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It sounds like the sort of character who would have been deeply unpopular in one of his plays. William Shakespeare was a #39;ruthless businessman#39; and tax dodger, researchers have claimed.研究人员近日声称,恰似莎翁戏剧中那些令人深恶痛绝的角色——莎翁本人就是“冷酷无情的商人和偷税漏税的家伙”。Although he wrote plays that championed the rights of the poor and the needy, archived documents show the playwright was actually a wealthy landowner repeatedly dragged before the courts and fined for illegally stockpiling food and threatened with jail for evading taxes.尽管莎翁笔下维护穷苦贫弱民众的权利,但档案资料显示,莎翁本人却是个富有的地主,多次被揪上法庭、因非法囤积粮食而罚款,甚至因偷税漏税差点蹲监狱。He #39;stored grain, malt and barley for resale at inflated prices to neighbours and local tradesmen#39; at a time when Europe was suffering famines, the academics said, and channelled the profits into land purchases.研究人员说,莎翁囤积谷物、麦芽和大麦,等欧洲饥荒遍野时,再以高价转售给邻居及当地商人,以此牟取高额利润。They added that Shakespeare did all he could to #39;avoid taxes, maximise profits at others#39; expense and exploit the vulnerable – while writing plays about their plight#39;. And his approach of #39;combining both illegal and legal activities#39; meant he could retire after a working life of only 24 years.他们还说,莎翁一边创作有关弱势群体的戏剧,一边却又用尽一切办法逃税、从弱势群体身上尽可能地压榨利益。通过此类非法牟利手段,莎翁仅仅工作了24年便不劳而获、坐享其成了。Researchers at Aberystwyth University carried out an academic study looking into Shakespeare#39;s #39;other life#39; as one of Warwickshire#39;s biggest landowners and have uncovered the less than savoury side to Britain#39;s greatest playwright.在阿伯里斯特威斯大学,研究人员组织了一项学术研究,旨在挖掘莎翁作为沃里克郡大财主的“别样生活”,揭秘英国最伟大的文豪不为人知的阴暗一面。The allegation he exploited famine has also led to suggestions that his Coriolanus, for years regarded as a plea for the starving poor, was in fact his way of trying to expunge a guilty conscience.莎翁利用饥荒大发横财的推测恰好也表明,一直被认为是替穷苦民众伸张正义的《科利奥兰纳斯》,实不过是莎翁自己欲盖弥彰的良心不安作品罢了。Jayne Archer, a researcher in Renaissance literature at Aberystwyth University, said in the Sunday Times: #39;There was another side to Shakespeare besides the brilliant playwright — as a ruthless businessman who did all he could to avoid taxes, maximise profits at others#39; expense and exploit the vulnerable — while also writing plays about their plight to entertain them.杰恩-阿彻在阿伯里斯特威斯大学研究文艺复兴时期的文学。他对《星期日泰晤士报》说:“除了伟大的剧作家身份外,莎士比亚还有另外一面——即逃税避税、无情压榨他人、欺凌弱势群体的商人,尽管他笔下尽是些伸张正义的故事。”#39;Shakespeare is remembered as a playwright, but there was no copyright then and no sense that his plays could generate future income. That drove him to dodge taxes, illegally hoard [food] and act as a money-lender.“莎翁是家喻户晓的剧作家。但当时还没有版权保护,因此他的戏剧作品并不能带来收入。所以,莎翁便靠逃税、非法囤积牟利,完全是个高利贷商人。”Coriolanus depicts a famine created and exploited by rich merchants and politicians to maximise the price of food and includes the lines: #39;They ne#39;er cared for us yet: suffer us to famish, and their store-houses crammed with grain.#39;《科利奥兰纳斯》讲述了富商和政治家哄抬物价而造成大饥荒的故事,其中有句台词就是:“他们才不会管我们的死活呢。我们在这里忍饥挨饿,他们的店铺里却堆满了粮食。”It has now emerged that as Shakespeare wrote the play at the height of the 1607 food riots, he was himself hoarding grain. As one of the biggest landowners in Warwickshire, he was ideally placed to push prices up and then sell at the top of the market.如今看来,莎翁在戏剧中写到1607年粮食危机时,他本人正在囤积粮食。作为沃里克郡的大财主,莎翁占尽地利之便,抬高物价后又在市场上售卖。In a paper, the academics wrote: #39;Over a 15-year period Shakespeare purchased and stored grain, malt and barley for resale at inflated prices to neighbours and local tradesmen.学者在文献中写道:“大概有15年之久,莎士比亚购买并囤积谷物、麦芽及大麦,然后再以高价转售给邻居和本地商人。”#39;In February 1598 he was prosecuted for holding 80 bushels of malt or corn during a time of shortage. He pursued those who could not pay him in full for these staples and used the profits to further his own money-lending activities ...“1598年2月,莎士比亚因在粮食短缺时囤积了640加仑的麦芽或玉米而被告上法庭。他通过向贫弱的民众收购主要粮食来牟取利润,然后进行高利贷交易……”#39;Profits were channelled into land purchases. He also acquired tithes on local produce, including ;corn, grain and hay;, allowing him to cream off the profits from others#39; manual work.“获得的盈利用来购置土地。他还从玉米、谷物、干草等农产品中牟取什一税,也就是从他人的血汗中榨取利润。”#39;By combining both illegal and legal activities, Shakespeare was able to retire in 1613 as the largest property owner in his home town, Stratford-upon-Avon. His profits — minus a few fines for illegal hoarding and tax evasion — meant he had a working life of just 24 years.#39;“通过正当或不正当的买卖,莎士比亚很快就在家乡埃文河畔的斯特拉特福积累了巨大财富,扣除少数因非法囤积和逃税而缴纳的罚款,他可谓获利匪浅。早在1613年仅仅工作了24年,莎翁便可坐享其成了。”Shakespeare#39;s experience as a rich landowner at a time of famine may be reflected in plays such as King Lear, which depicts an ageing monarch trying to divide his lands, and the food they produce, between his daughters.莎翁在大饥荒时期的大财主经历在《李尔王》等戏剧中可见一斑——年迈的君王试图在两个女儿之间划分土地和生产的粮食。Professor Jonathan Bate, the Shakespeare scholar and provost of Worcester College, Oxford, said Archer and her colleagues had performed a valuable service in setting Shakespeare#39;s work in the context of the famines and food shortages of the period.乔纳森-贝特是牛津大学伍斯特学院的教务长,同时也是研究莎士比亚的学者。他说,阿彻女士及其团队的发现对研究莎翁笔下大饥荒与粮食短缺时期的作品很有价值。 /201307/246517当一段感情走到尽头的时候,也许最终的结局就是分手。怎样提出分手,是个十分棘手的问题。各大星座的;筒子;们面对这种情况,会使出怎样的绝招呢?当12星座铁定了心想要分手的时候,TA第一句话会跟你说……白羊座 AriesLet#39;s break up since it is meaningless to continue.再这样很没意思,分手吧。(太直接了……)金牛座 TaurusWe should never see each other again.以后不要再见了。(太坚决了……)双子座 GeminiYou#39;re not the cup of my tea.你不是我的那杯茶。(有外遇了……吧)巨蟹座 CancerSince it#39;s so heartbreaking to be together, why don#39;t we just break up?一起也只有辛苦,不如早点放手。(太经典了)狮子座 LeoFrom now on, I can#39;t love you anymore. Who do you think you are?从这秒开始,我不爱你了。你算啥呀!(太过分了……)处女座 VirgoYou#39;ve changed.你变了。(你也变了……)天枰座 LibraI don#39;t think we#39;re right for each other, maybe we#39;re a bad match?你不觉得我们不合适吗?(太随便了……)天蝎座 ScorpioI don#39;t have feelings for you anymore. Don#39;t contact me again.我对你已经没有感觉,别再烦我。(太狠了……)射手座 Sagittarius(He moved out yesterday.)他昨天就搬走了……(太突然了)羯座 CapricornYou will find someone better for you.你会找到更好的。(烂好人了……)水瓶座 AquariusI think Bachelordom might be what you need right now.我觉得还是一个人生活比较开心。(你有种就不要找下个……)双鱼座 PiscesMy goldfish said she dislikes you, so let#39;s break up.我家金鱼说不喜欢你,所以我们就分手吧。(太无厘头了) 内容来自: /201208/197316

  Two Birds两只鸟Teacher: Here are two birds, one is a swallow, the other is sparrow. Now who can tell us which is which?老师: 这儿有两只鸟,一只是麻雀。谁能指出哪只是燕子,哪只是麻雀吗?Student: I cannot point out but I know the answer.学生:我指不出,但我知道。Teacher: Please tell us.老师:请说说看。Student: The swallow is beside the sparrow and the sparrow is beside the swallow.学生:燕子旁边的就是麻雀,麻雀旁边的就是燕子。


  The Irish Claddagh Rings are probably the most culturally rich pieces of jewelry ever recorded in history. The meaning, significance and history of the Cladagh ring has a rich ancient past that dates back to over 300 years. The design of the Cladag ring and even the way the ring is worn are all deeply rooted in Irish tradition. Today, the meaning of the Claddagh ring and the significance of wearing Claddagh rings has sp far and wide. The Cladaugh ring is made and worn far beyond the small fishing village in Ireland where the tradition started over 300 years ago.爱尔兰克拉达戒大概是载入历史的最具有传统文化意义的首饰。克拉达戒指的历史可以追溯到300年前的古代爱尔兰。克拉达戒指的巧妙设计以及其蕴含不同意义的佩戴方法都充分体现了爱尔兰传统。今天,克拉达戒指的内在含义以及佩戴方法的精妙之处都为全世界人所知,这个小小的“魔戒”不再是爱尔兰独有的产物。Meaning of the Claddagh ring. What do the Cladagh rings mean?克拉达戒指的意义The meaning of the claddagh ring is what gives the ring it#39;s significance. Over the years the cladagh ring has brought up designs with minor variations, the basic meaning and significance of the Irish claddagh ring has however been retained. The hands of the ring are shown holding the heart and the hands denote friendship and togetherness, the heart itself signifies love and the crown in the claddagh ring stands for loyalty. It is this meaning of the claddagh rings that make them an ideal choice for all occassions, wedding rings, birth stone rings, engagement rings, mothers day rings and rings for just about any other occassion. The deep and true meaning of the Irish claddagh rings has also put them into a group of rings referred to as the faith rings. In today#39;s materialistic world where love, friendship and loyalty are becoming increasingly rarer by the day, the claddagh ring with it#39;s realistic and worthy meaning makes an ideal gift to give and to receive.克拉达戒指的真真价值在于它所表达的丰富意义。克拉达戒指流传至今在设计细节上有小小的变动,然而这颗小小“魔戒”的内涵却一直保留至今。戒指的图案是一双手捧着一颗心,在心的顶端有个。这双手代表着友谊和不分离;而心代表着爱;而代表着对爱的忠诚。因为克拉达戒指的独特意义,很多人将它作为婚戒、出生礼物、订婚戒、母情节礼物....也正是因为克拉达戒指的意义,很多人也将其当成是自己信仰的标志,佩戴在手上。在当今社会,物质的欲望往往大过精神世界,这颗小小的“魔戒”作为信物,任然捍卫者人们的爱情、友谊以及忠诚。 History of the Claddagh ring. The Claddagh Irish tradition.克拉达戒指的历史由来The history of the Claddagh ring dates back to over 300 years. A small fishing village in Ireland called the Claddagh was where the tradition of the Claddagh rings first started. The word Claddagh itself comes from the Irish term #39;An Cladach#39; that means a #39;flat stony shore#39;. This was a pretty and ancient village with winding streets and small thatched roofed mud houses. Modernisation has changed all that now but the tradition of the Claddagh ring lives on and has infact grown much stronger in many parts of the world.克拉达戒指的历史可以追溯到300年以前的爱尔兰。在爱尔兰一个叫克拉达的小渔村就是克拉达戒指的发源地。克拉达戒指在爱尔兰语里的意思是“平坦的石岸”。克拉达在古代是个美丽而古老的村庄,蜿蜒的街道和泥土坯的草房子是这个村庄的特色景观。然而现代化让村庄的特色不复存在,而克拉达戒指却让爱尔兰传统文化延续下来,为世界所接受。Wearing the Claddagh ring. Which hand to wear Cladag Rings.怎样佩戴克拉达戒指The meaning and significance of the Claddagh ring is not just in the crown, heart and clasping hands, it also extends to the hand on which the ring is worn and the direction in which the crown on the ring points. In case of a married or engaged person Claddagh rings are worn on the left hand with the crown pointing away from the (the person wearing the ring) heart. For a person willing to consider love the ring is traditionally worn on the right hand with the crown pointing away from the heart. For a person not interested in starting a relationship the Cladagh ring is worn on the right hand with the crown pointing towards the heart.爱尔兰戒指的意义不仅仅在于它设计的意义,佩戴克拉大戒指的方法也十分重要。如果是结了婚或是已经订婚,戒指应该戴在左手,并且(心尖)朝外;如果你还在寻找你的爱人,按照传统,戒指应该佩戴在左手,并且(心尖)朝外;如果你还不想恋爱,戒指就应该佩戴在右手,并且(心尖)朝向自己。 /201307/248707

  ARIES白羊座(Mar. 21- April 20)When your Aries dad is poking fun or picking a fight with you, believe it or not, he is saying that he loves you. Aries dads like action-oriented contests of any sort, and they often show their affection by urging you to flex your own competitive muscles. You can rest assured that despite his jostling and wrangling, your Aries dad is always on your team.白羊座父亲:信不信由你,当白羊座的父亲用严厉的语言来指责你的时候,实际上他是想说他爱你。以行动为导向的他通常都是通过这种方式来表达感情的。放心,尽管他言辞苛责,但他永远是你的好爸爸。TAURUS金牛座(Apr. 21 - May 21)The Taurus father is the strong silent type who will never let you down. Sure, he might not give you the extra you want for your big night out at the movie theater, but he will pick you up afterwards at the very moment he said he would. One unique aspect to the Taurus dad is that he is one of the few fathers who you can actually trust to go clothes shopping with. Top-notch quality is virtually assured.金牛座父亲:沉默寡言的金牛爸爸从来不会让你失望。也许他不持你深夜跑去看电影,但事后一定会去接你的。金牛父亲最独特的表现在于,他是少有的能陪你一块去购物的父亲。这么优秀的父亲当然是最值得信任的人。GEMINI双子座(May 22 - June 21)There is never a dull moment when your Gemini dad is in the room. He is the one cracking jokes, telling stories, and doing his best to get to know every single one of your friends. He#39;ll want to know all the juicy gossip on everyone you hang out with, so get y to disclose everything. Doing so is worth your while. He#39;ll give you solid advice that#39;s actually helpful.双子座父亲:只要他在房间,就不会感到无聊。他爱讲故事,说笑话,喜欢听你谈论朋友,甚至对你漫无边际的闲扯也饶有兴趣。和他交流是件很快乐的事,他会给你实实在在、大有帮助的意见。CANCER巨蟹座(June 22 - July 22)Cancer dads are more like mothers than fathers in some way, although they may try to hide this fact by trying to appear tough and callous. The real truth is that they are big teddy bears. Breaking through their shell may not be easy, but it#39;s worth it, for inside you will find a treasure chest of warm sensitivity and receptivity. Cancer dads might be moody but they will be the most loyal friend you#39;ll ever have.巨蟹座父亲:在某些方面,他们更像母亲而不是父亲,尽管他想极力通过表现地严厉冷漠来掩饰这一点。剥开他坚硬的外壳虽然不易,但却很值得尝试,你将发现在他的内心深入,原来包含着如此丰富的感情。巨蟹父亲喜怒无常,但他会是你遇到的最忠诚的朋友。LEO狮子座(July 23 - Aug. 22)Your Leo dad may act more like the child than the parent, and this is not something that is going to change as time goes by. You may find that your dad becomes more like a kid as he gets older. The Leo dad is the kind of dad who is easy to be friends with. The problem is getting him to leave your party rather than worrying about him putting an end to your party. This king of the forest loves to be honored, and Father#39;s Day is made for Leo dads.狮子座父亲:他的行为举止像个孩子,即使随着时间的推移,也不能改变什么。年纪越大,他的孩子气越重。这样的父亲很适合做朋友。“森林之王”的狮子座父亲喜欢被尊敬的感觉,“父亲节”就是专门为他设的哦。VIRGO处女座(Aug. 23 - Sept. 23)When you find your Virgo dad worrying about you constantly, calling you every hour on the hour to find out your location, it#39;s not because he doesn#39;t trust you, it#39;s only because he loves you - and because he is the biggest worrier on the planet. Ease his mind by giving him a detailed itinerary at the beginning of the night telling him where you will be and who you will be with. He#39;ll have it dialed into his Palm Pilot.处女座父亲:要知道处女座父亲是这个世上最易操心憔虑的人了。如果你在外面,他会不停地叫你告诉他你确切的位置,这并不代表他不信任你,而是因为他太爱你了。无论你去哪儿或是和谁在一块,最好向他交代清楚,让他宽心。LIBRA天秤座(Sept. 24 - Oct. 23)Listen carefully to your Libra dad - his jokes are subtle, and if you aren#39;t quick, you might miss them the first time around. Stay tuned into his under-the-breath comments and you are in for a barrel of laughs. One other bonus - your Libra dad is one you can actually trust when picking out your outfit for the night. He#39;ll tell you what looks good and what doesn#39;t. Trust him.天秤座父亲:他讲的笑话很微妙,一定要注意听哦,否则你就跟不上了。他还是好的装参谋,如果你不知道参加晚宴时该选什么样的礼,不妨征求一下他的意见。SCORPIO天蝎座(Oct. 24 - Nov. 22)You won#39;t get a more loyal or supportive father than your Scorpio dad. He will always be there for you - no matter how much trouble you might get in. He#39;s the type who will fix your car, install smoke alarms in your house - and bail you out of jail. Although his feelings are wild and extreme, one emotion is certain and steadfast: his unwavering, intense love for you.天蝎座父亲:没有比他更好的给你更多持和信任的父亲了。无论你遇到了什么样的麻烦,他会一直和你站在一起。帮你修车、为你安装排烟警报,甚至为保释你出狱不惜倾家荡家,他都无怨无悔。虽然他有些粗野和偏执,但对你的爱却很坚定。SITTARIUS射手座(Nov. 23 - Dec. 21)Sagittarians are a fun bunch, and your dad is no exception. He isn#39;t one for setting limits since he has a hard time doing that for himself. He is the kind of dad who will take you to the racetrack and give you an advance on your allowance so that you can have some fun with it. Your Sagittarian dad is much more than your father. He is your best friend.射手座父亲:射手座都是开心果,你的射手座父亲当然也不例外。为了让你开心,他会带你去看赛马并且提前给你零花钱。他已经冲出了父亲的界限,变成你最好的朋友了。CAPRICORN羯座(Dec. 22 - Jan. 20)Your Capricorn dad is a hard worker, and sometimes it may be hard to feel his love for you since he is so caught up in his work. Just remember that the reason he is working so hard is for you and your happiness. He wants you to have everything you could possibly want - and more. He takes his fatherly role very seriously and considers it his most important job.羯座父亲:他是个工作狂,由于他全身心地投入工作,你也许很难感觉到他的爱。仅仅要记住的就是,他如此买命地工作都是为了你,为了让你生活地更好,可以拥有一切。实际上,他很在意父亲的角色,把它看作是自己最重要的工作。AQUARIUS水瓶座(Jan. 21 - Feb. 19)Your dad is one of a kind, and yes - his outrageous outfits and erratic behavior will indeed scare and embarrass you and your friends. Oh well - you#39;ve got to love him, for he is just being himself - and you can#39;t get down on him for that. More than anything else, he will encourage you to be independent and freethinking. Yours is the kind of dad who will teach you to think outside of the box.水瓶座父亲:他反复无常的行为确实会令你和你的朋友感到害怕和尴尬。不过你不会因些而不爱他。因为更重要的是,他会鼓励你去学会独立、拓宽思维,以便看到更广阔的世界。PISCES双鱼座(Feb. 20 - Mar. 20)Just because your Pisces dad forgets to pick you up at the designated meeting spot doesn#39;t mean that he doesn#39;t love you. It merely is a reflection of his sometimes spaced-out mentality toward life. He likes to be in the clouds, so let him take you there. Fishing, painting, and boating are all good activities for you and your Piscean dad to enjoy together. One-on-one time is important for you and your dreamy dad.双鱼座父亲:不要因为他忘了在指定地点接你就认为他不爱你。那仅仅是他有时精神恍惚的一个正常反映。钓鱼、画画、划船都是增进你和父亲间感情的不错的活动哦。 /201211/210675Being attracted to friends of the opposite sex is a burden and can harm relationships, researchers have claimed.研究人员认为,异性友谊是一种负担,并可能会伤害到恋爱关系。The new study, which reignites the debate over whether men and women can be just friends, found that the majority of people believe that opposite sex friends are actually a burden.最近的一项研究重新引起了“男人和女人能不能做朋友”的这场争论。该研究发现,大部分人相信异性友谊其实是负担。They say the problem is that attraction is common between people in opposite-sex friendships.研究人员表示,问题在于异性朋友之间普遍互相吸引。When participants were asked to list benefits and drawbacks of having opposite-sex friends, 32 per cent listed feelings of attraction as a cost, while just 6 percent listed these feelings as a benefit.当要求受试者们列出拥有异性朋友的优势和劣势时,32%的人认为互相吸引的感觉是负担,而只有6%的人表示这种感觉有好处。Women were more likely than men to say attraction was a drawback: 47 percent of women ages 18 to 23 listed attraction as a cost of an opposite-sex friendship, while 22 percent of men said the same.女性比男性更可能把互相吸引看成是负担:研究中有47%年龄在18岁到23岁之间的女性,把吸引力列为异性友谊的负担,而只有22%的男性持相同的观点。Opposite-sex friendships may also harm romantic relationships. In the study, 38 percent of women and 25 percent of men ages 27 to 50 said jealousy from their romantic partners was one cost of maintaining an opposite-sex friendship.异性友谊也可能伤害到恋爱关系。在研究中,有38%的女性和25%的男性(年龄都在27岁和50岁之间)说导致恋人嫉妒是维持异性友谊的代价之一。In addition, the more attraction that people felt in an opposite-sex friendship, the less satisfied they were with their current romantic relationship, the researchers told MyHealthNewsDaily.另外,人们在异性友谊中感觉到的吸引力越大,他们对当前的恋爱关系越不满意,研究人员对《每日健康新闻》这样说。;Our findings implicate attraction in cross-sex friendship as both common and of potential negative consequence for individuals#39; long-term mateships,; the researchers, from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, write in the August issue of the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.“我们的研究表明,异性友谊中的双方普遍彼此互相吸引,这种关系会对个人长期的伴偶关系有着潜在的负面影响。” 来自威斯康星大学的研究人员欧-克莱尔在八月刊的《社会与个体关系》中发表了这一内容。In a separate study, 88 college-age men and women came to the laboratory with an opposite-sex friend, and the pairs were surveyed about that particular friendship.在一项单独的调查中,88名大学年龄段的男生和女生和他们的异性朋友一起来到实验室,研究人员对他们之间的这种异性友谊关系进行了研究。Participants rated their level of attraction toward their friend on a scale of one to nine. On average, men rated their level of attraction toward their female friends as a five, while women rated their level of attraction to their male friends as a four.受试者对异性朋友给他们的吸引力感觉进行了评分,分数的范围从1到9。平均来看,男性对女性朋友带来的吸引力感觉评分的分数是5,而女性对男性朋友的吸引力评分是4。Men and women reported about the same level of attraction toward their friends regardless of whether they currently involved in a romantic relationship.无论受试者有没有在恋爱中,他们在异性友谊中感受到的异性朋友吸引力的水平都不相上下。The researchers hypothesized that interacting with a member of the opposite sex instinctually triggers mating strategies that evolved tens of thousands of years ago.研究人员推测,和异性朋友交往,会本能地触发人类几万年前就已存在并不断演变的择偶策略。;Mating strategies may influence people#39;s involvement in cross-sex friendships to begin with, as well as unintentionally color people#39;s feelings toward members of the opposite sex with whom their conscious intent is platonic,; the researchers said.研究人员解释道,“首先,择偶策略可能会影响人们去找异性朋友;其次,择偶策略可能会无意识地渲染异性之间的感觉,而他们本身觉得彼此之间的关系是柏拉图式的。”However, researchers found that some people did list attraction as a benefit to an opposite-sex friendship.然而,研究人员也发现有些人确实把异性朋友之间的吸引力列为一项优势。;Perhaps attraction can be both benefit and burden for the same individual in different friendships, or be both benefit and burden for the same friendship at different points in time,; the researchers said.研究人员说:“也许对个人而言,在不同的朋友关系中,吸引力有的是好事儿,有的是坏事儿;或者对同一个朋友在不同的时间来说,吸引力有时是优势,有时又会是负担。” /201209/199896

  VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 23)The picky Virgo is equally picky in all aspects of life, including food and dining. A finicky eater, you#39;ll insist upon eating well-balanced, healthy meals that won#39;t pollute your body.处女:处处要求完美的处女在生活的各个方面都很挑剔,包括食物和就餐环境。对于你这种过分讲究的食客而言,一定会一直选择那些色香味俱全的健康食物了。



  Beat the heat: Peppermint tea mist防暑降温:薄荷茶喷雾Brew a pot of peppermint tea, then stick it in the fridge. Once it#39;s nice and cold, Wonderhowto.com suggests pouring some into a spray bottle and misting yourself with it. Better than water, the menthol in the tea will give your skin a tingly, cool feeling.煮一壶薄荷茶,放在冰箱里。做好之后待其冷却,Wonderhowto网站建议可以倒进小喷雾壶里,给自己来一次薄荷喷雾吧。这比水要好很多,茶里面的薄荷脑可以给肌肤透清凉的凉爽感觉。Whether it#39;s hot or cold, chrysanthemum tea is served to lower body temperature, according to China Daily. It#39;s also been said to soothe heat rash, experts told Natural Health.据《中国日报》表示,无论是热饮还是冷饮,菊花茶都能有效降低体温。Natural health网站上说还可以缓解湿疹。Next time you feel overheated, do a few minutes of yogic breathing, recommends Art of Living. Curl your tongue by pulling both sides upward toward the middle, then breathe in through your mouth. Hold your breath, and slowly exhale through your nose. Repeat five to 10 times.《生活的艺术》杂志上面推荐道:下次觉得热的时候,做几分钟瑜伽呼吸吧。把舌头两边往中间卷起,然后从中间的空隙中进行呼吸。憋气,慢慢的用鼻子呼气,重复5到10次。 /201308/251032


  There#39;s something so romantic about summertime. The warm summer breeze, the smell of flowers and cut grass, the sounds of fun and laughter, summer has a wonderful sense of casual lightness. It#39;s a great time to get out of the dating rut and dust off your playful side. Whether it#39;s a first date or a date night with a long-time partner, it#39;s always fun to try out some new date ideas. Summer offers many dating options that aren#39;t available at other times of the year…and best of all, many of them won#39;t break the bank.夏天到处都充满着浪漫的气息:夏季那温暖的和风,那鲜花和草坪修剪过后的味道,还少不了那欢声笑语。夏天就是有一种休闲轻盈的奇妙感觉。夏天也是一个外出约会、重温欢乐的最好时间。无论是你第一次约会或想与交往已久的男(女)朋友共度温馨夜晚,尝试一下新的约会方式,这样会让双方都很开心回味无穷。在夏天,你可以拥有许许多多的约会方式,这是其它季节不能与之相比的。最好的是,这些约会建议还不需要花费过多金钱。Looking for a romantic summer date idea? Give one of these a try…还在找夏日浪漫的约会建议?那就在下面建议中选一个吧!1.Outdoor movie - Drive-Ins are making a comeback. Seek out your nearest drive-in and pack the snacks.1.露天电影——汽车露天影院正在慢慢回归。去找找最近的露天影院,然后扫一堆零食过去边看边吃。2.Pull up a blanket - No drive-in nearby or just not your thing? That#39;s ok. Many cities show outdoor films in the park. Don#39;t forget your blanket and refreshments. Or do it yourself – set up your lounge chairs in your backyard or on your deck, open a bottle of wine and watch a movie on your laptop.2.准备一张毯子——附近没有露天影院,或是不是你的菜?没关系,那你可以找一些城市里面播放户外电影的公园。别忘了要带毯子和饮料。或者自己做一个户外影院:坐在后院的躺椅或阳台上,开一瓶红酒,把手提电脑放在膝上,然后看电影吧。3.Bowling is so old school that it#39;s hip again - Just about everybody has a bowling alley somewhere nearby. It#39;s a casual, fun date night. Invite some friends and make it a group date. Have a beer or soda and a slice of pizza and unwind while engaging in some friendly competition.3.古老而又“新颖”的方式:打保龄——几乎每个人的附近都有一家保龄球馆。打保龄会让你的约会之夜即休闲又有趣。可以多叫一些朋友,让这个夜晚变为“情侣团体约会之夜”吧。和朋友们进行保龄比赛的同时,喝瓶啤酒(或苏打水)吃块批萨,是多么舒适啊。4.Visit the zoo - You don#39;t have to have young children to enjoy the zoo. Wandering among the animals, taking in their habitats and behavior, even their antics is a great low-key date. Top it off with some popcorn or an ice cream cone and it#39;s a fantastic date.4.逛动物园——并不是只有带着小朋友才能去动物园的。其实徜徉在不同动物的围绕中,观察它们的行为习惯,甚至看它们做滑稽动作,也不失为一个即不错又低调的约会。更让人开心的是,逛动物园的同时还吃着爆米花和雪糕,这种约会实在太好了。5.Take a wine tour - Either join an organized wine tour, where someone else will do the planning and take you from winery to winery to do your sipping or plan your own, grab another couple and a designated driver and let the tasting begin.5.红酒之旅——参加一个红酒之旅旅行团,旅行社的人会给你做好安排,带你从一个酿酒厂到另一个酿酒厂,期间你们还可以畅饮葡萄酒。或者你们自己计划安排红酒之旅,另外抓上另一对情侣,找一个专门的司机,那么,红酒畅饮之旅就可以开始了。6.Go on a dinner cruise - If you live near a body of water (ocean, lake or even some rivers) you can probably find a dinner cruise. Don#39;t be afraid to mix it up; try a breakfast, lunch, or evening cocktail cruise too. There#39;s just something so romantic about eating on the water while someone else is in charge of the driving.6.船上餐会——如果你家附近有大海、湖泊或是小河,那么,你就可以和你的伴侣来一个“船上约会”。不必担心状况会混乱,早餐、午餐甚至一个鸡尾酒小会都能在船上搞定。有专门的船夫掌舵,而你们就可以在水上享受美味和浪漫啦。7.Live music is everywhere - Summer concerts are a great way to spend a date. Get tickets to a big-ticket concert in the grandstand; enjoy a local concert in the park, or find a local bar or tavern that offers live music.7.无处不在的现场音乐会——夏季音乐会是一个浪漫约会的好去处。你可以弄看台票去看大型音乐会,或是在公园里欣赏小型音乐会,亦或是在当地的酒吧欣赏乐队的表演。8.Visit the fair - Be a teenager again. Buy some cotton candy or some terribly unhealthy, but delicious fair treat. Ride the Ferris wheel, roller coaster, or whatever twirling, upside down ride strikes your fancy, (preferably, before you eat your cotton candy.)8.参加游园活动——你可以再一次成为小朋友:去买一些棉花糖,或是买一些非常不健康但很美味的小甜品。坐上天轮,玩一遍过山车,或是坐上那些让你到处旋转上下颠倒、还弄得你头昏脑胀的游园项目(建议在游玩这些项目前最好别吃棉花糖)。9.Make a romantic picnic - Pack up your favorite picnic fare and a blanket and off you go. Bring some wine and cheese or pack a themed – think Mexican, French, Italian or whatever cuisine suits your mood. Choose a nice spot at the local park, gardens, or by the water. To make it even more fun, try a breakfast or moonlight picnic (be sure to pack the bug spray.)9.浪漫的野餐——带上你最喜欢吃的食物和毯子,你们就可以出发野餐去了。然后,要带一些红酒和芝士,或者弄一个主题菜谱——可以是墨西哥式、法式、意大利式,合你口味就可以了。你的野餐地点可以选择在当地的公园、花园或是小河旁。如果要让野餐更过瘾,那你们可以尝试早餐或月光下的野餐(要记得带杀虫剂哦)。10.Get out on the water - Rent a sailboat, rowboat, paddleboat, kayak, or canoe. Grab a pole and go fishing or don your swimsuit and jump in.10.水上约会活动——你可以租一艘帆船,皮划艇,划艇,皮艇,或独木舟。有了船,你可以划船和钓鱼,或是穿上泳衣潜水去。 /201208/195820

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