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贵阳/治疗不孕不育医院哪家最好息烽县中医医院能做人流吗我的班级(My Class) -- :6:7 来源: 我的班级(My Class)   there are thirty-three students in my class. they are all my classmates and friends. five of them are my good friends. they are gloria, lucy, lilian, rone, and dana. we usually study together and play with each other.  we are happy together every day. gloria is good at math. when i have questions about math, i always look her help. dana is good at music. we usually listen to music together. lucy and i are interested in english. we often study english together. rone studies geography and history.  of all the subjects, history is the most difficult to me, so i often ask rone to help me. we are going to graduate in june. i think i will remember them ever. i also hope that we will stay in touch after we graduate.贵阳/看妇科医院那个比较好 Aliens -- ::51 来源: AliensI like aliens because I think they are smart and special.   My aliens have GREen skin. they want to use them to hide their body in hassock because they learn about the poisonous spiders and the venomous snakes and can't eat grass. In addition, they use this trait to hide from plows to steal some corn or nuts.   My aliens live on planet#5 "Idop." there is a lot of land and only a little water. there are a lot of vegetables, fruit, animals, and some fish, but no birds there, so there are a lot of snakes and insects.   Nobody knows how long the aliens have lived there, because aliens are very arcane and smart creatures.A Speech of Thanks 致谢词 -- :9: 来源: A Speech of Thanks 致谢词  Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,  First of all, please permit me to thank you giving us such a warm welcome.  Your school is a famous school in the USA. We are so glad to have a nice chance to visit your school today.  We are sure that our stay here will be colorfu. We'd like to exchange experience in study with American students, and we hope our American friends will help us with our English.  Thank you again your warm welcome.  女士们,先生们,亲爱的朋友们:  首先请允许我谢谢你们这么热烈的欢迎  你们学校是美国的一所名校今天有机会参观贵校,我们非常高兴  我们相信这次短暂的访问一定会丰富多我们愿意和美国学生交流学习经验,并希望美国朋友们帮助我们学好英语  再次感谢你们的热烈欢迎贵 阳 治 疗 妇 科 病 医 院 哪 个 好

观山湖区看妇科多少钱The Apple Tree 蘋果树 --7 :: 来源: The Apple Tree 蘋果树  A young apple tree begins to grow from a seed. When its roots reach into the soil, it gets water. The young tree uses light from the sun and makes its own food. several years, the tree grows bigger.  Then, in spring, it grows sweet flowers. During the summer, apples begin to grow. They grow bigger and bigger. In autumn, they began to fall from the tree.  People like apples because they taste good. And they are good health.  小蘋果树是由一颗种子长大的当它的根扎到土壤里,它就得到了水分小树利用阳光,制造了自己的食物几年以后,小树长大了  后来,到了春天,树长出了清香的花朵夏天时,蘋果开始生长它们长得越来越大到了秋天,蘋果开始从树上落下来  人们喜欢蘋果,因为它们味道好,而且对健康有益贵 阳 宫 外 孕 要 多 少 钱 治 疗 买水果(Buying fruit) -- :: 来源: 买水果(Buying fruit)  One Sunday morning , my mother and I are in a fruit shop . I like fruit very much , so I want to buy some fruit .  There are a lot of fruits in the shop . Look , the watermelons are green and big , the bananas are yellow and nice , the apples are red and sweet . I like pears very much , so my mother buys three kilos of pears me . And my father likes bananas , so my mother buys two kilos of bananas him .  We are very happy .贵阳/体检机构哪个好

贵阳/妇科那个医院比较好我最喜欢的书 My Favorite Book -- ::53 来源: I like ingvery much. The fairy tales are my favorites, such as Grimm’s Fairy Tales,Anderson’s Fairy Talesand so on. But I like Zheng Yuanjie’s fairy tales most, such as Shuke and Beitaand many other books. The roles in his fairy tales are so funny. Sometimes, I thinkthey are around me. They are my classmates or my friends. Theree, thesestories are also my own stories. And, his books also teach me to be a good kid.我很喜欢读书,童话故事是我最喜欢的比如说格林童话,安徒生童话等等但是我最喜欢的是郑渊洁童话,比如说《舒克和贝塔还有很多其他书本他的童话故事里的角色十分有趣,有时候我会觉得他们就在我身边,他们是我的同学或者朋友,这些故事也是我的故事另外,他的书也教我成为一个好孩子 我的同桌 My Deskmate -- :: 来源: My deskmate is Nancy. She is a lovely girl. We are deskmates and friends. Nancy is a new student of my class. She comes to my class only two weeks. My teacher let her sit near me. At first, I didn't like her, because she was quiet. But, as time goes by, we become familiar to each other. I introduce my teachers and classmates to her. I am so happy, because I can help her something.我的同桌叫南希,她是个可爱的女孩我们是同桌也是朋友南希是我们班的新生,来我们班只有两个星期老师让她坐在我旁边刚开始,我不喜欢她因为她很文静但是,随着时间的流逝,我们相互熟悉了我向她介绍我的老师和同学我很开心,因为我可以帮到她贵阳/做人流手术哪个医院好贵阳/治疗宫颈糜烂权威医院

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