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zS!21*qhiR1CEc1i[GWzdKoHhxEK+2ao^;NMIXrIJ_sbi@CAre you thinking of getting a kitten? Learn about your options for bringing a happy and healthy kitten into your life in this short VideoJug film.你是否想过养一只猫呢? 在这短短的视频中你将了解自己的选择并学会如何将一只快乐和健康的小猫融入你的生活中9gr29Z@c.0%^fCl6DlX。DL~1UFZFrl!jU|Abg5gpWF5BgrGKGqov7KV5*;e3c;St-; Article/201205/181651Blood is thicker than water, but that doesn#39;t mean our friendships should take a backseat to our family relationships as we grow up.血浓于水,但这不意味着在我们成长过程中面对家庭关系时友谊就得靠边站。A new study has found that friendships can have a much greater impact on our overall health and happiness as we age than our families, suggesting that it#39;s worth our while to invest in those relationships now, so they#39;re with us for the long-haul.一项新的研究发现,随着年龄增长,友谊对我们整体健康和幸福的影响要比家庭更大,研究表明我们现在值得把时间投入到友谊中,因此友谊才能长久相伴。;Friendships become even more important as we age,; says psychologist William Chopik from Michigan State University. ;Keeping a few really good friends around can make a world of difference for our health and well-being. So it#39;s smart to invest in the friendships that make you happiest.;来自密歇根州立大学的心理学家William Chopik说:“随着年龄增长友谊会变得更重要,身边留住几个挚友会影响我们的健康和幸福,所以明智的做法就是对使你最幸福的友谊进行投资”。To figure this out, Chopik analysed survey information about relationships and self-rated health and happiness from 271,053 participants across all age groups from nearly 100 countries around the world. He then compared the results to a separate survey about relationship support, relationship strain, and chronic illness, involving 7,481 older adults (median age 68) in the US.为了弄清楚Chopik分析了关于友谊和健康幸福自测的调查信息,调查结果来自全世界近100个国家各个年龄段的271,053位参与者。然后他又对比了一份关于关系持、血缘关系和慢性病的独立调查的结果,这一调查涉及了7,481位美国老年人(平均年龄68)。The first survey revealed that, overall, those who valued both their family and friendship relationships enjoyed greater health and higher happiness. But among the older participants, valuing friendships became a stronger predictor of health and happiness than valuing family.第一项调查揭示了从整体来看,那些家人和朋友都重视的人健康和幸福指数都更高。但老年人中,重视友谊要比重视家庭更能预测健康和幸福状况。The second survey took this notion even further by revealing that friendships have a far greater influence on our physical and emotional state as we age than our family relationships.第二项调查进一步实了这个想法,揭示了随着我们年龄增长,友谊比家庭关系对我们身体和精神状态会有更深远的影响。Interestingly, family relationships with people other than spouses and immediate children were found to have little influence on an individual#39;s health and well-being in older adulthood across both surveys.有趣的是,两项调查都发现除了配偶和亲生子女之外的家庭关系在老年时期对个人健康和幸福的影响微乎其微。The results do reflect what many of us have likely aly experienced, even before we hit #39;old age#39; - we benefit from our friends because we get to choose the ones who make us feel happiest, whereas family can often come with inescapable baggage and stress.调查结果确实反映了我们中很多人还未老就已经体验到的感受,我们受益于朋友,因为我们能选择使自己最幸福的朋友,然而家人可能常会带来不可避免的负担和压力。A network of good friends was linked to a 22 percent reduction in the risk of dying during the 10-year follow-up period of the study, when compared to close ties with children or relatives. So while studies like these can#39;t predict your future as an individual, they do provide some pretty valuable life advice: don#39;t put all your eggs in one basket. Your family will always be your blood, but the friendships you make now could end up being an invaluable investment for your health and happiness later.10年的研究随访期发现,相较于与孩子或亲戚的亲密关系,好的朋友圈会降低22%的死亡风险。所以虽然类似的研究不能预测你个人的未来,但确实提供了一些相当有价值的人生建议:不要把鸡蛋放在同一个篮子里。你的家人永远是你的至亲,但你现在建立的友谊最终会成为你对未来健康和幸福所做的宝贵投资。 /201706/514135

See Tillman the talented skateboarding bulldog ride his skateboard all around Los Angeles in this . Tillman rides everywhere from the Santa Monica Pier to Dodger Stadium, and everywhere in between. He goes down stairs, visits skateboarding shops and speeds down hills and through puddles all on his old school skateboard. 看到视频中这位叫做提尔曼的才华横溢的滑板哈巴骑着滑板周游洛杉矶的情景,估计你会感到惊叹。提尔曼总是喜欢从圣塔莫尼卡到道奇棒球场,或者在中间的任何地方游荡。他走下楼梯,在他的老旧学校滑板上参观滑板商店亦或是疾驰下山通过水坑。词语解释:1. bulldog n. 哈巴,斗牛犬2. skateboard n. 滑板3. puddle n. 水坑 Article/201112/164236

For those workers to have built something as monumental and as challenging as Hoover Dam was,对于那些工人来说建造了胡佛水坝如此富有挑战又意义深远的建筑物it was an astonishing feat of construction and I think it gave us all a sense of the possible.实在是建筑史上一次惊人的壮举,让我们相信一切皆有可能1936,,The Hoover Dam is the largest hydroelectric power-producing facility in the world.1936年,胡佛大坝成为世界上最大的水力发电设施Each of the 17 generators weighs more than four jumbo jets.这里共17座发电机,每座的重量都超过4架巨型飞机Together, they can supply power to 750,000 people in booming cities like Los Angeles.这些发电机可以给像洛杉矶这样迅速发展的城市里75万人口提供电力The dam creates Lake Mead,这座大坝造就了密德湖 the biggest reservoir in America,美国最大的水库big enough to flood the entire state of New York under a foot of water.蓄水量足以将整个纽约州覆盖在一英尺深的水下It helps California produce more food,for the ed States than any other state.让加利福尼亚成为美国粮食产量最大的州The Hoover Dam workers make something else boom as well.胡佛大坝建筑工人还带动了周围地区的发展A little town 30 miles away where they go to drink and gamble.他们常去30英里外的一座小镇喝酒Its name:Las Vegas.小镇的名字叫做 As the wife of one Hoover Dam worker puts it:胡佛大坝一名建筑工人的妻子如是说When men worked in such dangerous surroundings,他们的工作如此危险you couldn#39;t blame a lot of fellas for sort of letting their hair down.所以偶尔放纵一下也是无可厚非They were having fun.他们开心就好1930. 5,000 people live in Las Vegas.1930年 城居民共5000人Then the dam workers arrive.然后来了建筑大坝的工人Then the tourists. Then the gambling.然后是游客 然后是业的兴起Now, over 37 million people come every year to party in Las Vegas.现如今 每年有3700多万人来到吃喝玩乐After 70 years, the Hoover Dam still supplies power to the people of Nevada, Arizona,and California.建成七十余年,胡佛大坝依然为内华达州、亚利桑那州以及加州居民供电One Las Vegas hotel has the biggest flashlight on earth,40 billion candle power.一家酒店有着全世界最大的探照灯,这盏灯拥有400亿烛光功率You can a newspaper 10 miles out in space by its light.借助其灯光,人们可在10英里外的地方看报 /201301/221165

【Video】How To Use a Dictionary on Howcast 【Transcript】 dictionary is one of the most valuable tools available for improving your English language skills. Here are some ways to maximize a dictionary’s usefulness.You Will NeedDictionary Guide words List of abbreviations List of similar spellings Appropriate defintion Pronunciation symbols Step 1: Practice using alphabet(按字母顺序来看)Become adept at navigating through the alphabet. The words in the dictionary are arranged in alphabetical order, so it will be easier to find them if you can quickly recognize alphabetic order.Step 2: Use guide words(注意页面最顶部的导航字)Note the guide words at the top of the page. These words identify the first and last entries on the page.Step 3: Learn abbreviations(注意字典中的缩写)Consult the dictionary’s front matter for a list of abbreviations and their explanations. Abbreviations may be used for academic fields, stylistic or geographic designations, and etymologies.Step 4: Recognize similar spellings(注意拼写相似的字)Consult the front matter for a list of spellings that can produce a similar sound if you know the pronunciation of a word, but not the spelling. Then check alternate spellings of the word until you find it.For example, the sound of k in the word “kick” is identical to the sound of c in “call”.Step 5: Identify correct definition(根据不同的情景,找到单词正确的释义)Make sure the definition for the word you are looking up matches the context in which the word was used where you saw it. Words in the dictionary may have more than one meaning, so you shouldn’t settle for the first one listed.Step 6: Learn pronunciation symbols(注意音标)Consult the dictionary’s front matter for a list of pronunciation symbols. Try saying the word after you look at the pronunciation key.The first English language dictionary was published in 1604. Article/201006/106827Step 1 Groom yourself1.梳洗打扮Properly groom yourself for the date. Take a shower, brush your teeth, comb your hair, and dress in clean, wrinkle-free clothes that are appropriate for the date.为约会精心打扮一下。洗洗澡,刷刷牙,梳梳头,穿上干净,平整,得体的衣。Wear clothes that accentuate your style. You don#39;t have to change who you are to look nice.选择适合自己风格的衣。你没必要为了让自己看上去漂亮而改变自己。Step 2 Be chivalrous2.绅士风度Be chivalrous – to a degree. You don#39;t have to fight for her honor, but women still appreciate it when you open doors and pull out chairs for them.要有绅士风度——但是要适度。你没必要为了她的荣誉而战,但是当你为她们开门,为她们把椅子拉出来的时候,她们仍然会非常欣赏你。Step 3 Flatter her3.奉承Flatter her without being creepy or desperate. Compliment her clothes rather than her body. Keep compliments short and sweet.适当地奉承,但是不要太过火。赞美她的衣而不是她的身材。赞美的语言一定要甜蜜而简短。Step 4 Drink moderately4.适度饮酒Drink in moderation, if at all. Too much drinking implies that you have to be intoxicated to be around her.如果需要饮酒的话,一定要适度。喝太多酒就好像你必须喝醉了才敢和她在一起。Step 5 Converse5.对话Talk about your interests, and ask about hers. Avoid divisive topics like religion or politics. Keep the conversation light. If you can make her laugh, you’ll both have fun.谈论一下你的兴趣,问一下她的爱好。避免讨论有分歧的话题,例如宗教信仰或政治倾向。对话一定要轻松。如果能让她笑的话,你们两人都会非常开心。Don#39;t hog the conversation. Let her do at least half of the talking, and listen with genuine interest.不要主宰整个对话。让她参与至少一半的对话,并且对她说的话表现出真诚的兴趣。Step 6 Mind your manners6.注意礼貌Mind your manners. Be polite and respectful to the wait staff and others you encounter. Refrain from inappropriate jokes or suggestions.注意礼貌。对侍应生和你们遇到的任何人都要彬彬有礼,不要开不合适的玩笑,或者提出不恰当的建议。Step 7 Pay the bill7.买单Pay the bill without hesitation. Asking her to split the bill will be awkward, and paying for her meal on the first date is a nice gesture.要毫不犹豫地买单。要求她和你一起付账会非常尴尬,第一次约会为她买单是比较好的姿态。Did you know? According to a recent survey, one out of every four singles doesn’t brush their teeth before a date.你知道吗?根据最近一项调查,四分之一的单身人士约会之前不刷牙。 Article/201301/218163

The Great Wall stretches off into the distance长城一直延伸到远方defining the southern limits of the vast Mongolian steppe被看做是内蒙古大草原的南界North of the Wall are huge areas of grassland长城北面是广阔的草原but one place on our journey is particularly significant我们路途中有一个地方很重要In the tall grass高草丛中a family of red foxes is raising its cubs赤狐正在哺育幼狐Today, they have this meadow pretty much to themselves现在,它们享有这片草原But it wasn#39;t always the case但事情并不总是这样的Eight centuries ago八百年前this palce would#39;ve been teeming with people这里应该有丰富的居民Now these ruins in a field the short distance from Beijing现在这些距离北京不远的废墟are all that remains of the great city of Xanadu都曾是中国上都once the summer capital of China大城市上都的遗迹Within these walls在这些残垣断壁之中it is said that the leader of the Mongolians据说蒙古首领the mighty Kubla Khan welcomed Marco Polo to China伟大的可汗忽必烈曾经欢迎马可波罗来到中国Mongolian warriors established the greatest empire in history蒙古骑士建立了历史上最大的帝国stretching to the borders of Europe一直延伸到欧洲的边界Feared of this worrior tribe is the main reason由于害怕这个骁勇善战的部落the Han Chinese built the Great Wall汉人修建了长城The cornerstone of the Mongolian supremacy蒙古人与马的亲密关系was their relationship with horses是其制霸的基石This is what brought them such success in war这是他们在战争中获胜的原因The Mongolian riders travelled at night蒙古骑兵在夜晚旅行and rode with spare horses由于不顾惜马匹so they could move huge distances strike and then retreat quicker than their opponents他们可以长距离涉敌并能比敌人更迅速地撤退 /201208/196605通用汽车副总裁Larry Burns展示了颇具个性的下一代汽车设计:流线型,可定制(计算机控制增强型),使用清洁的氢气能源,并且未使用状态下还能为电网供电。 Article/201205/181726AFbquA3,)]Z6VT,B,wUB2KyEvWgx[xSToday in History: Sunday, September 09, 2012历史上的今天 2012年9月9日d6.LAjzFUefO)nX5BP*On Sept9, 1971,Prisoners seized control of the maximum-security Attica Correctional Facility near Buffalo, N.Y., beginning a four-day siege that claimed 43 lives.1971,9月9日,囚犯控制了纽约市布法罗附近最高级别的阿提卡监狱,开始了为期四天的围攻,造成43人死亡Fji+MIJ.MJAT5@j@K2。97(4Vu4FEP!P^FJ)|Z0O1850 California became the 31st state of the union.1850年,加州成为美国的第31个州X8dLHH6%n09p-J6H。be8[L~K4CU;K5f41926 The National Broadcasting Co. was incorporated by the Radio Corporation of America.1926年,美国无线电公司组建国家广播公司(N)Vd-bCG2~l+(。*ursZlJckDl1948 The People#39;s Democratic Republic of Korea (North Korea) was created.1948年,朝鲜人民民主主义共和国(朝鲜)成立py*^6VSZdFuZAcsl。!4w5)YEMJUS@7jl1956, Elvis Presley made the first of three appearances on ;The Ed Sullivan Show.;1956年,埃尔维斯·普雷斯利上演三场;The Ed Sullivan Show;中的第一场.]Q0!AlQI%gu。[|9J1uj,FUmFxR1957 President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed into law the first civil rights bill to pass Congress since Reconstruction.1957年,总统艾森豪威尔自从建以来首次通过国会签署第一个民权法案-#CtHg-1IIx#E。B|p!1SLTR++1965 Sandy Koufax of the Los Angeles Dodgers pitched a perfect game in a 1-0 victory over the Chicago Cubs.1965年的洛杉矶道奇队考费克斯以1-0完美战胜芝加哥小熊Q9IjfN7sqcER1#cE,v.。x~ZHDG)QSw;D-wTp51976 Communist Chinese leader Mao Zedong died in Beijing at age 82.1976年,中国共产党领袖毛泽东在北京去世,享年82岁3W|dY;A1p3Nh。4x__3-,J0SQAJ1993 The Palestine Liberation Organization agreed to recognize Israel#39;s right to exist, and Israel agreed to recognize the PLO as the representative of the Palestinian people.1993年,巴勒斯坦解放组织同意承认以色列拥有主权,以色列同意承认巴解组织代表巴勒斯坦人民|%Zir,gtlsn。^+nZSqCfLx1997 Sinn Fein, the Irish Republican Army#39;s political ally, formally renounced violence as it took its place in talks on Northern Ireland#39;s future.1997年,因就北爱尔兰未来谈判占有一席之地,爱尔兰共和军的政治盟友新芬党正式宣布放弃暴力O^L|#^h*B-%iBWmTIi。B;Sqqt~Ep)Q2k_592001 Afghanistan#39;s military opposition leader Ahmed Shah Massood was fatally wounded in a suicide attack by assassins posing as journalists.2001年,阿富汗军事反对党领袖艾哈迈德·沙阿·阿哈在刺客冒充的记者自杀式袭击中身受致命伤害vcFfm*vpLclg]。7C2n0|l1#|Pu2003 The Boston Roman Catholic Archdiocese agreed to pay million to 552 people to settle clergy sex abuse cases.2003年,波士顿天主教教区同意为552人付8500万美元来解决神职人员性虐待案件Wdgl)q@N]eh+RtGO%#O。Q2!1UzUnk63)**a_6v2009 Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., shouted ;You lie!; during President Barack Obama#39;s speech to Congress on health care.2009年,在美国总统巴拉克·奥巴马就医疗保健发表向国演讲时,共和党议员议员乔·威尔逊大喊;你在撒谎;.Euomcu27JIV9,E+h。Rr%Rs_*aW8)gCSeR#kUZcFj-,rHuF-cLcEr^dW|52MJ4BK4xdg2 /201209/198649

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