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遵义医院人流开 阳 县 四 维 彩 超 医 院免签走天下:全球护照哪国强? -- ::5 来源:   Owning a passport opens up a world of possibility and freedom travellers - or so you would think.  拥有一本护照就能够自由出入各国、随意游遍世界么,那可不一定  In some countries around the world, even if you are lucky enough to have access to the government-issued documents, you are still restricted and barred from several countries.  世界上有一些国家,即使你足够幸运获得了政府授权的文件,但仍然会被一些国家“拒之门外”  Henley and Partners created a Visa Restrictions Index, which ranks countries globally in accordance to the travel freedom enjoy their inhabitants enjoy - with some surprising results.  亨氏顾问公司分析研究了世界上所有国家和地区的签规定,之后照不同国家的公民前往海外所享有的免签国家数而创建了签受限指数  Where it might be expected that countries such as North Korea and possibly Cuba could take the bottom spots the most restricted travel freedom, they actually place at 86 and 69 respectively, from a ranking of a total of 9.  朝鲜和古巴本被认为是世界上签受限程度最高的国家,但实际上,在包括9个国家的签受限指数排名中,朝鲜和古巴分别排在第86和69位,并不是垫底的  Each country was given a score by global consulting firm Henley and Partners, whospecialise in residence and citizenship planning.  亨氏顾问公司在专门研究过各个国家的居住和公民计划之后,对每个国家都进行了打分  The score was calculated based on visa regulations of all countries and territories in the world, and the number of other countries that their citizens can travel to without having to obtain a visa.  这些分数是根据某个国家和地区的签规定以及该地居民能够获得免签的国家数量计算得出的  Taking the lowest spots were Afghanistan (ranked at 9 and able to visit countries visa-free), Iraq, (able to visit 31 countries), Pakistan and Somalia (able to visit 3 countries) and the Palestinian Territory (able to visit 35).  分数排在最末几位的国家是:阿富汗(排名第9,免签国家数量只有个),伊拉克(免签国家数量为31),巴基斯坦和索马里(免签国家数量为3),巴勒斯坦领土(免签国家数量为35)  This was juxtaposed by Finland, Germany, Sweden, the UK and the US, in first position, who are able to access countries visa-free.  与此相对的是排名并列第一的国家,包括芬兰、德国、瑞典、英国和美国,这些国家的免签国家数量达到  Henley and Partners said: 'In today's globalised world, visa restrictions play an important role in controlling the movement of eign nationals across borders.  亨氏顾问公司表示:“在如今这样一个全球化的时代背景下,签限制在控制外国人口入境方面发挥着重要作用”  'Almost all countries now require visas from certain non-nationals who wish to enter their territory.  “现在几乎所有国家都允许持有签的非本国居民入境”  'Visa requirements are also an expression of the relationships between individual nations, and generally reflect the relations and status of a country within the international commy of nations. '  “允许获得签既能表示两国的关系,同时也能反映出一个国家在国际社会中的地位”  Pakistan is ranked at 9 in the Visa Restrictions Index, and citizens are able to visit 3 countries including Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, and Dominica without a visa.  巴基斯坦在签受限指数的排名中排在第9位,其居民外出可以免签的国家只有包括特立尼达岛、多巴哥岛、海地和多米尼加等在内的3个国家  Despite this freedom, stepping over the Pakistani border into India and Iran does requires a visa.  尽管如此,从巴基斯坦过境进入印度和伊朗仍需获得签  At the bottom of the list are the citizens of Afghanistan who are banned from entering Kuwait entirely.  排在末位的阿富汗居民被完全禁止进入科威特地区  They can, however, travel to Micronesia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Haiti without a visa entirely though.  但是他们进入密克罗尼西亚、圣文森特和格林纳丁斯岛和海地等地可以免签  A UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) report stated that three-quarters of people in the world travelling to Europe need a visa.  联合国世界旅游组织发布的一项报告显示,世界上约有四分之三的人口进入欧洲需要获得签  According to the latest Visa Openness Report by the UNWTO, 6 per cent of the world’s population was required a traditional visa prior to departure in , down from 77 per cent in .  根据该组织发布的最新一项签公开报告可知,年世界上有6%的人口在离境之前需要获得签,年该比例为77%  A total of 19 per cent of the world’s population was able to enter a destination without a visa, while per cent could receive a visa on arrival (compared to per cent and 6 per cent in ).  另外,世界上有19%的人口能够入境免签,%的人口能够享受落地签,而年这两项的比例分别为%和6%贵阳友好妇科医院妇科专家预约挂号 《希望是冷酷的、虚假的?(双语) -- :8: 来源:chinadaily Hope 希望 ◇—— By Emily Bronteuml; Hope was but a timid friend; She sat without the grated den, Watching how my fate would tend, Even as selfish-hearted men. 希望只是个羞怯的友伴 她坐在我的囚牢之外, 以自私者的冷眼旁观 观察我的命运的好歹 She was cruel in her fear; Through the bars one dreary day, I looked out to see her there, And she turned her face away! 她因胆怯而如此冷酷 郁闷的一天, 我透过铁栏,想看到我的希望的面目, 却见她立即背转了脸! Like a false guard, false watch keeping, Still, in strife, she whispered peace; She would sing while I was weeping; If I listened, she would cease. 像一个假看守在假意监视, 一面敌对一面又暗示和平; 当我哀泣时她吟唱歌词, 当我静听她却噤口无声 False she was, and unrelenting; When my last joys strewed the ground, Even Sorrow saw, repenting, Those sad relics scattered round; 她心如铁石而且虚假 当我最后的欢乐落英遍地, 见此悲惨的遗物四处抛散, 就连“哀愁”也遗憾不已 Hope, whose whisper would have given Balm to all my frenzied pain, Stretched her wings, and soared to heaven, Went, and ne'er returned again! 而希望,她本来能悄悄耳语 为痛苦欲狂者搽膏止痛, ——却伸展双翼向天堂飞去, 一去不回,从此不见影踪 艾米莉;勃朗特(Emily Bronteuml;, 1818-188)19世纪英国小说家、诗人,英国文学史上著名的“勃朗特三”之一这位女作家年仅三十便默默无闻地离开了人世,然而她唯一的一部小说《呼啸山庄却奠定了她在英国文学史乃至世界文学史上的重要地位此外,她还创作了193首诗,被认为是一位天才女作家但是直到世纪,她才被公认为英国三大女诗人之一艾米莉的大部分诗篇都是描写的大自然,她常独自徘徊在荒野中,体验人与大自然灵息相通的瞬间有一种爱情: 叫洪水中的婚礼(双语) -- ::38 来源:sohu 如果没有红地毯、花束、舞台灯光、音乐或甚至最重要的戒指,可以结婚吗?在安徽省芜湖市无为县的抗洪前线上,一名武警和他的妻子举行了这样一场婚礼 Can there be a wedding if there is no red carpet, bouquet, stage lighting, music or even the most important thing, the ring? Such a wedding a police officer fighting against flooding and his bride was held Saturday on an embankment at Wuwei town in Wuhu city of East China's Anhui province. 武警战士徐浩和幼儿教师肖若于早在去年年初就领了他们的结婚书但是因为徐浩的公务,他们的婚礼已经被推迟了三次这一次,当得知7 月1 日的洪水可能会威胁到无为县十一万居民的生命安全,徐浩主动要求取消他的婚礼安排,加入到抗洪的大军之中 Xu Hao, an armed police officer, and Xiao Ruoyu got their marriage certificates as early as the beginning of last year. But their wedding was postponed three times as Xu was too busy with his police duties to be available the wedding.This time, realizing the flood that occurred on July 1 might affect the safety of 1,000 people residing in Wuwei town, Xu volunteered to cancel his wedding plans and join the legion of public safety workers combating the flood. 7月9日,肖若于去看望了她在前线的丈夫而此时,这对夫妇已经一个多月没见面了她的出现引起了和徐浩抗洪战友们的欢呼和尖叫在中午短暂的午餐休息时间,他们帮这对夫妇组织了一场等待已久的婚礼虽然没有庞大的场面和昂贵的钻戒,只有尾巴草代替的花束和戒指,这场简单的仪式还是见了两个人真挚的爱情 July 9nd, Xiao decided to pay a visit to her husband on the frontline as the couple haven't met more than one month. Her appearance aroused surprises and cheers among Xu's fellow flood relief workers. They helped organize the long-awaited wedding the couple during their short lunch break at noon. The two finally went through the ceremony marking their marriage, although with a substitute bouquet and a grass ring made out of crested dog's tail. English Source: CRI English贵阳市花溪区中医院预约

安顺市妇幼保健院网上挂号电话“敲竹杠”如何用英文表达? -- :36:0 来源:chinadaily rip someone off 宰客,敲竹杠 Hey, don't try to rip me off. I know what this is worth. 别想宰我,我知道它值多少 The shop tried to rip me off, but I taught them a good lesson. 那个商店企图敲我竹杠,结果让我教训了一顿 【rip off】V. If someone rips you off, they cheat you by charging you too muchmoney something or by selling you something that is broken or damaged. 宰人; 坑人 1. The bigger, more reputable online casinos are not going to rip you off. 规模更大、声誉更好的网上不会宰你 That store is known ripping off the customers. 那家百货店以敲诈顾客而闻名 . 扯掉;撕掉;猛地脱掉: He ripped off his overcoat. 他突然脱掉大衣 She ripped off the mask of the hypocrite mercilessly. 她毫不留情地剥掉这个伪君子的画皮 3. 偷窃;抢劫: Someone ripped off my wallet. 有人偷了我的钱夹子 They went so far as to rip off banks in broad daylight. 他们居然在光天化日之下抢劫 【rip-off】 n. 偷窃;索要高价 If you say that something that you bought was a 【rip-off】, you mean that you were chargedtoo much money or that it was of very poor quality. 宰人货 The service charge is a rip-off, but I'm willing to pay if I'm guaranteed a seat. 这项务费是宰人的,但要是能保我有座位我就愿意付钱贵 州 省 医 院 做 药 物 流 产 多 少 钱 首架中国制造喷气式客机首次起航 -- :7:59 来源: (上海)周四,首架国产线客机即将进入飞机市场,搭载70名乘客起飞 SHANGHAI - The first regional jet produced in China’s initiative to compete in the commercial aircraft market made its debut flight Tuesday carrying 70 passengers.(上海)周四,首架国产线客机即将进入飞机市场,搭载70名乘客起飞The ARJ1-700 jet is one of a series of initiatives launched by the ruling Communist Party to transm China from the world’s low-cost factory into a creator of profitable technology in aviation, clean energy and other fields.ARJ1-700客机是中国政府对于中国从廉价工厂转向航空业、清洁能源等盈利技术领域的开发者所做出的最初尝试之一The plane operated by Chengdu Airlines took its passengers from the western city of Chengdu to Shanghai in two hours.这架飞机由成都航空公司负责运营,执行从成都到上海的两小时飞行任务China is one of the biggest aviation markets but relies on eign-made aircraft. Beijing wants to capture more of those sales. Its major airlines are state-owned, which gives the ruling party a captive pool of potential customers that can be ordered to buy Chinese-made aircraft.中国是世界上最大的飞机市场之一,但十分依赖于进口飞机中国政府希望能够在其中获得更多市场份额中国主要的航线都是国有的,国产飞机的销路很广The ARJ1 -- or Asian Regional Jet the 1st Century -- is intended to make its state-owned manufacturer, Commercial Aircraft Corp. of China, a competitor to Bombardier Inc. of Canada and Brazil’s Embraer SA.ARJ1是中国商用飞机公司用来和加拿大庞巴迪公司以及巴西航空工业公司竞争的利器"The first flight of the ARJ1 marks the beginning of commercial, or passenger, operations the ARJ1 and signifies the first time a domestically made regional jet has been used by a Chinese airline," said the COMAC chairman, Jin Zhuanglong.中国商用飞机有限公司的董事长金壮龙表示:“ARJ1的首航象征着新商机的开始或者是乘客新体验的开始,这也是国产飞机首次进入线航班执行任务”The ARJ1 initiative was launched in . It was scheduled to deliver its first plane in but that was pushed back due to technical problems.ARJ1项目起始于年人们本来计划在年推出第一架飞机,但是由于技术问题而不得不将计划延后A full-size jetliner under development by another state-owned company, the C919, is aimed at competing with Boeing Co. and Airbus. After delays blamed on manufacturing problems, the C919 is due to fly this year and enter service in about 19.由另一间国企负责研发的标准尺寸客机C919计划成为波音公司和空中巴士公司的竞争对手由于制造问题而延迟上市的C919也即将在今年升空,在19年投入运行Boeing ecasts China’s total demand civilian jetliners over the next two decades at 5,580 planes worth a total of 0 billion.波音公司预测,未来二十年内中国民航线总需求将达到5580架飞机,估值7800亿元贵阳医学院第三附属医院礼拜天有妇科专家好吗

昭通市第一人民医院妇科专家大众转型,斥巨资以求成为电动车行业领导者 --18 :9:38 来源: 大众目前正计划开发30款全电力驱动车型,以求将自己重新定位成为“绿色”交通行业的领导者 Matthias Mueller, chief executive of Europe’s biggest carmaker, said huge investments would be needed as the firm moves beyond the "dieselgate" scandal.大众是欧洲最大的汽车制造商,其CEO马蒂亚·米勒日前曾表示,大众要想从“柴油门”丑闻中走出来必须要有巨额的投资He hopes that by 5, all-electric cars would about -5% of the German carmaker’s annual sales.他希望到5年的时候,全电力驱动的汽车能够占到大众年销售额的%到5%Latest figures show that sales of Volkswagen-branded cars continue to fall behind European rivals.据最近的数据显示,大众牌汽车的销量持续落后于欧洲竞争厂商Outlining what he described as the "key building blocks in the new group strategy", Mr Mueller said VW aimed to "transm its core automotive business or, to put it another way, make a fundamental realignment in iness the new age of mobility".米勒概述了他称之为“新集团战略的关键模块”的设想,并表示大众的目标是要“转变核心汽车业务,或者换一种方式,做出根本性的调整,以迎接汽车行业新时代的到来”VW will focus on "the most attractive and fastest-growing market segments", he said. "Special emphasis will be place on e-mobility. The group is planning a broad-based initiative in this area: it intends to launch more than 30 purely battery-powered electric vehicles over the next ten years," he said.米勒说道大众将会专注于“最有吸引力、增长最快的细分市场”他说:“电动车将会作为重点来发展大众集团目前正在该领域计划一个宏大的计划:大众打算在未来年之内推出30多款纯粹由电池供电的电动汽车”VW was plunged into crisis when it was revealed in the US last September that diesel engines had been fitted with software that could distort emissions tests. The company later revealed that some million cars worldwide were affected.去年九月大众公司曾陷入危机,当时美国披露大众在柴油发动机上安装了软件,从而可以随意改变排放测试的结果大众公司随后透露,全球有10万辆车受到影响Mr Mueller said VW’s transmation would involve investments in the double-digit billions of euros, funded by savings and cost-cuts, with all brands and businesses having to contribute.据米勒表示,大众转型所需要的投资金额将达到数百亿欧元,这些资金将由节约开销和削减成本得到,大众旗下的所有品牌和业务都必须要贡献资金He told reporters at VW headquarters, in Wolfsburg: "This will require us - following the serious setback as a result of the diesel issue - to learn from mistakes made, rectify shortcomings and establish a corporate culture that is open, value-driven and rooted in integrity."在沃尔夫斯堡大众总部,米勒告诉记者们说:“有鉴于‘柴油门’带来的严重挫折,这要求我们从错误中学习,纠正我们的缺点,并建立一个开放的、由价值驱动的、根植于诚信的企业文化”The company’s components business, sp across 6 plants, will be streamlined, and there will be a focus on cutting sales and administration costs.大众公司分布于6家工厂的零部件制造业务将被精简,将致力于削减销售和管理成本On Thursday, car sales data from the European Automobile Manufacturers Association suggested that the VW group continues to suffer from the impact of the diesel scandal.据欧洲汽车制造商协会本周四公布的数据来看,大众公司仍然遭受着“柴油门”丑闻的影响Sales of Volkswagen-branded cars rose .1% in May, compared to the same month last year. But that was sluggish when compared to .7% growth Renault and 18.7% growth at PSA Group, owner of Peugeot and Citroen.和去年同期相比,大众牌汽车五月份的销量增长了.1%但是和雷诺.7%的增长和PSA集团(该公司旗下拥有标致和雪铁龙等汽车品牌)18.7%的增长相比,大众的表现相当低靡Market share the group, which includes Audi, Skoda, and Seat, the five months to May, was 3.9%, the lowest the period since .在今年前五个月,大众公司的市场份额(包括奥迪、斯柯达和西雅特)是3.9%,降到了年以来的最低点 经济学人:带你了解滴滴优步等出租车定价策略 -- :: 来源: 对与很多人来说,深夜外出后拿出智能手机叫一辆优步的车回家似乎是一种常见的仪式了然而打的费却比平时高出了三倍像很多经济学家钟爱的定律一样,这种时不时困饶着优步用户的“动态定价策略”虽有效却极不受欢迎本文带你了解定价背后的经济机制 Uber is sticking with surge pricing now, but Jeff Schneider, one of its machine-learning experts, recently suggested that the company is interested in developing systems that rely on technology, rather than price, to allocate cars. Even if such a technological fix proves elusive, however, local governments do not need to regulate or ban surge pricing to reduce its sting.Uber现在坚持使用动态定价策略,但是最近公司的机构研究专家之一杰夫·施耐德表示,该公司对开发依赖于技术而非价格来统筹车辆的系统很有兴趣虽然这一技术目前难以实现,但是一旦实现,当地政府再也无需调控或者取缔动态价格机制以此削弱其影响Surge (or dynamic) pricing relies on frequent price adjustments to match supply and demand. Such systems are sometimes used to set motorway tolls (which rise and fall with demand in an eft to keep traffic flowing), or to adjust the price of energy in electricity markets. People understandably detest such practices. It offends the sensibilities of non-economists that the same journey should cost different amounts from one day or hour to the next—and more, invariably, when the need is most desperate.峰时(动态)定价依赖于频繁的价格调整以使供需平衡这一机制有时会被用于设置高速公路通行费(为保交通顺畅,通行费因需求而上涨、下调),或者用于调整电力市场上能源价格可以理解,人们厌恶这种做法这样的机制伤害了非经济学家的感情,每天或者每小时相同路程的花费却不同,而且当需求最紧急时也是一成不变Yet surge fares also demonstrate the elegance with which prices moderate a marketplace. When demand in an area spikes and the waiting time a car rises, surge pricing kicks in; users requesting cars are inmed that the fare will be a multiple of the normal rate. As the multiple rises, the market goes to work. Higher fares ration available cars by willingness to pay: to richer users, in some cases, but also to those less able to wait out the surge period or with fewer good alternatives. Charging extra to those without good alternatives sounds like gouging, yet without surge pricing such riders would be less likely to get a ride at all, since there would be no incentive all the other people requesting cars to drop out.但是峰时价格也显示出它带来的好处,价格策略缓和了市场当需求在某个地区急剧上涨,以及等待时长增加,动态定价策略就发挥作用了;需要用车的客户会被告知费用是平时的几倍当多个因素同时出现时,市场开始起作用高费用会将车辆分配给那些愿意付的客户即那些更有钱的客户;但是在某些情况下,对那些无法在高峰期等待或是没有好选择的用户也是同样适用的对那些没有好选择的用户采取额外收费听起来像是乱要价,但是没有动态价格策略这些用户不太可能搭得到车,因为对于其他有需求坐车的人来说没有任何理由不坐车至少在局部地区动态价格策略增加了供给A recent analysis published by Uber illustrates how the system is intended to work. Jonathan Hall, head of economic research at Uber, Cory Kendrick, a data scientist at the firm, and Chris Nosko, of the University of Chicago, compared two high-demand cases in New York city to illustrate how surge pricing is intended to work. In March it kicked in after a sold-out concert by Ariana Grande, a singer, in an arena in the middle of Manhattan. As the show came to an end, the number of people in the area opening the Uber app quadrupled in just a few minutes. Uber’s algorithm swiftly applied surge pricing; the average waiting time a car rose only modestly, while the “completion rate”—the share of requests rides that are met—never fell below 0%. On New Year’s Eve in , in contrast, Uber’s surge-pricing algorithm broke down 6 minutes, leaving New York without surge pricing. The average wait time a car soared from about two minutes to roughly eight, while the completion rate dropped below5% (see chart).优步最近的一项分析解释了峰时价格工作的机制优步的经济研究部主管约翰逊·霍尔、数据研究员科里·肯德里克还有芝加哥大学的克里斯·诺斯克比较了纽约两个高需求的案例以说明峰时价格的作用机制年3月,爱莉安娜·格兰德在曼哈顿中央举办了一场演唱会,在这场门票销售一空的演唱会之后,峰时价格机制开始起作用当演唱会接近尾声,仅几分钟内这个地区打开优步app的人数就是之前的四倍优步的计算程序很快地启动了峰时价格机制;每辆车的平均等待时长只增长了少许,然而完成率——打的份额的完成度从没降到0%以下相比之下,年新年除夕夜峰时价格机制崩溃了整整6分钟,致使纽约处于无峰时价格状态每辆车的平均等待时长从两分钟涨到了八分钟,而完成率降到了5%以下The comparison may overstate the power of surge pricing. Even without the help of algorithms, cab drivers know to converge on a venue as an event finishes; more Uber drivers than normal were surely in the area at the end of Ms Grande’s concert in expectation of the extra business. Yet the possibility of earning a surge fare may also strengthen drivers’ incentives to anticipate and respond pre-emptively to high demand. Ironically, the better Uber’s surge-pricing algorithm works, the less the company will need to use it, since drivers’ pre-emptive responses will tend to eliminate the demand imbalances that make surge pricing necessary in the first place.这个对比可能夸大了峰时价格机制的作用即使没有程序的帮助,司机们也知道如何在一场盛事结束后自行往利益靠拢;格兰德的演唱会结束时,冲着生意比以往多,这个地区的司机也比以往更多趁价格处于峰时来赚取更高利润的机会激发司机们对高需求做出预测并先下手为强讽刺的是,优步的峰时价格机制的作用越好,公司对其需求却越少,因为司机会先下手为强,这样就会消除供需不平衡,而峰时价格机制只有在供需不平衡时才会起作用There are tantalising hints that Uber hopes to follow this logic to its conclusion. Mr Schneider noted that clever machine-learning tools could process Uber’s piles of data and determine when and where demand is likely to outstrip the supply of cars. There would be no need to wait until demand starts to rise, nor drivers to scan concert schedules. The ability to anticipate demand would be of some use to Uber today: it could tell drivers where they are likely to be needed. But they would presumably not respond as rapidly as they do to the inducement of surge fares. Eventually, however, Uber hopes to replace its human drivers with autonomous vehicles, which could be directed around the city by the company’s computers without any pecuniary incentives. (The company still has an incentive to maximise earnings, though, so it might opt to keep surge pricing even if technology made it redundant, at the risk of further public rage.)但是总会有一些似有若无的暗示表明优步希望继续采用这样的机制施耐德就指出过精明的机器研究工具能够处理优步的数据堆并且能够预测出乘车需求大于供给的时间和地点无需等待需求上涨亦无需司机查看演唱会的日程对如今的优步来说预测需求的能力是极有用的,因为司机可以知道哪些地方需求比较大但是他们对于需求的反应可能没有对价格上涨的诱惑反应快然而优步的最终目标是用自动驾驶来取代人类司机,这样的话公司便可以通过计算程序来操控,这样就不用受到金钱诱因的影响了(然而公司还是有可以使利润最大化的激励机制,所以它还会保留峰时价格机制,即使这个机制会在技术的发展下变的多余,而且还会引起众怒)Whether Uber remains a big part of the transport network in future, and whether it retains surge pricing, depends in part on how well local governments manage the transport system as a whole. In districts or cities where travellers have appealing alternatives, in the m of good public transport or private competitors to Uber, users will be more sensitive to price. Surge pricing will theree not generate a big financial windfall Uber (or its drivers). But where public transport is thin on the ground, or where Uber has little private competition, it is a different story. In other words, surge pricing is really only as painful as local officials allow it to be.未来优步是否能保持网络交通巨头之一的地位,是否继续保留峰时价格机制,都部分取决于当地政府能否统筹交通系统在那些出行者可以有替代出行方式的街道和城市,比如运作良好的公共交通系统和像优步这样的私营竞争者,他们对价格也更加的敏感峰时价格并不会让优步(或者其司机)坐享其成但是在那种公共交通不发达地区或者优步的竞争者很少的地方,将会是另一番景象换句话说,峰时价格机制的可恨程度取决于当地政府清镇市第三人民医院地址贵阳友好附件炎哪最好

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