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America’s embassies美国大使馆First, dig your moat挖壕筑壑Designing buildings for America’s diplomats is getting ever trickier为美国外交官员设计建筑变得愈加棘手Jul 30th 2011 | WASHINGTON, DC | from the print edition “NOBODY can be messing with our embassy,” declared Barack Obama in mid-July, after a pro-government mob pelted America’s mission in Damascus with stones, eggs and tomatoes. That is not true, however, of the put-upon architects who have to design America’s embassies: they are constantly being hit with new restrictions, from both their own government and the host country.“任何人都不能滋扰我们的大使馆,” 美国总统奥巴马七月中旬向外界如是宣布。此前,大马士革亲政府民众曾向美国大使馆投掷石头、鸡蛋和西红柿。然而对于那些受雇于美国,迫于无奈才设计美国大使馆的建筑师来说,他们可没这样的好运:他们经常因为本国政府和东道主国家施加的种种新限制而苦恼不已。Ever since the bombing of the American embassy in Beirut in 1983, security has been the overarching concern when designing new embassies. Safety rules have been tightened repeatedly, and incorporated into a “standard embassy design” that dictates which offices should be adjacent to which (keep the bigwigs away from the public areas), how far embassy buildings should be set back from nearby roads (100 feet, or 30 metres), what materials can be used for walls and windows (nothing that is easy to climb or shatter) and so on. The result, critics say, is a dull series of near-identical, boxy bunkers. As John Kerry, who heads the Senate foreign-relations committee, put it in , “We are building some of the ugliest embassies I’ve ever seen…I cringe when I see what we’re doing.”自从美国驻贝鲁特大使馆在1983年发生爆炸事件以来,对于新使馆设计的安全性考虑向来是有过之而无不及。安全规则一再收紧并被纳入“标准使馆设计”——规定了各办公区的相邻性原则(政要办公区要远离公共区域)、使馆建筑距离附近公路应有的距离(100英尺或30米)和墙体和窗户所使用的材料(避免任何攀爬的可能性或可破坏性)等诸多因素。批评者认为,按此规则设计出的使馆不过是一系列单调得近乎相同、四四方方的掩体而已。正如参议院外交关系委员会主席约翰·克里年所言:“我们正在建造一些我见过的最丑陋的大使馆…每当见此情景我就深感厌恶”。He is not alone. Londoners are less than thrilled by the thought of the “crystalline cube” that will slowly rise from the semi-gentrified riverine site of Nine Elms. This, at billion the most expensive American embassy ever built, was made necessary when Grosvenor Square in Mayfair became too unsafe, despite the bomb-blast barriers that make the place look like a damper version of Baghdad.The new embassy will be separated from malicious sightseers by rolling parkland and a moat—100 feet wide, as required.不只克里有此想法。伦敦人对于九号榆树巷半人工河处徐徐崛起的“水晶立方”建筑丝毫没有兴奋之感。尽管防炸弹爆炸障碍物使得新大使馆看上去象阴影笼罩的巴格达,但当梅费尔区格罗夫纳广场安全性无法保障时,花费10亿美元建造这座美国史上最昂贵的大使馆就显得很有必要了。通过种植草坪和挖掘100英尺宽(视需要而定)的护城河,有不良意图的观光客将无法接近这座新使馆。201108/147088Africa Stays Up All Night to Hear US Election Results非洲人对奥巴马当选总统欢欣鼓舞 Millions of Africans are exhausted after staying up all night watching expectantly to see whether a man of African descent will elected to the America's highest office. An all-night party of journalists and political enthusiasts in Addis Ababa where everybody was talking about being American for a day to share in this historic election. 数百万非洲人充满期待地熬夜观看一名非洲后裔是否能够当选美国总统。在亚地斯亚贝巴举办了一场由记者与政治人物参加的彻夜派对,每个人都在设想自己是美国人,藉此来分享这场历史性的选举。It's a long night here in front of the television at this upscale Ethiopian home. Half a dozen anxious viewers drift in and out, trying to control the nervous energy. It's well after midnight, but the TV screen shows long lines of voters standing in the rain waiting for their turn in the voting booth. TV commentators kill time until the first polls close. 在埃塞俄比亚的这个高级住家当中,6个焦急的观众感觉长夜漫漫,在电视前面来回踱步,试图平息心中的紧张。此时刚过半夜,但电视萤幕上显示的是大排长龙的选民站在雨中,等候进入投票亭。电视员闲谈著直到第一个投票所关闭为止。"There is a good deal of confidence in the Obama campaign that he's going to win this evening," they said. "So far, there's also the unknown. As one strategist put it, 'I'm a nervous wreck."  “大家对于奥巴马在今晚获胜都有很大的信心。到目前为止,还是胜负未定。就如某位策略家说的,我是个紧张大师。”That comment sends a thrill through this audience. This is Africa and there are no McCain supporters in the room.  以上的让观众们心惊胆跳。这里是非洲,而且现场没有一位麦凯恩的持者。Deresse Kassa, a professor at Addis Ababa University, says he has never stayed up late for any elections results. But this is a moment he says he doesn't want to miss. 德瑞斯.卡萨是亚地斯亚贝巴大学的教授,说他从来没有为了等选举结果而熬夜这么晚。但他说,这是一个他不想错过的时刻。"America has history whereby the African-American community has to struggle to be considered citizens themselves and be a franchise in order to cast their votes," said Kassa. "Coming from this segregation and inequality, to be able to see Democratic candidates running for the presidency, the highest office, by itself is big achievement."The televisions are on as the first results come in during the wee hours of the morning. The news is encouraging for viewers here. 当第一个选举结果在凌晨时分播报出来时,电视一直开着。新闻激励着观众。Journalist Lulit Amdamariam says she is energized by the possibility of witnessing, what she calls, a great moment. "We're going to be here all night," she said. "Thirty-two hours, if we have to." 记者卢利特.安达马李安说,她因为有可能目睹那“伟大的一刻”,而感到十分激奋:“我们今晚都会在这。就算要待上32个小时都可以。”Lulit is not an American, but she lived in the States for several years and attended Howard University in Washington. 卢利特并不是美国人,但是她曾在美国住过几年,并且在华盛顿的霍华德大学学习。"I attended a black college, so I understand what this means to the black community in the ed States," said Lulit. "This is a candidate the entire world can relate to." 她说:“我上的是一所黑人学校,所以我了解这对于美国黑人社区的意义。奥巴马是一名全世界都能够感同身受的候选人。”Lulit's colleague Tamrat Negera, editor of at the Amharic-language newspaper Addis Neger, has not been to the ed States, but he says he can understand what this election must mean to African-Americans. 卢利特的同事坦若.娜洁拉是当地一家报纸的编辑,他从没有到过美国。但他说,他能了解这场选举对非洲裔美国人的意义。"Africa shared the pain of being black, or the pain of status, or colonization, which you understand there was a limitation for a black in this world," he said. "But Obama is breaking that through." “非洲也有身为黑人的痛苦,或阶级的痛苦,或受殖民的痛苦。你感觉在这个世界上,身为一名黑人,是受到限制的。但奥巴马打破了这个界限。”Journalist Lulit Amdamariam calls it an American moment.  记者卢利特.安达马李安说这是美国的时刻。"I think this is the only time the entire world wishes they were American," she said. "So they could vote. Seriously, I think the entire world would go out and vote if they had the opportunity tonight." “我想这是唯一一次,全世界的人都希望他们是美国人,能够投下那一票。真的,我想如果他们今晚有那个机会的话,全世界都会出门投票。”This is a moment to remember. Although some Africans may have a hangover on Wednesday, the prospect of the first black U.S. president has enthralled a continent. 这是值得记忆的一刻。纵使有些非洲人可能在星期三会有宿醉,但第一位非洲裔美国总统的现实让整个非洲如痴如醉。200811/55343British people are the worst-dressed holidaymakers in Europe followed by Germans, while the Italians and French are the smartest, according to a survey released on Friday.The findings came despite 36 percent of Britons -- who are famed for fashion blunders like wearing socks with sandals -- admitting that they dress more adventurously than usual while on a break.The survey also looked at how good people from different countries are at switching off from the pressures of work while taking a break.A massive 87 percent of travellers from France said they checked their work emails while on holiday compared to over a quarter of Britons. That figure is despite France's reputation as a less workaholic country than Britain.And while 93 percent of Britons try to speak the local language when abroad, some 20 percent of French travellers say they do not make any effort at all.The survey by travel website TripAdvisor quizzed 2,717 European travellers last month.201006/105772

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton embarks Wednesday on a two-week Asian tour that will take her to Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Australia and China. The trip is expected to bolster Washington's ties with Asian allies as it looks to balance Beijing's influence in the region.美国国务卿希拉里·克林顿星期三开始为期两周的亚洲之行,她将前往越南、柬埔寨、马来西亚、巴布亚新几内亚、新西兰、澳大利亚和中国。克林顿此行预期将加强美国与其亚洲盟友之间的关系,并寻求平衡中国在该地区的影响。Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's first stop on the Asian tour is actually in the ed States. She meets Japanese Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara in Hawaii on Wednesday for talks expected to tackle Tokyo's tense relations with China.克林顿国务卿亚洲之行的第一站其实在美国境内。她星期三在夏威夷与日本外务大臣前原诚司举行会晤,讨论如何解决中日紧张关系的问题。Ties between Asia's two largest economies frayed this year after a Chinese fishing boat collided with Japanese coast guard ships near disputed islands in the East China Sea.一艘中国渔船今年在中国东海有争议的岛屿附近与日本海岸警卫队船只相撞,导致亚洲最大的两个经济体之间的关系受到严重损害。Courting JapanJapan's new government had been emphasizing closer ties with China, and distancing itself from the ed States. Now, says Kerri Brown of Chatham House in London, the territorial dispute with China is giving Washington a new opportunity to woo Tokyo.日本新一届政府此前一直强调与中国的密切联系,而疏远了美国。伦敦查塔姆研究所的克利·布朗说,现在日本与中国的领土争端让美国有了争取与东京政府加强关系的新契机。"It really underlines the role that the ed States has in supplying a security umbrella in the Pacific Region," said Brown. "In the Japanese, who are obviously very reliant on American military support. So it's really kind of a big moment for the ed States to re-establish how important the relationship is between it and Japan."布朗说:“它确实强调了美国在太平洋地区提供一个安全保护伞的作用。日本显然非常依赖美国的军事持。所以现在确实是美国重新确立它与日本关系重要性的关键时刻。”Collaborating with southeast Asian nationsClinton waded into disputed Asian waters earlier this year when she announced that Washington could mediate conflicts between China and Southeast Asian countries claiming islands in the South China Sea. The subject is likely to come up again this week when Clinton joins the East Asia summit in Hanoi.克林顿今年早些时候触及到亚洲具有争议水域的问题。她宣布美国能够就中国与东南亚国家之间的冲突进行斡旋。这些国家宣称拥有南中国海一些岛屿的主权。这一问题很可能在这个星期克林顿参加河内的东亚峰会时被再次提及。201010/116706

A tornado rips across the Missouri Plains. Winds over 150 miles per hour shred everything in the twister's path. When it smashes a trailer home, one man is sucked into the heart of the storm, spun and shaken horrifically. His limp body drops out of the sky a quarter of a mile away. "It was crazy. I knew that I wasn't where I supposed to be, and it took me a minute to realize, you know, what was happening." Matt hasn't broken a single bone. How could that be? Scientists estimate Matt hit the ground traveling at least 30 miles an hour. Yet his bones protected his internal organs from being smashed. "Lock the door." "Got it." Our skeleton is made up of 206 bones, from the largest in our legs and arms to the tiny bones in our toes and fingers. They give us the tough flexible frame that lets us push and pull on our will. Bone is incredibly strong. Pound for pound, bone is stronger than concrete. It has a strength-to-weight ratio found in no other natural material on earth. The secret of bone's strength and lightness lies inside. It is a matrix of hollow cells; its walls are as thin as paper. Bone gets its rigidity from calcium and phosphorus, materials found in seashells and teeth. But astonishingly, almost half of our bone mass is soft and alive, allowing our bones to bend. Every seven years, a healthy human body completely replaces every single bone cell. This renewal keeps our bones incredibly strong and uniquely adaptable. Notes:strength/weight ratio: The relationship between the structural strength of a material and its weight.bone mass: The amount of mineral in a bone. Although this is different from bone density, the terms are often used interchangeably.参考中文翻译:龙卷风在密苏里平原肆虐横行。风速高达每小时150英里,撕碎了前进路上的一切障碍。当它打道回府的时候,一名男子被吸进风眼,恐怖地旋转摇摆。他软弱的身体最终从1.25英里的高空落下。“简直太疯狂了。我知道我应该在哪里。你知道,我用了一分钟的时间才明白发生了什么事。”Matt毫发未损。为什么会这样呢?科学家估计Matt落到地面时的速度至少每小时30英里。但是他的骨头保护他的内脏器官免收损害。“锁门。”“收到。”我们的骨架由206块骨骼组成,从四肢的最大的骨骼到手指脚趾的细小的骨头,组成了我们坚硬有弹性的框架,使我们可以伸缩自如。骨骼坚硬的不可思议。均等重量下,骨头比水泥还坚硬。它有这很高的力量重量比率,地球上的其他物质都没有发现。骨头的力量大,重量却很轻,秘密在于骨头里面。它是由一系列空细胞组成的,细胞壁像纸一样薄。骨骼坚硬是由于钙和磷,这些物质同样存在于贝壳和牙齿中。但是令人惊讶的是,我们骨骼中几乎一半的物质是柔软的,活动,可以使我们的骨骼弯曲。每七年,健康的人体的骨骼细胞会更新一遍。这种更新使我们的骨骼异常坚硬,适应性奇强。200811/57110

Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian man who admits to killing 77 people last month, allegedly contributed to a range of online neo-Nazi, nationalist and anti-Islam forums. Now the European Union’s criminal intelligence agency, Europol, is launching a special investigation into non-Islamist extremism in Scandinavia.承认上个月杀死77人的挪威男子布雷维克据称在互联网上的一些新纳粹、民族主义和反伊斯兰论坛发表言论。现在,欧盟的刑事情报机构欧洲刑警组织正在对北欧的非伊斯兰极端组织进行一次特别调查。Ideas sping through InternetReginald Peters runs the online blog of the anti-Islam group, the English Defence League, and posts on its forums.雷金纳德.彼得斯在网上开了一个反伊斯兰组织的客,名叫捍卫英语联盟,并且在这个论坛上发表文章。He says the Internet is a good way to sp his ideas. "We no longer really communicate by letter, by concrete mail as such. So this is the only way for people to communicate with other people who agree with them or if they don’t agree with them," Peters said.他说,互联网是传播他的思想的一种良好的途径。他说:“我们不再通过写信,通过有形的邮件进行联系。因此,互联网是人们相互交流的唯一方式,无论他们是否同意对方的观点都是如此。”The English Defence League stages street protests against what it calls the Islamification of Britain.“捍卫英语联盟”发起街头抗议活动,反对它所称的英国的伊斯兰化。It has been in the spotlight since Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik claimed to have links with the group, which it denies.自从挪威的布雷维克声称他与这个组织有联系以来,捍卫英语联盟就成为公众注意的中心。不过,该组织否认布雷维克的说法。Breivik admits to carrying out the terror attacks in Norway last month that left 77 people dead.布雷维克承认,他上个月在挪威进行了恐怖袭击,造成77人死亡。Just before the attack, he posted a 1,500-page, anti-Islam manifesto online.就在那次袭击之前,他在网上发表了1500页的反伊斯兰宣言。201108/147344

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