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Major European Interest Rate Cuts Fail to Rally World Markets美国四百多万人领取失业救济补助Continued economic weakness has led to another round of interest rate cuts in Europe, while the number of Americans receiving unemployment benefits has reached a 26-year high.经济持续疲软引发欧洲新一轮利率削减,与此同时,美国申请失业救济的人数达到了26年的新高。For the third time in as many months, the European Central Bank has slashed interest rates - this time by three-quarters of a percent, the largest cut in the currency bloc's 10-year history. Central banks in Britain and Sweden cut interest rates even more aggressively. 欧洲中央在3个月里第三次降息,幅度为0.75个百分点,是欧元区成立10年来最大的降幅。英国和瑞典中央降息幅度更加大胆。ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet says Europe's anemic economic performance has greatly reduced any risk that lower interest rates will kindle inflation. 欧洲央行行长特里谢说,欧洲萧条的经济现状使得低利率引发通货膨胀的风险大为降低。"There is increased evidence that inflationary pressures are diminishing further," he said. "The decline in inflation rates is due mainly to the fall in commodity prices and the significant slowdown in economic activity largely related to the global effects of the financial turmoil." 特里谢说:“越来越多的据表明,通货膨胀的压力在进一步减小。通胀率降下来主要是由于农产品和矿产品价格下降以及经济活动的明显减少,主要是跟全球金融动荡的影响有关。”In the ed States, new claims for unemployment benefits moderated slightly last week, but still remain at levels indicative of a contracting labor market. Overall, more than four million Americans are receiving unemployment benefits, the largest number since 1982. 在美国,上星期首次申请失业救济的人数稍微减少,但是仍然维持在能够显示就业市场在萎缩的水平。总体看,美国共有400多万人在领取失业补助,是1982年以来的历史新高。Massive job cuts are no longer limited to America's battered financial sector, according to Deutsche Bank's chief U.S. economist, Joseph Lavorgna. 德意志首席美国经济学家约瑟夫.拉沃格纳认为,大量裁员已经不再局限于美国陷入困境的金融业。"The U.S. economy and, to a larger extent, the global economy just completely shut down," he said. "And companies are freezing all of their hiring, and in many cases laying workers off because demand [for their products] has completely collapsed." 拉沃格纳说:“美国经济,或者从更大范围看,全球经济已经完全停止运行。企业冻结所有的人员招聘,而且在许多情况下,正在裁减员工,因为产品需求完全崩溃了。”The Commerce Department provided further evidence of reduced demand for goods, reporting a 5.1 percent decline in U.S. factory orders for October, the biggest drop in eight years. 美国商务部报告说,美国10月份的工厂订单减少了5.1%,是8年来的最大降幅,从而进一步明需求下降这个事实。In addition, with the exception of bargain outlets, U.S. retailers are reporting weak sales figures for November.  此外,来自美国零售业的数据表示,除廉价商店之外,11月的销售疲软。"Rising food prices and the fear about losing your savings, losing your job, has all kicked in [intensified], and people are learning how to just say 'no' [to non-essential purchases]. December sales will be miserable," said retail analyst Candace Corlett. 零售分析师科利特说:“食品价格上涨以及担心失去积蓄、失去工作,这些都是零售业绩不好的原因,而且人们现在学会对不必要的物品说‘不’。12月的零售额会非常惨。”Many economists trace the economic slowdown to a credit crunch sparked by a wave of home foreclosures and mortgage defaults in the ed States. To help spur lending, resuscitate America's moribund housing sector, and boost the economy as a whole, the Federal Reserve has aggressively cut interest rates during the past year. 许多经济学家认为经济下滑是美国房主丧失房屋赎回权和拖欠抵押贷款引发的信贷紧缩所致。为了帮助人们借贷、重新振兴美国奄奄一息的住房业,进而推动整体经济,美国联邦储备委员会在过去一年已经几次大幅度削减利率。Yet, with interest rates aly at historically-low levels and no evidence of a pick-up in the housing market, the Treasury Department is reportedly crafting new, creative means to force mortgage rates even lower. Under one option, the federal government would invest in securities that finance loans for home purchases, stipulating a significantly reduced interest rate.The plan appeals to financial analyst Greg McBride."Lower mortgage rates are designed to put more buying power in the pockets of prospective home buyers," he said. "That helps anybody who is trying to buy a house, but it also helps people who are trying to sell them."But analysts point out the idea would do nothing to lower mortgage payments for existing homeowners who are in danger of default.200812/58008Barack Obama Sworn In as President美政权和平转移 奥巴马入主白宫 Barack Obama is now the President of the ed States. Americans from around the country packed Washington on a cold January day to witness the historic swearing-in ceremony. 奥巴马现在是美国总统了。全国各地的美国人在1月份这个寒冷的日子纷纷涌向首都华盛顿,来见这个具有历史意义的宣誓就职仪式。It was a ceremony steeped in tradition. But the mood was electric and change was in the air.  这是一个具有浓厚传统意义的仪式,但是却极其富有感染力,充满了改革的气氛。"…I Barack Hussein Obama do solemnly swear..."  这是奥巴马在宣誓:“我巴拉克.候赛因.奥巴马庄严宣誓。”Standing before the U.S. Capitol, Barack Obama became the first African American President of the ed States.  奥巴马站在美国国会山前成为第一名担任美国总统的非洲裔美国人。"... so help me God!"  奥巴马在结束誓言时祈求上帝的保佑。In less than one minute, the peaceful transfer of power was complete, and a new chapter in U.S. history had begun.  在不到一分钟的时间里,权力的和平移交就完成了,开始了美国历史的新篇章。"I stand here today humbled by the task before us, grateful for the trust you have bestowed, mindful of the sacrifices borne by our ancestors," President Obama began. 奥巴马说:“今天我站在这里,为我们面临的重任而感到渺小,为你们给予我的信任而充满感激,更缅怀我们的祖先所作出的牺牲。”He looked out at a massive, diverse American crowd, and urged unity.  他展望眼前好几百万各种族裔的民众,敦促大家团结一心。"On this day, we gather because we have chosen hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord," Mr. Obama said.  他说:“今天我们团聚在一起,因为我们选择希望而摈弃恐惧,选择团结在同一目标下,而摈弃冲突和矛盾。”He inherits a nation at war and in the midst of an economic crisis. He said the challenges facing the nation will not be met quickly or easily. But he vowed they will be met.  他所接手的国家正处于战争和经济危机中。他说,美国所面临的问题不会迅速和轻易地解决。但是他誓言这些问题一定会解决。"What is required of us now is a new era of responsibility - recognition, on the part of every American, that we have duties to ourselves, our nation and our world, duties that we do not grudgingly accept but rather seize gladly," said the president.  他说:“我们目前必须承担起新时代的责任,我们务必认识到:每一个美国人对我们自己、我们的国家和我们的世界都有负有责任,我们不但不吝于承担此责,而且还乐于争挑重担。”He said that is the price and the promise of citizenship.  他说,这是作为公民的代价和承诺。"This is the meaning our liberty and our creed - why men and women and children of every race and every faith can join in celebration across this magnificent Mall, and why a man whose father less than sixty years ago might not have been served at a local restaurant can now stand before you to take a most sacred oath," Mr. Obama said.  奥巴马说:“这正是我们的自由和信条的意义所在,这就是为什么所有不同种族、宗教信仰的男女老少能聚集在这个宏伟的大道上共同欢庆;这也是为什么一个人,他的父亲将近六十年前不能在当地一个餐馆得到接待,而如今这个人却能站在你们面前神圣地宣誓。”The new president also had a message for the world. He spoke of America's desire for peace, and its determination to seek the common good.  这位新总统也向世界各国发出信息。他谈到美国渴望和平的意愿以及追求共同利益的决心。"To those leaders around the globe who seek to sow conflict, or blame their society's ills on the West - know that your people will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy," said Mr. Obama. "To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history; but that we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist."  奥巴马说:“世界上有些领导人极力散布冲突、还把本国社会的弊病归咎于西方国家,那些领导人得明白,你们人民的判断是依据是你们的建树并非你们所造成的毁灭。以腐败、欺诈、压制异议手段来抓住政权不放的那些人务必明了:你们站到了历史潮流的反面,但是如果你们放松控制的话,我们也愿意向你们伸出友好的手。”And when the official ceremony was over, George W. Bush left the stage. He shook the hand of his successor, walked to a waiting helicopter, and waved farewell to Washington and the 44th President of the ed States. 就职仪式结束后,布什随即告别政坛,他与自己的接班人握手、走向一架等候在一边的直升机,挥手告别华盛顿和第44任美国总统。01/61334Red Cross Reports Increase in Diarrheal Diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa腹泻性疾病在撒哈拉以南地区增加  The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies warns diarrheal diseases, such as cholera, are on the rise and increasingly becoming a major cause of death throughout the world - especially in sub-Saharan Africa. The Red Cross says it is working closely with governments to step up an effective response to this emergency. 国际红十字与红新月会警告说,包括霍乱在内的腹泻性疾病,呈上升趋势并逐渐成为全世界死亡的一个主要原因,尤其是在撒哈拉以南的非洲地区。红十字会说,它正在与多国政府合作,加快对这个紧急状况做出有效的反应。The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies says nearly one billion people worldwide lack access to safe drinking water. Most of these people are in sub-Saharan Africa. 国际红十字与红新月会说,全球范围有将近10亿人缺乏安全的饮用水,其中大部分都在撒哈拉以南的非洲地区。As a consequence, the Swiss humanitarian organization says diseases, which are preventable keep coming back and that many people are dying or becoming ill. 这个位于瑞士的人道组织说,由于这个因素,腹泻性疾病,虽然可以预防,却反复发生,导致许多人死亡或生病。Red Cross statistics show that in 2007 and 2008, around 60 percent of all requests for assistance from its emergency fund were directly or indirectly related to outbreaks of acute diarrheal diseases. It notes that this is about 35 percent more compared to similar statistics in 2006. 红十字会的统计显示,在2007和2008年,在向红十字会提出给予紧急经费援助的所有要求中,大约60%直接或间接同急性腹泻性疾病有关。红十字会指出,和2006年类似的统计相比,这个数字增加约35%。Red Cross Senior Water and Sanitation Officer Robert Fraser cites several key reasons for the rise in waterborne diseases. 红十字会负责水和卫生设施的高级官员弗雷泽提到几个经水传播疾病增加的一些主要原因。"One is definitely the increasing and rapid urbanization and particularly in countries where the services - water and sanitation and hygiene promotion are poor, combined with the fact that we see erosion of health and care, support services from government and added to the increasing impact of climate change, particularly increasing severity of floods, food security issues and droughts," he said. 他说:“一个原因肯定是日益迅速发展的都市化,尤其是在那些水、卫生设施和卫生务推广不足的国家。除此之外,我们看到政府提供的医疗保健和辅助务的削减,然后就是气候变化的影响,尤其是日渐严重的水灾,粮食安全问题及旱灾等等。”Fraser says these problems are exacerbated in countries that have political instability and conflict. He says acute problems of diarrhea and cholera increasingly are popping up in areas and countries, which previously were able to control them. A case in point, he notes, is Zimbabwe, where thousands of people have died from a cholera epidemic. 弗雷泽说,这些问题在一些政治不稳定和有政治冲突的国家更加恶化。他说,急性痢疾和霍乱的问题在许多原本可以控制这些疾病的地区和国家不断发生。他指出,一个典型的例子就是津巴布韦,那里已有数千人在霍乱疫情中丧生。"We have to be better prepared to deal with the acute problems, such as the outbreak in Zimbabwe just now," Fraser said. "We have seven emergency teams, over 50 international staff and we have mobilized over one thousand local volunteers. So we are very much involved in the Zimbabwe response. The real answer to diarrheal disease is the medium to long-term and that is really the U.N. Millennium Development Goals in reducing by half at least the number of people without access to safe water and sanitation linked to low-cost and simple methodologies for hygiene promotion."  弗雷泽说:“我们必须做好充分的准备来处理这些严重的问题,例如津巴布韦现正在发生的霍乱疫情。我们有7个应急小组,超过50个国际工作人员,我们也动员了超过1000名当地的义工。所以我们积极参与了对津巴布韦疫情做出的反应。解决腹泻性疾病的真正办法是中长期规划,这就是联合国千年发展目标致力于实现的,将缺乏安全饮水和卫生设施的人口减少至少一半,而这只要低成本和简单的卫生宣传方法就能实现。”The Red Cross says it is working closely with governments and humanitarian partners to step up an effective response and to increase the training of Red Cross volunteers worldwide.  红十字会说,它正在与多国政府和人道救援伙伴合作,加快对这个问题做出有效的反应,并增加对全世界红十字会义工的培训。It says a principle aim of this program is to raise public awareness about what needs to be done to prevent outbreaks of waterborne diseases and, failing that, to effectively respond to outbreaks of disease. 红十字会说,这个项目的一个主要目标,是要提高大众对如何预防通过水传播的疾病的认识,如果做不到这一点,就不能有效地对疾病疫情的爆发做出反应。03/64284

应国务院总理温家宝邀请,日本首相麻生太郎29日中午乘专机抵达北京,开始对中国进行为期两天的正式访问。Wen urges Japan to properly handle historical issues Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has called on Japan to honor its promise and handle historical issues in an appropriate way. In his talks with his Japanese counterpart Taro Aso in Beijing on Wednesday, Wen Jiabao said historical issues are highly sensitive and affected people's feelings. He called on governments and political figures on both sides to stick to the principles of the four China-Japan political documents, and make unremitting efforts to push forward bilateral ties. The premier said China is willing to cooperate with Japan to expand youth and non-governmental exchanges, to boost understanding between the two peoples. Aso is in China for a two-day visit, his first official visit to China since he took office in September.WHO raises pandemic alert level to Phase 5As the swine flu situation is continuing to worsen, the World Health Organization (WHO) has raised the pandemic alert level to Phase 5, indicating that a full pandemic is imminent. WHO Director-General Margaret Chan told a teleconference for the media that influenza pandemics must be dealt with seriously and precisely because of their capacity to sp rapidly to every country in the world. This is the second raise of the WHO's pandemic alert system in three days, indicating the quick worsening of the global swine flu situation. Meanwhile, the US has reported its first death from the swine flu virus.The victim is a 23-month-old child from the state of Texas.Costa Rica has become the first Central American country, to confirm a case.And Germany and Austria, have joined the growing list, of infected countries.China is offering Mexico humanitarian aid worth five million dollars.The virus is costing Mexico, close to 60 million dollars, in lost daily tourism income.The world is still developing a vaccine for the virus.China urges swine flu prevention education in schools nationwide The Chinese government has called for education campaigns in schools nationwide to teach all students about the swine flu and its prevention.A circular jointly issued by the ministries of education and health says the campaigns should be launched as soon as possible, in all schools, to raise awareness of prevention and avoid causing unnecessary panic among teachers and students.It says schools should emphasize teaching students to develop good hygiene habits, frequently washing hands with soap and fresh water, and covering the mouth with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. China has no reported swine flu cases, but the possibility could not be ruled out as the swine flu is transnational and aly sping in some countries, according to the circular.04/68453

Small Business Report: Safe toys There will be tougher toy safety standards, as Headline News' Jennifer Westhoven reports.Every year they have the annual toy fair, it's happening right now in New York City and safety is the big issue this year, Jennifer Westhoven, Toys R Us says that it's making the toys safer, what else do we know?Well, we know, Robin, that they want stricter standards right, so they are talking about lower amounts of lead in any of the toys, they are talking about phasing out some dangerous chemicals including phthalate, that's a vinyl additive, it's been linked to solve problems in rats. They, obviously, all these companies that sell toys, they do not want any more of these awful headlines about recalls of millions of dangerous toys that are kids' favorite, and that of course frightens parents right out of the toy aisle. Now, Toys R Us is actually, uh, you know, Walmart did this last week, and what's happening is, most of these companies are trying to get out ahead of, they know what's coming next week, next week the Federal Government is going to announce some national standards and all the toy companies, right, they don't wanna look like they're, they don't meet federal standards, they wanna get out ahead of that.All right, here's a sign when it comes to the housing market, and some of the conditions that led up to the mortgage meltdown that we have, that they may be going the way of the dodo. I'm talking about the things like the Ninja loan, when you could get a mortgage with no income, no job, and no assets. A company called MGIC, a major mortgage company, according to San Francisco Chronicle says from now on, no more reduced paper work loans, no mortgages with less than a 5% down payment and no loans for flippers, the owner has to live in that house, and this is at, in major cities across the country. Robin.That's gonna be interesting because a lot of people on that business are flipping houses but now they are saying no loans for the flippers, interesting. (Yeah) Hey, thank you.03/63577Motorola's great divide Under pressure from activist investor Carl Icahn, the company separates its mobile handset businessBearking up is hard to do. Splitting up might be a little easier, especially if your company is facing intense pressure from a billionaire shareholder activist. That's the story this morning at Motorola, the giant cellphone manufacturer. The company is saying this morning that it'll separate its struggling handset unit from its other operations. The move might be a response to pressure from activist investor, Carl Icahn.Icanhn owns nearly 6.5% of Motorola, and has been pressuring the company for quite sometime to split off that business. He's also sued Motorola this week in an attempt to investigate the company's strategy for improving its business, especially its handset business. Now sales of Motorola phones fell 38% in the fourth quarter of 2007, while nearly all of Motorola's competitors saw gains during that period. Icanhn has been seeking four seats on Motorola's board and as of Tuesday the company offered Icanhn's investment firm two board seats, which Icanhn flatly rejected. Since Icanhn began agitating for a change at Motorola, several executives have stepped down from the company, including former CEO Ed. Zander, shares of Motorola are down 45% in the past year.As for how the split will work, well, one business will focus exclusively on cellphone handsets, including Motorola's popular RAZR model, that business has been struggling due to market saturation, and competition from other players, including Apple with its Iphone ,also Nokia and Research Emotion with the Blackberry. The other business will focus on the fastest growing parts of Motorola's business, including network equipment, cable TV set top boxes, and also two-way radios.We'll keep an eye on shares of Motorola for you throughout the day. You can get more information right here on our site, CNNmoney.comNotes: Split up:to splinter into separate parts01/60549

Infidelity faces women with greater incomeMen who earn less than their female partners are more likely to cheat on them, a study published on Monday found.Cheating may be a man's way of trying to restore his gender identity when he feels it is under threat, Christin Munsch, a sociology doctoral candidate at Cornell University, says in the study, which she authored and presented at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association."Making less money than a female partner may threaten men's gender identity by calling into question the traditional notion of men as bwinners," Munsch said.Indeed, the study found that infidelity dramatically increased when the man earning less than his female partner is Latino, probably because bwinner status is "one of the defining features of Hispanic masculinity."Then again, the same study found that men whose partners were more dependent on them were also more likely to cheat, making it a lose-lose situation for women.It's different for girls, though. Overall, women are half as likely to cheat as men anyway, whatever the circumstances, the study found."Women's femininity is not defined by their bwinner status, nor is it defined by sexual conquest. Therefore, economic dependency does not serve as a threat to women," Munsch says.The study indicates ways to prevent one's partner cheating without giving up the well-paid day job. Both sides being satisfied in a relationship is a sure-fire way to make infidelity disappear, and getting your partner to go to church or the mosque or temple regularly is another: the more regularly an individual attends a religious service, the less likely he or she is to cheat, the study says.Looking for a partner in a university library, lab or lecture might also be an idea because, the study says, "the more education one reports, the less likely he or she is to engage in infidelity."Vocabulary:doctoral candidate:士生call into question: 使……受到质疑sure-fire:准不会有错的背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/111664Britain's Queen Pays Tribute to British Forces英国女王发表圣诞节讲话In her annual Christmas message, Britain's Queen Elizabeth the Second has paid tribute to those serving in her country's armed forces.英国女王伊丽莎白二世在一年一度的圣诞节讲话中赞扬在英国军队中役的士兵。The Queen, the symbolic head of the British military, spoke of the loss felt by many, in this, the deadliest year to date for British forces in Afghanistan. 伊丽莎白女王作为英国军队的象征性最高统帅,谈到在对英国驻阿富汗部队来说伤亡最惨重的这一年里,许多人都感同身受的损失。"I am sure that we have all been affected by events in Afghanistan and saddened by the casualties suffered by our forces serving there," she said. "Our thoughts go out to their relatives and friends who have shown immense dignity in the face of great personal loss."她说:“我相信我们所有的人都受到了发生在阿富汗的那些事件的影响,所有的人都为我们驻阿富汗部队所遭受的伤亡感到悲伤。我们惦念着这些军人的亲朋好友,面对巨大的个人损失,他们表现出了极强的尊严。”Britain currently has just over 9,000 forces deployed in Afghanistan. The Queen also paid tribute to members of other Commonwealth states that have sent troops to the region.英国目前在阿富汗部署着9千多名军人。伊丽莎白女王还对向阿富汗派兵的其他英联邦成员国表示了敬意。"We can be proud of the positive contribution that our servicemen and women are making, in conjunction with our allies," she said. "Well over 13,000 soldiers from the ed Kingdom and across the Commonwealth - Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore - are currently serving in Afghanistan. The debt of gratitude owed to these young men and women and to their predecessors is indeed profound."她说:“我们对我们的男女军人与盟友一起所做的积极贡献感到自豪。目前,英国和加拿大、澳大利亚、新西兰以及新加坡等英联邦国家一共有1万3千多名军人驻扎在阿富汗。我们向这些年轻男女以及在他们之前派驻阿富汗的军人表达深切的感激之情。”More than 100 British soldiers have died this year in Afghanistan. That is the most since the lengthy deployment began back in 2001. Since then, a total of 243 have been killed.今年有100多名英国士兵在阿富汗死亡。这是自2001年英国向阿富汗派兵以来,伤亡人数最多的一年。自2001年以来,共有243人阵亡。Polls here repeatedly show that average British citizens want to see the troops brought back home as soon as possible.多次民意调查显示,英国公民普遍希望英国部队尽快回家12/93304Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi has sent urgent messages to world leaders Saturday, claiming that his country is fighting al- Qaida and that the ed Nations resolution on Libya was invalid.利比亚领导人卡扎菲星期六向世界领导人发出紧急讯息,称他的国家正在同基地组织战斗,并且说联合国针对利比亚的决议是无效的。The messages come as fighting intensified on the outskirts of the main rebel-held city Benghazi and French President Nicholas Sarkozy confirms that French jets are now enforcing a no fly zone around Benghazi.在卡扎菲发出该讯息的同时,叛军控制的主要城市班加西的郊外战事加剧,而法国总统萨科齐实,法国战机正在班加西周边执行禁飞区的决议。U.S. President Barack Obama, speaking in Brazil, said the people of Libya must be protected and he said the coalition enforcing the no fly zone in Libya is prepared to act to do that.美国总统奥巴马在巴西表示,利比亚人民必须得到保护。他说,在利比亚执行禁飞区的盟军正准备以实际行动来执行禁飞区决议。Forces loyal to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi shelled targets inside the main rebel-held city of Benghazi Saturday as battles intensified in several outer suburbs. Both al Arabiya TV and al Jazeera TV, ing eyewitnesses, said tanks loyal to Mr. Gadhafi had entered Benghazi.忠于利比亚领导人卡扎菲的军队星期六炮击叛军控制的主要城市班加西内的目标。同时一些远郊地区的战事进一步加剧。阿拉伯电视台和半岛电视台都援引目击者的话说,忠于卡扎菲的坦克部队已经开进班加西。In Paris, western diplomats held a summit at Paris’ Elysee Palace to discuss military action in Libya. French President Nicholas Sarkozy spoke after the meeting, indicating that French, Arab and other western states had begun to enforce a no-fly zone near the rebel controlled city of Benghazi, but that Colonel Gadhafi could still comply with U.N. Security Council demands.在巴黎,西方外交官员在巴黎爱丽舍宫举行峰会,讨论在利比亚的军事行动。法国总统萨科齐在会后发表讲话。他指出,法国、阿拉伯以及其它西方国家已经开始在叛军控制的班加西城附近执行禁飞区的决议。但是,卡扎菲上校仍然可以遵循联合国安理会的要求。201103/128578

There is a move afoot you may have heard this, to cap the pay of CEOs whose companies receive TARP money. Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri has just suggested 400,000 dollars, the same amount of money that the President makes, that's all these CEOs should be taking home. And you know, I guess you can kinda understand this, some of these CEOs have been suggesting that there is TARP money over here in this pot, and then there's other money over here, and that their salaries are coming from this pot, and the money for their airplanes is coming from this pot, not from this pot over here. Well, it really doesn't wash, cause it's all the same pot of money, and of course the perception by the public is that they are getting the government bailout and then they are using it to pay themselves, a ton of money and fly around in airplanes, so, not really good.Think about another thing, by the way, suppose you were forced to take TARP money, there were instances where various banks and institutions didn't want to get this money and the Treasury said, you know you need to take this money anyway. Umm, that, of course, now may limit the CEOs' pay which is something that these CEOs don't like, you may remember Lloyd Blankfein, the CEO of Goldman Sachs. He's capped his pay at 600,000 dollars, even that may be too much, given this new 400,000-dollar limit proposed by Senator McCaskill.Of course, the President of the ed States, gets a whole lot of other goodies besides just that 400,000 dollars, right? He got the White House, Air Force One, security, probably a lot of other perks too, so maybe not quite a fair comparison, you know, it reminds me of that old line that Babe Ruth said back in 1930, when he was paid 80,000 dollars a year, which was 5,000 dollars more than President Herbert Hoover was making--75,000 dollars a year. And some sports writers asked him and said, "So, how does it feel? How do you justify making more money than the president did?" And Babe Ruth said, "I had a better year than the president." Not clear at all that the CEOs at any of these institutions can say that, although, compared to which president? President Bush, President Obama? I don't know. It's kind of difficult to say who had a better or worse year, isn't it?词汇解释:1. afoot adjective, [not before noun] being planned; happening: There are plans afoot to increase taxation. Changes were afoot but we had no idea what they would turn out to be. 2. Cap: an upper limit on an amount of money that can be spent or borrowed by a particular institution or in a particular situation: The government has placed a cap on local council spending.3. TARP The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) 4. doesn't wash spoken used to say that you do not believe or accept someone's explanation, reason, attitude etc5. I'm sorry but all his charm just doesn't wash with me. 6. Goldman Sachs 高盛 7. goody 好处 8. perk noun, verb noun (also formal perquisite) [usually pl.] something you receive as well as your wages for doing a particular job: Perks offered by the firm include a car and free health insurance. (figurative) Not having to get up early is just one of the perks of being retired.9. old line adj.历史悠久的,保守的 10. Babe Ruth 1895年出生于美国马里兰州巴尔地市,后来成为美国棒坛传奇人物,美国职棒当今最伟大的球员之一。 11. Herbert Clark Hoover (August 10, 1874 – October 20, 1964) was the 31st President of the ed States (1929–1933). 08/81395EU Wants Sronger Measures to Fix Greek Economy欧盟要求希腊强力解决经济问题EU Commissioner Oliver Rehn is in Athens to discuss Greek proposals to straighten out its government finances.欧盟经济事务专员奥利·雷恩(Oliver Rehn)抵达雅典,计划讨论希腊政府提出的债务清理建议。The European Union has urged Greece to implement greater austerity measures immediately to tackle a debt crisis that has shaken the entire bloc.欧盟敦促希腊政府立即采取更加严厉的措施,处理债务危机,这场危机让整个欧盟集团受到强烈震动。EU Finance Commissioner Olli Rehn made the call after a first round of talks with Greek officials amid growing market expectations of a trade-off between new deficit cutting steps and practical EU support for Greek borrowing.欧盟经济事务专员奥利·雷恩同希腊官员举行首轮磋商后呼吁希腊政府立即采取上述措施。与此同时,越来越多的市场人士预期,欧盟要希腊政府采取新举措,削减财政赤字,同时也会向希腊提供实际的贷款援助。The strength of the European currency has been under pressure since Greece's financial problems were revealed, with concern the problem could sp to other euro-zone countries.希腊的财政困境暴露之后,欧元地位一直面临着压力,人们担心希腊债务危机会波及欧元区其他成员国。Last week, the Greek Prime Minister called for more solidarity from the European Union over his country's debt crisis and announced plans to visit Germany, whose backing is vital for EU financial aid.上星期,希腊总理呼吁欧盟能就希腊债务危机问题同希腊政府增加协作。他同时宣布访问德国,欧盟是否能对希腊提供财政援助,德国的态度十分关键。Greek newspapers have spent the past week speculating on what further hardships citizens will face, including pension cuts, salary freezes and the prospect of job cuts.希腊报纸上星期纷纷揣测,希腊民众面临的困境可能还会增加,其中可能包括削减退休金、冻结工资和解雇员工等。201003/97561Britain, EU Seek to Stave off Humanitarian Catastrophe in DRC英法外长前往刚果拟缓和人道危机 The foreign ministers of Britain and France are heading to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda to try to stave off a further humanitarian crisis in eastern Congo where tens of thousands are fleeing advancing rebel forces, despite a cease-fire that appears to be holding. 英国外长和法国外长动身前往刚果民主共和国和卢旺达,试图阻止刚果东部地区的人道危机进一步恶化,这是由于反叛部队无视停火协议继续进攻,导致刚果东部地区成千上万的人逃离家园。British Foreign Secretary David Miliband and his French counterpart Bernard Kouchner are heading on a joint mission for talks in the DRC and Rwanda - with the aim of, as one British official put it, impressing upon both those governments the seriousness of the situation. 英国外长米利班德和法国外长库什内前去参加一个刚果民主共和国和卢旺达局势的联合使命会谈。一名英国官员说,会谈的目的是让这两个国家的政府意识到目前情况的严重性。Their visit comes amid renewed fighting in eastern Congo between the Congolese army and ethnic Tutsi rebels, led by Laurent Nkunda. With a rebel advance on the eastern city of Goma, tens of thousands of civilians have fled the surrounding countryside into the city seeking safety, food and shelter. 在他们前往访问的同时,刚果政府军和军阀恩孔达领导的图西族反叛军在刚果东部地区重燃战火。反叛势力向东部城市戈马市挺进,导致周边乡镇成千上万的平民逃到城里寻求安全庇护和口粮。Jaya Murthy is spokesman for the UN Children's Organization, Unicef. Speaking with VOA from Goma, Murthy described the humanitarian situation there as "terrible."  联合国儿童基金会的发言人默菲在戈马市对美国之音说,当地的人道情况“很糟糕”。"Tens of thousands of people have fled their homes from intensified fighting over the past five days," he said. "We have 40 to 50,000 internally displaced people that are just outside of Goma and in Goma. These people are staying in small camps, also in churches, in schools and with host families in Goma." 他说:“成千上万的民众在过去5天猛烈的战斗中逃离家园。戈马市城内外大约有4万到5万名流离失所的人。这些人待在小型难民区、教堂和学校里,或者他们亲友在戈马城里的住房内。”Murthy says there are also reports of thousands of people fleeing in other areas of North Kivu province, where aid agencies have not been able to reach them. 默菲说,还有报导说,数千人逃离北基伍省其它地区,援助机构没能抵达那里。He says there is growing concern about the physical and emotional state of those fleeing the conflict. "Often the people who have fled their homes, fled with very little if anything. They haven't eaten in days or eaten very little," said Murthy.  他说,那些逃离冲突的人的身体和心理状况越来越让人担心。默菲说:“逃离家园的人经常一无所有。他们几天没有吃东西或者几乎没吃。”"They haven't had access to healthcare. Oftentimes children are separated from their families during displacement, which makes them more prone to abuse, exploitation and violence. We're very worried that there could be an outbreak of diseases or epidemics of cholera, which is very common here and measles. Also, when we have massive population displacement we see skyrocketing malnutrition rates," he added. “他们得不到医疗。儿童经常在流离失所期间和家人分离,让他们更容易受到虐待、剥削或者暴力。我们非常担心会爆发疫症,或者爆发霍乱、麻疹之类的传染病,疟疾在这里很常见。还有,如果有大批人流离失所,营养不良的比例会迅速增加。”Rebel leader Nkunda says his forces are defending ethnic Tutsis in the area against Rwandan Hutu fighters, who fled to Congo after Rwanda's 1994 genocide. Since that time, simmering ethnic tension, unrest and open warfare have broken out periodically.Murthy says the cease-fire has afforded aid agencies a window of opportunity to distribute food and supplies, including high energy biscuits for children. But, he warns the situation remains very tenuous and he said the need for stability is crucial to get help to those in need. 默菲说,停火协议让援助机构能够有机会分发食品和物资,包括给儿童的高能量饼干。但是,他警告说,局势仍然非常艰难。他说,局势稳定对帮助贫困民众至关重要。200811/54687

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