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贵 阳 人 流 好 医 院贵 阳 治 疗 盆 腔 炎 去 哪 里贵阳/宫外孕得多少钱 Still chained to the tiny bicycle he is being forced to ride, a monkey cowers by a wall, shuddering as his trainer approaches wielding a whip.一只被用铁链和一辆小自行车拴在一起的猴子,畏缩在墙边,惊恐地看着训猴人拿着皮鞭向它靠近。Another on stilts, is yanked about into a macabre dance, held up only by the chain wrapped around his neck, while another of the terrified creatures is tied to the horns of a goat as he flails about, desperate to be free.另一只猴子踩在高跷上,脖子上拴着铁链,被人拉着在跳着看起来很可怕的舞蹈;还有一只猴子被拴在一只山羊的羊角上,四肢拼命挥舞着,渴望自由。 These heartbreaking images were taken in Suzhou, revealing the cruel core of China#39;s circus industry.这些让人心碎的照片拍摄于苏州,从中可以看出中国马戏团对动物的残忍。Zoos and circuses that feature stunts involving animals are widely popular across China.在中国,有动物马戏表演的动物园和马戏团颇受欢迎。But campaigners have warned thousands of animals are routinely beaten and abused to make shows happen.但有很多动物保护者已发出警告,称上千只动物每天都是在鞭打和虐待之中完成表演的。Charity workers claim bears are whipped and beaten with sticks, elephants are prodded with metal hooks, while tigers and lions are made to endure chronic pain by being defanged and declawed.慈善工作者称,熊被用棍棒抽打,大象被用金属钩刺戳,老虎狮子的牙齿和爪子的指甲被拔除不得不忍受着长期的疼痛。Zoos in China have no real animal welfare regulation, and the monkeys are often forced to ride bikes, wear make-up and race against other animals.中国动物园并没有实质性的针对动物福利的管理规章,猴子常被强迫表演骑自行车、穿上衣和其他动物赛跑等活动。Last year a emerged showing a monkey being mauled by a bear after they were forced to ride bicycles around a track in front of a large crowd.去年的一段视频中记录了一只猴子和一只熊被逼着在观众面前表演骑自行车之后,猴子被熊残忍伤害的画面。The was believed to have been shot at the Shanghai Wild Animal Park, in China, which has hit the headlines in the past for its #39;Wild Animal Olympics#39;.这段视频拍摄于中国上海野生动物园,该动物园曾因举办“野生动物奥运会”而登上新闻头条。In the , the audience can be heard cheering and laughing as the animals are sent riding around the small arena.视频中可以听到动物们被命令绕着场地表演骑自行车时观众们的笑声和欢呼声。Circus workers holding sticks push the small bikes off but after a few seconds one monkey and the bear crash.先是马戏团的工作人员用木棍推着小自行车前行,但没过几秒钟,其中一只猴子就和熊撞在了一起。Staff can be seen desperately trying to force the bear off as it grabs the small monkey in its mouth.视频中可以看到熊抓着猴子用嘴咬的时候工作人员在极力阻止。Mimi Bekhechi, associate director of animal welfare charity Peta, told the Mirror: #39;Monkeys are extremely social and highly intelligent animals who suffer from debilitating loneliness and depression when they’re separated from their families.善待动物组织PETA的英国发言人米米·贝克奇说:“猴子是非常聪明的群居性动物,如果他们与家人分开就会变得异常孤独和抑郁。”#39;Chinese circuses are among the worst in the world for outright neglect and cruel training methods involving fear, deprivation and beatings.#39;“中国的马戏团无视动物权利,以恐吓、殴打等残忍的方法虐待动物,其行为比世界上其他任何国家都严重。”In 2012, zoos across China were banned by the government from putting on exotic animal performances.2012年,中国政府曾禁止所有动物园进行珍奇动物表演。But within months it was business as usual with many claiming they were never told about the ban and had no intention of stopping.但是仅仅几个月之后,许多动物园便又我行我素了,他们声称自己从未被告知有此禁令,因此不打算停止动物表演。 /201501/356290白云区处女膜修复手术多少钱

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黔东南州打掉孩子多少钱A 58-year-old Utah woman is set to give birth in a few weeks — to her first grandchild.据美联社1月8日报道,在美国犹他州普洛佛,一名58岁的妇女未来几周内即将产下她的第一个孙女。Julia Navarro is serving as a gestational surrogate for her daughter and son-in-law after the couple struggled with fertility problems.因女儿和女婿长期不不育,母亲朱莉亚·纳瓦罗为其。Navarro#39;s daughter Lorena McKinnon said she began trying to have a baby with her husband, Micah McKinnon, three years ago. The 32-year-old Provo woman said she#39;s had about a dozen miscarriages, with the longest pregnancy lasting 10 weeks.女儿洛雷娜·麦金农和丈夫米卡·麦金农三年前就开始准备生孩子。不幸的是,32岁的她习惯性流产,最长的期只有10周。After several tries, the couple began looking for a surrogate. McKinnon said a friend and sister both considered carrying her baby, but ultimately decided against it.几经努力后,这对夫妇开始寻找。虽然曾有一位朋友和都考虑过为其,但最终还是放弃了。That#39;s when her mother offered to step in.此时,她母亲主动提出为其。;As a family, we have to help each other,; Navarro told The Salt Lake Tribune .纳瓦罗告诉盐湖论坛报:“作为一个家庭,我们要互相帮助。”Navarro had to undergo hormone shots for three months before an embryo fertilized by her daughter and son-in-law could be implanted. Because of her age, doctors had warned there was only a 45 percent chance the implantation would be successful.在女儿和女婿受精的胚胎植入前,纳瓦罗要接受3个月的荷尔蒙注射。由于高龄,医生曾警告胚胎植入成功率只有45%。But the procedure was a success, and Navarro said she#39;s had a smooth pregnancy carrying a developing baby girl.幸运的是,整个过程进行得很顺利,纳瓦罗说自己成功怀上了一个女婴儿。As with other surrogacy arrangements, the couple and Navarro needed three months of counseling.与其他程序一样,这对夫妇和纳瓦罗需要接受为期3个月的心理咨询。;The psychologists wanted to make sure we knew what we were getting into — that we were mentally prepared,; McKinnon said. ;Mostly, surrogacy contracts are with people you don#39;t know. It was weird to have a contract with my mom.;女儿说:“心理医生想确认我们清楚面临的状况——但我们已经做好心理准备了,通常合同是和陌生人签的,和我母亲签合同感觉怪怪的。”It#39;s unclear how rare it is for a woman to carry her own grandchild, but recent news reports have detailed similar relationships.生完女儿又生孙女的事很少见,但最近的新闻报道中也出现类似的情况。Last year, a 53-year-old Iowa woman gave birth to her twin granddaughters. And in 2012, a 49-year-old woman in Maine gave birth to her grandson.去年,爱荷华州一名53岁的妇女产下了一对双胞胎孙女。2012年,缅因州一名49岁的妇女产下了孙子。McKinnon said she was grateful and overwhelmed by her mother#39;s offer, which eases some of the obstacles and financial burdens for parents using a gestational surrogate.女儿麦金农说母亲的帮助让她感激又感动,因为这样也减轻了的困难和经济负担。According to Utah law, surrogates must be 21 or older, financially stable and must have aly given birth once.根据犹他州法律,者必须21岁以上,经济收入稳定,且必须已生育一次。Couples must be married and are allowed to offer a reasonable payment to a surrogate.只有已婚且能提供合理报酬给者的夫妇才允许申请。On average, a couple can spend about ,000 on procedures and paying the surrogate, but McKinnon said her mother#39;s offer to help is saving the couple about half of that.平均一对夫妇花在程序和者报酬的费用为6万美金(约合36.3万人民币),不过因为母亲的帮助,麦金农可以省掉一半的费用。Both she and her daughter said they#39;ve bonded over the experience.她和母亲都说这次经历增进了她们的感情。The baby girl is due in early February.女宝宝即将在二月初出世。 /201401/272685 Once, no man would have dreamed of being present in the room as his wife was giving birth.曾经,男人们不敢奢望可以出现在妻子分娩的产房。Then opinions changed and the father was expected to be there to share in all the pain and joy.后来人们的观念变了,大家希望新生儿的父亲可以陪伴产妇一同分享痛苦与快乐。But now it seems that so many people are crowding into the delivery suite you could almost sell tickets.而现在似乎太多的人涌进产房,都快可以收门票了。A survey of 2,000 mothers has found that those in their twenties or teens are taking an average of eight people into the birthing room with them – and that doesn#39;t include the midwife or other medical staff.一项涉及2000名母亲的调查发现,十几岁、二十多岁的妈妈们平均带8个人一起进产房,这还不包括助产士或其他医护人员。The survey, conducted by the website Channel Mum, said that women now aged in their sixties typically had only had their partner alongside the midwife present while they gave birth.这项由Channel Mum网站进行的调查显示,现年60多岁的女性当年生孩子的时候,通常只有助产士和伴侣在场。For women now in their fifties this had doubled to two people, usually their partner and their own mother.而现年50多岁的女性则将这一数字增加到了两人,通常是她们的伴侣和妈妈。Siobhan Freegard, founder of Channel Mum, said: #39;The younger generation are used to sharing every aspect of their lives, so why not birth?Channel Mum网站的创始人西沃恩·弗里加德(Siobhan Freegard)说:“年轻一代习惯分享他们生活的方方面面,连生孩子也不例外。”#39;Many women feel it is their biggest achievement and so want to share the moment with all of those closest to them.“很多女性认为这是她们最大的成就,因此希望同所有亲近的人分享这一时刻。”#39;The crowdbirthing phenomenon may not suit everyone but being part of the birth is an honour and privilege which unites friends and family like nothing else.#39;“分娩邀围观这件事也许并不适合每个人,但是作为见分娩过程的一员是一种荣耀和特权,没有什么比这件事更能将朋友和家人凝聚在一起。”Mothers-in-law are now the most popular birthing supporter after the mum#39;s partner and mother, the survey suggests. One in 25 even chose their own father to be present in the delivery room.该调查还显示,婆婆现在成了仅次于产妇的丈夫和母亲的陪产第三大热门人选。二十五分之一的产妇甚至选择了邀请自己的父亲进入产房。But the research also shows there is a downside to giving birth in front of an audience.不过这项研究还显示,分娩时有人围观也有不利的一面。Mothers are increasingly refusing to take pain relief because they fear they will be judged. One third of the women surveyed cited social pressure as a reason to have a birth without painkillers, complaining that others would regard them unfavourably if they did otherwise.因为害怕被人评头论足,产妇越来越不愿使用止痛药。三分之一的受调查的女性称,社会压力是她们分娩时不用止痛药的原因之一,她们抱怨说如果自己用了止痛药就会被说三道四。One in five said they felt that opting for a caesarean section would make them feel as though they had #39;failed at giving birth#39;.五分之一的人表示,选择剖腹产会使她们觉得自己好像“不能生孩子”似的。Adding to the stresses of new mothers are women who write about their births on social media and talk airily of bringing new life into the world, and celebrities who make giving birth seem effortless.新妈妈的压力还源于那些在社交媒体上讲述自己分娩过程、炫耀自己将新生命带到这个世界的女性,以及那些似乎可以轻松分娩的明星。Some 15 per cent of mothers said they felt under pressure from stars who have apparently sailed through labour, such as supermodel Gisele Bundchen, 35, who said her eight-hour labour #39;didn#39;t hurt in the slightest#39; and claimed her newborn son didn#39;t even cry.大约15%的母亲说她们因为那些明星看似轻轻松松就把孩子生了下来而感到很有压力,比如说35岁的超模吉赛尔·邦辰(Gisele Bundchen )。邦辰在谈到她8个小时的分娩时表示“一点也不疼”,并声称她的儿子刚生出来时甚至都没哭。The rise of social media means that the moment of giving birth, once an intensely private event, is now being shared all around the world. Many mothers take #39;selfies#39; with their baby just moments after delivery and post the picture on Facebook and Twitter.社交媒体的迅速发展意味着分娩这个曾高度私密的事情,现如今更多地被分享给全世界。很多母亲在刚刚生下宝宝后就会和宝宝自拍,然后将照片上传到脸书和推特上。Some are even hiring #39;birthing photographers#39; to capture every intimate moment. Aly a popular practice in the US, more and more British mothers are paying to have their labour recorded.一些妈妈甚至会雇“分娩摄影师”捕捉每一个亲密时刻。在美国这已经是一种风尚,在英国越来越多的妈妈也开始花钱请人记录下自己分娩的过程。Starting from around ?500, many photographers will agree to be on call 24 hours a day from 36 weeks in the pregnancy.起价500英镑左右,很多摄影师会欣然接受在期的36周内每天24小时待命。 /201508/390732贵阳/哪家医院能做药流贵阳/做人流费用高吗

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