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贵阳市第二人民医院取环多少钱铜仁市月经不调效果怎样Conditions of applying for a visa签条件A: I have heard that you are going to Singapore for an international educational conference next month, is it true?A: 我听说你下一个月要去新加坡参加一次国际教育会议,这是真的吗?B: Yes, if eveything goes smoothly.B: 是的,假如一切都很顺利的话。A: Wonderful. It is really a valuable chance to get to know some knowledge frontier as well as the latest teaching skills. Isnt it marvelous? Congratulations!A: 那真是太好了。这绝对是一次了解学术前沿知识和最先进的教学方法的大好机会。这是太棒了。祝贺你啊!B: Thank you. But the procedures to go to another country is very complicated, its a big headache. I really do not know how to make it. I have heard that the procedures to apply for a business visa are not that easy.B: 谢谢你。但是出国的手续很复杂啊,这是目前我最头疼的一件事了。我都不知道该怎么办。听说商务签的程序还不简单呢。A: Dont worry so much. I went to attend an international meeting last year, and I know there are some requirements to be satisfied if you are applying for a business visa, but it is not that difficult as you have imagined. Firstly you need to have an invitation letter, which is a necessity, because the officer in the visa office will need this to confirm that there are really some proper business reasons for you to go to another country and without any ill intention.A: 你不用太过担心这个问题。我去年去参加过一个国际会议,我知道要申请商务签的话是有一些要求应该满足,但并不是像你想象的那么复杂。首先你需要的是一封邀请函,这是必须的东西,因为签办公室要用你的邀请函来确认你确实有真实的商务原因要进入他国而没有任何的不良意图。B: OK, I see. That means the invitation letter is the basic document I need to have. Then I will e-mail the organizer of this conference to provide me with an invitation letter.B: 我明白了,也就是说我首先需要的是最基本的文件就是一封邀请函。那么我会给这次会议的主办方发一封电子邮件,要求他们给我发一封邀请函。A: And the immigration Bureau will ask you to be physically healthy, no criminal record, and no threat to the national security. That means you have to ask the personal department of our school to provide a certificate to confirm that you do not have any of the problems.A: 并且移民局会要求商务考察者身体健康,无刑事犯罪记录,对某国的国家安全不会构成威胁。所以你要到我们学校的人事部门让他们给你出具一份明来实你没有以上问题。 B: OK, this is not difficult. B: 好的,这个并不难。A: So, we are almost there. It is not that complicated as you imagined, huh?A: 基本上就是这些了。没有你想象的那么复杂,是不是?B: Yes, you are right. Thank you so much. You are really helpful. I am really honored to have a friend like you.B: 是啊,你说得对。真是非常感谢你。你对我帮助很大,我很荣幸能有你这样的朋友。 /201603/428809贵阳市花溪区中医院人工流产多少钱 17第十七单元Conversation 1会话 1A:Miss Sun,could you please type this report for me?A:孙,请替我打这份报告好吗?B:Certainly,Mr. Baker.B:当然,贝克先生。A:Could you please double space it so I can make corrections?A:你能不能隔行打?这样我才好删改。B:Yes,l will. Do you need it finished right away?B:好的。你现在就要吗?A:No. This afternoon will be fine.A:不,今天下午完成就可以了。Conversation 2会话 2A:Miss Gray,would you please type this report for me?A:格雷,能帮我打这份报告吗?B:Of course,Mr. Green ?B:当然可以,格林先生。A:Can you print it out before 12 oclock? I need it this afternoon.A:能在12点前打印出来吗?我今天下午要用。B:No problem. I will do it immediately.B:没问题,我马上就做。A:Please double space it and print it out on the laser printer so I can it easily.A:请隔行打,并且用激光打字机打出来,这样我看起来比较轻松。B:OK. Would you like this report done in a formal or informal style?B:好的。您要的这份报告用正式格式还是非正式格式打出来?A:Please type it in a formal style.A:请用正式格式打出来?B:I see. Anything else?B:我知道了。还有其他事情吗?A:No, thanks.A:没有了,谢谢。 /201605/442943The 1967 film Guess Whos Coming to Dinner by director Stanley Kramer broke ground on racial issues. Mike OSullivan spoke with the late directors wife about the impact of the film, newly re-released on a 40th anniversary DVD. 1967年由导演斯坦利.克雷默执导的电影《猜猜谁来吃晚餐》首次探讨了种族婚恋问题。在该片推出40周年之际,记者采访了已故斯坦利.克雷默的遗孀凯伦.克雷默,谈到了这部电影40年来所产生的影响。In 1967, 16 states still had laws against interracial marriage, but attitudes were changing. In July of that year, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned those state laws. In December 1967, a classic movie that looked at an interracial relationship was released in Los Angeles - Guess Whos Coming to Dinner. 1967年,尽管美国还有16个州禁止异族通婚,但是人们的态度却在悄悄改变着。1967年7月,联邦最高法院推翻了那些州的法律;12月,一部反映异族婚恋的电影在洛杉矶首映,这部经典影片就是《猜猜谁来吃晚餐》。The film came close to not being made, says Karen Kramer, who worked with her late husband Stanley behind the scenes on the movie. 凯伦.克雷默是该片导演、已经过世的斯坦利.克雷默的遗孀。她和丈夫一起拍摄了这部电影。她说,这部电影当时差点就拍不成了。Kramer enlisted actors Katharine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy, and Sidney Poitier, and actress Katharine Houghton, who was Hepburns niece. 克雷默夫妇说凯瑟琳.赫本、斯潘塞.特雷西、西德尼.波蒂埃以及凯瑟琳.赫本的侄女凯瑟琳.霍顿加盟演出。The story concerned a young African-American doctor, played by Poitier, who wants to marry Houghton, a young white woman. They have not known each other long, but he is an ideal prospect, respected in his field and well mannered. But parents Hepburn and Tracy must deal with the fact he is black at a time when interracial marriages were frowned on. 影片讲述的是一位由波蒂埃扮演的年轻非洲裔医生,希望能和由霍顿扮演的白人女孩结百年之好的故事。两个年轻人认识的时间不长,但是年轻的非裔医生却是一个理想的人,他在工作中广受尊重,生活、工作都安排得井井有条。但是赫本和特雷西扮演的父母的却必须得面对现实,因为这个小伙子是黑人,而当时异族通婚不为人所接受。Poitiers characters parents are also opposed to the marriage. In one scene, the doctors father tries to dissuade him: ;Have you thought what people would say about you? Why, in 16 or 17 states, you would be breaking the law. You would be criminals. And say they changed the law, that dont change the way people feel about this thing.; 小伙子的父母也反对这桩婚事。在一场戏中,小伙子的父亲希望说儿子放弃白人女友。父亲说:“你有没有想过人们会怎么议论你?在禁止异族通婚的十六七个州里,你这样做是犯法的,你会成为罪犯。就算他们改变了法律,人们对这种事情的看法也是不会改变的。”Karen Kramer says at the time, the topic was sensitive and the director did not tell the studio what the story was about as the film was being made. ;He knew that if Columbia pictures knew what the subject matter was, they probably would not have allowed him to make it. So they kept asking him, Stanley, what is this film about? Well, it is a love story, he would say. Well, it is a love story.; 凯伦.克雷默说,当年这类话题非常敏感,拍摄电影的时候,作为导演的斯坦利.克雷默没有告诉电影公司他到底在拍什么电影。她说:“斯坦利知道,一旦他告诉了哥伦比亚电影公司他在拍什么,公司可能不会让他继续下去。所以每次公司问他:斯坦利,你拍的这部电影到底是讲什么的。斯坦利就说:噢,就是一部爱情片而已。”They started filming in San Francisco. ;We had a week up in San Francisco to shoot all the exterior shots, and then everything was really shot right here in Los Angeles at the old Columbia Pictures. But when we were in San Francisco, the studio demanded to see the screenplay. And once they it, they canceled the film,; she said. 克雷默当时在旧金山开拍这部电影。凯伦.克雷默回忆说:“我们花了一个星期的时间去旧金山取外景,其它的就是在洛杉矶旧的哥伦比亚电影公司的影棚里拍摄的。我们在旧金山的时候,电影公司要求看剧本。看完后,公司取消了电影的拍摄工作。”The studio said it was canceling the film because star Spencer Tracy was in failing health, and if anything happened to him, they would lose their investment. 当时电影公司的理由是,片中主角之一特雷西健康状况不好,如果万一他出了什么事,公司的投资就打水漂了。;We all came home, and Stanley was devastated. He did not know what to do. But he suddenly got an idea. He grabbed me by the hand. He put me in the car, and we rode over to see Katharine Hepburn. And he said, Kate, look, you and I both know this is not the reason why they are canceling this film. It is subject matter,; she said. 她说:“我们大家都回家了,斯坦利非常沮丧,他不知道接下去该做什么。不过很快他想到了一个主意。他抓着我跳上了车,我们一起跑到凯瑟琳.赫本家里。他对凯瑟琳说:我们都知道公司取消拍摄工作的真正理由不是这个,而是题材的问题。”Kramer and Hepburn put their salaries up for collateral and ensured the film was finished. 克雷默和赫本用他们的工资做担保,使影片拍摄工作得以完成。It opened quietly at a small theater in Los Angeles. 《猜猜谁来吃晚餐》低调地在洛杉矶的一家小剧院里上演。;And the minute the doors opened, there were lines around the block. I do not mean two blocks. I mean 15 blocks long. And the people just never stopped coming. And it still remains today as one of the highest grossing films of all time for Columbia Pictures,; she said. 凯伦.克雷默回忆起了当时的情况,她说:“电影院的门一打开,我们看到人们已经排起了长龙。这条长龙不是一两条街,而是蜿蜒了15条街那么长。观众陆续不断地来。一直到今天,这部电影仍然是哥伦比亚电影公司历史上收益最好的电影。”Some critics loved the film, while others did not, one calling it sanctimonious drivel. Some viewers were outraged by an interracial kiss. 影评人士对影片褒贬不一。有的说这部电影假装神圣,有的观众对电影中异族男女接吻的镜头表示非常愤怒。But attitudes were changing, like the changing attitude of Katharine Hepburn in the film, as she talked with Spencer Tracy about their love-struck daughter.但是态度正在转变,正如凯瑟琳.赫本在电影中态度的转变,就像她与斯宾塞.屈塞聊陷入爱河的女儿一样。HEPBURN: ;Until today, I would never have believed that I could say such a thing, but when she fights you, I am going to be on her side.;赫本:直到今天,我也很难相信自己竟然会说这样的话,但是当她反对你的时候,我会继续持她。Karen Kramer says young people, in particular, responded well to the film when it previewed at Stanford University and after it opened. 不过,凯伦.克雷默说,当时电影在斯坦福大学首映以及后来全面上映后,年轻人对该片都非常肯定。Spencer Tracy died just weeks after filming was completed, leaving behind a body of work of nearly 80 films, and Guess Whos Coming to Dinner is an important part of his legacy. Hepburn won the Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her work in the film, one of four Best-Actress Oscars she won in her career. 而凯瑟琳.赫本以该片赢得了奥斯卡最佳女主角奖,这是她演艺生涯中获得的4个奥斯卡最佳女主角奖中的一个。The American Film Institute has included Guess Whos Coming to Dinner among the top 100 films of the 20th century. 美国电影协会把《猜猜谁来吃晚餐》列为世纪100部最佳电影作品之一。The anniversary release is included in a new DVD set with four other Kramer films, including another classic, The Wild One, with Marlon Brando.周年纪念日发布的时候,将会与其他四部克雷默的电影一起载入DVD光盘中,还包括其他两部名著,马龙.白兰度的《飞车党》。200802/27980息 烽 县 保 胎 哪 家 医 院 最 好 的

贵州医科大学附属医院打胎价钱贵阳中医学院第二附属医院妇产科电话 Now you'd think that from a health point of view, lying in a hospital was probably the safest place to be, but More4 News and Channel4 News Online have discovered the number of deaths in hospitals due to medical errors have doubled in the last 2 years. Responding to a Freedom of Information request that was put in by us, the National Patient Safety Agency said from 2004 to 2005, 10 people died as a result of medication errors in hospitals. Fatalities rose the following year, resulting in 16 deaths and increased again last year, killing 21 people. Now that sounds like a small number, but health service managers told us it represents a growing volume of medical negligence cases-cases whose settlement is proving increasingly expensive.Over 406 million pounds was spent out, says paid out last year to claimants and on top of that, another 145 million to, to legal teams defending or fighting these claims. So, it's a lot of money that's not spent on replacing hips and, and doing other vital things. Tonight the Department of Health told More4 News that patient safety was a key priority for the NHS and added, although any avoidable death is one too many, it's important to remember that of the 12 million patients who were admitted to NHS hospitals last year, only 21 deaths were caused by medication incidents. That is 0.0002%. And they added that patient safety was a key priority in the NHS. Well, with me in the studio now to discuss these figures is Peter Walsh from Action Against Medical Accidents, a charity that promotes better patient safety. The NHS have a point ,don't they, with 12 million patients being treated, only 21 people dying from this kind of medical errors. It's apparently to be a slender percentage of deaths, isn't that?Yes, we have to remember that in terms of the proportion of patients treated, it's very small numbers, but actually it's a tragedy of enormous proportions. And the numbers given to you today are probably just the tip of the iceberg, because it's widely accepted that reporting of incidents is far far less than the actual incidents. What can be done though to try and get over the fact that human error is inevitable when treating patients? There'll always be a degree of human error, but what's really disappointing is that there's so much more that the system could do to help reduce the risk of these errors happening in the first place. We want to see more urgency given to design and system solutions. For example, you can design a packaging, and, a labeling of drugs to make it less likely that the wrong drug will be given. Yeah, what kinds of medication error? Is it because a doctor has prescribed the wrong drug or the wrong amount or is it usually because somebody makes a mistake in administering it?It's a whole range of things. It could be that someone makes a mistake in grabbing the wrong ampoule, therefore administering the wrong drug. The drug could be administered to the wrong part of the body. For example, the spine as opposed to being injected into the vein, and or the drug could be given to the wrong patient even, thereby causing a, a massive reaction. You do with these cases all the time. Is there any simple thing that could be done that would prevent more deaths?There's no one single thing. It's a raft of measures. Let's just say, there are designed solutions we can look at. We also need not to put staff in a position that leads them to be in more risk of making an error. We need proper supervision for staff, and we need proper training for staff before they are allowed to administer certain types of drugs. Peter Walsh, thanks for talking to us tonight. Thank you.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------negligence case:【法】 医疗事故 200805/39703贵阳市花溪区中医院处女膜修复

昭通市妇幼保健医院剖腹产价格 Opposition Leader Tsvangirai Calls for Expanded African Involvement in Zimbabwe津巴布韦反对党呼吁非洲加强干涉  Zimbabwe's opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has called for greater African involvement in Zimbabwe's crises. The Movement for Democratic Change leader added his voice to growing calls for a transitional authority in his country. 津巴布韦反对党领袖茨万吉拉伊呼吁非洲国家加大介入津巴布韦选举危机的力度。这位“争取民主变革运动”领导人也同越来越多的人一样要求在津巴布韦建立过渡政权。Morgan Tsvangirai briefly emerged from his refuge at the Dutch Embassy and told reporters in Harare that the crisis in Zimbabwe demands greater African involvement, supported by armed peacekeepers. 在茨万吉拉伊在他避难的荷兰驻津巴布韦使馆短暂露面,他在哈拉雷对记者说,津巴布韦目前的危机要求非洲国家在维和部队的配合下加大介入的力度。"I am asking the African Union and SADC to lead an expanded initiative supported by the ed Nations to manage what I will call a transitional process," Tsvangirai explained. "We are proposing that the AU facilitation team comprising eminent Africans set up a transitional period which takes into account will of the people of Zimbabwean as exercised on the 29th of March."  茨万吉拉伊说:“我请求非洲联盟和南部非洲发展共同体在联合国的援下,领导一项更加广泛的行动,进而完成我称之的过渡进程。我们建议由杰出非洲人组成的非洲联盟调解小组设定一个过渡期,跟3月29号的做法一样,这个过渡期将考虑津巴布韦人民的意愿。”Tsvangirai listed four requirements for a transitional program, but top of his list was an end to state-sponsored violence. 茨万吉拉伊为过渡计划列出4项要求,其中的头号要求就是结束由国家持的暴力事件。"The violence must stop," he said. "All structures and infrastructures of violence must be withdrawn and disbanded . . . towards this objective, amongst other things war veterans, youth militia and others encamped on the edges of our cities, in towns and villages need to be sent home and be reintegrated into out society. Unofficial roadblocks along the roads and highways must be disbanded. These camps and roadblocks are the checkpoints of violence." 茨万吉拉伊说:“暴力必须停止。所有跟暴力有关的组织和设施都必须取消、解散。为了实现这个目标,军队的老兵、青年民兵以及其他驻扎在我们城镇乡村的人有必要让他们回家去,重新融入我们的社会。街道和公路两旁非官方设置的路障必须要清除。这些营地和路障是暴力时期的关卡。”President Robert Mugabe continues to insist the presidential runoff poll will be held Friday as planned, even though Mr. Tsvangirai has withdrawn from the race. Tsvangirai said he remains convinced his decision to withdraw was the right decision, and he again said he believes the election will be an illegitimate sham. He said his decision has received widesp support from within the region, the continent and the broad international community. 津巴布韦总统穆加贝仍然坚持将于星期五如期举行总统决选,而茨万吉拉伊已经退出选举。茨万吉拉伊表示,他仍然深信退选是正确的决定。茨万吉拉伊再次表示相信,这次的选举是不合法,是虚假的。他说,他的决定得到了本地区、非洲大陆以及广大国际社会的广泛持。Tsvangirai also repeated his belief that a transitional period and dialogue are the only way forward for Zimbabwe in the current climate. 茨万吉拉伊还反复表示,他相信设定过渡期并展开对话,对于目前津巴布韦的形势来说是取得进展的唯一途径。"The transitional period would allow the country to heal," Tsvangirai said. "Genuine and honest dialogue among Zimbabweans is the only way forward. A negotiated political settlement which allows the country to begin a national healing and the process: a, of economic reconstruction; b, provision of humanitarian assistance; and c, democratization would be in the best interests of this country." 茨万吉拉伊说:“过渡期会让这个国家消除分歧。津巴布韦人中间进行真实和诚恳的对话是取得进展的唯一方式。经过磋商达成的政治解决方案可以让国家开始和解,并开始经济重建、提供人道主义援助以及民主化等进程。所有这些都符合国家的最佳利益。”But he warned there could be no talks while the party's number two, Tendai Biti and some "2,000" political prisoners remain behind bars. 不过茨万吉拉伊警告说,如果“争取民主变革运动”二号领导人比迪和大约“两千名”政治犯继续被关押,就不会有任何对话。200806/42809清镇市中医院清宫多少钱贵阳市红十字会医院体检多少钱

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