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Its signs are subtle and slow: the earth dries; water levels fall; the rains do not come; and the land is gripped by drought. At its most basic, a drought occurs when more water is used than is replenished. It is a balance between supply and demand, with both natural and human factors in play.The weather is constantly in flux. A low pressure system allows moist air to rise, cool and form rain clouds. A high pressure system traps the air beneath it, and banishes the clouds. Droughts form when changing wind patterns cause high pressure systems to last for months, or even years. Aggravating the problem is society's demand for water. Farms are heavily dependent on water to irrigate crops and provide pasture for livestock. Urban areas also place huge demands on available water supplies. If the demand can't be reduced, then the drought begins to take its toll. Crops eventually wither and die. Soil erodes away into clouds of dust. Forest fires sp rapidly.The damage to the environment has large-scale consequences for us human population. Short-term droughts cause stress on both the environment and people. Long-term droughts can lead to war, famine, disease or mass migrations.In the 1930s, a severe drought in the Great Plains caused massive crop failures. In some places, the drought lasted 8 years. So much soil blew away became known as the Dust Bowl. Over 50 million acres of land were affected, forcing many farmers to abandon their own property.But by historical standards, the Dust Bowl was mild and short-lived. Some droughts have lasted for decades. The famines they create have killed over 40 million people in the 20th century alone.Like other forms of weather, droughts are one of the earth's natural processes. There is very little we can do to stop them. The best we can do is prepare for when droughts do come before everything blows away.200812/59483Pakistani Officials Still Waiting for Evidence in India Attack马伦上将抵巴助缓解印巴紧张关系 The top U.S. military official is in Pakistan in an effort to reduce tensions with India following last week's terrorist attack in Mumbai. Admiral Mike Mullen arrived after President Asif Zardari indicated that Pakistan will not hand over 20 named suspects, even if India offers proof of links to the attack. 美国军方最高领导人抵达巴基斯坦,争取缓解上星期印度孟买发生恐怖分子袭击之后印巴两国之间的紧张关系。美国参谋长联席会议主席马伦上将在抵达巴基斯坦之前,扎尔达里总统表示,巴基斯坦不会交出印方点名的20名嫌疑人,即使印度拿出了这些人跟袭击有关联的据。Indian officials say they have one Pakistani man in custody and other evidence that the attackers had links to Pakistani militants. But Pakistani President Asif Zardari says he doubts the detained man is Pakistani and he is still waiting for India to present evidence tying the attacks to groups in his country.  印度官员表示,他们手里现在有一名被拘押的巴基斯坦男子,以及他们掌握的其它一些据表明,孟买的袭击者跟巴基斯坦激进分子有关联。不过,巴基斯坦总统扎尔达里表示,他不相信这名被扣押的男子是巴基斯坦人,因此他仍然在等待印度方面拿出据来,显示孟买袭击跟巴基斯坦激进组织有牵连。In an interview broadcast on CNN, Mr. Zardari said India's list of 20 fugitives wanted in connection with the attack is not enough evidence for Pakistani authorities to detain them. 在美国有线电视新闻网播出的对扎尔达里的一次采访中,扎尔达里说,印度列出涉嫌与孟买袭击有关联而受到通缉的20名逃犯的名单不足以成为巴基斯坦当局抓捕他们的据。"At the moment these are just names of individuals - no proof, no investigation, nothing has been brought forward," he said. 扎尔达里说:“此刻这些只是个人的姓名而已,不是据,也没有经过调查,等于什么也没有给我们。”U.S. officials have said that it is still too soon to definitively determine who was responsible, but there are indications of links with a militant group partly based in Pakistan.  美国官员说,现在要准确地确定谁制造了孟买袭击还为时尚早,但是,有迹象表明袭击跟部分以巴基斯坦为基地的一个激进组织有关联。While India has demanded that Pakistani authorities hand over the 20 suspects, Mr. Zardari indicated that even if India provides evidence of their involvement, the suspects will remain in Pakistan.  尽管印度要求巴基斯坦当局交出这20名嫌疑人,但巴基斯坦总统扎尔达里表示,即使印方拿出这些人跟孟买袭击有关联的据,那也不会把他们交给印度。"If we had the proof we would try them in our courts, we would try them in our land, and we would sentence them," added Mr. Zardari. 扎尔达里说:“即使我们拿到了据,我们也会在我们自己的法庭审判他们,在我们的国土上审判他们,我们会宣判他们。”Senior U.S. officials are in both countries trying to defuse tensions. After Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice arrived in New Delhi, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen landed in Islamabad to meet with senior Pakistani officials. Secretary Rice is expected in the Pakistani capital later in the week. 一些资深美国官员目前在印巴两国访问,争取缓解紧张局势。国务卿赖斯抵达新德里之后,美国参谋长联席会议主席马伦乘坐的飞机也在伊斯兰堡降落,他将会晤巴基斯坦高级官员。预计赖斯这个星期晚些时候前往巴基斯坦首都。200812/57897Inflation's real costAs the price of flour, milk and rice increases, Americans find that inflation forces them to dig deeper into their wallets.Welcome back Issue No. 1 here on CNN. You hear the word "inflation" all the time. Now here, my definition as what inflation is: It's a persistent substantial rise in the general level of price related to an increase in the volume of money and results in the loss of currency value. If you are still with me, that may be the book definition, but to you it really just means that times can be tougher and your wallet is a bit tighter now than it was a year ago, 'cause things cost more. Our senior correspondent and inflation expert Allan Chernoff is here with more and he comes up with increasingly creative ways to explain to us, how inflation affects us, Allan.Well, it's certainly we are getting squeezed, but it's much worse than what the government is telling us. The government is saying that the consumer price index has risen by four percent over the past 12 months. Well, let's have a look at some of the items that we buy very often in the grocery store. First of all, flour, over the past years, flour up by 14%, rice and pasta 13%, milk up 13% as well. The fact is when we go to the grocery store, we are paying increases that are much, much higher than the consumer price index is telling. And then, why is it that the government number of four percent, and I, I, if I had hair I'd pull it out every time I see this number because the bottom line is we know that the things are costing us more, why does the number not reflect this?The problem here the reason is that the way the consumer price index is calculated, these items that we buy almost everyday, flour, rice, they don't count for very much in this CPI. Let's have a look at some of these numbers. Flour accounts for less than one twentieth of one percent of the consumer price index. Rice and pasta one-tenths of one percent, milk three-tenths of one percent. It really doesn't add up to very much, in fact, food that we buy to bring into our own kitchens total accounts for less than 8% of the consumer price index.When in reality we spend more on that than we do you've pointed this out, computers haven’t increased in price as much, or apparel. But we don't, we, when time is too tight , you gotta buy the food, it is disproportionate depending on who you are and what's your spending patterns are, there are other things that have gone up a lot more and that also doesn't help the calculation. Totally, and this is very true for one area where we saw astronomical increases over the winter time. Fuel oil, people who have to heat their homes with fuel oil, the price for that for the past year up 48%, natural gas which is more prevalent, the increase was not quite as bad. Let's see how these are counted in the consumer price index if you look the percentage of the consumer price index, you see fuel oil where we had a huge increase accounts for only two-tenths of one percent of the CPI, virtually nothing. Natural gas, because so many more people use it, accounts for one percent of the CPI. Five times that, yeah. Yes, but the increase for natural gas as we saw was far lower than for fuel oil. That's why some people really feel the squeeze of inflation, others not quite as bad.Here in the northeast, for instance, we use fuel oil a lot for our heating in parts of the mid-west, other parts of the country the primary heating source for heating air-conditioning is natural gas. So it's a different effect it has on your budget. A really good topic! Thank you, Allan, for staying on top of that for us.02/61609

Obama to Close Guantanamo, Selects Envoys for Mideast and South Asia奥巴马派特使赴中东和阿巴两国  U.S. President Barack Obama has ordered the closure of the detention center at the American naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He is also moving quickly to put his own stamp on ed States foreign policy, particularly regarding the Middle East. 美国总统奥巴马下令关闭设在古巴关塔纳湾美国海军基地的拘留中心。奥巴马也迅速采取行动,在美国的外交政策、特别是在中东政策上,打上自己的印记。In his second full day in office, Mr. Obama made good on one of his biggest campaign promises. 奥巴马在上任第二天,就履行了他在竞选期间最重要的一项承诺。"We will close the Guantanamo Bay detention camp and determine how to deal with those who are held there," said President Obama. 他说:“我们要关闭关塔纳湾拘留营,并就如何处理被关押在那里的人做出决定。”He signed a series of executive orders on Thursday. Once calls for the closure of the facility within a year. Another sets strict ground rules for the interrogation and treatment of terror detainees. 星期四,奥巴马签署了一系列行政命令,其中一项要求在一年之内关闭关塔纳湾拘留中心,另外一项行政命令就审讯和对待被关押的恐怖分子嫌疑人的方式制定了严格的基本规则。"I can say without exception or equivocation, that the ed States will not torture," said Mr. Obama. 奥巴马说:“美国不允许使用酷刑,没有例外,没有疑问。”The president set up a high-level panel that will review the status of all of the detainees at Guantanamo. Those who can be transferred, will. Others will remain until a decision is made on how best to handle their cases. 奥巴马总统成立了一个由高层官员组成的小组,审议关塔纳湾所有被关押者的情况。能够移交的将被移交,其余的继续留在那里,等候就如何以最佳方式处理他们的案子做出决定。The treatment of all detainees will be under strict international guidelines. Secret detention facilities run by the U.S. intelligence community will shut down. And the White House says no detainees will be transferred to another country where they will be tortured or mistreated. 所有被关押者的待遇将严格遵照国际准则。美国情报机构管理的秘密关押设施将关闭。白宫表示,不会将任何被关押者移交给他们可能遭受酷刑或虐待的其他国家。President Obama said the goal is to keep the American people safe, while obeying the rule of law and holding fast to moral values. 奥巴马指出,这样做的目的是保美国人民的安全,同时遵守法律规定,坚守道德价值观。"We the people will uphold our fundamental values as vigilantly as we protect our security," he said. "Once again, America's moral example must be the bedrock and the beacon of our global leadership." 奥巴马说:“我们要像保卫我们的安全一样,坚守我们的基本价值。我再说一次,美国的道德榜样必须是我们作为世界领袖的基石和灯塔。”The Guantanamo detention center proved controversial almost since it's founding after the September 11, 2001 terror attacks on the ed States and the start of the war in Afghanistan. Human rights groups deplored conditions there, and critics contend it has damaged America's moral standing abroad. 关塔纳拘留中心是2001年9月11日美国遭受恐怖袭击和阿富汗战争打响后设立的,几乎从一开始就引发了争议。人权组织对那里的状况表示震惊,批评者认为拘留中心损害了美国在海外的道德形像。In signing the orders to overhaul U.S. policy on terror detainees, Mr. Obama, in a matter of minutes, overturned almost eight years of Bush administration policy. 奥巴马命令整顿美国对待恐怖分子嫌疑人的政策,可以说在几分钟之内就推翻了布什政府几乎延续了8年的政策。As he moved from meeting to meeting and issue to issue on Thursday, the president also demonstrated his determination to leave his own stamp on U.S. policy in the Middle East and South Asia. 星期四,奥巴马的会议一个接一个,处理的问题一个接一个,也显示出他决心在美国的中东和南亚政策上打上自己的印记。During his first appearance at the State Department, the president announced he is sending a special envoy to the Middle East - former Senator and veteran negotiator George Mitchell. 他首次在国务院露面就宣布,他派特使、前参议员和资深谈判代表乔治·米切尔前往中东。He will go to the region as soon as possible to help strengthen the Gaza truce between Israel and the militant group Hamas, and get the peace process back on track. 米切尔将尽快动身,到中东协助巩固以色列和哈马斯激进组织在加沙的停火,推动和平进程回归正确轨道。Mitchell, who helped broker the Northern Ireland peace deal in the 1990s, says there is no such thing as a conflict that cannot be ended. 米切尔曾于1990年代协助斡旋达成了北爱尔兰和平协议。他说,没有什么不能结束的冲突。"This effort must be determined, persevering and patient," said George Mitchell. "It must be backed up by political capital, economic resources and focused attention at the highest levels of our government." 米切尔说:“这种努力必须是坚定的、不屈不挠和耐心的,必须有政治资本和经济资源的持,必须得到我们政府最高层的重视。”The president also tapped former U.N. Ambassador Richard Holbrooke to be his envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan. 奥巴马总统还选择美国前驻联合国代表理查德·霍尔布鲁克做他的阿富汗和巴基斯坦特使。"This is the central front in our enduring struggle against terrorism and extremism," said Mr. Obama. 奥巴马说:“那里是我们打击恐怖主义和极端主义的中心战场。Mr. Obama has aly ordered a full review of U.S. strategy in Afghanistan. He has vowed to send more American troops there as forces are withdrawn from Iraq. 奥巴马已经下令全面审议美国在阿富汗的政策。他还誓言,在从伊拉克撤军的同时,向阿富汗增派美国军队。01/61508

戛纳电影节闭幕 娄烨《春风沉醉的夜晚》夺最佳编剧奖"阿特兰蒂斯"号航天飞机载着7名宇航员安全降落在加利福尼亚州爱德华兹空军基地,圆满完成了对哈勃太空望远镜最后一次维护的飞行任务。The space shuttle Atlantis has landed in California. It touched down at Edwards Air Force Base after a 12-day mission to repair the Hubble space telescope. The return had been delayed for two days because of bad weather. The Atlantis commander Scott Altman said he and six other astronauts were thrilled to be back.“Landing here I just felt great to everybody. So we're all thrilled to have the mission complete. It was a testament to the teamwork and cooperation of folks all across the country and we wanna express our thanks to everybody, especially to Edwards for all the folks who supported us, providing us a place to land and aren't too upset about us taking up their runway for a few hours today.”2008-赛季英格兰足球超级联赛第38轮结束了全部10场较量:已提前将英超冠军奖杯收入囊中的曼联队携手利物浦队、切尔西队和阿森纳队齐奏凯歌,四大豪门均以胜利结束本赛季征程;纽卡斯尔联队落败,米德尔斯堡队战平,两队与已经提前被判"死刑"的西布朗维奇队一同告别英超。On the final day of the English Football Season, Newcastle and Middlesbrough have been relegated from the Premier League to the Championship while Hull and Sunderland survived. For the fans, the fight to stay in the top tier of English football have been even more emotional than usual, as all four clubs threatened by relegation today were from the northeast of England.北京时间昨日凌晨,第62届戛纳电影节落下帷幕。德国导演迈克尔·哈内克凭《白丝带》赢得金棕榈大奖.中国导演娄烨的电影《春风沉醉的夜晚》获得最佳编剧奖。The Austrian director Michael Haneke's film the White Ribbon has won the Palme d'Or of the Cannes Film Festival. The film was set in a small town in Germany just before the beginning of the First World War. Christoph Waltz was named as the Best Actor and Charlotte Gainsbourg won Best Actress. A Chinese director Lou Ye won best screenplay for his film Spring Fever. Lou said he hoped to be the last Chinese director to be banned.B News.05/71829

China, US, Vow to Work Together to Help Global Economy美中承诺改善全球经济 加强环保 China and the ed States have agreed to work together to help alleviate the effects of the global financial crisis. The two countries also touted environmental cooperation, at a just-concluded round of high level economic talks. 中国和美国同意共同努力,减少全球金融危机造成的影响。在刚刚结束的最新一轮高层经济对话中,双方还强调加强环境保护合作。China and the ed States just completed the fifth round of the so-called Strategic Economic Dialogue, which has been held twice a year since 2006. 中美两国刚刚结束了第五轮战略经济对话。从2006年以来,战略经济对话一年举行两次。Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, who led the US delegation, said the two days of meetings were productive and straightforward. In his closing comments, Paulson announced one of the concrete results of this round.  美国代表团团长、财政部长保尔森说,历时两天的会议是卓有成效和开诚布公的。他在会议结束时的讲话中宣布了本轮对话的一个具体成果。"To support trade flows during this period of financial turmoil, the US and China announced today that our two Export-Import Banks will make available an additional billion for trade finance, particularly for creditworthy importers in developing countries," said Paulson. “为了在当前的金融动荡中促进贸易往来,美国和中国将额外提供200亿美元的贸易资金,特别用于发展中国家里信用良好的进口商。”This amount will support an eventual billion in annual financing from the ed States and China to help global trade. 为了促进全球贸易,美中两国最终每年将提供380亿美元的贸易资助,而这200亿美元是对380亿美元的补充。Another result was strengthened Sino-American cooperation on conserving energy and protecting the environment. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Steve Johnson gave details. 对话的另一项成果是加强两国在节能和环保领域的合作。美国环保署署长史蒂夫·约翰逊谈到了合作的细节。"We have now in place, not just a vision, but we put in place five action plans, covering areas such as clean air and clean water and conservation, clean electricity production and transportation," Johnson said. "And we've added a sixth task, an action plan for energy efficiency." “我们不仅策划,而且落实了五个行动计划,覆盖的领域包括干净的空气、洁净的饮水和节水、以及干净的发电和输电。我们还增加了第六项任务,那就是能源效能行动计划。”This is the last such meeting under the Bush administration. The head of the Chinese delegation, Vice Premier Wang Qishan, said he hopes President-elect Barack Obama will keep the high level exchanges going. 这是布什政府离任前的最后一轮美中战略经济对话。中方代表团团长、副总理王歧山说,他希望美国当选总统奥巴马将维持两国间高层次的交流。Wang says the Chinese side looks forward to continue what he called a "candid and pragmatic dialogue" with the new U.S. administration.The Chinese official said China and the ed States have become interdependent, and that better Sino-American cooperation is good for the whole world. 王歧山还说,中国和美国已经变成相互依存,中美关系的进一步好转对整个世界都有好处。200812/58067

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