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大家好,这里是新世界商务口语每日一句节目,每天我都会为大家带来最地道的商务口语句子,而且是由英籍老师真人发音!句子稍微有点难度,但我们相信大家只要坚持,就一定可以学到最地道的英语发音和日常商务用句哦! 今天我们要学习的句子是: Please examine the matter and send us the goods to meet the shortage as soon as possible. 请调查此事,并尽快将货物发给我们以弥补数量的不足。 /09/84746to camp on the doorstep of someone 纠缠(成语)英文释义To insist on getting someones attention until he or she agrees to do something.例句I know he is busy, but I urgently need guidance, and I will camp on the doorstep of my boss until he answers the important question I asked him last week.我知道他很忙,但我急需要指导。所以,我缠着我的老板,直到他答复我上周问他的那个重要问题。 /201306/242423

6、询问婚姻与家庭请说说你家里的情况。Please say something about your family.Would you tell me something about your family?Could you please tell me something about your family?跟我谈谈你的父母。Tell me about your parents.你结婚了吗?Are you married?Have you got married?For example:A:Are you married?你结婚了吗?B:No,I am still single.没有,我还是单身。Yes,Im married.是的,我结婚了。你什么时候结婚的?When did you get married?For example:A: When did you get married?你什么时候结婚的?B: I got married in 2004.我于 2004 年结婚。get married表示动作,如果要表示结婚的状态则必须用be married。你的婚姻状况如何?Whats your marital status?For example:A:Whats your marital status?你的婚姻状况如何?B:Im unmarried./Im not married.我没有结婚。marital (adj.)婚姻的你结婚多久了?How long have you been married?For example:A:How long have you been married?你结婚多久了?B:I have been married for three years.我已经结婚 3 年了。家里有多少人?How many are there in your family?How many people are there in your family?How many persons are there in your family?How big is your family?How many family members do you have?For example:A:How many are there in your family?家里有多少人?B:We are only three in all. I have a five-year old son.我们总共只有3 口人。我有一个5岁的儿子。谁是家里的经济柱?Who supports your family?For example:A:Who support your family?谁是家里的经济柱?B:Both my father and mother do.由爸爸和妈妈共同维持家庭生活。我是家中的老二,我还有个哥哥。Im the second child. I have one brother older than me.我的弟弟比我小两岁。My brother is two years younger than me.我是独生子(独生女)。Im the only child.我的和我相差了12岁。My sister and I are 12 years apart.我的们彼此之间只差3岁。Therere only three years between my sisters.我们总共有7 口人。There are seven of us altogether.你们有几个小孩?How many children do you have?For example:A: How many children do you have?你们有几个小孩?B: We have two children,a boy and a girl.我们有两个小孩,一男一女。你太太工作吗?Is your wife working?For example:A: Is your wife/husband working?你太太/先生工作吗?B: No,she/he isnt.不,她/他不工作。我们要把你爱人和孩子安排过来吗?Do we have to transfer your wife and children here?For example:A: Do we have to transfer your wife and children here?我们要把你爱人和孩子安排过来吗?B: Yes,l hope so. Its inconvenient to live apart.是的,我希望如此。分居很不方便。transfer somebody to a new place 把某人调到一个新单位你的太太在哪里,做什么工作?Where and what kind of work does your wife do?你们有孩子吗?Do you have children?For example:A: Do you have children?你们有孩子吗?B: Yes,I have a girl.是的,我有一个女儿。除了爸妈和我以外,我还有哥哥和。Besides my parents and me,there are my brother and my sister.besides除……之外(尚有......)。你的父亲是做什么的?What does your father do?What is your fathers occupation?What is your fathers profession?For example:A: What does your father do?你的父亲是做什么的?B: My father works for the railway company.我的爸爸在铁路局工作。你父亲多大年纪了?How old is your father?For example:A: How old is your father?你父亲多大年纪了?B: He is sixty years old.他 60 岁了。我的父亲去年过世了。My father passed away last year.pass away 去世你和家人一起住吗?Do you live with your family?For example:A: Do you live with your family?你和家人一起住吗?B: Yes,I live with my parents.是的,我同父母一起住。你有没有兄弟?Do you have any brothers and sisters?Any brothers and sisters?For example:A: Do you have any brothers and sisters?你有没有兄弟?B: No,I am the only son.不,我是家中的独生子。你是家中年龄最大的孩子吗?Are you the oldest child in your family?For example:A: Are you the oldest child in your family?你是家中年龄最大的孩子吗?B: Yes,I am.是的,我是。你花很多时间和家人交谈吗?Do you spend much time talking with your family?For example:A: Do you spend much time talking with your family?你花很多时间和家人交谈吗?B: Oh,yes. We all work at taking time to talk with each other.哦,是的。我们都努力花时间互相交谈。spend some time doing sth.花费时间去做某事。我通常在周末和家人聚会。I usually get together my family on weekends.你和你弟弟相处得怎样?How do you get along with your brother?For example:A: How do you get along with your brother?你和你弟弟相处得怎样?B: We get along very well.我们相处得很好。get along with 与......相处 /201501/351986




  1 电话预约3句英文任你选May I speak to Mr. Liu?请找刘先生接电话好吗?Is this a convenient time for you?现在您说话方便吗?Will you be available now?你现在有空吗?半个句型要记牢be available (空闲的)Tip: available表示;可得到的,可用的,空闲的但是一般放到所修饰的词后面,后通常接的介词是 for。如 He is not available for the work. (他没有空做此事。) /201510/393388Lunch invitationA: Hi! Susan! I haven’t seen you for ages!B: I’ve been really busy. How is everything?A: Oh, fine. Hey, why don’t we grab a bite to eat and do some catching up?B: Yeah, why not? I’ve got a little free time on my hands. Where do you want to eat? 午饭邀请A:嗨!苏珊!好久没见到你了!B:我一直都很忙。你都好吗?A:不错。嘿, 我们是不是去吃点什么,好好聊聊天?B:好啊,为什么不呢?我正好有点时间。你想去哪儿吃? /200811/57116

  This satellite image released by the U.S. Department of Defense shows a damage assessment image of Shayrat Air Base in Syria, following U.S. Tomahawk Land Attack Missile strikes on Friday, April 7, 2017.由美国国防部公布的卫星图像,美国017日发起了战斧巡航导弹打击,本图显示了其用于评估叙利亚Shayrat空军基地毁伤效果的照片。The ed States fired cruise missiles on Friday at a Syrian air base from which President Trump said a deadly chemical weapons attack had been launched, the first direct U.S. assault on the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad in six years of civil war.美国周五向一个叙利亚空军基地发射了巡航导弹,川普总统说就是该基地发动了之前造成大规模伤亡的化学武器袭击。在叙利亚六年内战中,这是美国第一次直接攻击阿萨德政权。In the biggest foreign policy decision of his presidency so far, Trump ordered the step his predecessor, Barack Obama, never took: directly targeting the Syrian military for its suspected role in a poison gas attack. The chemical weapons attack on a town in Syria’s rebel-held northern Idlib province killed at least 70 people.这是到目前为止川普总统在对外政策上最重大的举动,他采取了他的前任巴拉克奥巴马从未采取的措施:因为涉嫌毒气袭击而直接把叙利亚军队作为攻击目标。叙利亚反对派控制的北Idlib省遭受了化武袭击,至0人死。Trump’s action brought Washington into confrontation with Russia, which has military advisers on the ground aiding its ally, President Assad. The Kremlin denounced the U.S. strikes as illegal.川普的行动把美国与俄罗斯带进冲突之中,因为俄罗斯在叙利亚派有军事顾问以援其盟友阿萨德总统。俄罗斯指责美国的军事打击是非法的。“Years of previous attempts at changing Assad’s behavior have all failed and failed very dramatically,Trump said as he announced the attack from his Florida resort, Mar-a-Lago, where he was meeting Chinese President Xi Jinping.“之前多年试图改变阿萨德行为的努力都白费了,戏剧性的失败了(G19注:意指他的前任温和对待阿萨德)”,川普说。他在自家位于弗罗里达州的Mar-a-Lago庄园会见习主席期间宣布了这次打击。“Even beautiful babies were cruelly murdered in this very barbaric attack,he said of Tuesday’s chemical weapons strike, which Western countries blame on Assad’s forces. “No child of God should ever suffer such horror.”“在这次野蛮的袭击中,甚至是美丽的婴儿都被残酷的谋杀了,”他这样周二的化武袭击事件,西方国家指责这起事件是阿萨德的军队所为。“上帝的孩子不应遭受这样的恐怖。”Assad’s office said Damascus would respond by striking its enemies harder: “This aggression has increased Syria’s resolve to hit those terrorist agents, to continue to crush them, and to raise the pace of action to that end wherever they are.(Reuters)阿萨德办公室说,作为回应,叙利亚将更加努力的打击敌人:“这次侵略行为将使得叙利亚在打击恐怖分子上更加坚定,我们会继续粉碎他们,我们会加快行动速度,不管他们在哪里我们都要达到目标。”来 /201704/502903Our budget needs drastic revision.我们的预算需作重大修改。Our budget needs drastic revision.我们的预算需作重大修改。Is there anything wrong with it?它有什么问题吗?The budget is being edited right now and 1 think it will be y by tomorrow morning.那份预算正在修改,我想明早便可准备好。The cost was over budgeted due to revisions.由于进行了修改,这项预算超了。David is financing his campaign with a bank overdraft. 戴维的活动经费来源于透。David is financing his campaign with a bank overdraft.戴维的活动经费来源于透。We should call the headquarters immediately.我们应该马上同总部通话。Our department will come in for our share of the campaign fund.我们部门愿意负担一部分活动经费。In recent years,we have contributed large sums of money to the President’s campaign funds.近年来,我们为总统竞选提供了大笔的活动经费。 /201509/397382


  People do not always get along, so dealing with conflict is part of any job. And as often as not, work disagreements get resolved as much as in informal discussions in the hallway, as they do in the conference room. So, in this two-part series on resolving conflict, we’ll be studying useful language for discussing and resolving disagreements. 人们并不总是相处得很好,所以处理矛盾成为工作的一部分。工作上的意见不同并不总能在走廊进行的私人谈话中就能解决,而是在会议室协商解决,所以这个2节课的系列课程中,我们将继续学习讨论意见分歧和化解它的有用语言。We will be focusing not on major conflicts between companies or inside organizations, but rather on the everyday sort of disagreements that all of us have to deal with to be successful in our work.我们不会更多关注公司间的冲突或组织内部的冲突,而更关乎日常工作中我们人人都得处理好的意见分歧。In the listening, Elegant is a company that designs and manufactures bathroom fixtures – sinks, toilets, and so on. Ben has recently joined Elegant as a training specialist. When he started, he was promised that Elegant would hire someone to help him with his work-load, but instead he is still doing almost everything by himself. He was also promised the opportunity to do some course design, but instead his manager, Gerry, insists on closely supervising all of Ben’s work. Ben feels like he is working harder than anyone else in the office: He is always the last one to leave the department in the evening. But he doesn’t feel that his hard work is getting recognized. 对话中, Elegant是一家设计和生产浴室设备的公司,比如:水池,厕所等等,Ben最近刚加入公司他是培训专家。他刚开始工作时,公司许诺会雇人来帮他处理工作,但是他一直是自己做所有的活。他被许诺有设计课题的机会,但是他的经理Gerry坚持密切监督Ben的一切工作,Ben觉得他比公司的任何人工作都努力:他总是晚上最后一个离开办公室的。但是他并感到辛勤工作并没得到认可。As you listen, pay attention to the language that Gerry and Ben use to deal with this disagreement. 听对话的时候,注意Gerry和Ben用来处理分歧的语言。Listening Questions: 1. Gerry says he wants to “sit down informally and thrash things out a little.”2. What do you think this means? A strain is something that is tiring and, perhaps, irritating.3. What does Gerry say is “getting to be kind of a strain?” What solution does Gerry propose? /201109/153807。


  1 你耳朵疼吗?能听得清吗?Do you have an earache? Do you hear clearly?2 你耳朵里有没有一些分泌物流出?Are there any secretions flowing out of your ears?3 您对别的什么东西过敏吗?Are you sensitive to other things?4 您得了鼻炎。You have rhinitis.5 您得了鼻窦炎。You have sinusitis.6 我给您一种鼻塞专用药。I give you a nasal decongestion. 7 我会给您做几个疗程的脱敏治疗。I’ll give you some courses of desensitization therapy.8 您的喉咙发炎了。You have inflammation in your throat.9 咽东西时这儿疼吗?Does it hurt here when you swallow food.10 您扁桃体发炎了。You've got tonsillitis. /201107/143626


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