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贵阳市白云区人民医院做人流多钱贵阳市第二人民医院预约Business Loyalty cards and insurance Every little helps商业 会员卡和保险 积少成多As it pushes into finance, Tescos Clubcard gives it a competitive edge乐购进军金融界,其会员卡为之奠定优势SOME young drivers get tanked up and wrap their cars round lampposts; others drive carefully, and sober.一些年轻的司机给车加满油,不开而是停在路灯边上;也有一些谨慎上路,不过时刻清醒绝不酒驾。Insurers would love to collect more background information on the personal habits of those buying motor, household and life policies, but do not want to put off potential customers with intrusive questionnaires.之于购置汽车,家居用品和人寿保险的消费者,保险商更乐意于收集他们的个人喜好,而不是用无礼的问卷赶走潜在客户。So they end up pooling groups of people by such basic factors as age, occupation and postcode, which means that some low-risk customers are lumped in with risky ones and subsidise their cover.因此他们趋向于将收集的信息划成年龄,职业,地域邮编等分类,也就是说把不乐意冒风险的和有冒险意识的客户放在一起考虑,用后者的投资弥补前者的保险金。If only insurers could stealthily gather a few titbits about their potential policyholders consumption habits.若保险公司真能暗地里收集到些许潜在投保人的消费喜好也不是坏事。Such hints might help them more accurately target those customers least likely to make claims, and attract them with better rates.这些线索能帮他们更准确的找出不愿投保的人,并以优惠的利率将其吸引过来。As it happens, Tesco routinely collects such information from holders of its Clubcard loyalty card.碰巧乐购长期以来也正用会员忠诚卡收集客户的信息。As it bulks up in financial services, that may give Britains largest supermarket chain an edge over traditional insurers.乐购在金融务业正日益壮大,相较于传统保险公司,这种忠诚卡将会使这个英国最大的超市产业链在信息收集上更具优势。To give an obvious example, it would be worth offering pet insurance to someone who has started buying kitty-litter.举个典型的例子,向开始买猫砂的人推销宠物保险是值得一试的;Buying lots of booze does not make you a drunk-driver, but someone who buys little or none seems less likely to be one.疯狂买酒的人不一定会酒驾(车祸保险),但几乎不买酒的人可能性更小;Buyers of window locks are likely to be more security-conscious, and so on.买窗锁的人极有可能安全意识较强,等等。Tesco declined to discuss how it uses Clubcard data for this article.乐购拒绝在如何利用会员卡收集信息方面谈得过多。But a group of students at the London School of Economics carried out a class project in which they made several applications for Tesco car insurance.但伦敦经济学院的一组学生对此做了课题并投保了乐购车险。When they gave the number of an unused Clubcard it earned a 1% discount.当他们报出一张已经闲置不用的卡号时,只得到1%的折扣;When they gave the same personal details but ed the numbers of heavily used Clubcards, the discounts varied greatly, reaching 18%.而当他们用同样的身份信息加上频繁一个使用的卡号时,折扣大的多,将近有18%。To paraphrase Tescos slogan, it seems that every little scrap of information helps.借用乐购的标语,似乎正是涓流成河,积少成多。 /201212/214206贵阳解放军第44医院做流产吗 清镇市盆腔炎需要多少费用

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六盘水市钟山区人民医院四维怎么预约 Ant Attack!蚂蚁来袭!Imagine this. You’re coming home to your gated community after a long day of work. As you stop to show the guard your ID, a mugger jumps out from behind a bush and grabs you by the mouth.想象一下这样的情景:结束了一天的漫长工作之后,你走到了小区的大门前。正当你停下来给门卫看你的出入时,有一人从灌木丛后跳出来,捂住你的嘴巴……Okay, that last part sounded a little weird, but that’s pretty much the way it happens to sweat bees. These are the little metallic-looking critters who live in nests burrowed into the ground. Some bees go out foraging, but one stands by the entrance to the nest. She doesn’t let anyone in unless he can identify himself using a chemical tag. When the returning bee is waiting for the ID check, its most vulnerable. And sure enough, entomologists have observed another species attacking at just that moment. Ectatomma ruidum–ants.唔,好吧,后面一部分听起来是有那么一点奇怪,但汗水蜜蜂就经常碰到这样的事情。这些小生物有着金属色的外表,居住在掘至地面的蜂巢里。有的蜜蜂外出觅食,此时,就会有一只蜜蜂像守卫一样把守在蜂窝的入口处。她不会让任何不能通过特殊的化学标记亮出自己身份的蜜蜂进入蜂巢。然而,等待确认身份这一短短的时间却是他们最容易受到攻击的时候。事实也是如此,科学家们发现正是在等待确认身份的时候,汗水蜜蜂极易受到另一种生物——一种叫做Ectatomma ruidum的蚂蚁的攻击。E. ruidum charges the waiting bee, grabs its mouthparts, hauls it away and kills it–now somebody else will be bringing home a little snack. What’s a bee to do? Two French researchers have recently spotted sweat bees changing their flight paths when an ant is lurking by the hole. According to the study, bees have been seen pulling up at the last minute and later try coming in from a different direction. Others land far away from the hole and then dash in on foot. Researchers found that even a dead ant with its odor removed is enough to spook the bees.芮杜木会冲向等待着的蜜蜂,抓住他的口器,再将他拖到远处杀死——这个时候别的蜜蜂可能正在将食物运回蜂巢。那么,蜜蜂又将怎么防着这些蚂蚁呢?两名法国研究员近日指出,一旦发现有蚂蚁潜伏在蜂巢附近,蜜蜂们立刻会改变飞行方向。该研究还发现,蜜蜂会在最后一刻停下来,然后再试图从其他方向进入蜂巢。其他有的也会在离洞口较远的地方停下来,再徒步冲进蜂巢里面去。研究人员还发现,即使是一只死掉的气味散尽的蚂蚁都足以把蜜蜂们给吓破胆。This is an impressive feat, showing that sweat bees are somehow able to understand the danger posed by ants. But it’s also eye-opening to realize how much strategy and counterstrategy is involved in the daily lives of even the smallest insects.这样的事情相当令人吃惊,至少这告诉我们汗水蜜蜂能感知到由蚂蚁所发出的危险气息。从另一个方面说,这也让人大开眼界:战略与对策甚至被用在了最渺小的昆虫们的日常生活当中。 /201301/220067清镇市中医院妇科专家预约挂号贵州省南岳医院做核磁共振需要多长时间

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