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2017年10月22日 03:39:18 | 作者:本地家庭医生 | 来源:新华社
It seems that despite the advances humans have made in practically every field and interest, stress and stressful situations can never be completely eliminated. If anything, the faster phase by which humans lead their lives these days only exacerbate the stress.There are two types of stress. The short-term or acute stress brought about by immediate stressors or factors or the chronic or long-term stress resulting from on-going stressors. The gravity by which a stressor can affect a person all depends on the person’s capacity to deal with stress. Some factors may easily stress out one person and not affect another.External stressors such as the environment may also bring about stress. Internal factors such as intense worry may also affect a person. Some stressful stressors include: hunger, extreme weather conditions, noise, crowding, isolation and hunger. Chronic stress may be the result of long-term abusive relationships, a high-pressure career, financialworries and even high expectations.Financial worry is one of the most common causes for stress. Financial obligations often cause strain in both the personal and professional life of a person. When a person cannot make ends meet, he often becomes dissatisfied with his life and the kind of work he does. Stressful romantic relationships are also common. Sometimes, relationships do not even have to be abusive to be stressful, just meeting a partner’s expectations can cause stress. Being let down causes stress. Even the most well behaved children can occasionally cause strain in the relationships of couples. The divorce of parents may affect children negatively. Sometimes something as tragic as an accident or a loved one’s death can cause immediate and long-term stress. Both women and men may struggle with body image, which can cause them to stress.For acute stress, just avoiding the environment or situation can ease the stress. Being in a crowded, noisy place for example can cause one’s blood pressure to slightly increase. But the answer to this problem is simple- avoid noisy and cramped places. For chronic stress such as a highly pressurized work environment, it may not be easy to just quit or walk away. These types of stress need to be dealt with and there are a number of ways to limit the stress or to lower the stress level.For some just taking a break from the stress can make a great difference. This means taking a short break at work to eat or . Sometimes a person needs to take a 2-day leave or even a month long vacation to de-stress. Other ways to deal with stress include listening to relaxing music, talking to friends or just watching a feel-good movie. Training one’s self to accept disappointments, increase the self-esteem and develop a positive outlook in life is also a big help in conquering stressful situations. One of the best ways still to limit the stress in one’s life is by leading a healthy lifestyle and exercising regularly. Exercise is known to release endorphins in the body that in turn reduces anxiety and depression. 似乎不论是处在任何领域或行业中的先进者们,都不能完全摆脱各种压力和紧张的境遇.而这种压力在人们的生活中也与日俱增.压力分为两种类型.短期或急性的压力来自于直接的刺激或因素,而持久或慢性压力则来自于持续进行中的紧张和刺激.刺激的严重性可使得一个人耗费所有精力去解除这些压力.而一些因素导致的压力有时也可在不防碍其他人的情况下把一个人击垮.一些外部的刺激如环境等因素可以令人产生压力.而例如过度的忧虑等内在因素也可以影响到人们.一些可以令人产生紧迫感的刺激包括:饥饿,极端恶劣的气候, 噪音,拥挤现象,孤立和欲望等.慢性压力则可能源于长期的复杂关系,一种高压职业,财政恐慌,甚至是他人强烈的期望.财政恐慌是导致压力最普遍的原因之一.财政危机可使得一个人产生个人生活和工作上的双重压力.如果一个人不能做到收相抵,他就会对自己的生活和所做的工作感到不满.令人产生压力的复杂关系也普遍存在.这种关系会使人产生紧迫感,有时仅仅是为了达到伙伴所期望的结果变可产生压力.而失望也可导致压力的产生.甚至一直表现良好的孩子也会由于父母的关系而产生过度疲劳和紧张.父母的离异会对孩子产生消极影响.有时一些悲剧的发生,如意外事故或爱人的死亡会引起直接的长期压力.另外,男女之间为了极力保持和提升自己的个人形象,也会使他们产生压力.对于急性压力,仅以改变环境或局势便可逐渐减轻压力的程度.例如,处于拥挤和吵杂的场所会使人的血压升高.然而解决这个问题其实很简单--那就是尽量避免去吵杂和狭窄的地方.而对于长期处在高压工作环境造成的慢性压力,最简单的方法就是离开职位或外出散心.这几种类型的压力待于解决,而且有许多方法可以限制这些压力或减轻压力的程度.然而,要想真正摆脱这些压力却有很大差别.这就意味着要暂时离开工作而去吃东西或进行阅读和学习.有时一个人需要离开两天甚至是一个月之久去解除压力.还有其它解除压力的方法包括听轻松的音乐,与朋友们交谈或看一部令人愉快的电影.而训练自己承担失望的勇气,提升自信心以及积极地展望生活前景也对战胜窘迫的困境有极大帮助.减轻压力的最行之有效的方法就是采取健康的生活方式并且持之以恒.众所周知,运动就是排解体内有害物质从而缓解忧虑和沮丧最好的方式. /200803/32753Software maker Microsoft Corp is selling about 1,500 of its patents to Chinese cellphone maker Xiaomi, a rare departure for the US company and part of what the two companies say is the start of a long-term partnership.日前,美国软件制造商微软公司将向中国手机生产商小米出售约1500项专利。此举对微软而言十分罕见,两家公司表示,这是双方开启长期合作的部分举措。The deal also includes a patent cross-licensing arrangement and a commitment by Xiaomi to install copies of Microsoft software, including Office and Skype, on its phones and tablets.这项交易还包括一项专利交叉授权协议以及小米在其手机和平板电脑上安装Office和Skype等微软软件副本的承诺。Both companies declined to discuss financial terms of the deal.两家公司都拒绝谈论关于这项交易的财务条款。;This is a very big collaboration agreement between the two companies,; Wang Xiang, senior vice president at Xiaomi, said by telephone ahead of the deal.小米公司高级副总裁王翔在电话中谈论这笔交易时表示:“这是两家公司之间的一个非常大的合作协议。”Experts say the patent deal paves the way for the Chinese firm to sell its handsets in Western markets. Microsoft will benefit from the fact that some of its Android apps - including Office and Skype - will now be pre-installed on Xiaomi devices.有专家表示,此次购买微软专利给这家中国公司在西方市场销售手机铺平了道路。而微软方面也将会受益。微软旗下的部分安卓应用程序(包括Office和Skype)将被预装在小米手机上。The announcement comes at a time when Xiaomi has been struggling to meet sales targets. The Beijing-based company originally set itself a target of selling 100 million smartphones in 2015. But it managed to sell only 71 million, partly because of increased competition from domestic rivals.这一购买协议宣布得非常及时,目前小米正在为难以达到销售目标而头疼。这家总部位于北京的公司本来将其2015年的销售目标定为1亿台手机。但是最终只卖出了7100万台手机,部分原因是因为来自国内厂商更加激烈的竞争。Oppo and Vivo overtook Xiaomi in phone shipments in the first three months of 2016, while Huawei extended its lead, according to research firm IDC. That pushed Xiaomi down to seventh place in global market share. It had been ranked third in 2014.据调研公司IDC透露,2016年前3个月,Oppo和Vivo手机出货量都超过了小米,而华为则扩大了自己的领先优势。这使得小米的全球市场份额下跌到了第7位。小米在2014年的市场份额曾达到了全球第三位。Wang Xiang said the acquisition of Microsoft patents, which included voice communications, multimedia and cloud computing, on top of some 3,700 patents the company filed last year, was ;an important step forwards to support our expansion internationally.;王翔表示,购买语音通讯、多媒体和云计算等微软专利,再加上该公司去年申请的约3700项专利,是;持小米开展国际性扩张的重要一步;。Microsoft has recently made moves to scale back its handset operations, cutting jobs in its smartphone division and selling its Nokia-branded feature phone business. However, under chief executive Satya Nadella#39;s leadership it has tried to encourage use of its products on non-Windows handsets.微软最近收缩了其手机业务,在智能手机部门进行了裁员,并且出售了诺基亚品牌的功能手机业务。不过,在CEO塞雅·纳德拉的领导下,微软正试图鼓励在非Windows系统手机中使用他们的产品。 /201606/449421

Baidu, China’s largest search group, has launched an attempt to become the Android of the automotive world by sharing its self-driving technology.中国最大的搜索集团百度(Baidu)发起一项努力,试图通过共享其无人驾驶技术,成为汽车界的安卓(Android)。At the Shanghai Auto Show yesterday, Baidu revealed its Apollo project, which it said was an “open, complete and reliable software platform for its partners in the automotive and autonomous driving industry to develop their own autonomous driving systems”.在昨天的上海车展上,百度透露了“阿波罗计划”。百度称,该计划“将向汽车行业及自动驾驶领域的合作伙伴提供一个开放、完整、安全的软件平台,帮助他们结合车辆和硬件系统,快速搭建一套属于自己的完整的自动驾驶系统。”The move appeared inspired by Google’s efforts to dominate smartphones by launching Android as an open source set of tools that other companies could customise.该举动的灵感似乎来自谷歌(Google)主导智能手机的努力,后者把安卓设计为一套开源工具,让其他公司可以定制。Baidu said it would open its technology in stages. In July it would share intellectual property for “restricted environment” driving, with technology for simple urban road conditions to follow this year. By 2020 software for “fully autonomous driving capabilities on highways and open city roads” would be available.百度称,将分阶段开放其技术。7月,它将分享“受限环境”驾驶的知识产权,随后在今年晚些时候分享简单城市道路环境下的技术。到2020年,百度将提供具备“公路和开放性城市道路全自动驾驶能力”的软件。Open-sourcing of automotive technology is not unprecedented: in 2014 electric carmaker Tesla offered tech secrets to rivals in an attempt to boost interest in low-emission vehicles.对汽车技术进行开源并非史无前例:2014年电动汽车制造商特斯拉(Tesla)向竞争对手提供了技术秘密,试图提升行业对低排放汽车的兴趣。Baidu had sought to develop autonomous driving technology through partnerships with Chinese carmakers such as BAIC and Chery, with which it has road-tested Lincoln cars in California.百度试图通过与北汽控股(BAIC)和奇瑞(Chery)等中国汽车制造商建立合作关系,来研发自动驾驶技术。百度已在加州用林肯汽车进行了道路测试。In artificial intelligence Baidu is widely considered to have an edge over domestic competitors and is regularly rated on a par with IBM and Google.在人工智能方面,百度被普遍认为拥有超出国内竞争者的优势,经常被认为是与IBM和谷歌水平相仿的领先者。“AI has great potential to drive social development, and one of AI’s biggest opportunities is intelligent vehicles,” said Qi Lu, Baidu’s chief operating officer, yesterday.“人工智能拥有推动社会发展的巨大潜力,而人工智能最大的机遇之一是智能汽车,”百度首席运营官陆奇昨日表示。However, a setback came last month when some of the group’s most senior talent quit.然而,上月百度遭遇了一个挫折,其集团内一些最资深的人才出走。Mark Natkin of Marbridge Consulting in Beijing said the open-source move was ambiguous. “One could look at this as an ambitious effort to jump out into the forefront of autonomous driving technology,” he said.北京迈瑞咨询(Marbridge Consulting)的马克?纳特金(Mark Natkins)称,百度的开源举动让人看不懂。“人们可以把这视为跳到自动驾驶技术前沿的雄心之举,”他称。But it could also be “a step back from a wholly self-contained effort”.但它也可能是“从完全自成一体的努力倒退一步”。How Baidu intends to generate revenue from the open-source model is unclear. Shu Chang, a consultant at Roland Berger in Shanghai, said the data generated by the project would be immensely valuable.尚不清楚百度打算如何从开源模式中获得营收。罗兰贝格(Roland Berger)驻上海顾问舒畅表示,该项目生成的数据将极具价值。“The biggest driver for Baidu in this project is that through an open platform like this it is able to collect user information through the whole autonomous driving and car networking system,” he said.他称,“百度在该项目上最大的动力是,通过像这样的开放平台,它可以通过整个自动驾驶和汽车网络系统收集用户信息。”For car companies open-sourcing will lower the costs of developing their own technology, according to the IDC consultancy. “For the driverless car industry, this will lower the tech threshold for the overall automobile industry and help to form an industry standard,” its analysts wrote.据咨询公司IDC表示,对于汽车企业而言,开源将降低研发自己技术的成本。IDC的分析师们写道,“对无人驾驶汽车行业来说,这将为整个汽车行业降低技术门槛,并且帮助形成行业标准。”Baidu conducted successful road tests of fully autonomous cars in Beijing in December 2015.2015年12月,百度在北京成功完成了全自动驾驶汽车的道路测试。 /201704/505430

1. If you are indoors, duck or drop down to the floor. Take cover under a sturdy desk, table or other furniture. Hold on to it and be prepared to move with it. Hold the position until the ground stops shaking and it is safe to move. Stay clear of windows, fireplaces, woodstoves, and heavy furniture or appliances that may fall over. Stay inside to avoid being injured by falling glass or building parts. If you are in a crowded area, take cover where you are. Stay calm and encourage others to do likewise.2. If you are outside, get into the open, away from buildings and power lines.3. If you are driving, stop if it is safe, but stay inside your car. Stay away from bridges, overpasses and tunnels. Move your car as far out of the normal traffic pattern as possible. If possible, avoid stopping under trees, light posts, power lines, or signs.4. If you are in a mountainous area, or near unstable slopes or cliffs, be alert for falling rock and other debris that could be loosened by the earthquake.5. If you are at the beach, move quickly to higher ground or several hundred yards inland. 1. 如果你在室内,低下身子,或是匍匐在地板上。躲在坚实的书桌、餐桌或其它家具之下,以此为遮盖物。抓紧这些家具,随时准备行进。维持这一姿势直到地面停止震动,确认情况安全后才能移动身体。远离那些可能会倒塌的窗户,壁炉,火炉,大型家具和家用电器。在室内还要避免被落下的玻璃或倒塌的建筑物砸伤。如果你处于一个比较拥挤的区域内,待在原地则是明智之举。务必保持冷静,并让他人也按照此法而做。2. 如果你在室外,往开阔的地方跑,远离高楼和电线。3. 如果你在开车,请停在安全的地方,但不要下车。不要停车于桥梁,天桥和隧道。尽量远离常规的交通路线。如果可能的话,避免将车停在树下,灯柱下,电线下或广告牌下。4. 如果你在山区,或是在不稳定的斜坡或山崖旁,注意那些因地震而从山上滚落下来的岩石和其它山体残骸。5. 如果你在海滩上,马上往高地跑,或是跑向开阔的内陆地区。 /200805/39773

Elon Musk’s dream of ultra-high speed travel through a tube came a small step closer to reality on Tuesday, when one of the companies set up to pursue the idea announced it had raised another m and said it was y to show off a key part of the technology.周二,埃隆#8226;马斯克(Elon Musk)通过隧道实现超高速旅行的梦想距离现实近了一小步。为了追逐这一想法而设立的公司之一宣布,已再次融资8000万美元,并表示已准备展示该技术的一个关键部分。Mr Musk, chief executive officer of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, stirred a wave of interest in 2013 in a technology known as hyperloop — a tube from which air is pumped out to maintain a near-vacuum, theoretically making it possible for pods carrying people or freight to move at close to the speed of sound.2013年,特斯拉(Tesla Motors)和SpaceX的首席执行官马斯克调动起了人们对于“超回路列车”(Hyperloop)技术的兴趣。该技术涉及把一条隧道中的空气抽出来,保持近真空状态,在理论上可能让装载人员或货物的短舱以近音速移动。The idea was floated as a potential alternative to California’s plans for a high-speed rail line between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Coming from an entrepreneur who has come to be seen in some tech circles as a visionary, it attracted enough attention to trigger a race among start-ups trying to prove the technology is in fact practical.这个想法的提出,是作为加州在旧金山和洛杉矶之间修建高速铁路线路的可能替代方案。由于源自一名在某些科技圈里被视为拥有远见卓识的一名企业家,这个想法吸引了足够的注意力,在试图明该技术事实上具有实用性的创业企业中引发了一场竞赛。Hyperloop Technologies, the company furthest along with its plans, said on Tuesday it had raised m in a second round, taking the total so far to more than 0m, with the backing of investors including GE Ventures, a unit of General Electric, and SNCF, the French national railway.周二,在执行自己计划上走得最远的公司Hyperloop Technologies表示,已获得了8000万美元的第二轮融资,目前总融资额超过1亿美元,资金投入方包括通用电气(GE)旗下部门GE Ventures和法国国家铁路公司(SNCF)。It also said it would show off the propulsion system for its planned hyperloop on Wednesday on a section of exposed track near Las Vegas, and planned to have a full-scale, three kilometre trial operating in a tube before the end of the year.该公司也表示,将于周三在附近的一段暴露铁轨上展出用于其计划超回路列车上的推进系统,并打算于今年年底前在一条隧道内进行原尺寸模型的3公里试运营。“The idea that was a glimmer in the eye of Elon Musk in 2013 will be a full-scale prototype by the end of 2016,” said Rob Lloyd, chief executive officer. “When we demonstrate the prototype, everyone will realise we can solve problems of urban congestion — we can free up land, redefine cities. It’s a big deal.”“原是2013年埃隆#8226;马斯克眼中一线微光的这个想法,到2016年底将变成一个全尺寸原型机,”Hyperloop Technologies首席执行官罗布#8226;劳埃德(Rob Lloyd)说。“当我们展示原型机时,所有人都将意识到,我们能够解决城市拥堵问题——我们能够解放土地,重新定义城市。那是一件了不起的事。”Supporters of the hyperloop concept, including Mr Musk, maintain that the technologies needed to make it work have all been proven, and that the real challenges that need to be overcome involve business model and financing.包括马斯克在内,超回路列车概念持者们坚称,把超回路列车投入使用的各项技术都已成熟,需要克的真正挑战在于商业模式和融资。Hyperloop Technologies — which on Tuesday said it was changing its name to Hyperloop One — said it was working with a number of construction and transport partners around the world to study the feasibility of individual projects, and that it expected to see a wave of interest from cities and other government bodies once it had showed off a working system.周二,Hyperloop Technologies表示公司将更名为Hyperloop One。该公司表示,正与世界各地大量的建筑业和交通业伙伴合作,研究具体项目的可行性,同时预计,一旦展出一个可运行系统之后,会引起各个城市和其他政府部门的浓厚兴趣。Given the huge capital investment, long-distance connections between cities — the kinds of project promoted by people like Mr Musk, given the high speeds they could theoretically reach — are unlikely to see the first attempted use of the technology.鉴于巨大的资本投资,城市之间的远距离联接——马斯克等人依据理论上可达到的高速度而推广的那类项目——不大可能第一次尝试使用该技术。Instead, Mr Lloyd said that connecting container ports with nearby transport hubs presented an attractive potential use, since it could free up storage space in ports and take traffic off surrounding streets. That would not require the high speeds theoretically possible in hyperloops, but would still be better than building new rail links since the systems would operate far more quietly and not raise local opposition, he added.相反,劳埃德表示,把集装箱港口跟附近的交通中心联接起来,是一个有吸引力的潜在用途,因为这能够释放港口的存储空间,减少周围街道的交通流量。他补充道,那将不需要超回路列车达到理论上可能的高速度,但仍将比建造新的铁路连线更好,因为系统运行的声音要小得多,不会引起当地的反对。Hyperloop One is also aiming to carry freight rather than passengers to get around regulatory concerns about safety, but said it hopes to extend to moving people once the technology is proven.为了绕过监管层对于安全的担忧,Hyperloop One也计划装载货物而不是乘客,但表示,其希望在技术成熟时开始运载人员。Meanwhile, another start-up hoping to build a prototype system, Hyperloop Transport Technologies, this week announced the technology for its own propulsion system, based on using powerful magnets to levitate pods above the floor of its tube.同时,另一家希望建造一个原型系统的创业企业Hyperloop Transport Technologies(HTT)本周宣布了用于其自己推进系统的技术——需要使用强力磁体使短舱漂浮在其隧道平面的上空。 /201605/443216

Is it really? Well, according to Dr. Mao over at Yahoo Health, this is quite true. He also presents some practical things that we could all do to help the environment and be healthier at the same time. Seeing as we have just recently celebrated Earth Day, this topic is quite appropriate, don’t you think? Let’s take a look at some of Dr. Mao’s suggestions.Less Plastic, More HealthLightweight, durable and versatile, plastic is everywhere in our modern world; this is bad news for the environment and our health.He lists down a lot of things at home which are made of plastic. This prompted me to look through some of my things and he is right! Heck, even this laptop I am using has a lot of plastic parts. So what’s bad about plastic?According to Dr. Mao, “many plastics release vinyl chloride and other harmful estrogen-like substances that can lead to cancer, birth defects, hormonal imbalance, and lung and liver disease.”He might be right or he might be overstating things a bit but it wouldn’t hurt to use less plastic.Some practical suggestions? Instead of using plastic containers as the default, why not use glass ones instead? I also like the wooden and ceramic variations as well.Let’s look at a few more things next time. 这是真的吗? 好,通过毛士在雅虎健康网上说的,这的确是真的,他也举了几个我们能够做的实际事情保护环境,同时这些事情更有益于健康.鉴于我们刚刚庆祝的地球日 ,这个话题是比较合适的,你不觉得吗?让我们看看毛士的一些建议吧.少一点塑料,多一点健康。轻便,耐用以及多功能的塑料在现代社会随处可见,这对我们的环境和健康非常不利。他列举了一些在家使用的塑料制品。这促使我审视一些我的东西,我发现他说的对!令我来气的是我的笔记本电脑也用了许多的塑料零件。那么,关于塑料有什么不好呢?毛士说许多的塑料能释放氯乙烯和其他的有害的的雌性激素,人吃了能够致癌,导致出生缺陷,激素不平衡以及肺病和肝。他说的也许对或者是夸张了一点,但这并不对少用塑料的人造成伤害。还有其他的一些实际的建议吗?,既然不用塑料容器是默认,为什么不用玻璃代替呢?我同样喜欢木制的和陶瓷替代品。 /200806/42591

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