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Myanmars military-backed government has released 102 prisoners, including many jailed on political charges, in a move that comes just before it is set to hand over power to a pro-democracy opposition party.军方持的缅甸政府释放了102名囚犯,其中包括多名政治犯。缅甸政府是在即将把权力移交给民主派反对党之际采取这一举措的。The prisoners were freed Friday from Insein prison near Yangon, according to a presidential spokesman. At least 20 of the freed detainees were prisoners of conscience while others were common criminals, officials said.缅甸总统发言人说,这批囚犯星期五在仰光附近的永盛监狱获释。缅甸官员说,在这批囚犯中,至少20人是良心犯,其余是普通犯人。Among those freed was 32-year-old New Zealand citizen Philip Blackwood, who was sentenced last year to two and a half years in prison for using an image of Buddha in a flyer that a judge said insulted Buddhism.获释者中包括32岁的新西兰公民菲利普·布莱克伍德,他去年因为在宣传材料上使用佛的图像被认定亵渎佛教,判处两年半监禁。Under the leadership of reformist President Thein Sein, Myanmars government has released more than 1,300 political prisoners in recent years, even while continuing to throw activists and dissidents behind bars.近年来,在改革派总统吴登盛任期内,缅甸政府先后释放了1300多名政治犯,同时又将另外一些活动人士和异议人士送入监狱。At least 537 people remain jailed on political charges, according to the Assistant Association for Political Prisoners.政治犯援助协会说,缅甸目前还监禁着至少537名政治犯。来 /201602/424973。

Taiwan fears getting caught between the US and China as president-elect Donald Trump threatens a tougher approach towards Beijing and the Chinese government intensifies its sabre-rattling in the region.美国当选总统唐纳特朗Donald Trump)威胁对中国采取更强硬立场,而北京方面加大了在所在地区的武力恫吓,面对这种情况,台湾担心被夹在美中之间左右为难。Politicians and analysts in Taiwan believe Beijing is stepping up pressure on the self-governing and democratic island, which China claims is its territory, because of actions taken by Mr Trump.台湾政治人士和分析人士认为,由于特朗普采取的动作,北京方面正在对这座自治、民主的岛屿施加更大压力。北京方面声称台湾是中国领土的一部分。Feng Shih-kuan, Taiwan’s defence minister, on Tuesday called on the military to “maintain a high degree of combat inessas the “threat from the enemy grows day by day.”周二,台湾国防部长冯世宽要求军方“保持战备的警觉”,因为“敌情威胁日益增长”。He made the comments hours after the Chinese navy sailed its only aircraft carrier just 90 nautical miles from the coast of Taiwan. Taipei deployed fighter jets and naval ships to monitor the progress of the carrier and its supporting fleet. Beijing has said the carrier is on a routine exercise.他发表这番讲话数小时前,中国海军仅有的一艘航母航行至距台湾海岸仅90海里处。台湾方面部署了战斗机和海军舰艇,监视该航母及其辅助舰队的行进。北京方面表示,该航母在进行例行演练。The carrier’s movement came weeks after the Chinese military flew a bomber capable of carrying nuclear weapons close to the edge of Taiwanese territory and the Chinese navy snatched a US naval submarine drone in the South China Sea.几周前,中国军方派遣一架能携带核弹的轰炸机,飞至邻近台湾领空边缘的空域,中国海军还在南中国海捕获了美国海军一具无人潜航器。Mr Trump upset Beijing by taking a congratulatory phone call from Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen, the first such high-level contact for decades, and then questioning the “One Chinaprinciple under which most of the world rejects diplomatic ties with Taipei.特朗普接了台湾总统蔡英Tsai Ing-wen)打来的祝贺电话——这是几十年来的首次此类高级别接触——然后又质疑“一个中国”原则。他的行为触怒了北京方面。世界上绝大多数国家遵循“一个中国”原则,拒绝与台北方面建立外交关系。“China is very angry about losing face, so it is picking on Taiwan as a scapegoat,said Lo Chih-cheng, a legislator and foreign policy expert from Ms Tsai’s Democratic Progressive party. “The lesson we learn is that US policy toward Taiwan is a function of US-China policy, so we have to be very careful, whether the US takes a more confrontational or a more friendly approach to China.”“中国丢了面子很生气,所以把台湾当作替罪羊。”蔡英文领导的民进党(DPP)的立法委员、外交政策专家罗致政(Lo Chih-cheng)说,“我们得到的教训是,美国对台政策是随美国对华政策而变的,所以,不管美国对华采取更具对抗性的态度还是采取更友好的态度,我们都必须非常小心。”Beijing has tightened its squeeze on Taiwan since Ms Tsai took office in May because it is unhappy with her party’s insistence that Taiwan should maintain its de facto independence and reduce its economic reliance on China.月蔡英文上台以来,北京方面加大了对台湾的压力,因为他们不满民进党方面所坚持的立场,即台湾应保持事实上的独立地位并减少对中国的经济依赖。Politicians from the opposition Kuomintang, or Nationalist party, which promoted closer links with China under previous president Ma Ying-jeou, have attacked the DPP for upsetting Beijing at a delicate time in the US-China relationship.反对党国民党(Kuomintang)的政治人士批评民进党在美中关系微妙时刻惹恼北京方面。在前任总统马英Ma Ying-jeou)领导下,国民党促成两岸之间发展更密切的关系。“The DPP is unbalanced in its foreign policy,said Lin Yu-fang, a national security expert at the KMT’s think-tank and a former legislator. “They want to make one elephant happy and the other angry but that’s very dangerous for Taiwan because China is the biggest market for our goods and the US is the only nation willing to sell us weapons.”“民进党在外交政策方面是失衡的,”国民党智库的国家安全专家、前立法委员林郁Lin Yu-fang)说,“他们想让一只大象开心,让另一只大象生气,但这对台湾来说非常危险,因为大陆是我方产品的最大市场,而美国是唯一愿意卖给我们武器的国家。”Lin Chu-chia, another KMT policy adviser and a former deputy minister in charge of relations with China, said many Taiwanese want to see Mr Trump push back against Beijing’s assertive behaviour.另一位国民党政策顾问、曾任陆委会副主委的林祖Lin Chu-chia)说,许多台湾人希望看到特朗普反击北京方面的强势行为。But they worry the US president-elect will merely use Taiwan as a “bargaining chipto get concessions from China on trade and other bilateral issues.但他们担心特朗普只会把台湾当作“谈判筹码”,以换取中国在贸易及其他双边问题上作出让步。“We want a consistent policy,said Lin Chu-chia. “If the Americans say they’ll support us without limit in the military sense, we’d be happy.”“我们希望看到有连贯性的政策,”林祖嘉说,“如果美国人说他们将在军事层面无限持我们,我们会很高兴。”Huang Kuo-chang, a legislator from the New Power party, said Taiwan will have to be “patient and prudentuntil Mr Trump’s stance becomes clearer after he takes office next month.时代力量New Power party)立委黄国Huang Kuo-chang)表示,下月就职后特朗普的立场会变得更为清晰,在此之前台湾必须保持“耐心和谨慎”。“I fully support our government strengthening relations with the US government but it is too early to tell which way the Trump administration will go,said Mr Huang, whose party grew out of a student movement opposed to deeper trade with China.黄国昌说,“我完全持我们政府加强与美国政府的关系,但现在要判断特朗普政府将采取什么路线还为时尚早。”时代力量党脱胎于一场反对与中国加深贸易关系的学生运动。He warned that, whatever Mr Trump does, Chinese pressure on Taiwan would backfire in this democracy of 23m people.他警告称,无论特朗普做什么,中国对台湾施压都将在这个2300万人的民主政体引起反弹。“The direction is not set by Ms Tsai and the DPP but by the Taiwanese people, and the Taiwanese people don’t like to be threatened,he said.“决定方向的不是蔡英文和民进党,而是台湾人民,台湾人民不喜欢被威胁,”他说。But the Taiwanese are increasingly nervous about Beijing’s approach.但台湾人对北京方面的做法越来越紧张。“Not many people believe it’s safe for us to become formally independent because we’re scared of China,said Alice Hung, a science student at the National Taiwan University. “If they really want to attack us, what can we do?”“没多少人认为我们转向正式独立是安全的,因为我们害怕中囀?”国立台湾大National Taiwan University)的理科学生Alice Hung说,“如果他们真的想进攻我们,我们能做什么?”来 /201612/485909。

Next Friday, Fifa is expected to elect a new president who isn’t keen on elections. The Bahraini royal Sheikh Salman al-Khalifa has suggested that voters agree on a single candidate before the vote, though modesty precludes him from naming a name. “If we go to election, there will be losers,he explained. Better to “have a clear indication on who will be elected The sheikh sounds like a worthy successor to Sepp Blatter. He does deny complicity in the torture of Bahraini footballers, calling the allegations “nasty lies近日国际足联(Fifa)将选出一位对选举反感的新主席。巴林皇室成员谢赫萨尔曼·阿勒哈利Sheikh Salman al-Khalifa)曾提议投票人在投票前商定一名候选人,尽管出于谦虚他不好意思说出自己的名字。“如果我们要走到选举那一步的话,就必然会有输家,”他解释说。更好的安排是“明确知道谁会当选”。这位酋长听起来像是塞普#8226;布拉Sepp Blatter)的合适接班人。他否认涉及虐待巴林球员案,称这些指控是“肮脏的谎言”。But Fifa isn’t alone. The International Association of Athletics Federations, tennis, American football, volleyball and various other sports are also sunk in scandal. Why are sports officials so embarrassing?但是,国际足联并非特例。国际田IAAF)、网球、美式足球、排球和其他很多运动也都深陷丑闻。体育官员为何如此不可救药?The history of sport divides into two eras: before TV money, and since. Pre-TV, the old white men who ran sport tended to be pompous but not greedy. From the British toffs who invented modern sport, they had copied Victorian customs: blazers, elaborate titles and bans on women. Having swallowed the Victorian notion that sport builds character, they considered themselves morally superior to governments, business and the press. They also tended to feel superior to grubby players and fans.体育的历史分为两个时代:电视转播费登台之前和之后。在电视时代之前,那些管理体育界的白人老头往往自大但并不贪婪。他们从开创了现代体育的英国纨绔子弟们传承了维多利亚时代的习俗:西装、煞有介事的头衔以及禁止女性参与。在照搬了维多利亚时期有关运动锤炼性格的理念后,他们认为自己在道德上高于政府、企业和媒体。他们还倾向于觉得自己比粗鲁的球员和球迷更高一等。Before TV, the world mostly left sports officials to their own devices. They were viewed as harmless old fools supervising children’s entertainments for no money. Nobody bothered to regulate them.在电视出现以前,这个世界基本上放任体育官员自己做主。他们被视为照看孩子们的傻老头,没有优厚收入,但也没什么害处。没人费心去监管他们。Practically the first power brokers to pretend to take them seriously were the Nazis. Sports officials were easily flattered by a regime that preached fitness and discipline. Baron Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the modern Olympics, got behind Berlin. He told critics that using the Games to promote Nazism was just like Los Angeles using the 1932 Games to promote tourism. Avery Brundage (future president of the International Olympic Committee) extolled Nazism for making Germans more athletic. Jo#227;o Havelange (future president of Fifa) returned home from the Berlin Games marvelling at Nazi organisational skills. As late as , Bernie Ecclestone, boss of Formula One, was praising Hitler’s ability to “get things done (Ecclestone later refined this by saying he only meant Hitler until 1938.)差不多第一批假装重视体育官员的权力掮客是纳粹。提倡健身和纪律的政权很容易赢得体育官员的好感。现代奥运会的创始人皮埃#8226;#8226;顾拜Pierre de Coubertin)当年持柏林。他向批评者表示,利用奥运会来推广纳粹主义,与洛杉矶利932年奥运会推广旅游没什么差别。后来出任国际奥委会(IOC)主席的埃弗里#8226;布伦戴奇(Avery Brundage),当时赞赏纳粹主义使德国人的体格更强健。后来出任国际足联主席的若昂#8226;阿维兰热(Jo#227;o Havelange)在从柏林奥运会回国后惊叹于纳粹的组织能力。直009年,一级方程式赛车(Formula One,F1)的老板伯尼#8226;埃克尔斯Bernie Ecclestone)仍在赞美希特勒的实干能力。(埃克尔斯通后来解释称,他只是938年以前的希特勒。)Most sports officials eventually dropped Nazism but they continued to marinate in Victorian pomposity. When the B journalist David Davies took a job at the English Football Association in 1994, he found that entering FA headquarters was like “stepping back into 1894 A fading portrait of the Queen, painted when she was very young, stared down On rather dusty shelves stood silver trophies from bizarre places around the world, some of which no longer existed.”多数体育官员最终放弃了纳粹主义,但是他们仍然沉浸在维多利亚式的浮华之中994年当英国广播公司(B)的记者大#8226;戴斯(David Davies)加入英格兰足球总会(English Football Association)时,他发现进入总部就像是“回894年……一幅褪了色的女王画像——画于她非常年轻的时候——俯视着一切……落满灰尘的架子上放着来自世界各地奇怪角落——有些地方甚至已经不存在了——的银色奖杯。”But TV changed sport. For a start, it inflated its importance. Where once only Hitler had bothered to flatter sports officials, in the TV age all politicians did: just look at the photograph of President Obama in the White House cooing over the soccer shirts that Blatter and Trinidad’s Jack Warner (both now banned from football) had brought him for his daughters.但是,电视改变了体育。首先,电视使体育的重要性大幅膨胀。曾经只有希特勒费心捧高那些体育官员,但是在电视时代,所有政客都加入了拍马屁大军:你只要看看在白宫拍的那张照片就知道了。照片中,美国总统奥巴马对布拉特和特立尼达(Trinidad)的杰#8226;华纳(Jack Warner)——二人如今都已被驱逐出了足球界——送给他女儿的足球球衣欣喜不已。TV money especially changed sport. There was less money than there might have been, because TV executives tended to be cleverer than sports officials, but many officials felt entitled to trouser their share. After all, these men thought that they themselves embodied their sports “the football family as Blatter called Fifa.电视转播费更加明显地改变了体育。以往的钱不是很多,因为那时的电视台高管倾向于比体育官员更聪明,但许多官员认为自己有资格捞一把。毕竟,这些人认为自己代表着体育项目,就像布拉特把国际足联称为“足球家族”。The sums they trousered eventually got so large that fans and journalists complained. Sports officials were genuinely outraged. How dare young whippersnappers without blazers criticise men who had given decades of their lives to “the good of the game Surely the officials deserved to travel the world first-class, like all the other sports officials they knew? (It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his expense account depends on his not understanding it.)最终,他们捞取的利益金额大到了球迷和记者开始抱怨的程度。体育官员真的非常气愤。这些不穿西装的狂妄的年轻人,怎么敢批评那些为“体育事业”奉献了数十年的人?这些官员难道没有资格坐一等舱奔波于世界各地,就像他们认识的其他体育官员一样吗?(当一个人的报销账目取决于他什么都不懂时,你很难让他搞懂任何事。)Happily for sports officials, they were free to ignore the world. Most global sports federations were based in discreet Switzerland, where they enjoyed a degree of “self-regulationthat bankers just dreamt of. And so the officials dismissed criticism. Almost refreshingly, they never bothered learning the modern corporate language of PR, which is why Blatter kept coming up with howlers like advising women footballers to wear “tighter shorts对于体育官员来说,好在他们可以固守自己的独立王国,忽视整个世界。全球多数体育联合会的总部设在谨慎低调的瑞士,他们在那里享受着家们只能梦想的“自我监管”。于是,官员们对批评声置之不理。近乎令人耳目一新的是,他们从不费心学习现代企业公关套话。这就是布拉特为何不断语出惊人,比如建议女足球员穿着“更紧身的短裤”。Even today, sport’s ideology remains: world, keep out. Only last October, Paquerette Girard Zappelli, the IOC’s chief ethics and compliance officer, issued the ritual warning to leave sport alone, telling the Play the Game conference in Denmark: “When you speak about interference of governments into the National Olympic Committees, this is absolutely key: this must not be!(The official language of sports officialdom is bureaucratic Globish.)即使在今天,体育界的观念仍然是:世界,别插手我们的事情。就在去0月,国际奥委会的首席道德与合规官帕格莱特·吉拉德·扎培利(Paquerette Girard Zappelli)还在发出例行警告,要求不要干预体育。她在丹麦的Play the Game大会上称:“当你谈论政府干预国家奥委会时,这一点绝对关键:这绝对不行!”(体育官员的官方语言是典型的官僚用语。)But now sport has entered a new era: government control. “Self-regulationhas simply got too embarrassing. The dawn raids by fraud investigators on football officials in Zurich last May marked a turning point. The American and Swiss justice systems continue to dig into Fifa. Switzerland is tightening its laws for sports federations. In response, even Fifa is doing something about its corporate governance. One day, sports federations might be as clean as corporations. That sounds like damning with faint praise but, in fact, it would be a step forward.但是,现在体育进入了一个全新时代:政府控制。“自我监管”简直到了让人情何以堪的地步。去月,欺诈调查人员对苏黎世的足球官员发起的黎明突袭标志着一个转折点。美国和瑞士司法机关继续深挖国际足联的问题。瑞士正在收紧适用体育联合会的法律。作为回应,甚至连国际足联也在进行某种程度的企业治理。未来,体育协会或许会像企业一样干净透明。这听起来像是反讽,但事实上,这将是进步。来 /201603/429145。

Questions have swirled concerning whatll happen to Trumps income in the wake of his winning the 2016 US presidential election, CBS News reported last Friday.据哥伦比亚广播公司上周五报道,自从特朗普赢得2016年总统竞选以来,美国群众都在关心他的收入问题。Trump said at a September 17, 2015, event in Rochester, New Hampshire: The first thing Im going to do is tell you that if Im elected president, Im accepting no salary, okay? Thats not a big deal for me.20157日,特朗普在新罕布什尔州罗契斯特市的竞选活动中曾说:“首先我要告诉大家的是,如果我当选总统,我可以不拿工资,好吗?这对我来说不是什么大问题。”Someone on Twitter asked Trump in a Q And A session, a of which was posted on Trumps Twitter account on September 21, 2015: @realDonaldTrump, will you forgo the presidential salary if elected?推特上曾有网友在提问环节发问,并将这段视频于20151日转发给特朗普的推特账号上:“realDonaldTrump,如果当选,你会不会放弃总统工资?”Trump answered: As far as the salary is concerned I wont take even one dollar. I am totally giving up my salary if I become president.特朗普回答:“就工资来说--我不会拿一分钱。如果我当选总统,我会完全放弃我的工资。”In the same , Trump said he was totally self-funding his campaign and said that he wont take money other than the small stuff.同样是在这段视频中,特朗普还表示自己的竞选活动“完全自掏腰包”,他“除了小东西,不会拿一分钱。”As of last Friday, Forbes estimates that Trumps net worth is .7 billion.截止上周五,《福布斯》估测特朗普的财产约7亿美元。Herbert Hoover, who made millions of dollars in mining before becoming president in 1929, and John F. Kennedy, who came from a wealthy family and became president in 1961, both donated their presidential salaries to charity.赫伯特·胡佛通过矿产积累了数百万美元,于1929年就任美国总统;约翰·肯尼迪出生于一个富裕家庭,961年就任美国总统,二人均把总统工资贡献给了慈善机构。The US Code says on its website: The President shall receive in full for his services during the term for which he shall have been elected compensation in the aggregate amount of 0,000 a year, to be paid monthly, and in addition an expense allowance of ,000 to assist in defraying expenses relating to or resulting from the discharge of his official duties.《美国法典》在其网站上声明称:“总统就任期间应全额领取每0万美元的报酬,外万美元的预算拨款,来协助付因履行公职或与履行公职相关的开销。”来 /201611/479598。

The World Health Organization says it will need some million to implement its strategic response designed to contain the Zika virus, which has been linked to birth defects in newborns.世界卫生组织表示,需要五千六百万美元,实施控制寨卡病毒扩散的战略。这种病毒被认为跟新生儿先天缺陷有关联。The WHO said Wednesday that its strategy focuses on mobilizing and coordinating partners, experts, and resources to help countries enhance surveillance of the Zika virus and disorders that could be linked to it.世卫组织星期三表示,其战略重点在于动员和协调各方合作伙伴和专家,调集人力物力,帮助有关国家加强监控寨卡病毒以及该病毒可能导致的病症。WHO says it has tapped an emergency contingency fund to pay for Zika response until it collects the necessary funds, which will be distributed among the World Health Organization and other international partners in the fight against the virus.世卫组织表示,在筹集到所需款项之前,已动用紧急资金,开展应对寨卡病毒的措施。筹集到的资金将在世卫组织及其他国际合作伙伴之间分发。On Tuesday the organization said countries dealing with Zika outbreaks should consider unorthodox tools, such as genetically modified mosquitos, to halt the sp of the virus.世卫组织星期二曾表示,发现寨卡病毒的国家应考虑采取改造蚊子基因等非常规性的应对方式,遏制病毒的扩散。来 /201602/427008。

Donald Trump has tweeted that Toyota will face hefty tariffs on cars built in Mexico for the US market if it builds Corollas factory south of the border.唐纳德·特朗普于日前发表推特称,如果丰田公司在南部边境建造卡罗拉汽车工厂,那么其在墨西哥为美国市场生产的汽车将会面临高额关税。The president-elect said the Japanese company would be hit with a ;big border tax; if the plan went ahead.这位当选总统表示,如果该真的实施,那么这家日本公司将会遭到巨额关税的打击。Toyotas President Akio Toyoda said the company had no immediate plans to curb production in Mexico.丰田汽车社长丰田章男表示,对于限制在墨西哥生产一事,该公司还没有即时的计划;We will consider our option as we see what policies the incoming president adopts,; said Mr Toyoda, speaking in Japan.丰田章男在日本表示:“我们将在美国新一任总统颁布相关政策之后再做出选择。”The companys US arm issued a statement saying production and employment levels at Toyota in the US would not decrease as a result of the new plant in Mexico.丰田公司美国分公司发表声明称,其在墨西哥建设新工厂不会减少公司在美国的生产量和雇佣人数;Toyota looks forward to collaborating with the Trump Administration to serve in the best interests of consumers and the automotive industry,; the statement said.声明中说道:“丰田公司愿意与特朗普政府合作,为了消费者和汽车行业的利益而务。”Toyota announced in April 2015 it would build a bn Corolla factory in central Mexico. Construction began in November 2016.丰田015月宣布,将在墨西哥中部建设一座价0亿美元的卡罗拉汽车工厂。该工程已于20161月开始。来 /201701/489475。

China will hold the rotating chair of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) bloc next year and host its 9th summit in the Chinese city of Xiamen in September, President Xi Jinping announced in Goa Sunday.国家主席习近平上周日在印度西部的果阿邦出席金砖国巴西、俄罗斯、印度、中国和南非)领导人第八次会晤时宣布,中国将于2017年接任金砖国家轮值主席国,并于明月在厦门市举办金砖国家领导人第九次会晤。Along with Xi, Brazilian President Michel Temer, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and South African President Jacob Zuma attended the summit.和习近平主席一同出席该峰会的有巴西总统米歇尔·特梅尔、俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·普京、印度总理纳伦德拉·莫迪和南非总统雅各布·祖马。China expects to work with all parties concerned to implement the consensuses reached at previous summits, deepen their partnerships and write a new chapter for the BRICS cooperation, Xi said at the 8th BRICS Summit in the western Indian state of Goa.习近平主席称,中方期待着同各方一道,共同落实好历届会晤共识,深化伙伴关系,谱写金砖国家合作新篇章。Xiamen, a tourist resort on the southeast coast of China, is known for its mild climate and beautiful scenery. Xi served as vice mayor of Xiamen in the 1980s.厦门是我国东南沿海的旅游胜地,以气候宜人、景色优美著称。而习近平曾于20世纪80年代在厦门市担任副市长。来 /201610/473034。