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NTmb*K3!]Wkp!f+|3pX9W5@57hYitCmEscape the chaos of Bangkok in Chiang Mai, Thailand-k_J8V#wp#,_1Jx#+VGz泰国清迈,逃离曼谷喧嚣~M@O-#P(U|HxBLBright flashing lights of Bangkok city.曼谷城闪耀的灯光dRT*WnMKQ*r+f0e%0aI WAS in Bangkok and less than enamoured. The night-life is chaotic, as are the crowded streets, the tourist-laden temples and the city itself, so overflowing with skyscrapers and malls and concrete that it seems about to burst. It was an impression based on a short, first-time visit, to be sure, but I felt the need to escape.sxy;Uy-!k(dGf.W]I!(;我曾游览曼谷,却不因它而迷醉g8_YTt*,V)+6tbIpa^f喧嚣充斥着这里的夜生活,充斥着拥挤的街道@(Ogs)tsOVCSr^游客挤满了这里的寺庙,挤满了整座城市bdO(B~~,sLvJCx9a满眼是天大厦、商场和钢筋混凝土的建筑,挤得城市似乎要突然爆炸#b(!m|gXT^c1虽然这是我首次游览曼谷,停留的时间也很短暂,这足以给我一种要逃离的冲动XB,T)@3dLu@fxLZ3rxkDyxkf]_u9o*rkXksI contemplated hopping a shuttle van south to the beaches, but they can be just as overcrowded. Looking peace in Pattaya is like looking a sober person at a uni party.Xa*S@Npb,ttmI!*u我想跳上一辆汽车或卡车南行到沙滩,但我知道那只会把我带到另一个拥挤的地方3ZZxo7d^a3E7j在芭堤雅寻找安静就像要在疯狂的大学派对中找到一个清醒的人一样困难5bIwp[hpQ@D!U8nE,ojRE).GUc[MnY1V)nl@U1flO-[YCixskBN+Ze1jWb+eR 30

A lamp covered with frozen snow shines on top of the Feldberg mountain near Frankfurt, central Germany, on a cold Tuesday, Nov. 30, . AP Michael Probst年月30日星期二,德国中部地区法兰克福费尔德伯格山山顶,一盏被雪花裹挟的路灯在寒风中幽幽地发着亮光美联社Michael Probst摄影 58

the Travel section’s Oct. 19 issue on Europe, writers and editors selected special items to profile from a dozen cities. Below, explore everything from chocolate in Brussels to silk in Florence to design in Copenhagen.在欧洲版月19日旅游板块,作者与编辑精选了十二个城市的独特珍宝,下面,我们从布鲁塞尔的巧克力、佛罗伦萨的丝绸到哥本哈根的设计,逐一欣赏吧Istanbul: Scent伊斯坦布尔的香料Don’t visit Lokum Istanbul if you have a cold. Functioning olfactory passages and taste buds are essential appreciating the exotic scents and sweets stacked in glass cases and on black lacquer shelves around this boutique on the European side of the city, which sits astride two continents. (A second location is in London; lokumistanbul.com has inmation on both).如果你感冒了,千万别去游览“伊斯坦布尔的洛肯”(Lokum Istanbul)香料店伊斯塔布尔这座欧洲城市横跨欧亚两个大洲,这家精品店位于该市的边缘,如果想感受店里玻璃盒中和黑漆货架上异域风格的香料和糖果,必须具备功能正常的嗅觉和味蕾(第二家店位于伦敦,lokumistanbul.com上有两家店的介绍)A feast the nose awaits in Lokum’s signature colognes (5 Turkish lira, or about $.30 at . lira to the dollar), which were developed by the owner, Zeynep Keyman, from classic Turkish essences like rose, fig, tea and mimosa. Perfumes and incense sticks are in the works.洛肯的签名古龙水(售价5土耳其里拉;照1美元等于.里拉计算,约合.30美元)堪称嗅觉的盛宴,它是店主斋南浦·开曼(Zeynep Keyman)研制的,从玫瑰、无花果、茶和含羞草等经典的土耳其香料中提炼精致而成香水和棒香正在筹备中Lokum transms some of those same ingredients (rose, fig) and others (lemon, pistachio, walnut) into its own lokum — better known in the West as Turkish delight — the soft gelatin cubes that have been synonymous with Istanbul centuries (from lira per box). Or try the store’s akide sekeri (18 to 55 lira), a hard candy in flavors like rose, fig, bergamot and cinnamon.洛肯对一些大众配方(玫瑰、无花果)进行改善,加上自己独有的成分(柠檬、开心果、胡桃),制成了自己的特色产品在西方,这些东西更有名的称呼是土耳其零食,数百年来,柔软的明胶方块几乎成了伊斯坦布尔的代名词(每盒售价里拉起)建议尝尝这家店的akide sekeri(18至55里拉),这种硬糖有玫瑰、无花果、佛手柑和肉桂等多种口味The eyes also get a dose of exotic stimuli. Inspired by “the mystic side of the East and the luxury of the West,” as Ms. Keyman puts it, a glass dome diffuses sunlight into the shop, much as in traditional Turkish baths. And most of the products come in boxes embossed with illustrated Ottoman-era scenes — mosques, pashas, pavilions — that Ms. Keyman and a Paris-based design firm derived from centuries-old toile de Jouy prints.游客的双眼也可以饱飨异国风情的盛宴开曼女士说,她的内心兼有“东方的神秘与西方的奢华”,得益于这一灵感而设计的玻璃穹顶将阳光弥散到店铺内,颇似传统的土耳其浴室大多数产品都放在盒子里,盒子上面浮雕着奥斯曼帝国时代的风情画——清真寺、达官贵人、亭台楼阁,都是开曼女士和巴黎一家设计公司受数百年历史的约依印花布灵感启发而设计出来的Even the brain finds stimulation at Lokum. The pages of “Lokum” (5 lira), an illustrated book commissioned by Ms. Keyman, recount the history and mythology of the celebrated sweet, which was invented in Istanbul in the late 18th century by a confectioner named Bekir Affendi, whose shop churns out lokum and other candies to this day. The tome is probably best by the glow of a rose-scented Lokum candle in a silver fez-shaped holder (185 lira). SETH SHERWOOD在洛肯,连大脑都可以找到刺激绘本《洛肯(5里拉)由开曼女士委托制作,讲述了洛肯的历史与神话洛肯本是一种著名的甜点,18世纪晚期,由伊斯坦布尔的糖果师贝克尔·阿芬迪(Bekir Affendi)首创从那以后,他的店铺开始大量制作洛肯以及其他糖果点心,直到今天在土耳其毡帽造型的银烛台(185里拉)上点燃一玫瑰香味的洛肯蜡烛,在烛光下阅读这本厚重的书,气氛格外迷人赛斯·舍伍德供稿 5668

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