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栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201611/477508It looks like weve probably got the biggest meat-eater in the world.看起来我们很有可能找到了世界上最大的食肉动物But there was more.但是还不止这些When Rodolfo and his team began to study the bones in detail, they noticed something strange.当Rodolfo和他的科研小组开始仔细研究骨骼时,他们发现了一些奇怪的事As they analyzed the bones, Rodolfo realized that they had found four leg bones...for a two-legged creature.正当他们分析骨骼时,Rodolfo意识到他们找到了4块腿骨,而这种动物却只有两条腿There was more than one carnivore in this dinosaur graveyard.看来这个恐龙墓地中躺着不止一只食肉恐龙So far, our record is indicating that at least six individuals have been preserved.目前我们的记录显示,至少有6只恐龙被埋藏于此Whats more, they were all different ages.另外,它们的年龄各不相同With six specimens of the new meat-eating dinosaur found at the Argentinian site,有了阿根廷巴塔哥尼亚的6只新肉食恐龙标本Phil Currie had what he needed - the second pack of mega-carnivores.Philip Currie终于得到了他要的据--第二个大型食肉恐龙群I just couldnt believe it because...我简直不敢相信Suddenly here we were in situation where we had two large meat-eating dinosaurs in two parts of the world which were showing packing behavior.现在的情况是,我们忽然在世界上两个地方找到了两群具有群居行为的大型食肉恐龙It seems to me that we have very convincing evidence that large meat-eating dinosaurs formed these social groups,我觉得我们已经找到了最有力的据,明这些大型食肉恐龙生活在社会群体中where the young and the old walked together, hunted together and lived together.老老少少的恐龙一起行动,一起狩猎,一起生活201612/485813If Charles thought that eleven years meant the old quarrels had been forgotten,如果查理认为11年 就意味着所有过节都已经烟消云散he was ignoring a force new to British politics,the news.那他就是忽视了 影响英国政治的新生力量 新闻For the great political dramas of the last 20 years had been hotly consumed by a ing public由于过去20年的政治事件 全都因为公众对于纸媒的如痴如醉addicted to newspapers,pamphlets, woodcuts and the so-called sixpenny separates,而大白于天下 小册子 木版书以及所谓的六便士手抄书recording all the debates and controversies and dispatched around the shires.都记录了当时所有的辩论与争议 并分发至每一个郡The 1640 parliament took up exactly where it had left off in 1629,when Charles had closed it down.1640年 议会继续了 他们在1629年 被查理叫停了的讨论It must have come as an unpleasant surprise when this new parliament,instead of laying imagined grievances aside,新的议会非但没有 既往不咎 而是变本加厉地追究过往immediately began to resurrect them.这对他来说 必定是个没有喜的惊喜This parliament lasted only three short weeks before, once again, Charles suspended it.新议会在查理再一次叫停之前 仅仅坚持了短短三周But his list of options was getting shorter by the day,and they were all bad.他的选择范围日渐缩减 而且所有选项都行不通He wasnt going to cave in to the Scots and he wasnt going to re-open parliament.他不打算向苏格兰屈 他也不打算重开议会But there was a third way,courtesy of his Lord Deputy in Ireland, Thomas Wentworth.但 还有第三种选择 和他爱尔兰的副手托马斯·温特沃斯合作Why not use an Irish Catholic army to crush the Presbyterian Scots?为什么不用爱尔兰天主教军队的矛 来攻苏格兰长老会的盾呢Grateful for his advice,Charles made Wentworth Earl of Strafford,but hesitated.为了答谢他的合作 查理犹豫再三还是封托马斯·温特沃斯 为斯特拉福德伯爵Charles knew that Protestant England was hardly likely to approve of a Catholic army attacking their brother Scots.查理深知英格兰新教是不会允许 他堂而皇之地指挥天主教军队 去攻打苏格兰兄弟的 /201703/497131Theyre often vilified for killing off other animals.他们经常被抨击为杀害其他动物的凶手But the extent of this predatory behaviour,但猫还保有多少这种捕食习性in the UK at least,至少对英国的猫而言is uncertain.仍不明朗We found this mole here this morning今早在这里发现了这只鼹鼠and we dont know if Ginger caught it or not,不知道是不是被小姜抓住的but its dead, so were going to pop it in here.但它已经死了 我要把它装到盒子里Pick him up so we can take him up to the hall tonight把它收起来 然后今晚拿到市政厅去and they can have a look at him up there.让那里的工作人员看一下The scientists are hoping科学家们希望 to use this study in Shamley Green杉莫利格林镇的研究to see if there are any clues as to whats going on.能为了解猫的真正习性 提供一点线索Its a little shrew, from Phoebus.这是一只小鼩鼱 菲布斯带回来的And he caught it a couple of nights ago.是前几天晚上被他抓住的Weve ask the owners to collect everything我们请猫主人们把一周内their cats bring home throughout the week.猫带回家的所有猎物都收集起来Lovely!真棒Its been in the freezer for one night.昨晚把它放在了冰箱里Probably died of old age.可能早就已经死了I think hes been around the gardens for ages.我猜它很久以前就在院子里了Because cats usually hunt out of sight,因为猫通常会避开人群进行捕猎often under the cover of night,一般都有夜色做掩护the scientists are hoping the cat cameras and GPS collars科学家希望猫携带的摄像机和GPS项圈may help reveal what they are up to.也许能帮他们搞明白猫的行踪重点解释:1.kill off 杀光;消灭例句:The author kills off her hero in Chapter7.作者把她的主人翁安排在第七章中死去。2.at least 至少例句:The mark-up on food in a restaurant is usually at least 100%.餐馆食物的成本加价率通常至少是100%.3.pick up 收集例句:He picked up news from all sources.他从各种渠道收集消息。201608/462037Just a week after the apparent concessions at Smithfield,史密斯菲尔德谈判仅一周后another group of rebels met with Richard at Waltham in Essex,but they found a very different king.理查于埃塞克斯的沃尔瑟姆 接见了另一队起义者 此时国王态度截然相反You wretches, detestable on land and sea,you who seek equality with lords, are unworthy to live!你们这帮无耻之徒 妄图与主人平起平坐 不配活在世上Give this message to your colleagues.Rustics you were and rustics you are still.转告你们这帮乌合之众 乡野鄙夫永远都是乡野鄙夫You will remain in bondage not as before,but incomparably harsher.你们会遭受比以往 更加变本加厉的奴役For as long as we live, we will strive to suppress you,只要我们在世 就会镇压你们and your misery will be an example in the eyes of posterity.你们承受的苦难将会警示你们的子孙However, we will spare your lives if you remain faithful.不过 若你们现在回归信仰 尚可保命Choose now which course you want to follow.赶快作出抉择吧The rebels took the only option that was realistically open to them.起义者们选择了 当下唯一可选的路They fell to their knees. It was all over.The king was literally the only one left standing.起义者下跪 起义结束 国王成了唯一的胜者But what was the effect of all this on Richard?What did he now think he was capable of?这对理查自身有何影响 他自感在哪方面能力非凡呢My master, God omnipotent, is mustering in his clouds on our behalf armies of pestilence,我的君侯 万能的上帝正在他的云霄之中 为我召集降散瘟疫的天军and they shall strike your children yet unborn and unbegot你们这些向我举起卑劣的手 威胁我珍贵宝冕的叛徒们that lift your vassal hands against my head and threat the glory of my precious Crown.可怕的天谴将要波及在 你们尚未诞生的儿孙的身上 /201612/481445

Angela Milner, like many paleontologists, believes the mega-carnivores were solitary creatures.Angela Milner和许多古生物学家一样,也认为大型食肉恐龙营独居生活Traditional view of large meat-eaters dinosaurs behaviour was传统观点认为大型食肉恐龙was that they were large, perhaps very ferocious animals, perhaps rabid predators, but probably living singlely.是非常巨大凶残的动物,狂暴的掠食者,但很可能是独自生活Large meat-eaters dinosaurs, theres no real evidence at all that they worked together in big groups.大型食肉恐龙目前还没有据能明它们会群体合作Pack hunting is really hard to evolve.群体狩猎是很难进化的模式And so, unless theres a reason for it to be there, I would, my default would be to say its not there.除非那里能有一些合理的原因。在我看来那是不可能的For the skeptics, there is some convincing evidence to support their view of solitary predators.对于那些持怀疑态度的人来说,很多有力的据都能明独自狩猎的观点These are footprints made by dinosaurs.这些是恐龙的脚印Theyve been preserved in rock for over 150 million years.它们保存在岩石中已有1亿5千万年Mark Norell believes footprints like these show which kind of dinosaurs lived in groups.Mark Norell认为这些脚印能够说明哪些恐龙营群居生活The giant plant-eating dinosaurs left track-ways, fossilized footprints,最大的植食恐龙留下了足迹,脚印化石which really really show I think that they lived in groups or herds, whatever you want to call them.这些脚印显示它们生活在一个群体中,或者说是团队中,怎么说都行And these footprints are not arranged randomly, theyre arranged in groups.这些脚印并非杂乱无章,而是很有序地排列Which really shows that large ones walked in front of the packs, smaller ones in the middle of the packs大的恐龙走在队伍前面,小的恐龙走在中间,and these groups had a structure and theyre all going in the same direction.整队伍按照一定的次序,一起朝同一方向前进And someplaces you can follow them for long stretches, long distances, hundreds and thousands of meters.有时你能跟着它们走很长一段路、很长一段距离,几百米或是几千米And you can see that they all move, sometime they all turn, and really seems to suggest that theyre all moving together.你会发现它们都是一起前进,有时一起转弯,它们都朝着同一方向前进Its not just a coincidence, theyre all in the same direction.这些事实说明它们走在一起并非偶然,So I think this is really really powerful evidence, that suggestive of this sort of behavior in these animals.这都是非常有力的据说明了这些动物的行为The evidence for giant carnivorous dinosaurs isnt as good.但是大型食肉恐龙却没有这方面的据201611/480447

TED演讲视频:可以立即止血的凝胶忘了伤口缝合吧——有更好的方法让伤口闭合。本TED演讲中,TED伙伴 (TED Fellow) 演讲者Joe Landolina讲述他的发明——一种医用凝胶可以即刻停止创伤出血而不需要施加压力。201705/508868

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