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遵义/医学院在线咨询医生贵 阳 市 花 溪 区 人 民 医 院 可 以 做 引 产 吗六盘水市第三人民医院挂号电话 How To Sing: The BasicsLearn To Sing. Singer, songwriter and singing teacher Jules Rendell takes us through the basics of singing technique to help you make the most of your voice. Jules Rendell is a professional singer and songwriter with classical training from the Royal Northern College of Music. As a singing teacher, she trains beginners and professionals alike in a range of styles from pop to classical, soul, jazz and rock. Here she will cover the basics of good singing technique, to help you make the most of your voice.Step 1: Posture(姿势)When you sing, your body is your instrument, so your posture can make a difference to the sound you produce. Stand feet shoulder-width apart, slightly turned out, with your weight more on the balls of your feet. Your legs should be very slightly bent - don't lock your knees. Your shoulders should rest back and down. Keep your chin down with the back of the neck long, making sure the front of your neck and your throat is relaxed.Step 2: Breathing(呼吸)When singing, sound is made by pushing air through your vocal chords which makes them vibrate. Increase the capacity of your lungs by expanding your ribs using the intercostal muscles (between the ribs). Don't think about taking in air, rather focus on expanding your ribs and you will take in air automatically. When you start to sing, support your ribs by holding in your abdominal muscles.Step 3: Warm up(热身)Before you start singing, you need to warm up your voice like an athlete warms up before a competition. Here are three exercises to do this:Lip rolls(滚动舌头)You're going to make a "brrr" sound by relaxing your lips and singing through them. Starting at a comfortable pitch, using a small range and expanding your ribs between each repetition, ascend semitone by semitone and go as high as you can.Vowel Sounds(发好元音)Making the phonetic sounds A, E, I, O, U, sing a slightly more complex scale. Again repeat up the octave. Keep your jaw relaxed and your mouth open."Mi" sounds(“mi”声)This time use a full scale, using the sound "mi". This will help you get into your higher register. Take quick breaths between each exercise. This will help to strengthen your intercostal muscles.Step 4: Performance(培养情绪)Having a nice voice is one thing, communicating the meaning of a song is quite another. Make sure you annunciate your words appropriately, pronouncing consonants clearly and energetically. Also use your face to communicate the meaning of the words. Think about what the song means and allow those feelings to show in your facial expressions.Also known as: How Do I Sing: The Basics 201002/96113在法国戛纳电影节上,中国的《画皮2》公布了一段新的预告片,演员和剧组成员在周末举行了一场新闻发布会。At the Cannes Film Festival in France, Chinese director Wuershan has been giving movie buffs a sneak preview of ;Painted Skin 2;, the sequel to his 2008 hit thriller. Cast and crew members of the Chinese fantasy held a news conference over the weekend.Called simply ;Painted Skin 2;, the movie picks up where the 2008 award winner left off.Wuershan, director of ;Painted Skin 2;, said, ;Like the first one, this movie deals with love and sacrifice. The main character is played by the same actress, and the other main actors like Zhao Wei and Chen Kun are also from the first movie. So I think audiences will be very familiar.;The director and cast are in Cannes to promote the film.The story of the sequel is once again set in a mythological ancient realm. It features high octane fight scenes, special effects, and elaborate costumes.Chen Tingjia, actress of ;Painted Skin 2;, said, ;I really like the costumes. I think they create a very mysterious aura and involve a lot of animal elements. I can definitely say we havent seen this before.;Although the cast and crew are hoping to drum up international interest, the movie is quintessentially Chinese, and differs from many western fantasy films.Painted Skin 2 is set for release in China in June.201205/183298铜仁市妇幼保健院做血常规多少钱

贵阳/铁路医院取环吗An error, mistake, blooper, blunder, slip up, crime. Call it what you like, if you make a major mistake at work, you have to tell your boss. We show you how to do just that.失误,错误,过失,差错,罪行。无论怎么称呼,如果你在工作中中犯了重大错误,你都要告诉你的老板。我们来教给你怎样做更好。Step 1: Move quickly1.迅速行动As soon as you notice the mistake, take action. If you dont move immediately, someone else will discover your cock-up and follow the trail back to you. Then your will look like a sneaky coward as well. Youll be out the door quicker than you can say ;Im Fired?;一旦注意到错误,立即采取行动。如果不立即行动,总有其他人会发现你的错误,总会找到罪魁祸首。这样你就会看上去像卑鄙的胆小鬼。你很快就被扫地出门,根本来不及说出这句“我被解雇了?”Step 2: Confess2.认错Approach your boss, tell them you need to speak to them urgently, and in private. You wont be wanting an audience for this.State clearly what the problem is, and the effects it will have on the company. Dont snivel, make lame excuses or try and shift the blame, this will make things worse. Be prepared to be shouted at like youre in the Marines, you know you deserve it.找到老板,告诉他们需要和他们紧急私下谈话。你肯定不希望有人围观。明确地解释问题所在,以及这个错误会对公司造成的影响。不要啜泣,不要吾吾,这会让事情更加糟糕。随时准备迎接老板暴风雨一般的咆哮,要知道你活该。Step 3: Dont berate yourself3.不要斥责自己Walking around the office with your head in your hands crying will only draw more attention to your crime. The misdemeanour is done, now move on. Get on with redeeming yourself. Reiterating your apologies and regrets will only stress it was you who screwed up. What a loser.双手抱头痛哭,在办公室走来走去只会让人们更加注意你的错误。错误已经造成了,现在必须勇敢面对,努力做出补偿。一再重申你的道歉和遗憾只会强调你把事情搞糟了。真是一个失败者。Step 4: A solution4.解决方法Have a plan y, youve evaluated the damage, what can be done to fix it? Or at least minimise the fall out. Outline the strategy to the boss and how it can be implemented - making sure you have a key roll in the recovery. Dont use indecisive phrases like if we... or maybe it can.., instead go for an affirmative I will.... and the result will be...准备好一个计划,评估一下损失,你可以做些什么来弥补?或者至少要使损失最小化。向老板概述一下你的策略,介绍一下怎样实施——确保简明扼要,一语中的。要避免使用不确定的言语,“如果我们……或许可以……”而应该使用非常肯定的措辞,“我会……”“结果肯定会……”Step 5: Bask in the glory5.享受你的荣誉Remind everyone of the great recovery plan you implemented, and how you were first to take action in this time of crisis. What a trailblazing, superstar worker you are - thank goodness the boss has you to rely on.提醒所有人你的修复计划实施了,你是在危机时刻第一个采取行动的人。你是非常有领导潜质的员工——谢天谢地老板可以依赖你。Thanks for watching How To Tell Your Boss You Have Made A Major Mistake感谢收看“犯下重大错误怎样告诉老板”视频节目。201210/205193遵义/市第一人民医院打胎一般多少钱 Today in History: Wednesday, January 02, 2013历史上的今天:2013年1月2日,周三On Jan. 2, 1960, Sen. John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts announced his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination.1960年1月2日,马萨诸塞州参议员约翰F.肯尼迪宣布竞选民主党总统候选人提名。1492 The leader of the last Arab stronghold in Spain surrendered to Spanish forces loyal to King Ferdinand II and Queen Isabella I.1492年,西班牙阿拉伯据点领导人向忠于国王费迪南二世和王后伊莎贝拉一世的西班牙军队投降。1788 Georgia became the fourth state to ratify the U.S. Constitution.1788年,乔治亚州成为了第四个批准美国宪法的州。1900 Secretary of State John Hay announced the Open Door Policy to prompt trade with China.1900年,国务卿约翰·海伊宣布门户开放政策,推动与中国的贸易。1935 Bruno Hauptmann went on trial in Flemington, N.J., on charges of kidnapping and murdering the infant son of Charles and Anne Lindbergh. (He was found guilty and executed.)1935年,布鲁诺·豪普特曼被指控绑架和谋杀襁褓中的儿子查尔斯和安妮·林德伯格,在新泽西弗莱明顿受审(他被判有罪并处以死刑)。1965 The New York Jets signed University of Alabama quarterback Joe Namath for a reported 0,000.1965年,纽约喷气机队报价400000美元签约阿拉巴马大学四分卫乔·纳马斯。1974 President Richard Nixon signed legislation requiring states to limit highway speeds to 55 mph.1974年,理查德·尼克松总统签署了一项法律,要求各州限制公路速度55英里/小时。1981 Police in Sheffield, England, arrested Peter Sutcliffe, who confessed to being the ;Yorkshire Ripper,; the serial killer of 13 women.1981年,英格兰谢菲尔德警察逮捕了彼得,他承认是杀害13名女性的连环杀手“约克郡开膛手”。1991 Sharon Pratt Dixon was sworn in as mayor of Washington, D.C., becoming the first African-American woman to head a city of Washingtons size and prominence.1991年,莎朗·普拉特宣誓就任华盛顿特区市长,成为第一位领导像华盛顿大小和规模城市的非裔美国妇女。2006 A methane gas explosion at the Sago Mine in West Virginia trapped 13 miners underground for more than 40 hours; only one survived.2006年,在西弗吉尼亚州萨戈煤矿甲烷气体爆炸,13名矿工被困超过40小时,只有一人生还。2008 Oil prices soared to 0 a barrel for the first time.2008年,油价首次飙升至每桶100美元。 /201301/218130贵阳/市第二人民医院妇科好吗

贵 阳 市 第 三 人 民 医 院 预 约UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s time for the Shoutout. Which U.S. state was the first to ratify the Constitution? If you think you know it, then shout it out. Was it Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Georgia? You`ve got 3 seconds, go.这是“大声喊出来”时间!美国的哪个州首先批准了宪法?如果你认为你知道,那么就大声喊出它!它是特拉华州,宾夕法尼亚洲,新泽西州还是乔治亚州?你有三秒钟的时间。开始!Delaware led the way, ratifying the Constitution on December 7, 1787. That`s your answer and that`s your Shoutout.特拉华州开创了先河,在1987年12月7日认可了宪法。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: But before Delaware and the rest of the states could ratify it, the document had to be approved by a majority of the Constitutional Convention, and that happened on September 17, exactly 225 years ago.但是在特拉华州和其他剩下的州认可宪法之前,这个文件已经被大多数的制宪会议所通过。这发生在9月17日,正好225年前。That`s why today is Constitution Day.那就是为什么今天是宪法日。Originally, the Constitutional Convention got together to revise the Articles of Confederation, but instead, the delegates decided to write a whole new document.最初,制宪会议在一起修订联邦条款,恰恰相反,代表们决定写一份全新的文件。They held secret meetings and posted guards outside the door.他们举行秘密会议并在门外设有守卫。And when they signed it on September 17, they had come up with a Constitution that set up America`s new system of government and laid out the ultimate law of the land.当他们在9月17日签署这一文件时,他们制定出了一份建立了美国政府新体系的宪法并且设计了这片土地的根本法律。 /201209/200660 We have an extraordinary relationship with dogs.我们与存在着非常特殊的关系We love them like no other animal on the planet.我们爱它们胜过地球上其他任何动物What makes our relationship so special, is perhaps the dogs可能是因为懂得分辨我们的情绪ability to be able to our emotions so effectively.这使得它们与我们的关系变得特别Theyve been around longer than any other pet.比其他宠物 都更早遍及全球There are now eight million dogs living in the UK alone.现在光是英国 就有800万条The dogs are wonderful.是很棒的动物Weve got over 400 breeds across the world全世界范围 有超过400种and every one of them has something special about them.其中的每一种都有其特别之处But only now are we beginning to但直到现在我们才开始明白realise just how important that relationship could be.这种关系有多么地重要New research is revealing ever more一项新的研究让我们对人与之间intricate connections between human and dog.的复杂沟通关系有了新的认识Without that initial starting phase of dog domestication,如果没有完成对的驯化civilisation just would not have been possible.人类也就不可能进入文明社会So why do we love an animal that was once a fearsome predator?我们为何爱上曾经是可怕肉食者的呢This fire-breathing dragon这条曾经的喷火龙(喻凶猛的)has turned into a human friend.现在已经变成了人类的朋友Could they in some ways be他们是否在某些方面上more intelligent than even our closest relative?比某些与我们最相近的物种更具智能呢Suddenly, there were dogs出人意料的是 有些doing something that not even chimps could do.甚至能完成黑猩猩都无法完成的的事And in the future, what impact might dogs have on all our lives?而在将来 又会对我们人类有什么影响呢Theyre going to help us它们将能帮助我们tackle some of the most dangerous diseases of our time,研究一些当代最危险的疾病diseases that are killing millions of people every year.这些疾病每年夺走数百万人的生命201301/223226贵阳/市第六人民医院和哪个产科最好息 烽 县 人 民 医 院 挂 号 预 约

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