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The credit system in America was first adopted by Harvard University in 187.

考研英语 历年考研英语图表作文:Love is A Lamp -- 18:30:3 来源: 历年考研英语图表作文:Love is A Lamp爱是一盏灯,照亮你也照亮我,爱是一盏灯,温暖你也温暖我,Love is A Lamp是01年的考研英语作文,以下是小编搜集整理的范文,供大家学习!  [现象现状说明段] Love is of utmost importance to us humans. Everybody not only needs love, but also should give others love. As can be seen from the picture, love is a lamp which is brighter in darker places. This is indeed true. People in darker places need more light than other people. Maybe even a dim light can give them much hope a better life. Maybe just a th of light will call th their strength and courage to help them step out of their difficulties.  [举例段] I can think of no better illustration of this idea than the following example(s) instance when someone is starving to death, just a little food and water from you may save his(her) life. Again, when a little girl in a poor rural area drops out of school because of poverty, just a small sum of money from you may support her to finish school and change her life. In these casecircumstances you have given love which is like a lamp in a dark place where light is most needed.  [归纳结论段] To sum up, we should offer our help to all the needed. We expect to get love from others and we also give love to others. So when you see someone in difficulty or in distress and in need of help, don't hesitate to give your love to him (her) I believe that the relationship between people will be harmonious and that our society will be a better place us to live in.

听力词汇替换秘辑完整版(九) -- :: 来源:qnr (course) be cut double the tuition ----gt; have financial trouble(every) once in a while (every) now and then every so often ----gt; sometimes (only) occasionally(parking) lot ----gt; (parking) place... and ..., too ----gt; several~ not ...? HaveWillSureIs ...? What if ...? HowWhat about ...? ----gt; suggest recommend should can may would like Please ...3 quarters of a block ----gt; not too far8 hours ----gt; two days65 bucks ----gt; too expensive[1][][3][] 词汇 完整版 听力 词汇


年(TOEFL)考试高频词汇记忆方法:词根词缀 --5 :: 来源:qnr 对于备考TOFEL或GRE的考生来说,首先最大的挑战和最大的难点可能就是对单词的快速记忆和保持所背的单词在短期内不会遗忘,在做题时不会搞混淆  面对汪洋大海的单词,望洋兴叹是无济于事的;而行之有效的办法就是坚持严格重复的反复记忆单词在整个记忆过程中,对你的身体和精神进行着双重的考验;在准备考试的这个时间,你只需要在人生当中坚持做到两个字,那就是"坚持"这两个字!在不断重复记忆单词的过程中,考生应该在不同的时期有所侧重  一、制定一个严格的-3个月的背单词计划和有效的利用词汇,快速背3-5遍词汇书,对单词建立深刻的做题印象  对于要准备TOFEL或GRE考试的同学来说,背单词书是绝对不可回避的同时对于任何水平的英语学习者来说,当拿起一本厚厚的TOFEL或GRE词汇书时,都将意味着一种挑战,都将意味着对英语学习本质性的提高一个良好开始  考生一般需要花费--3个月的时间来严格重复记忆单词在3-5遍之后会对单词的外形与词义有一个最起码的模糊而又有印象的整体感觉在此之后,考生可以通过题目来加深对词汇的进一步记忆和理解运用  1、首先必须选择合适的词汇书  词汇书现在特别多,主要有俞敏洪、李笑来、张红岩、王玉梅的词汇书比较受欢迎  新词汇量相较旧的确有所加大,你可以选其中任何一本,比如李笑来的《1天突破TOEFL核心词汇或王玉梅的《TOEFL词汇(最新版),王玉梅的词汇书收录词汇应该是最大的(5000多个单词),外加电脑软件《新东方背单词,这样就比较系统如果照每天新背一个list的进度,0天就可以背完第一遍 5 词汇 词缀 词根 词汇 记忆 方法 考试 TOEFL

四六级资讯 阅读练习与讲义 Creative Process of Works .31 -- :00:01 来源:   Creative Process of Works  The great question that this paper will, but feebly, attempt to answer is , what is the creative process?  Though much theory has accumulated, little is really known about the power that lies at the bottom of poetic creation. It is true that great poets and artists produce beauty by employing all the powers of personality and by fusing emotions, reason, and intuitions. But what is the magical synthesis that joins and arranges these complex parts into poetic y?  John L.Lowes, in his justly famous “The Road to Xanadu,” developed one of the earliest and still generally acceptable answers to this tantalizing question. Imaginative creation, he concludes, is a complex process in which the conscious and unconscious minds jointly operate. “There is…the deep well with its chaos of tuitously blending images; but there is likewise the Vision which sees shining in and through the chaos of the potential lines of m, and with the Vision, the controlling Will. Which gives to that potential beauty actuality.”  The Deep Well is the unconscious mind that is peopled with the facts, ideas, feelings of the conscious activity. The imaginative vision, an unconscious activity, shines through the land of chaos, of lights and shadows, silently seeking pattern and m. Finally, the conscious mind again, through Will, captures and embodies the idea in the final work of art. In this way is y born out of chaos.  Though there can be no absolute certainty, there is general agreement that the periods in the development of a creative work parallel, to some extent, Lowes’ theory of Well, Vision, m, and Will. There are at least three stages in the creative process: preparation, inspiration, work.  In a sense, the period of preparation is all of the writer’s life. It is the Deep Well. It is the Deep Well. It is especially a period of concentration which gives the unconscious mind an opporty to communicate with the conscious mind. When remembrance of things past reach the conscious level of the writer’s mind, he is y to go on with the process. Part of this preparation involves learning a medium—learning a language, learning how to write, learning literary ms. It is important to mot here that m cannot be imposed upon the idea. Evidence, though sparse, shows that the idea gives birth to the m that can best convey it. It is the Vision, according to Lowes, ” which sees shining in and through the chaws of the potential lines of from … ”  1. When remembrance of things past reach the conscious level, the post has reached the stage called  [A]. Well. [B]. Vision. [C]. m. [D]. Will.  . Which of the following statements is TRUE?  [A]. The m determines the subject matter.  [B]. The idea determines the m.  [C]. Vision makes beauty an actuality.  [D]. A writer is unconscious when he prepares his work.  3. The word “tuitously” in the third paragraph means  [A]. accidentally. [B]. luckily.  [C]. thoroughly. [D]. potentially.  . The remembrance of things past is carried on in the  [A]. Deep Well. [B]. Vision.  [C]. Chaotic lights and shadows. [D]. Conscious mind.  Vocabulary  1. fuse 融化,结合  . intuition 直觉  3. Xanadu 是一个非常美的,田园诗般的地方  美国诗人Sanul T Coleridge还根据这地方写了一首诗,“Kubla Khan” 忽必烈汗(即元世祖)  . John L. Lowes 1876——195年美国学者,批评家及教师  5. tantalizing 引起好奇心的,可望不可及的,逗人得  6. tuitous 偶然的,幸运的  7. parallel 相应于  8. sparse 稀少,稀疏  9. synthesis 综合,综合法  难句译注  1. …by employing all the powers of personality and by fusing emotions, reason, and intuitions.  [参考译文] 运用个人(品格)的全部力量,把情感,理智和直觉融会贯通结合在一起  . …still generally acceptable answers to this tantalizing question.  [参考译文] 现在仍然是众所接受对这些可望不可及问题的  3. There is…the deep well with its chaos of tuitously blending images; but there is likewise the Vision which sees shining in and through the chaos of the potential lines of m, and with the Vision, the controlling Will. Which gives to that potential beauty actuality.  [结构简析] 注意介词短语和定从With its chaos…, 是修饰deep well. Which sees shinning 定语从句修饰Vision. And 后的with the vision, 却是状语Which gives 又是定从,修饰Will.  [参考译文] 有……那充满了混乱的偶然交织在一起的形象的深静;但同样也有那洞察力,看到在混乱中熠熠生辉的潜在的形式线索,由于有这样的洞察力便有那控制一切的意志把潜在的美变成真实的(诗歌)篇章  . lights and shadows 艺术上有 light and shade 明和暗这里也是指明和暗  写作方法与文章大意  文章论述“创作过程”开门见山就提出“什么是创作”主要是引用了罗斯的Road to Xanadu 一书来说明创作过程首先是创作的源泉,洞察分辨,最后意志赋予写作  祥解  1. D. 意志第三段倒数第二句“最终又是意识的思维,通过意志,在其最终的艺术作品中捕捉和体现了这种思想观念”第五段第三句:“当作者回溯以往事情达到了有意识的水平时,他就具备(准备)了继续创作进程的条件这种准备工作中有一部分涉及学习媒介——学习一种语言,学习如何写,学习文学形式”第二段都体现了意志是有意识思维的集中表现  A. 源泉,来源,顾名思义,也是最初的东西 B. 洞察力,视觉 C.形式这三项选择在第二,三段集中说明,见难句译注3及第四题  . B. 思想观念决定形式这在最后一段倒数第四句:部分准备工作涉及学习媒介——学习语言,学习如何写,学习文学形式之后“这里要注意文学形式不能强加于思想观念有据,虽然很少,表明思想观念产生适合传递它的文学形式  A. 形式决定主题 C. 形象使美变得真实 D. 作者在准备写作时处于无意识状态难句译注3和第四题都说明了这三项选择是不对的  3. A. 偶然的  B. 幸运的,tuitously一词确实有幸运的之义但这里上下文含义是A,见难句译注3  C. 彻底的,透彻的 D. 潜在的,可能的  . A. 深井(深层的源泉)见难句译注3和第三句“深层的源泉是无意识思维,内中塞满了各种事实,观点,意识活动的情感富有想象力的洞察力是一种无意识的活动,在杂乱的土壤中闪烁光辉,忽明忽暗,默默的探索模式和形式最后,又是有意识的思维,通过意志……”这里说明回溯过去是在深井阶段进行  B. 视觉,是在探索表现形式 C. 杂乱的光亮和阴影,明面和暗面 D. 有意识思维 讲义

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