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  • A Titanic's bottled message donated A message in a holy water bottle which was thrown overboard by a Titanic victim while the ship sank has been donated to a heritage center in Cork by his family, B reported. As the Titanic sank in the early hours of April 15, 1912, Jeremiah Burke, 19, from Glanmire in Cork threw the bottle containing his message into the sea. The bottle was washed ashore a year later in Dunkettle, only a few miles from his family home. The note, which "From Titanic, goodbye all, Burke of Glanmire, Cork" has remained in the Burke family for nearly a century. 来自泰坦尼克的漂流瓶 据英国广播公司报道,泰坦尼克号沉没时一位遇难者扔出了一个漂流瓶,如今这个漂流瓶中的信被遇难者家人捐赠给了爱尔兰科克市的一个遗产中心1912年,45日凌晨,来自爱尔兰科克市格兰迈尔9岁耶利米·伯克,在泰坦尼克号沉没时,将这个装有信的漂流瓶扔进了大海一年后,漂流瓶被海水卷上了邓肯特岸边,仅仅距离伯克家几英里这封信被伯克家族保存了近一个世纪,信上写着:“写自泰坦尼克号船上,所有的人,再见了,来自科克格兰迈尔的伯克。。
  • A left-wing mayor of a small town in Andalusia has become a modern-day Robin Hood, organizing robbing raids on local supermarkets to feed the poor of his community.安达卢西亚地区一个小镇的左翼市长成了现代版的罗宾汉,竟纠集民众抢劫当地的超市接济社区贫困者。Juan Manuel Sanchez Gordillo has, over the past week, led several raids on supermarkets around the town of Marinaleda, near Seville in southern Spain, arguing that ;someone has to do something so that families can eat.;马里纳莱达镇位于西班牙南部的塞维利亚附近,在过去的一周内,胡#8226;曼纽#8226;桑切#8226;戈迪略数次领导民众抢劫该镇周边的超市,并;必须有人来做些什么,这样人们才有饭吃;Sanchez, 53, a man with a bushy gray beard who has been mayor for 33 years and a member for the regional parliament of Andalusia for the ed Left party (IU), did not take part in the raids themselves but stood outside the supermarkets directing his ;comrades; over a megaphone.现年53岁的桑切斯蓄着一脸浓密的花白胡子,他已经做了33年的市长,是联合左翼党安达卢西亚地区议会的议员。不过,他本人并未直接参与抢劫,而是站在超市外面,通过扩音器指挥他;同志;。At one Carrefour supermarket on Tuesday around a dozen carts were filled with staples such as milk, sugar, oil, pasta, before being wheeled through the checkout without payment.周二在一家附近的福超市,十二辆购物车没有付款就冲出了收银台,车中装满了日常必需品,如牛奶,糖,油,还有意大利面。Another similar looting, at a Mercadona in the neighboring town of Ecija occurred later the same day and Sanchez vowed the raids would continue.当天晚些时候,相邻的埃希哈镇内一家梅尔卡多纳超市也同样遭遇打劫,桑切斯还发誓袭击仍将继续;There are people who simply dont have enough to eat,; explained Sanchez, describing the raids as a symbolic and peaceful reaction to the governments handling of the economic crisis.;还有人连饭都吃不饱;桑切斯解释道。据他描述,这些抢劫只是象征性的,是对政府处理经济危机不力的一种和平的抗议方式;Weve decided to expropriate basic foodstuffs and give them to the soup kitchens, which are struggling to provide for everyone because demand has increased.;;我们已经决定征用基本食品,并将它们捐赠给粥厂,由于需求增加,那里正在竭力为每个人提供食物;The major political parties have condemned the raids, which come at a time when Spain is grappling with deep austerity cuts and a nationwide unemployment of nearly 25 percent.西班牙各主要政党纷纷谴责抢劫行为,此时的西班牙正努力应对深度紧缩性削减,全国失业率几5%。In the Andalusia region, where the collapse of the construction industry has hit particularly hard, the unemployment rate has soared to nearly 34 percent.安达卢西亚地区受建筑业崩溃的冲击尤其大,当地失业率曾一度飙升至34%。Five people have been arrested for taking part in the raids but police have not arrested Sanchez because of his position as regional MP. Instead, he has been asked to give a statement in front of an investigating magistrate.到目前为止,已有5人因参与抢劫被捕,但由于桑切斯的身份是当地议会议员,警方尚未对其实施逮捕。不过,他被要求在预审法官面前陈辞。Sanchezs actions have led him to be dubbed in the nations press as ;the Robin Hood of Spain; and ;the revolutionary of Andalusia.;桑切斯的行为使得他在本国媒体中获得了;西班牙的罗宾;,以;安达卢西亚的革命;的绰号。Marinaleda, a town of 3,000 residents run by Sanchez since 1979, has attracted people from across Spain to join its farming cooperative and municipal housing program.979年开始便由桑切斯领导的马里纳莱达镇有3000位居民,该镇吸引了来自全国各地的人们来加入其农业合作和市政住房项目。来 /201208/195251。
  • Use whipped butter or margarine. 使用搅打过的奶油或麦淇淋As much as you’re trying to cut down on your fat intake,some things just don’t taste right without a little bit of butter or margarine.Go ahead and sp,but use the whipped varieties sold in little tubs. Their fat molecules are mixed up with a lot of air. so they have only about half the calories and fat grams of the sticks.虽然你拼命想减少脂肪的摄取量.有些食物如果不添加一点奶油或麦淇淋的话.尝起来就是不对劲.尽管涂用吧,不过要选用那种搅打过装在小盒子里卖的产品.这类产品的脂肪分子里混合了大量的空气.它们所含的热量和脂肪大约只有条状奶油的一半.健身短语1.As much as you re trying to. . .虽然你拼命要……(Though youre trying very hard to...).go ahead进行下去,放手做3.mix up...使……混合均匀 7。
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