, you might be feeling a bit reserved with your energy. Don#39;t feel like you have to make any great strides in things today. It is more a time in which you can enjoy what you have worked for. Reap the rewards of all your hard work.今天,家庭事务扮演着重要的角色。说出内心的想法,告诉自己最亲的亲人他们对你的重要性。总体来说,你可能会觉得精力有所保留。不要觉得自己今天必须要在某件事上取得重大进步。今天更是享受以往奋斗结果的日子。收获努力工作的结果吧。Your career horoscope事业运势Why are you moping around? Are you worn out? If so, it#39;s probably because you are too stubborn to take time off from your work. You may wish to consider doing this, though, as some time still remains in which you can relax. In other words, this is the calm before the storm! Why not take advantage of it? Rather than being afraid of silence and inactivity, embrace them.你为什么闷闷不乐呢?感到十分疲惫?如果是的话,大概是因为你太固执了,工作都不愿意休息。然而,你可能想要考虑花些时间休息休息。换句话说,这是暴风雨前的宁静!为什么不好好利用呢?不要害怕安静和懒散,拥抱它们吧!译文属 /201608/463626安 顺 市 医 院 医 生 的 Q Q 号 码Skip the flannel pajamas and over-sized t-shirts – experts say sleeping au naturel is better for your health.脱掉法兰绒睡衣和超大码的T恤吧——专家称裸睡更有益于身体健康。Researchers found that sleeping naked is not only comfortable, but it regulates your skin temperature, preventing you from waking in the middle of the night. Forgoing clothes at bedtime also keeps bacteria that thrive in warm moist areas at bay, and it boosts your immune system.研究人员发现,裸睡不仅舒,而且还能调节皮肤温度,防止你在半夜中醒来。此外,裸睡还能抵抗温暖潮湿之地的细菌的逼近,提高你的免疫力。Only 12 percent of Americans sleep naked, according to a poll from the National Sleep Foundation, but it is highly recommended by both researchers and doctors.根据国家睡眠基金会的一项民意测验显示,只有12%的美国人选择裸睡,但是研究人员和医生们还是力推裸睡。The human body is designed to decrease in temperature during sleep, and not only does sleeping in the nude keep you comfortable through the night, but it determines when your body is y to fall asleep and when it is time to wake up.人体在睡眠过程中体温会降低,裸睡不仅有助于你晚上睡得香,还能决定你何时入睡何时醒来。One study found that even the slightest cooling of the skin helps individuals fall into a much deeper sleep, according to Seeker. Cooling the body is especially beneficial to the elderly, and this research confirms previous studies that found warmer skin, in both humans and animals, disrupts sleep.《求索》的一项研究表明,即使皮肤体温只下降一丁点儿,也有助于人们获得更高质量的睡眠。身体降温使老年人受益匪浅,这一调查实了之前的研究:无论是人类还是动物,体温越高,就越影响睡眠。Staying cool through the night has also been found to increase your metabolism. While sleeping in colder temperatures #39;brown fat#39;, a healthy fat found in the neck, is activated. This good fat will help you burn calories while it generates body heat.研究发现,晚上保持身体凉爽还能增强身体的新陈代谢能力。在较为凉爽的温度下睡觉可激活“褐色脂肪”——颈部的一种健康脂肪。这种有益的脂肪在让身体产生热量的同时,还有助于燃烧卡路里Cooling down at night also increases growth hormones and decreases cortisol, which creates better sleeping patterns and helps reduce your belly size, reports Men#39;s Health.《男性健康》报道称,晚上给身体降温还会增加生长激素并减少皮质醇,这能够带来更高质量的睡眠模式,并有助于减少腹部赘肉。On the nights you have a good slumber, your body was able to fully recuperate with lower cortisol levels, so you will have energy when you wake up the next day. If your sleep is interrupted, your body automatically produces extra cortisol, which will increase your appetite the next day.晚上睡眠质量高,你的身体就能够完全恢复,皮质醇水平也会更低,那么当你第二天醒来的时候你便会感觉精气十足。如果睡眠受到干扰,你的身体便会自动产生额外的皮质醇,这会增加你在第二天的睡意。Many specialists recommend sleeping naked as a way for your skin to breathe, which is especially important for women. Skipping clothes isn#39;t just recommended for females, but it is important for a man in order to maximize their sperm production. It#39;s been found that the quality of sperm suffers if your testicles become too warm.很多专家建议把裸睡作为皮肤呼吸的一种方式,这对女性而言尤为重要。他们不仅推荐女子裸睡,对男性而言,裸睡对于精子生成的最大化也很重要。研究表明,睾丸的温度若太高,精子的质量会受损。Although sleeping naked has proven to be beneficial to your health, it is just as good for your relationship. Experts say that skin-to-skin contact releases oxytocin in your brain, also known as the #39;love hormone#39;, which brings couples together emotionally and increases trust within the relationship.裸睡不仅有益于身体健康,还对夫妻关系有好处。专家表示,肌肤接触能够释放脑内的催产素,也就是“爱情荷尔蒙”,这有利于从情感方面把夫妻双方聚在一起,并增加彼此关系的信任。 /201608/462557黔 东 南 州 人 民 医 院 不 孕 不 育 科About the Door Game“叫门”Door game originated from ancient time which implies that the bride is a lovely girl and her family and friends do not want to marry her away.叫门游戏源自于古时候,说新娘是非常可爱的女孩,可是她的娘家和朋友不想让她嫁走。The groom will be blocked at the bride#39;s door, and her friends will try to stop him from entering by asking questions about the bride,a way to test if he really cares about her.新郎被关在门外,新娘的朋友会问新郎几个问题,用这种方式来测试新郎是否真的在乎新娘。They may also do other tricks to delay the bride#39;s leaving.他们可能会多其他游戏来拖延新娘的离开。The groom will try to buy his way in by presenting “Li Shi”,taken money wrapped in red envelops.新郎会用“利是钱”来开路,利是由红信封包装。The entire “bargain” process is joyous and good-natured.这个“讨价还价”的过程是喜庆并友好的。 /201606/445108云岩区妇幼保健院子宫肌瘤

贵州医科大学附属医院医院qq贵阳/中医学院第二附属医院挂号网North Koreans are aly forced to wear regime-approved hairstyles, chosen from a state-sanctioned list of drab cuts.在很久以前,朝鲜民众已被强迫留政府认可的发型,只能从国家批准的单调的理发方式中选择。Now they have been banned from having piercings as part of a crackdown on Western culture in the secretive regime ahead of its annual workers#39; conference.如今,作为这个神秘的国家赶在劳动党代表大会召开之前严厉打击西方文化行动的一部分,他们还被禁止在身体上打孔。The rule, which also forbids wearing Western clothing such as jeans, has reportedly focused on the North Hamgyong and Yanggang provinces. Both areas border with China, where citizens to have easier access to information - and cultural trends - from the outside world.此外,该规定还禁止民众穿着包括牛仔裤在内的西方饰。据报道,该规定主要集中在咸镜北道和两江道。这两个地区都与中国接壤,这里的民众更容易获得外界的信息,以及接触到外界的文化潮流。The ban was uncovered by citizen journalists at Rimjin-gang, a North Korean news website supported by AsiaPress. It is said to be part of the regime#39;s wider attempts to eliminate capitalism from society.该禁令是由亚洲国际新闻社的朝鲜新闻网站“临津江”的民间记者公开的。据称这是为了从朝鲜社会中消除资本主义做出的更大努力。The regime fiercely opposes Western culture in any form and has been known to send those guilty of ;anti-socialist; behaviour to its notorious labour camps.朝鲜政府强烈反对任何形式的西方文化。据悉,那些做出反社会主义行为的人会被送到臭名昭著的劳动集中营。;A growing number of North Korean people are infatuated with Western culture,; said Ishimaru Jiro, a Japanese reporter who works with citizen journalists inside the regime. The crackdown will continue until the end of the upcoming gathering, referring to the upcoming 7th Congress of the Workers#39; Party.与朝鲜政权内部的公民记者一起工作的日本记者石丸次郎表示:“越来越多的朝鲜人开始迷恋上了西方文化。这次镇压将会持续到即将到来的会议的结束”。这里的会议所指的是朝鲜的第七届劳动党代表大会。It was also claimed that ;inspection units,; consisting of teenagers dedicated to leader Kim Jong-un, are prowling the streets for those who dare to break the dress code.据称,拥护朝鲜领导人金日成的青少年“纠察队”在街上暗中巡查,以发现那些不按照着装标准穿衣打扮的人。;They target supposed capitalist tendencies such as length of skirts, the shape of shoes, T-shirts, hairstyles, and clothes,; Rimjin-Gang reported.“临津江”网站报道称:“他们力图发现那些显示具有资本主义倾向的迹象,比如裙子的长度、鞋子的形状、T恤衫、发型和衣着。” /201604/439907清镇市中医院思维彩超电话花 溪 区 治 疗 附 件 炎 哪 家 医 院 最 好 的

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