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We#39;ve all seen s of what Coca Cola does to a penny, but now someone has reportedly worked out exactly what it does to our insides - and if right, it isn#39;t pretty。我们应该都看过可口可乐倒在一个硬币上所起反应的视频吧。然而据报道,最近有人实了可乐对人体的影响——如果没错的话,并不是那么好。The Renegade Pharmacist, a blog run by pharmacist Niraj Naik includes a seven-step breakdown of the drink#39;s supposed effects。药剂师Niraj Naik 的个人微——“叛逆的药剂师”最近曝出了预想中可乐对人体影响的七个阶段。In The First 10 minutes: 10 teaspoons of sugar hit your system. (100% of your recommended daily intake。) You don’t immediately vomit from the overwhelming sweetness because phosphoric acid cuts the flavor allowing you to keep it down。在最初的十分钟内:10茶匙量的糖分侵袭你的身体系统(100%达到你每天的所需摄入量了。)而且你不会立马因为如此多的糖分而感到恶心反胃,因为可乐里的磷酸削减了这种腻感,从而能让你保持住。20 minutes: Your blood sugar spikes, causing an insulin burst. Your liver responds to this by turning any sugar it can get its hands on into fat. (There’s plenty of that at this particular moment)20分钟:你的血糖将达到峰值,同时引起胰岛素的大量分泌。此时你的肝脏也正在全力地让糖分转化为脂肪。(这段时间就在全方位地进行这一过程)。40 minutes: Caffeine absorption is complete. Your pupils dilate, your blood pressure rises, as a response your livers dumps more sugar into your bloodstream. The adenosinereceptors in your brain are now blocked preventing drowsiness。40分钟:彻底地吸收咖啡因。你的瞳孔变大,血压上升,进而你的肝脏运输了更多的糖分到血液中。你大脑中的腺苷受体受阻,从而阻止了你的睡意。45 minutes: Your body ups your dopamine production stimulating the pleasure centers of your brain. This is physically the same way heroin works, by the way。45分钟:你体内被催化出更多的多巴胺,刺激着你大脑的兴奋中枢。顺便提一下,这和海洛因的机体作用是一个道理。gt;60 minutes: The phosphoric acid binds calcium, magnesium and zinc in your lower intestine, providing a further boost in metabolism. This is compounded by high doses of sugar and artificial sweeteners also increasing the urinary excretion of calcium.The caffeine’s diuretic properties come into play. (It makes you have to pee。) It is now assured that you’ll evacuate the bonded calcium, magnesium and zinc that was headed to your bones as well as sodium, electrolyte and water。超过60分钟:磷酸阻碍了钙、镁、铝在小肠的吸收,同时激发了进一步的新陈代谢。这是由于大量的糖分以及人工甜味剂增加了尿液中的钙含量所导致的。咖啡因中的利尿剂开始发挥作用了。(这让你有强烈的尿意。)你将通过排尿排出本应储存在体内的钙、镁、锌以及钠、电解质以及水分。这是不用怀疑的。If you care about your heart, health and mind then please remember this article next time you reach for that bottle of Coke!如果你还知道保护你的心脏,保持生理和精神的健康,那么当你下一次想买可乐的时候,来回忆一下这篇文章吧! /201508/390219

What could be better on a numbingly cold winter night than a hot pot to warm your heart? Eating hot pot is not simply about dipping small pieces of food into boiling liquid, it’s also an opportunity to have a great time with friends gathered around a simmering pot. Here we bring you hot pot ideas from around the world, so that you and your friends can enjoy these exotic flavors at home or (if allowed) in your dormitory.严寒冬日,有什么能比火锅更暖人心呢?吃火锅不仅仅意味着在热气腾腾中涮锅锅,同时也让人们有机会和朋友围坐在火锅旁其乐融融。在这里我们为您奉上来自世界各地的火锅创意,这样一来你和朋友在家或寝室(如果允许的话)便可以享用异国美食了!Cheese fondue, Switzerland瑞士奶酪火锅A heaving pot of bubbling cheese with bite-sized b and vegetables to dip into it, that’s what hot pot in Switzerland is about. The dish bears a French name: fondue.一锅沸腾的奶酪,再加上切成小块的面包和蔬菜,这就是瑞士火锅。这道没有有一个法文名字:fondue,意思是奶酪热蘸锅。Legend has it that the cheese fondue was created by two shepherds in the Alps. Whether or not that’s true, one thing is for sure: the Swiss are credited with creating the fondue. It is always served as a main dish in the country, not as an appetizer or as part of a multi-course meal.传说奶酪火锅是由两位住在阿尔卑斯山的牧羊人发明的。不管传闻真假,有一件事可以肯定:瑞士是奶酪火锅的发源地。一直以来,奶酪火锅都是瑞士人餐桌上一道主菜,而不是开胃菜或是套餐的一部分。But beware, the etiquette for eating fondue forbids double dipping. And if a person drops their b into the cheese they must kiss the person to their left. Or you could drop it on purpose if you happen to fancy the person next to you.食用奶酪火锅时要注意餐桌礼仪,切记不要蘸食两次。如果有人将面包掉入奶酪中,那么他/她必须亲吻坐在自己左边的人。或者如果你恰巧钟情于身边的人,那么也可以故意失手哦。Chocolate fondue, US美式巧克力火锅Americans love fondue parties. With the number of different seasonings available today, there are fondues made out of beef, prawns and even scallions. But chocolate fondue is by far the most famous.美国人喜爱各种火锅派对。如今的火锅种类可谓五花八门,有牛肉火锅、对虾火锅甚至葱火锅。但是巧克力火锅是迄今为止最著名的一种。The dish, in which fresh fruit is dipped into a hot, rich, creamy chocolate sauce, was born in a long-lost New York restaurant called Chalet Suisse in the 1960s. It has since become one of the most popular dessert options for parties.上世纪六十年代,这道用新鲜水果搭配香浓丝滑热巧克力酱的美食诞生于纽约一家名为Chalet Suisse的餐厅之中,如今这家餐厅已经不复存在了。自面世之后,它便成为派对上最受欢迎的甜品。The most common and traditional chocolate fondue dipper is strawberries. Bananas, blackberries and pears also go well with hot chocolate. You could even try some more unconventional dippers, like potato chips.最大众也最为传统的巧克力火锅涮品要数草莓。而香蕉、黑莓以及梨也都是搭配热巧克力的上上之选。你甚至可以尝试一下一些特别的涮品,譬如薯片。Chanko nabe, Japan日式相扑火锅This hearty, protein-rich Japanese-style hot pot dish is famous for being the principal source of energy for the country’s sumo wrestlers. But don’t worry, you would have to eat a serious amount of this special hot pot before you become as big as them!这道十分丰盛且高蛋白的日式火锅是日本相扑选手的主要热量来源,也因此而闻名于世。但别担心,除非你食量惊人,否则才不会成为像相扑选手那样的大块头!A traditional chanko nabe usually contains a dashi or chicken broth soup base with sake or mirin to add flavor. Vegetables and meat are then cooked in the soup.传统的相扑火锅通常选用鱼汤或鸡汤作为汤底,并加入清酒或甜米酒提味儿。然后再将肉类与蔬菜放入其中烹制。During sumo tournaments, this hot pot is served exclusively with chicken meat. This is because a sumo wrestler should always stand on two legs like a chicken, not on all fours. Of course, you are free to replace chicken meat with any other meat or seafood.在相扑锦标赛期间,相扑火锅专门选用鸡肉为主料。这是因为相扑选手需要一直像雄鸡一样双腿直立,而不是四脚着地。当然,你可以随心所欲地用其他肉类或海鲜来代替鸡肉。 /201301/219668

If you live in a place where the mercury has dropped enough for snow to start falling, chances are you’re also starting to deal with “winter skin” right about now: cheeks are getting rough and dry, lips are chapping… and depending on the severity of the weather outside, skin can even flake, crack, or erupt into hives or eczema. This just isn’t a season that’s kind to skin at all. Fortunately, there are ways to combat the damage caused by freezing winds, snow, and hail, and a few of these handy techniques are listed below.如果你生活的地方寒冷到会下雪,好好处理冬日肌肤问题的时刻来到了:面颊变得粗糙干燥,嘴唇开裂...而外面的严寒甚至会让皮肤成片脱落开裂,甚至引发荨麻疹和湿疹,冬季对皮肤可是个考验不少。好在我们有方法去对付由寒风、雪以及冰雹对皮肤造成的伤害,下面是几个简单的方法。1. Change Your Moisturizer1. 换保湿霜The lightweight moisturizer you use in summertime isn’t going to cut it during the winter. To fend off cold damage to your skin in winter, opt for creams that have a heavier oil content, as the oils will create a protective layer on the skin’s surface. If you’re prone to breakouts, talk to an aesthetician or dermatologist who can recommend a cream that’s right for your skin type.夏季使用的保湿霜比较轻薄,不足以对抗冬天的寒冷。要想抵抗住冬天对皮肤的袭击,需要选择含油量多的乳液,这样油会在皮肤表面形成一个保护层。如果你是偏油性皮肤,那就咨询一下美容顾问或者皮肤科医生,他们会根据你的肤质,推荐合适的乳液。Don’t forget that the skin on your entire body needs special care at this time of year: though you’ll see and feel the damage cold weather can cause to hands and feet (roughness, cracking around knuckles and cuticles, etc.) you might not notice dry patches on your legs or arms until they start to itch or flake. This is where the cocoa and shea butters come in: a good body lotion will replenish the moisture in your limbs as well as your cheeks, leaving you soft and supple all over.可别忘了你全身的皮肤都需要在冬天进行特别护理哦!虽然你能看到寒冬对手脚带来的伤害(皮肤变粗糙了,指甲底部开裂等),但直到腿和胳膊发痒或有皮屑,你有可能才会注意到它们其实也干燥了。现在可可油和乳木果油该上场了,好的身体乳液能像面颊保湿那样给身体四肢保持水分,让你全身都柔软细腻。2. Sunscreen2. 防晒霜If you spend a lot of time outside, don’t forget to wear sunscreen! Your skin can be subjected to just as much UV damage in wintertime as in summer, so don’t hesitate to put on a layer of SPF 15 before putting on your makeup.如果要花大量时间在户外活动,别忘了涂点防晒霜!皮肤在冬天受到的紫外线可不亚于夏天哦,所以化妆之前别忘了抹上SPF15的防晒霜。3. Exfoliate3. 去角质Gentle exfoliation once a week will help to remove dry, dead skin from your cheeks and forehead, but don’t go overboard with it! Your skin takes a lot of damage from the weather outside, and scouring it too much will actually increase wear and tear, and will do more harm than good.每周做一次温和的去角质,能有效将面颊和额头的干燥死皮去除,但千万别做过头了!外界的天气已经给你的皮肤带来了足够多的伤害,再要死命揉搓的话,损伤可就会更大了,只会是弊大于利。For the rest of your body, a homemade exfoliant such as a salt or sugar scrub can do wonders to slough off dead skin cells and leave you soft and smooth all over.至于身体的其他部分,用盐或糖自制的去角质霜对去除死皮有着神奇功效,让全身皮肤变得柔滑。4. Wear Lip Balm4. 涂上润唇膏The skin on your lips is the thinnest and most sensitive on your entire body, so be sure to take proper care of them by protecting them from cold damage—that means you too, guys. It’s not a lot of fun to kiss someone whose lips are flaking apart like a dry old phone book. Aim for unflavoured lip balms with a carnauba or beeswax base and apply it regularly.嘴唇是全身最脆弱和敏感的皮肤,所以要保在寒冬给予他们足够的防护,男生们也需要哦。如果嘴唇干裂的像一本旧电话本,亲吻起来可不是什么美好的感受。使用不含香料的唇膏,其基本原料是巴西棕榈蜡或蜜蜡,可以经常使用。It’s best to avoid using petroleum jelly as a lip balm, though; you really don’t want an oil industry by-product on your face, do you? Besides, petroleum jelly isn’t absorbed by the skin: it just sits on top of it, and can clog up pores rather thoroughly. Skin can’t absorb any moisture if it’s congested with oil slurry gel.千万不要把凡士林当唇膏使用,你也不愿意把石油产业的副产品抹在脸上吧?另外,皮肤无法吸收凡士林,所以它只会呆在皮肤表面,完全堵塞毛孔。一旦毛孔被油腻腻的东西堵塞住,那么再也无法吸收其他的保湿品了。5. Shorten Your Bath Time5. 缩短洗澡时间Have you ever gotten out of a hot bath after soaking for a while and realised that you were desperately thirsty? It’s likely because immersing yourself in hot water for long periods of time can actually deplete your body of moisture. Soaking in a hot bath can be absolutely blissful in this weather, but either try to keep your wallowing time to a minimum, or don’t make the water too hot. Scalding showers can also suck a fair bit of moisture out of you, so try to keep them short as well.你有没有过洗完澡之后觉得自己超级渴的感受?这是因为长时间泡在热水中会带走身体里的水分。这个季节泡个热水澡的确十分惬意,但记住要么不要泡太久,要么水温不要太热。过烫的热水也会带走身上的水分,所以尽量缩短洗澡时间吧。6. Stay Hydrated6. 多喝水Even though drinking water doesn’t moisturize your skin directly, it keeps your cells in top working order, which reflects in every area of your life—skin cells included. Flushing toxins out of your body with plenty of fluids will often keep you from breaking out as well.尽管饮水不会直接保湿皮肤,但可以让你的细胞保持正常的工作状态,这就体现在你生活的方方面面,皮肤细胞也不例外啦。大量的液体可排出体内毒素,还可以让你时刻保持充沛的体力。Taking just a couple of these precautions should make a significant difference in the health of your skin in winter. Eating properly and getting regular sleep will improve your overall well-being—which will be reflected in the state of your skin—and wearing proper outerwear such as gloves and scarves when traipsing about in the snow will help protect your skin from nose to toes.只需要做到简简单单的这几步,你的皮肤在冬季继续保持健康。健康饮食,规律作息可以全面改善你的健康度,这当然也会反映在皮肤上。雪中漫步时,记得配好诸如手套和口罩这样的装备,将你的皮肤从头保护到脚。 /201301/218688Wang Anshi, courtesy name Jiefu, literary name Banshan (born 1021, Linchuan, Jiangsu Province, died 1086, Jiangning, Jiangsu), was a Chinese poet and government reformer of the Song Dynasty.王安石,字介甫,号半山,1021年生于江苏临川,1086年卒于江苏江宁,中国诗人、宋朝政府改革家。His “New Policies; of 1069~1076 sparked academic controversy that continued for centuries.王安石施行的“新政”(1069年至1076年)引发了延续几个世纪的理论论争。He created a fund for agricultural loans to farmers to spare them the exorbitant demands of moneylenders; he also replaced corvée labour with a hired-service system financed by a graduated tax levied on all families.王安石创立了贷给农民的贷款基金,从而使农民不必再借高利贷;王安石还停止了劳役,建立了靠从所有的家庭征收的累进税提供资金的有偿务体系。He enabled officials to purchase supplies at the cheapest price in the most convenient market.王安石使得官员们能在最方便的市场上买到最廉价的供应品。He established a village militia system, reorganized the Hanlin Academy, and restructured the civil service examinations.王安石建立了民兵制度,改造了翰林院,调整了科举考试。Wang#39;s reforms were unpopular, and he was forced to resign in 1074.王安石的改革是不受欢迎的,1074年王安石被迫辞职。He returned to government in 1075, but with less political power.1075年王安石被重新启用,但是权力不及原来。After the emperor#39;s death an antireform clique came to power and dismantled Wang#39;s reforms by the time of his death shortly afterward.皇帝驾崩后反改革派上台,到不久王安石去世的时候,反政革派废除了王安石的改革措施。 /201508/391297

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