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贵州省肿瘤医院治疗霉菌性阴道炎Why is it that many Filipinos fear the English language? Students are intimidated by it. Graduates feel that they have to be perfect at it in order to be considered smart and educated.We fear it, thus we elevate it. It has become a status symbol. Filipino beauty queens are expected to be able to speak perfect English to be considered worthy of their crowns. The children of the rich learn English as their first language. There is a linguistic divide between the have’s and have-nots. But why should this be?Isabel Pefianco Martin, president of the Linguistic Society of the Philippines, said that none of us should fear English. She says:* Linguistically, all languages are equally perfect and complete.* The English language is not owned by one country or one race.* It is only one language among the 150 that exist today.This means that Tagalog is every bit as valid and valuable as English. So is Cebuano, Ilocano and so forth. English is the global language, but it is by no means the mark of an intelligent mind. Filipinos who speak less than perfect English have succeeded, and wildly so, in their chosen fields. Examples are Manny Pacquiao and Melanie Marquez. They may speak Carabao English, but so what?Go ahead and learn English, but do not be ashamed of your native tongue. And do not, for crying out loud, speak Tagalog with an American/British accent just to show that somehow you have forgotten the language you have spoken for 20+ years!Sabi nga ni Jose Rizal:Ang hindi marunong magmahal sa sariling wika ay higit pa ang amoy sa mabahong isda. (He who doesn’t know how to love his own language has a worse odor than a smelly fish.) 为什么许多菲律宾人害怕英文?学生认为英文很恐怖。毕业生认为他们有必要掌握好英文从而让人觉得他们很聪慧,受过良好的教育。我们害怕英文,然而我们拔高了英文。它变成了学生的标志。菲律宾选美女王要求英语口语流利,这样才能被认为配得上这个。富家孩子把英语作为第一语言。富人和穷人之间有一道语言分界。但是为什么会这样呢?菲律宾语言主席说,我们中的任何人都不应该惧怕英语。她说:* 从语言学来说,所有语言都是完美和完整的。* 英语并不专属于一个国家或一个民族。* 它仅是现存的150种语言中的一种。这意味着他加禄语和英语一样有价值一样令人信。宿务岛的语言和一诺卡诺语等等也是一样。英语是国际语言,但这并不表示是智慧的象征。说着并不流利的英语的菲律宾人在他们选择的领域里很成功。例子是Manny Pacquiao和Melanie Marquez.他们说着蹩脚英语,可是又怎样呢?放手去学英语吧,不过不要对自己的本地口音感到不好意思。不过不要大声哭喊着用英美口音说着塔加路族语,表现出你几乎忘记了说了20多年的语言。不知道热爱自己语言的人比死臭的鱼更难闻。 /200804/36494贵州省肿瘤医院住院需要什么 1. Choose a song you have an emotional connection to, not necessarily one you think you ought to sing.1. 要选择一首情感上有共鸣的歌,未必要是你觉得应该唱的歌。If you like the song and it has meaning for you, this will come across and you will make a better connection with your audience.如果你喜欢一首歌,这首歌对你有特殊意义,你能感受的到,也能把情感更好地传递给听众。2. If possible, practice the song ahead of time to get an idea of whether the key of the original recording works for you.2. 如果可能的话,提前唱唱看这首歌,看看原版录音的音调是否合适。If not, many karaoke situations have machines that can raise or lower the key of your song.如果不合适的话,很多KTV都可以调整乐曲的音调。3. Your main focus in singing is telling a story.3. 唱歌的重点在于讲故事。Spend some time with the lyrics and get an idea of what the song is about. You will make a better connection with the audience if you know what emotions you want to portray in your performance.多揣一下歌词,了解这首歌唱得到底是什么内容。如果你知道唱歌时传达的是什么样的情感的话,你和听众之间的联系会更加紧密。4. Focus the energy on the audience.4. 把精力集中在听众上。If you need to look at the monitor for lyrics, don#39;t keep your attention there the entire time -- look up and at the audience as often as you comfortably can.就算你需要看歌词也不要一直盯着屏幕——在你觉得自在的前提下尽可能多抬头看看观众。5. If your anxiety level is high, consider singing with at least one other person.5. 如果你很紧张,那就考虑一下和别人一起唱。There is safety in numbers and this can be an interim step to singing solo.人多了就能安心了,这也是开始独唱前的过渡阶段。6. If you go to a karaoke bar it may be tempting to drink alcohol to bolster your courage.6. 如果你去的是提供酒水的KTV,那就点些酒水壮壮胆。Resist the temptation -- alcohol has a drying effect on the vocal mechanism and impairs your ability to tell the story of the song.不过要抵抗诱惑——酒精会让你的嗓子变干,这样就没有办法讲好歌曲的故事了。7. Don#39;t obsess on the mechanics of singing.7. 不要过度追求唱歌技巧。The audience would much rather hear a good story teller with a less than perfect delivery than a really good voice with no connection to the song or audience.比起嗓音完美但没有共鸣的演绎歌曲来说,听众更想听到的是歌曲中的故事。8. Let your body reflect what you are singing about.8. 用身体表现你在唱的内容。Movement helps to free the voice and make a better connection with the audience.肢体动作能够解除嗓音的禁锢,和听众更好地互动。9. Eye contact is important.9. 眼神交流很重要。If it#39;s uncomfortable to make contact for very long, scan the audience. Looking at different parts of the room every few seconds will make everyone feel included in your performance.如果长时间的眼神交流让你感到不自在,那就扫视一边观众。每隔几秒钟看看房间中的各个位置,让大家都感到自己也在你的表演之中。10. Last but not least, have fun.10. 最后一点:享受唱歌。The more comfortable you look (even if you don#39;t feel comfortable on the inside), the more the audience will root for you and the less likely they are to notice any less than perfect moments.你看起来越自在(即使实际上不是这样),你的听众就会越持你,也越不会注意那些不甚完美的时候。 /201302/226619黔 东 南 州 妇 幼 保 健 院 好 不 好

安 顺 市 医 院 治 疗 子 宫 肌 瘤 好 吗 ,*P*,npRuKW58jvxPBydKC%[5_i3M(j;rKp05Oscar weekend is here, and we#39;ve got movies on the brain – and on our Kindles, iPads and nightstands. Aside from watching Hollywood, we#39;re ing about it, and catching up on some of the books that have inspired it.奥斯卡周末在这里,在脑海、ipad和kindle以及床头柜中我们已经有了电影YiyKtH6P0R。除了观看好莱坞,我们也在阅读它,恶补激发电影灵感的一些书籍9#[I(th|00n_39.rMFWR。Look below to see some of our recent staff favorites, and let us know what you#39;re ing in the comments. After all, a book club#39;s no fun without a good conversation.请看下面就能看到我们最近一些员工的最爱,在中让我们知道您正在阅读S0E2o^CXTCbT。毕竟一个读书俱乐部没有一个好的谈话就没有乐趣WDfvcoPMIU2@KE^fB[。mii~@K_ZsB.xWKim Hubbard, Books EditorHer pick: Rita Moreno: A MemoirJust about every star writes a memoir eventually, and I most of them for my job. It#39;s great when they surprise you like this one does: Who knew that West Side Story star (and Oscar winner) Moreno had a long affair with Marlon Brando in his hunky days – and dated Elvis to make him jealous? The King, by the way, wasn#39;t much of a lover – he#39;d grind those hips while dancing with her but avoided anything more. Turns out there#39;s way more to Moreno than ;I like to be in America...;金#8226;哈伯德,图书编辑她的选择:丽塔#8226;莫里诺《回忆录》几乎所有明星最后都会写一本回忆录,因为工作我阅读了其中大多数6v,^8EkNJDEjT。当他们像这本一样让你惊喜时这是很棒的:谁知道《西区故事》的明星(奥斯卡奖得主) 莫里诺与马龙#8226;白兰度在他性感迷人的时期有一段风流韵事,并与Elvis约会来让他嫉妒?顺便说一下,猫王也没有太多的情人——和她跳舞时他会折磨那些俏臀,此外并无其他3_*Phe7FOwBscR~|x。原来对莫里诺来说有比“我喜欢在美国……”更多的方式j(xjPumcqe^%(MKVo。unF_dDHn9yxs9W;y66)X]nMj2NgNQ[ypuW0U~6yQGHsR+H-75 /201302/226747贵 阳 友 好 妇 科 医 院 专 家 预 约安 顺 做 流 产 多 少 钱

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