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A: Id like to return this radio.我想要退掉这台收音机B: Okay. Do you have your receipt?好的,你有收据吗?A: I lost it.我丢失了收据B: I am sorry, but you need a receipt a refund.很抱歉,但是要退款你需要收据A: But I purchased it yesterday.但是我昨天刚买的B: Perhaps you would like to talk to customer service.也许你得和顾务中心说说A: Well, that a start, I guess.我猜,那是个开始B: Theyre right upstairs.顾务中心就在楼上A: That sounds good. Ill take the escalator.听起来不错我会从自动扶梯上去B: Good luck. I hope someone can help you.祝你好运我希望有人能帮助你

1.你们在考虑建立一个大规模的食品合资企业,对吗?You intend to have food joint venture of big scale, right?Yes.是的Yes, a joint venture pays less income tax, or even no income tax at all under certain conditions during the first five profit making years.是的,合资企业付较少的所得税,甚至在某些情况下,前五个利润生产年可不付税Yes. The parties to the joint venture shall share the profits, risks and losses in proportion to their respective contributions.是的,合资各方各自的投资份额获得利润、分担风险及亏损Yes. The parties to the joint venture may contribute cash, capital goods and industrial property rights, etc, as their investment.是的投资各方面可以投资现金、实现资本和工业产权等作为其投资Yes. First of all, you have to do a market survey to choose the right project and seek a suitable Chinese partner.是的,首先,要做市场调查,选择正确的项目,并且寻找合适的中国伙伴. 投资总的金额是多少?What is the price of the total amount of investment?About $ 6 million. This figure is large enough to provide the construction funds and circulation capital.大约600万美元这个数目用来供给建设资金和流动资金足够了Well supply machinery and equipment estimated at about 0% of the total investment.我们将提供机器和设备,大约占总投资的0%We lay out about 51% of the total investment.我们预备投资数目为总投资额的51%They shall be assessed according to their prices on the world market.它们应该根据国际市场价格来估价I think that the total amount of investment would at least be 5 million US dollars. Only this figure can provide the construction funds and circulating capital.我认为,总投资至少500万美元只有这个数目的投资才可能提供这个项目的建设资金和周转资金3. 你能告诉我这个合资企业的合同期限是多少?Could you tell me how long the joint venture will be?We can fix the term years first. If we can run the venture well, the period can be prolonged later.我们可以先定为年,如果偶经营不错的话,以后期限还可以延长I suggest years to start with. The contract would be extended if both sides agree.我建议先订年如果双方同意,合同可以延长This joint venture needs a large investment, and the capital recovery period is long, so we suggest that the term of the contract is 0 years.有关合同的期限,由于该何英企业资金需求量大,投资回收期长,我们建议合营企业的期限是0年. 请问合营企业各方面如何分享利润和分担亏损?May I ask how should profit and loss be shared between the parties to a joint venture?A joint venture set up between parties to it is and independent entity assuming sole responsibility its profit and loss. The profit and loss shall be shared between the parties to the jiont venture in proportion to their respective contributions.由合营各方成立的合营企业是一个独立的实体,对其本身的盈亏负完全责任,合营各方将其各自投资份制,承担企业的赢利和亏损As the profit distribution of the joint venture, we would like to suggest that the net profits of the joint venture the first three years of operation should not be distributed, but should be used to replenish the capital of the joint venture.关于合营企业的利润分配问题,我们建议生产的前三年,合营企业的净利润不做分配,而用以合营企业的追加资本 39

A: I am calling to purchase health insurance.B: Do you have health insurance now?A: I was on my parents’ policy, but I need to start buying my own.B: You can purchase an HMO or a PPO. Do you know what you want?A: I don’t know what I want.B: Let me explain it to you. An HMO is a little cheaper, but you can only choose certain doctors.A: When I go to the doctor, do I pay the same out-of-pocket expenses a PPO?B: The payments are a little lower an HMO as long as you go to their doctors.A: How much will a PPO cost me per month?B: We need to factor in many things. Why don’t you come in, and we will have you fill out a questionnaire. 5

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