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Japan's disaster日本的灾难A crisis of leadership, too 也是领导力的危机The many-headed catastrophe points to deeper-seated problems in governing Japan棘手的灾祸背后,日本政府深层次的弊病显露出来SINCE the lives of hundreds of thousands of ordinary Japanese were turned upside down by earthquake, tsunami, fire and looming nuclear threat, people around the globe have watched, amazed, at the survivors’ composure—“stoicism” is the word they most often reach for. There have been few complaints, just civic-minded initiative. All along the coast, the urgent talk is not just about survival in the face of shortages of food, water and fuel. Stricken communities are desperate to start rebuilding their towns.地震,海啸,大火以及日益严重的核辐射把日本人的生活搅得翻天覆地,几十万日本人受到影响。而此时此刻,全世界都将目光聚焦日本,惊叹于幸存者的沉着淡定。而“坚忍克己”是他们嘴边形容日本最常用的词。日本人很少抱怨什么,有的只是互帮互助。目前,震区食物,水源以及燃料短缺,对于灾区人民来说,最迫切的不仅仅是如何活下去,还是重建家园Stoicism is an admirable response to what fate deals you. It also serves as a coping mechanism in the face of incomprehension. And the Japanese no longer just find it hard to understand how nature could deal such a blow; increasingly, they want to know why the government of a rich and orderly land should be taking so long to tame an overheating nuclear plant and get help to communities ravaged by the tsunami. A lack of water, food and warmth are a fresh and acute source of suffering. Despite the scale of the humanitarian disaster, some of the suffering is avoidable. The system is letting citizens down.面对自然的“摧残”,“坚忍克己”是多么的令人敬佩。对于自己无法理解的东西,保持坚忍克己,也实为不错。现在,日本不仅不明白自然为何会如此残暴,他们更难以理解的是,为何在一个如此富裕有序的国度里,政府却要花如此长的时间才能控制住过热的核机组,才能援救饱受海啸摧残的人民。目前,人们饱受着食物以及饮水短缺的痛苦,情况紧急。撇开大规模的人道主义灾难不说,某些痛苦还是可以避免的。日本的国家体制让人民失望至极。This criticism may seem harsh. For a start, Naoto Kan, the prime minister, has maintained relative calm despite the menacing situation at Fukushima Dai-ichi, the crippled nuclear plant. His government has also been far more transparent than its predecessors. The Bank of Japan acted promptly, providing liquidity to prevent a natural disaster from becoming a financial one.批评的声音也许还真是刺耳。一开始,尽管福岛核电站爆炸,情况紧急,但日本首相菅直人处事还是比较冷静的。菅直人当局也要比前任政府公开透明的多。日本中央也是迅速做出反应,出动流动资金,避免灾害殃及金融业。201103/129760。

New York's old people rebel纽约老人起来反抗To the barricades for Medicare老年保健医疗制度的障碍卡A by-election may be a referendum on the Republicans’ health plans或许递补选举是对共和党保健方案的一次公民选票May 12th 2011 | DEPEW, NEW YORK | from the print editionNEW YORK is a blue state. Its governor, Andrew Cuomo, is a Democrat, as are its two senators. But chunks of it are very conservative, such as the reliably Republican 26th congressional district in western New York. It spans the suburbs of Buffalo, across hundreds of acres of farmland, to the suburbs of Rochester. Registered Republicans outnumber registered Democrats there by around 30,000. George Bush handily won the district in 2004, though he lost the state by 19 points. In 2008 it was one of only four New York districts that voted for John McCain over Barack Obama. Chris Lee, the Republican who had represented the district since 2008, won a whopping 74% of the vote at the 2010 mid-term election. He stepped down in February after a gossip website posted shirtless pictures he had sent to a woman he had met on Craigslist.纽约州在图中为蓝色区域。纽约州总检查长安德鲁科莫和纽约州两名参议院是民主党员。不过大部分纽约人都很保守,如位于纽约西部的共和党的第26个国会区。它跨越了水牛城的郊区,横跨大片农田,一直延伸直到罗切斯特市。已注册的共和党人要比民主党人多上30,000人左右。2004年,尽管乔治布什在纽约州的选票输给对手19个百分点,但他轻易地赢得了这个地区的选票。2008年,它是纽约州四个投给约翰麦凯恩的选票多于投给奥巴马的选票的地区之一。自2008年来,克里斯李成为这个地区的代表,以遥遥领先的74%的选票赢得了2010年中期选举。他之所以于二月下台,是因为一个绯闻网站张贴出了他的赤膊照片,他曾经将这些照片发给在“克雷格清单”(一个网上免费分类广告网站)上认识的一个女人。The special election (as Americans call a by-election) to fill the Craigslist congressman’s empty seat will take place on May 24th. Jane Corwin, a wealthy conservative member of the state Assembly, should on past form be a shoo-in, but recent polls indicate she has an unexpected battle on her hands. According to one recent poll Kathy Hochul, a Democrat, is just a few points behind Ms Corwin, and another shows her in the lead. Jack Davis, the self-financed independent “tea-party” candidate, is also performing solidly in the polls. At first glance it appears that Mr Davis, a former Republican who also ran (unsuccessfully) for office as a Democrat, may be siphoning support away from Ms Corwin.“克雷格清单”事件导致国会议员职位空缺,这次特别选举(美国人称之为递补选举)将在5月24日举行。简科温是纽约州参议院的一名富有的保守派成员,之前她很被看好,不过最近选票对她不利,这意味着她要投身到意料之外的选票交战中。据最近的一次选票显示,民主党人凯西胡赫尔选票仅次于科温一些,另一次选票中显示胡赫尔居于领先地位。自行筹资的独立党派——茶会选手杰克戴维斯在近日的投票中的成绩也表现出强劲之势。戴维斯此前是一名共和党员,同时也作为民主党的候选人参加竞选,结果当然失败了,乍看之下,他似乎是通过虹吸原理,从科温那里赢来选票。201105/136855。

atrophy: 畏缩reproduce: 繁殖,生殖Animals can reproduce their own kind. 动物能够繁殖同类。Genome: 基因组,染色体组Reveal1. 展现,显露出Little by little he revealed his ambitions. 渐渐地,他暴露出他的野心。 2. 揭示,揭露;暴露;泄露[(+to/as)][+that][O2][O8]He revealed the secret by accident. 他不小心泄漏了这个秘密。 Further investigation revealed that he was guilty. 进一步侦查表明他是有罪的。 Bedridden: 卧床不起的07/78898。

The Florida Everglades are home to alligators, dozens of bird species, beautiful flowers and exotic plants. It's easy to see what attracts people to these places. But Florida's population growth, coupled with farms that require a never-ending supply of pesticides and fertilizers, has put an enormous strain on the Everglades ecosystem. So a restoration plan is underway to stabilize the Everglades and preserve the animals that live there. But the plan has proved to be controversial.Craig Quirolo runs a nongovernmental organization called Reef Relief in Key West, Florida.And that’s what really scares me about the Everglades Restoration Plan is that we will be continually inundated, drought or no drought, with a lot of water. And I think if this water were clean, it wouldn't be so much of a problem. But we have a lot of nutrients in that water, a lot of pesticides. And I think there's a lot of stuff that we don't even know within that water. And that's sort of what scares a lot of people who are down there.This is a sugarcane country. Pesticides and fertilizers from farms in Central Florida flow right through the Everglades and on to the Reef. And according to some critics, they are the principal reason the Everglades Restoration Plan won't work.Juanita Green is the spokesperson for Friends of the Everglades.“This is the biggest problem in the Everglades: the Everglades Agricultural Area. It's the major source of water pollution. It's the, it’s the big... a big dam between Lake Okeechobee and the rest of the natural Everglades.”The Everglades Agricultural Area, or EAA, covers some 700,000 acres, 90% of it planted in sugarcane. Lake Okeechobee's waters irrigate farm fields here, then flow south through the Everglades and into the Keys.Stuart Stein is a fourth-generation Florida farmer. And he vehemently rejects the idea that his farming methods damage the Everglades and the Reef.“We will do everything that we can to help, restore and preserve the Everglades, you know. I enjoy going to the Everglades and I hope my kids have it. They’re gonna enjoy it too, along with agriculture.”Bill Causey of the Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary helped draft the plan to restore the Everglades. He agrees that the Reef is in trouble, but says no one factor can explain its decline.“It won't do any good if we spend 7 or 8 hundred million dollars here in Florida Keys to improve our water quality, if in fact the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan has been put on the shelf because the waters coming down are still going to be polluted, and then they will enter our cleaner Florida Keys waters and then make the way to the Reef.”Some environmental groups believe that the government could save the Everglades and the Coral Reef by buying the farms in Belle Glade, shutting them down and donating the land to the park. But federal officials say that's not going to happen. What we can't do is go back within time. We have to get the water right back into the system through the Comprehensive Restoration Plan.For the millions of people each year who flock to the Keys to enjoy the Reef and the millions of fish that call the Reef home, for the farmers who've grown sugarcanes in central Florida for generations, and for the people who move to the state each day. That's exactly what this critical balancing act is all about: getting the water right.200812/58815。

Maternal love helps you deal better with stress and anxiety later in lifeBabies given more love and affection by their mothers deal better with stress and anxiety when they grow up, research has shown.The study looked at eight-month-old children - meaning even the very earliest life experiences which we do not remember in adulthood can influence our well-being.Lots of maternal love makes children form a secure bond with their mothers, meaning they are able to feel secure in relationships when grown up, will have better social skills and cope better with lifes difficulties, the study found.Despite growing interest in how early life affects us in adulthood, most previous studies have relied on peoples recollections - whereas this research tracked participants from early childhood to adult life.The researchers, led by Dr Joanna Maselko of Duke University in North Carolina, rated the relationships of 482 eight-month-old babies with their mothers during routine developmental assessment.They looked at how well the mother had coped with her childs developmental tests and how she had responded to the childs performance.The amount of affection and attention she gave to her child was categorised into groups ranging from negative to extravagant.Mental health was then assessed when the babies had grown up - at the average age of 34.Adults whose mothers had been the most affectionate during their assessment as babies had the lowest levels of anxiety, hostility and general distress.Vocabulary:extravagant: very extreme or impressive but not reasonable or practical(无节制的;过分的)背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/110348。

UN Agency Proposes Selective Industrialization to Help World's PoorestUN机构:工业化要选择正确产品 A ed Nations agency is offering what it calls a "conceptual breakthrough" to uplift the world's poorest people. The U.N. Industrial Development Organization contends selective industrialization offers the best chance for smaller, developing countries to achieve sustainable economic progress. But the backers of the plan acknowledge the global economic crisis will make needed investment difficult to attract. 联合国的一个机构提出了一个它所说的“概念性的突破”来使世界上最贫穷的人摆脱贫困。联合国工业发展组织称,有选择性的工业化为比较小的发展中国家获得可持续的经济发展提供了最好的机会。不过,这个计划的持者承认,全球性的经济危机将使这个计划难以获得所需要的投资。Choosing the right products to make for the global market is key, if low-income and slow-growing countries want to break free of the poverty trap. That is the critical point in the Industrial Development Report of the ed Nations Industrial Development Organization. 如果低收入以及发展缓慢的国家要想摆脱贫困这个陷阱,选择生产为全球市场所需要的正确产品是一个关键。这是联合国工业发展组织在年工业发展报告中所提出的关键论点。The U.N. agency is calling for the World Trade Organization to give preference to exports from the least developed manufacturing countries. It also wants developed countries to liberalize trade rules to allow the poorest an opportunity to create viable manufacturing export industries.  这个联合国机构呼吁世界贸易组织给那些最不发达的制造业国家的出口提供优惠。它还要求发达国家将有关的贸易规则进一步自由化,从而允许最贫穷的人有机会创造一个可行的出口制造工业。The U.N. agency says such changes would benefit what it terms the "bottom billion" - the people who are subsisting on less than one dollar a day.  联合国工业发展组织说,这样的改变将使数十亿处于底层的人从中获益。这些人每天靠不到1美元的生活费聊以度日。But the UNIDO's South Asia representative, Philippe Scholtes, acknowledges the gloomy international economic situation will make it more difficult, in the next five to 10 years, for underdeveloped countries to realize value-creating manufacturing hubs.  但是这个联合国机构驻南亚的代表菲利普.朔尔特斯承认,目前黯淡的国际经济状况将使不发达国家在今后5到10年的时间里很难成为创造价值的制造业中心。"The global crisis will certainly have an impact for these bottom billion," Scholtes said. "The emphasis on building up physical infrastructures, human infrastructures and developing technological capabilities may be put somewhat aside."  他说:“目前的全球危机显然将对这些处于底层的数十亿人造成影响。改善物质基础设施、人力基础设施以及发展技术能力等重要任务可能要被放到一边。”The U.N. agency is highlighting a number of manufacturing clusters as potential templates for other countries to create manufacturing export successes. These include Chennai India's leather industry; the button-manufacturing cluster in Qiaotou in China's Zhejiang Province; the automotive sector in Indonesia's capital, Jakarta; and, the computer components hub of Otigba, Nigeria.  这个机构挑选了一些制造业集群作为其他国家创造制造业出口成功的潜在典范。这些产业集群包括印度清奈的皮革业,位于中国浙江省桥头的钮扣生产基地,印度尼西亚首都雅加达的汽车行业以及尼日利亚欧提巴(Otigba)的计算机部件制造中心。The U.N. report notes India's rapid export growth in the first half of the decade made South Asia the fastest growing region in manufactured exports, following by the Middle East and North Africa.  这份联合国的报告还指出,印度在2001年到2005年期间出口的快速增长使得南亚成为制造产品出口增长最快的地区,其次是中东和北非。The report was released Monday in New Delhi, London and other cities. The UNIDO, headquartered in Vienna, is a specialized ed Nations agency mandated to promote industrial development and international industrial cooperation. 这份报告是星期一在新德里、伦敦和其他城市同时发表的。总部位于维也纳的联合国工业发展组织是联合国的一个专设机构,宗旨是促进工业发展以及国际工业合作。02/63093。

Chinas family planning中国计划生育政策Illegal children will be confiscated违法生育就没收孩子The one-child policy is not just a human-rights abomination; it has also worsened a demographic problem独生子女政策不仅在人权方面广受诟病,它也使得人口问题雪上加霜Jul 21st 2011 | from the print edition“BEFORE 1997 they usually punished us by tearing down our houses for breaching the one-child policy…After 2000 they began to confiscate our children.” Thus Yuan Chaoren, a villager from Longhui county in Hunan province, describing in Caixin magazine the behaviour of family-planning bureaucrats. According to Caixin, local officials would take “illegal children” and pack them off to orphanages where they were put up for adoption. Foreign adoptive parents paid ,000-5,000 per child. The bureaucrats collected a kickback.“1997年以前,对违反独生子女政策的处罚是打烂房子…2000年以后,不砸房子了,没收小孩。”安徽省隆回县村民袁朝仁接受财新《新世纪》采访时,这样讲述了计生干部的所作所为。据财新报道,当地官员抓住“非法儿童”,把他们送到孤儿院(即社会福利院,译注),用来被人收养。外籍家庭收养一个孩子付3000至5000美元,官员们则收取提成。Stealing children is not an official part of Beijing’s one-child policy, but it is a consequence of rules that are a fundamental affront to the human rights of parents and would-be parents. The policy damages families and upsets the balance between generations. It is so hated that even within China it is now coming under political attack. For the first time a whole province, Guangdong, with a population of over 100m, is demanding exemptions (see article).盗抢孩子并不是中国政府独生子女政策的法定组成部分,但却是其恶果之一。这一政策侵犯父母和准父母的基本人权,破坏家庭,打乱代际平衡。人们如此厌恶它,即使在中国国内它也正成为一个政治问题而受到批评。人口过亿的广东省正请求放宽独生子女政策,这在省级层面尚属首次(参见文章)。A thousand-mile journey begins with a single step千里之行始于足下Chinese officials are fiercely attached to the one-child policy. They attribute to it almost every drop in fertility and every averted birth: some 400m more people, they claim, would have been born without it. This is patent nonsense. Chinese fertility was falling for decades before the one-child policy took effect in 1979. Fertility has gone down almost as far and as fast without coercion in neighbouring countries, including those with large Chinese populations. The sp of birth control and a desire for smaller families tend to accompany economic growth and development almost everywhere.中国官员们不遗余力地严格奉行独生子女政策。生育率有一点下降,出生人数有一点减少,他们都要归功于独生子女政策:他们宣称,要是不实行独生子女政策中国要多生出4亿人。这显然是无稽之谈。中国1979年实行计划生育前,生育率就已持续下降了几十年。中国的邻国,包括那些有大量华人的国家,没有采取过强制措施,生育率下降的速度及程度也和中国差不多。经济增长、社会发展与越来越多的人节制生育、希望家庭规模小些,二者之间通常是相关的,世界各地大体上一样。201107/146454。

[00:21.34]People who are neurotic-[00:23.16]they tend to worry a lot [00:24.72]and to have emotional ups and downs-[00:27.25]seem to be at increased risk of developing asthma, [00:31.19]a new study hints. [00:39.78]一份新的研究显示,[00:41.25]神经质的人一般都是那些整天心事重重,[00:44.37]情绪波动大的人,[00:46.33]而且这些人似乎越来越容易患上哮喘病。[01:02.11]即时讲解[01:05.39]如果大家查字典,[01:06.96]neurotic的中文意义会是"神经病"或"有经病的",[01:11.30]给人的感觉 ,一个neurotic的人与疯子基本是划等号了,[01:15.86]事实上这还是有相当的区别的。[01:18.64]就好象今天的报道中也说neurotic的人[01:21.37]总是worry a lot"担心这个,担心那个",[01:25.26]然后是情绪也是有ups and downs,[01:27.84]总之非常不稳定,但即使是这样,[01:30.72]这个人还不用送到mental hospital"精神病院"[01:34.46]在2003年的时候美国爆发Mad Cow Disease"疯牛病",[01:39.06]美国的老百姓对牛肉是避之唯恐不及,[01:42.75]这样的做法自然会对一个牛肉生产大国的经济有严重影响。[01:47.41]于是,布什就跑出来发表讲话,安定民心。[01:50.80]他说"疯牛病"只是一种mildly neurotic的症状。[01:54.79]这到底是什么意思?[01:56.97]mildly 是"温和地",[01:59.19]也就是说那些疯牛只是有"轻度的神经质",[02:02.88]连神经衰弱的程度都不够![02:05.41]然后布什又说[02:06.77] "I'm still eating plenty of beef. [02:09.31]I think everyone will agree that I'm not insane yet." [02:13.30]"牛肉我还是大吃特吃。我想你们不会认为我是疯了"。[02:17.90]最后布什总统再次为牛平反, [02:20.73]他说,"That cow wasn't paranoid," [02:23.76]"那些疯牛并没有得妄想症"。 [02:26.30]在布什总统的这番话后,民众得出一个结论 [02:29.58]Bush is a neurotic,"布什神经有问题"。 [02:38.25]原文重听[02:40.23]People who are neurotic-[02:41.90]they tend to worry a lot [02:43.61]and to have emotional ups and downs-[02:45.99]seem to be at increased risk of developing asthma, [02:49.98]a new study hints.10/88100。

3D films struggle3D电影举步维艰Flat expectations预期值过高3D films, cinema’s great hope, have become niche products电影公司最大的希望——3D电影——让人失望了Voldemort looks no prettier in 3D 3D版伏地魔并没有更好看TEN years after it took off, Hollywood’s biggest film franchise has finally alighted from its broomstick. Between July 15th and July 17th Americans shelled out 9m to see “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2”—a record for any film, in nominal terms. But barely a third of the audience opted to watch the boy wizard battle his snake-faced foe in three dimensions.十年前首映的好莱坞最大电影系列《哈利波特》,今日终于走向尾声。7月15至7月17日,《哈利波特与死亡圣器 第二部分》从美国人的口袋中掏走了1.69亿美元——这是任何影院都无法企及的记录。但只有仅仅三分之一的观众选择3D版。Two years ago it seemed as though a new, improved 3D projection system could rescue a film business battered by falling DVD sales. Fully 71% of the box-office spending on “Avatar” on its opening weekend, in December , went on the 3D version. The 3D showings of “Shrek Forever After” (amusing green monsters rather than earnest blue ones) accounted for 61% of American box-office spending. Cinemas generally charge at least more for a 3D showing—far more than the glasses cost.两年前3D模式看似可以挽救一个被(销量日益下滑的)DVD打得伤痕累累的电影行业。年12月,《阿凡达》上映一周就有整整71%的票房来自3D影院。《怪物史瑞克》(滑稽的绿色怪物取代了严肃的蓝色怪物)的美国票房有61%来自3D影院。一般来说,电影公司会向3D影院的观众多收取至少3美元——那副眼镜远远值不了这个价。201107/146278。

SE Asian Nations Watching US Plans for Auto Industry亚洲关注美国会如何拯救汽车工业  The deadline for the major U.S. automakers to present plans to Congress on how they would use billion of emergency loans to bailout the industry is fast approaching. General Motors, Ford and Chrysler have until this week to show U.S. lawmakers they will be able to use the money wisely, and that they will change the business approaches that have put them at risk of financial failure. Some Southeast Asian nations will be paying close attention to what lawmakers decide. 美国主要汽车制造公司向国会提交如何利用250亿美元的紧急贷款来拯救美国汽车工业计划的截至期限日趋临近。通用、福特和克莱斯勒三大汽车公司这个星期就要向美国国会显示它们将如何明智地使用这笔资金,以及改变使它们濒临破产的经营方式。一些亚洲国家将对美国国会的决定给予密切的关注。The struggles of the so-called "Big Three" automakers - General Motors, Ford and Chrysler - have not been limited to the U.S. G.M. spokesman Tom Wilkinson says the company's operations around the world are being affected. 被人们称为“三大汽车公司”的通用汽车、福特和克莱斯勒公司的斗争并不局限在美国国内。通用汽车公司发言人汤姆.维尔金森说,通用汽车的全球经营都受到了影响。"We've probably ramped back in most regions again as the economic crisis has started to sp," he said. "I would expect in most regions carmakers are slowing production or looking at slowing production." “随着经济危机开始在全球扩散,我们在世界上大部分地区的经营都在收缩。我认为大部分地区的汽车制造商都在放慢生产或者正在考虑减少生产。”One country that will be affected is Thailand. G.M. says it is closing a plant southeast of Bangkok for two months starting in mid-December, and will cut more than 250 jobs. 受到影响的一个国家是泰国。通用汽车公司说,从12月中旬开始,它在曼谷东南的一家工厂将停产两个月,250个工人将失去工作。"The slowdown in production in Thailand is really being driven by slower sales in that Asian region," said Wilkinson. 他说:“我们在泰国减产的原因是亚洲地区销售的下降。”The GM plant produced 100,000 cars and trucks in 2007, and is scheduled to reopen. But Thai officials are watching for developments out of Washington. 通用汽车公司那家在泰国的工厂2007年生产了10万辆小汽车和卡车,最终还会重新开工。但是,泰国官员们正在密切注视华盛顿的事态发展。In a statement to VOA, the Thai Minister of Commercial Affairs says: "U.S. companies can and do play a very important role" in Thailand's automotive sector. She also says the collapse of any one of the major U.S. automakers could hurt related industries, like Thailand's rubber industry, which produces finished tires and sells rubber to tire manufactures in other countries. 泰国商务部长在发给美国之音的一份声明中说,“美国公司可以并且确实在泰国的汽车行业中发挥着非常重要的作用”。这位部长还说,任何一家美国主要汽车公司的破产都会给相关行业造成伤害,比如生产汽车轮胎并向其他国家的轮胎制造商出售橡胶的泰国橡胶工业。Hanhyeong Pyo, an associate at the Hyundai Research Institute, says South Korea is also watching and waiting. He says many major U.S. companies will likely fall like dominoes if one of the Big Three automakers fails, which could make it more difficult for South Korea to borrow foreign currency.  韩国现代研究院的一位研究员说,韩国也在观察和等待:“如果三大汽车公司当中的一家倒闭,那么其他美国主要公司也会像多米诺骨牌一样跟着垮台。这样韩国借贷外国货币就会更困难了。”There could also be other, serious consequences. 这位研究员说,还会产生其他、更恶劣的后果。Pyo says the collapse of a major U.S. automaker could deepen the U.S. recession, slow consumer spending, and make it more difficult for South Korea to sell its exports in the U.S.  “美国一家主要汽车公司垮台会加剧美国的经济衰退,使民众消费进一步放缓,从而使韩国更难向美国出口货物。”The latest economic data from South Korea shows industrial output fell more than two-percent from September to October, a sign its export driven economy is aly slowing faster than expected. 来自韩国的最新经济数据显示,从9月到10月,工业产量下降了百分之2,显示韩国出口导向形经济的放慢比人们预期的还要快。200812/57760。