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贵阳/妇科去哪家医院贵阳/不孕不育的检查贵 阳 哪 家 医 院 冶 子 宫 肌 瘤 好 Israel on Sunday summoned ambassadors of countries that belong to the UN Security Council for a Christmas Day reprimand for their support of a resolution condemning Israel’s illegal settlements on Palestinian lands. 以色列周日召见联合国安理UN Security Council)成员国驻该国的大使,在圣诞日当天批评这些国家持一项谴责以色列在巴勒斯坦土地上建立非法定居点的决议。The UK was among the countries that saw its diplomats called into Israel’s ministry of foreign affairs on Sunday, David Quarrey, Britain’s ambassador to Israel, told the Financial Times. 英国驻以色列大使戴维.夸里(David Quarrey)告诉英国《金融时报》,英国外交官也在周日被以色列外交部召见的使节之列。With Mr Quarrey in the UK, British diplomat Tony Kay was summoned in his place.由于夸里恰好在英国,英国外交官托Tony Kay)代替他被召见。The ambassador of the US, which abstained in Friday’s vote, was not among the envoys summoned, the Israeli foreign ministry said, but those of countries who backed the resolution were. 以色列外交部表示,在上周五的表决中投弃权票的美国的大使不在被召见的使节之列,但是投票持了那项决议的国家的使节均被召见。The move came as Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu cancelled a visit to Israel by Volodymyr Groysman, his Ukrainian counterpart, and accused US President Barack Obama of disgraceful behaviour for failing to exercise the US veto. 以色列做出此举之际,该国总理本雅内塔尼亚Benjamin Netanyahu)取消了乌克兰总理弗拉基米格罗伊斯Volodymyr Groysman)访问以色列之行,并指责美国总统巴拉奥巴Barack Obama)未能行使美国否决权的可耻行为。Mr Groysman had due to arrive in Israel on Wednesday on his first official visit to the Jewish state. 格罗伊斯曼原定周三抵达以色列,对这个犹太国家展开他的首次正式访问。Israel will also suspend some of its funding to the UN, Mr Netanyahu said in a vituperative speech on Saturday evening, in which he warned of further diplomatic and economic retaliation against countries that opposed Israel in international bodies. 内塔尼亚胡上周六晚发表义愤填膺的讲话,称以色列还将暂停向联合国提供一部分资金,并警告说,将对那些在国际组织中反对以色列的国家进行进一步的外交和经济报复。The Israeli leader vowed to work with incoming US President Donald Trump and members of Congress to fight all-out war against this resolution,以色列领导人誓言与美国候任总统唐纳特朗Donald Trump)和国会议员合作,对这项决议展开全面战争in his sharpest public attack ever on Mr Obama.他对奥巴马作出了历来最尖锐的公开抨击。The resolution that was passed at the UN yesterday is part of the swan song of the old world that is biased against Israel but, my friends, we are entering a new era, Mr Netanyahu said at a Hanukkah candle-lighting ceremony. 联合国昨日通过的决议是对以色列不公的旧世界绝唱的一部分,但是,我的朋友们,我们正在进入一个新时代,内塔尼亚胡在光明节(Hanukkah)点蜡烛仪式上表示。And just as President-elect Trump said yesterday, it will happen much sooner than you think. 而正如当选总统特朗普昨日所说的,这个新时代将比你想象的更快到来。Speaking ahead of a weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday, Mr Netanyahu accused Mr Obama of orchestrating the UN resolution.内塔尼亚胡在周日举行每周内阁会议前指责奥巴马策划了那份联合国决议。From the information that we have, we have no doubt that the Obama administration initiated it, stood behind it, co-ordinated on the wording and demanded that it be passed, he said.根据我方掌握的信息,我们毫不怀疑,奥巴马政府发起和持了这项决议,协调了决议措辞,还要求各方通过它,他说。However, a senior Obama administration official, speaking anonymously to Reuters on Friday, said that the US played no role in crafting or promoting the resolution, contrary to Israeli claims. 然而,奥巴马政府一名高级官员上周五以匿名方式对路透社(Reuters)发表谈话,称美国在制定或推动这项决议方面没有扮演任何角色,这与以色列的说法相反。Mr Netanyahu said: And, as I told [US secretary of state] John Kerry on Thursday, friends don’t take friends to the Security Council.内塔尼亚胡说:而且,正如我上周四对美国国务卿约克里(John Kerry)所说的,朋友不该把朋友送上安理会。The UN Security Council on Friday passed a resolution demanding that Israel immediately and completely cease all settlement activities, and calling on member states to distinguish between Israel and the territories, including East Jerusalem, that it occupied in the 1967 Six Day War. 联合国安理会上周五通过决议,要求以色列立即且完全停止一切定居点活动,并呼吁各成员国区分以色列和其占领的领土,包括以色列967年六日战争期间占领的东耶路撒冷。来 /201612/485732贵阳/那治疗妇科好

贵 阳 治 疗 妇 科 疾 病 较 好 的 医 院Germany is to push for progress towards a European army by advocating a joint headquarters and shared military assets, according to defence plans that could ricochet into Britain’s EU referendum campaign.德国防务白皮书中的计划显示,德国将努力推动欧盟建立一欧洲军队,它倡导欧盟各国建立一个联合司令部、共享军事资源。这些计划可能会影响到英国的退欧公投运动。Although Berlin has long paid lip-service to forming a “European defence union the white paper is one of the most significant for Germany in recent years and may be seized by anti-integration Brexit campaigners as a sign where the bloc is heading.尽管柏林方面早就倡导打造“欧洲防务联盟”,但对德国来说,这份白皮书是近些年来意义最重大的白皮书之一。反欧洲一体化的英国退欧运动人士可能会抓住这份白皮书,将之作为表明欧盟发展方向的一个迹象。Initially scheduled to emerge shortly before the June 23 referendum vote but now probably delayed to July, the draft paper seen by the Financial Times outlines steps to gradually co-ordinate Europe’s patchwork of national militaries and embark on permanent co-operation under common structures.白皮书原定在63日英国退欧公投前夕公布,但如今很可能会推迟到7月发布。英囀?金融时报》看到的白皮书草案罗列出了一些举措,来逐渐协调欧洲零散的国家军事力量、并在共同框架下展开永久性合作。In this and other areas, its tone reflects Germany’s growing clout and confidence in pursuing a foreign policy backed by elements of hard power. Initiatives range from strengthening cyberwarfare abilities to contentious proposals to relax the postwar restrictions on army operations within Germany.在上述及其他领域,白皮书的腔调反映出,德国在追求硬实力元素撑的外交政策方面,影响力和信心日益增强。白皮书列出的举措涵盖方方面面,包括加强网络战能力,以及一项有争议的提议——即放松二战后对军队在德国境内开展行动施加的限制。“German security policy has relevance also far beyond our country,the paper states. “Germany is willing to join early, decisively and substantially as a driving force in international debates#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;to take responsibility and assume leadership“德国的安全政策影响重大——而且其影响范围远超出我们的国家。”白皮书称,“德国愿意作为一推动力量,尽早、坚决而切实地加入到国际辩论中来——承担责任并发挥领导作用。”Jan Techau, a former defence official at Carnegie Europe, said: “This is the time of a new Germany. This is probably the first time a German defence white paper is something like important.”前防务官员、卡内基欧洲(Carnegie Europe)的扬#8226;特绍(Jan Techau)表示:“这是一个新德国的时代。德国防务白皮书很可能是第一次具有某种程度的重要性。”At the European level, the paper calls for “the use of all possibilitiesavailable under EU treaties to establish deep co-operation between willing member states, create a joint civil-military headquarters for EU operations, a council of defence ministers, and better co-ordinate the production and sharing of military equipment.在欧洲层面,白皮书呼吁“利用(欧盟条约提供的)一切可能性”在有意愿的成员国之间建立深层次的合作,创建用于欧盟行动的联合司令部(即各国国防部长组成的委员会),并更好地协调军事装备的生产与共享。“The more we Europeans are y to take on a greater share of the common burden and the more our American partner is prepared to go along the road of common decision-making, the further the transatlantic security partnership will develop greater intensity and richer results,the paper states.“我们欧洲人越是准备好承担更大份额的共同责任,我们的美国伙伴越是准备好沿着共同决策的道路继续前进,跨大西洋安全合作关系就越有可能变得更加强大和取得更丰富的成果,”白皮书称。Resistance to serious defence integration is well entrenched in many EU states and has hobbled efforts to make meaningful progress in common defence. Co-ordinated hard military power in Europe remains largely the preserve of Nato.在很多欧盟国家,对正式防务一体化的抵触是根深蒂固的,这种情绪削弱了在共同防务方面取得重大进展的努力。在欧洲协调军事硬实力基本上仍是北约(Nato)的特权。Liam Fox, former UK defence secretary and Brexit supporter, said that “many in the European project see Nato as an impediment to ever closer union英国前防务大臣、退欧持者利亚姆#8226;福克Liam Fox)表示,“许多投身欧洲一体化计划的人士,把北约视为阻碍建立更紧密联盟的一个因素”。Mr Fox added: “Their every instinct is to move towards European defence co-operation. The problem is that while they are unwilling to spend money, it is a dangerous fantasy that diverts money away from Nato.”他接着说:“他们内心深处想的是促成欧洲防务合作。问题在于,他们不愿意投入资金,指望把资金从北约抽调过来是一种危险的幻想。”来 /201605/441134清镇市妇科检查 LONDON From Elizabeth I to Elizabeth II, England was an empire. No more.伦敦——从伊丽莎白一Elizabeth I)到伊丽莎白二Elizabeth II),英格兰还是一个帝囀?现在不是了。Brexit has turned the twilight years of the reign of Elizabeth II into the final chapter in the history of Great Britain. What its partisans, celebrating with flag-waving in the street, tearfully called “Independence Daywill unravel the role that England has played since the 16th century as a great power, along with the City of London’s reign as a financial capital of the world.英国脱欧已经把伊丽莎白二世末年变成了大不列颠的最后篇章。脱欧持者在街头挥舞着旗帜,热泪盈眶地庆祝“独立日”到来的那一天,让英格兰6世纪以来一直扮演的大国角色,以及伦敦作为世界金融之都的地位,都成为明日黄花。After Elizabeth I ascended to the throne in 1558, her merchant-venturers began an imperial quest. By Elizabeth II’s birth, Britain’s empire spanned nearly a quarter of the globe.伊丽莎白一世于1558年登基后,她手下的商冒险家开始了帝国的创建。到伊丽莎白二世出生时,大英帝国已将近四分之一个地球纳入了自己的版图。Brexit’s fantasy of revived greatness “taking back controlwill achieve the opposite. England’s wish to withdraw from its union with Europe appears now to have made inevitable Scotland’s eventual withdrawal from its union with England. It has also placed in doubt the status of Northern Ireland, where a majority also voted against leaving the European Union.英国脱欧承载着关于伟大复兴的幻想——“收回控制权”——但现实将与这一幻想背道而驰。目前,英格兰对脱离欧盟的渴求似乎已经导致苏格兰终将不可避免地脱离英囀?它让北爱尔兰的身份也变得不确定起来,那里的大多数人也都投票反对脱欧。This misguided craving will turn Britain’s seat, created by Winston Churchill, on the ed Nations Security Council into a rotten borough (as parliamentary constituencies that persisted despite low populations were known historically). The great powers will never allow this little England to exercise a veto right against their wishes.这种被误导的渴求,将温斯顿·丘吉尔(Winston Churchill)在联合国安理会为英国争取的一席之地变成了一个“腐败选区”(即历史上诸多人口稀少但依然得以存在的议会选区)。那些大国绝不会允许这个小小的英格兰一票否决其意愿。Why did England choose this? The key is not sovereignty but a rejection of ethnic change.英国为何做出这种选择?关键因素并不是主权问题,而是对民族变化的抗拒。“It’s not England anymore,people told me as I traveled around the country covering the referendum. In Tonbridge and Grantham, in Romford and Witney, this is what I heard, hundreds of times: “We don’t recognize our country anymore.”“它已经不是英格兰了,”我穿梭于全国各地报道公投期间,人们告诉我。在汤布里奇和格兰瑟姆,在罗姆福特和威特尼,我成百上千次地听人说起:“我们已经不认识我们的国家了”。Middle England did not treat this as a referendum on European Union membership but as a plebiscite on one thing: “immigration.For Middle Englanders, “immigrantsis also a synonym for nonwhite British. Identity, not austerity, motivated their vote to Leave.在英格兰中部地区,人们认为这场公投所针对的议题并不是欧盟成员国资格,而是移民问题。他们还认为,“移民”是非白种英国人的同义词。促使他们投票赞同脱欧的是身份,而非紧缩政策。At her coronation in 1953, Elizabeth II also became the reigning monarch of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan and Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). The nonwhite population of Britain then was probably less than 20,000. Over 70 percent of British workers were manual laborers.953年加冕之际,伊丽莎白二世也成了加拿大、澳大利亚、新西兰、南非、巴基斯坦和锡兰(今斯里兰卡)的君主。当时,英国的非白人人口数量可能还不万0%以上的英国劳工是手工劳动者。London was far from the cosmopolitan capital it has become. In 1931, less than 3 percent of Londoners were foreign-born; that was the historical norm for the city. For all London’s trade and commerce, historians believe it was essentially mono-ethnic as late as the 17th century.英国首都伦敦还远远没有发展成现在这样的大都会。在1993年,只有不足3%的伦敦人出生于国外;那是这座城市的历史常态。历史学家认为,虽然有大量的商贸活动,伦敦一直到17世纪基本上还是一个单一民族城市。Metropolitan elites often use the Irish and Jewish settlement in Britain from the mid-19th century to bolster a national story of Britain as an immigrant nation, but the history does not fit this narrative. We prefer to forget it, but Britain’s Irish communities suffered appalling levels of ethnic hate and communal segregation into the 1980s.9世纪中叶开始,都市精英们便常常以爱尔兰人和犹太人在英国定居为依据,宣扬不列颠是一个移民国家的国家叙事,但这种说法与历史并不相符。我们选择忘记的是,英国的爱尔兰人群体直到1980年代还在承受令人震惊的民族仇恨和社区隔离。Jews were expelled from Britain in the 13th century and barred from settling here until the 17th century. The extreme hostility to Jewish immigrants saw Britain largely close its borders to them in 1905, and later refuse asylum to hundreds of thousands of European Jews fleeing Nazism. In Wales, there was even a pogrom against Jews in 1911.犹太人在13世纪被赶出了英国,直7世纪才被允许定居于此。由于极端敌视犹太移民,英国905年基本关闭了犹太人的入境通道,后来又拒绝庇护欧洲数十万逃避纳粹迫害的犹太人。Before World War II, only three waves left a demographic trace on this “island nation Huguenots from France and the Netherlands in the 16th century, Irish immigration in the mid-19th century and Jewish immigration in the later decades. The numbers were always small. Huguenots numbered about 1 percent of London’s population; Irish immigration, even at its 19th-century peak, amounted to less than 3 percent of the population of England and Wales. Fewer than 250,000 Jews migrated to Britain between 1880 and 1914.二战爆发前,这个“岛国”只经历过三场给其人口结构带来影响的移民潮:法国和荷兰的胡格诺派(Huguenots)信徒6世纪涌入,爱尔兰移民9世纪中叶涌入,犹太移民在随后的几十年里涌入。移民人数一直都很少。胡格诺派信徒占伦敦总人口的比重约为1%。爱尔兰移民的数量在19世纪达到了顶峰,但即便是那时,他们占英格兰和威尔士总人口的比重也少%。在1880914年间,只有不5万犹太人移居英国。So the most striking historical trend of Elizabeth II’s reign has been a sudden ethnic transformation of Britain. In 1931, when the queen was a child of 5, only 1.75 percent of Britain’s population was foreign-born. Her rule saw the Empire come to Britain: For the first time, the island experienced large-scale nonwhite immigration from Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. By 2011, when she was 85, about 20 percent of the population of England and Wales were immigrants or the children of immigrants.因此,伊丽莎白二世治下最令人震惊的历史潮流,莫过于在英国突然出现了一场民族转型。在1931年,也就是女王只岁的时候,英国人口中只.75%出生在国外。在她治下,帝国蜕变成了不列颠:这个岛国首次经历了来自亚洲、非洲和加勒比地区的非白人移民的大规模涌入。到2011年,也就是她85岁的时候,英格兰和威尔士约20%的人口是移民或移民子女。When the queen celebrated her 90th birthday this year, more than 12 percent of her subjects were nonwhite. This is the new England, but London is aly another country. In 1971, 86 percent of Londoners were still white British. Forty years later, fewer than half were. Urban areas with a population less than 60 percent white British now include such major cities as Slough, Leicester, Luton and Birmingham. Ethnic change is gathering pace: By 2050, roughly 30 percent of Britons could be nonwhite.到女王今年庆0岁生日的时候,她的臣民2%以上为非白人。这是一个新英格兰,但伦敦已经是另一个国家。在1971年,伦敦人中仍有86%是白种英国人0年后只剩下不0%。现在,包括斯劳、莱斯特、卢顿和伯明翰等大城市在内,许多城市地区的人口中白种英国人的占比都不0%。民族变化正在加速:050年,大约30%的英国人可能会是非白人。Remain campaigners argue that it was areas with low immigration that voted most heavily for Brexit. This misses the large flow of white British families from diverse cities to such areas and misunderstands them. People were voting against their town turning into London; they were voting against becoming an immigrant nation.留欧派指出,移民涌入量不大的地区,投票持脱欧的选民比例最大。这就忽略了从各个城市大量涌入这类地区的白种英国人家庭,并且误解了他们。人们投票反对让自己所在的城镇变成伦敦,他们投票反对让英国变成移民国家。In Tonbridge, I heard “Enoch was righta reference to Enoch Powell, the politician who scandalized party colleagues in 1968 but won broad public support for a speech that predicted racial strife resulting from mass immigration. In Grantham, Margaret Thatcher’s hometown, I was told Britain would “collapse with these millions of Turks.In Romford, a suburb east of London, I was warned that “there’ll be a civil war between the English and the immigrants.”在汤布里奇,我听见人们说“伊诺克是对的”。他们指的是政治人物伊诺克·鲍威尔(Enoch Powell),他968年的一场演讲中预言移民大量涌入会引发种族冲突,其言论让党内同仁感到震惊,却赢得了大批民众的持。在玛格丽特·撒切Margaret Thatcher)的家乡格兰瑟姆,我被告知英国会“因数以百万计的土耳其佬的涌入而崩溃”。在伦敦以东的郊区罗姆福特,有人警告我,“英国人和移民之间会有一场内战。”Since Brexit, a wave of attacks, arson and abuse has hit Britain. Historically, ethnic change is one of the most difficult things a society can go through. But why is this anger flaring with such intensity now?自从投票决定脱欧以来,英国迎来了一波袭击、纵火和凌辱的浪潮。从历史角度看,民族变化是一个社会所能遭遇的最困难的事情之一。但愤怒的火焰为何在今时今日变得如此炽烈?Part of the reason is that the messaging of the Leave campaign suggested that Britain was under a camouflaged German diktat. A majority of those I met thought a tide of immigration from the European Union was imminent thanks, they believed, to impending Turkish membership. This made the Brexit referendum eerily similar in emotional content to last year’s bailout referendum in Greece, which encompassed a similar psychodrama of World War II refought.部分原因在于,脱欧运动传达出这样一种信息:英国其实是在听德国发号施令。我遇到的大多数人都认为,由于土耳其即将成为欧盟成员国,源自欧盟的移民潮一触即发。这让脱欧公投所承载的情绪,与希腊去年针对救助方案的公投有着诡异的相似,后者同样包含着一种二战重新打响的心理暗示。On my travels, I thought often of the writer J. G. Ballard. The English are a funny old lot, he said: They “talked as if they’d won the war but acted as if they’ve lost it.”在旅途中,我时常想起作家J·G·巴拉J. G. Ballard)。他说,英格兰人很可笑,“讲起话来让人觉得他们会打赢这场战争,但做起事来让人觉得他们已经输了。”The suburbs dream of violence, he wrote. Beneath the surface, he saw an angry, lost society in which the centuries-old pillars of Britishness empire, church, navy, class were crumbling. This unraveling has continued inside Britain long after it ceased to exist in the world.郊区在梦想着暴力,他写道。但在这种表象之下,他看到了一个愤怒而迷失的社会,在这个社会中,让英国在过去数百年间得以傲然挺立的柱——帝囀?教会、海军、阶级——正走向崩塌。英国不复存在许久之后,这种崩塌仍然在它内部继续着。And now the dreamers, unwitting, sickened with nostalgia, have torn down that last, thbare vestige of Great Britain. This is the queen of England’s England no more.如今,患有怀旧病的梦想家们在无意间拆毁了大不列颠最后一点破旧的遗迹。它已经不再是英女王的英格兰了。来 /201607/454554贵 阳 哪 个 医 院 做 孕 前 检 查

贵阳/做人流到哪个医院较好 The ed Nations is expected to appoint former Portugal Prime Minister Antonio Guterres as Secretary-General Thursday.联合国预计星期四任命葡萄牙前总理古铁雷斯为下一任秘书长。U.N. General Assembly President Peter Thompson said in a statement he hopes the 193-member body will unanimously approve Guterres’s nomination after the Security Council recommended the former prime minister last week.联合国大会主席彼#8729;汤姆森在声明中说,他希望联合93个成员国能一致通过古铁雷斯的任呀?古铁雷斯是上星期由联合国安理会推荐的人选。Should Guterres be confirmed, he will replace current Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon of South Korea at the end of 2016. Ban has held the post since being appointed in 2006.如果任命通过,古铁雷016年年底将接替006年以来担任联合国秘书长的潘基文。Guterres, 67, was Portugals prime minister from 1992 to 2002. He led the U.N. refugee agency from 2005 to 2015.古铁雷斯今年67岁,1992年到2002年曾任葡萄牙总理005年到2015年还担任过联合国难民事务高级专员。Members of the ed Nations widely praised the nomination of Guterres, with Russia’s U.N. Ambassador Vitaly Churkin calling him “a great choice.Ban also called Guterres a “superb choicefor secretary-general.联合国成员国普遍对古铁雷斯的提名表示赞扬,俄罗斯驻联合国大使丘尔金称古铁雷斯是“很好的选择”。潘基文也说古铁雷斯是联合国秘书长的“绝佳人选”。Guterres was one of 13 candidates who were in the running for the U.N.’s top job.古铁雷斯是争取联合国秘书长一职的13位候选人之一。来 /201610/471549贵 阳 女 性 孕 前 检 查贵阳/怀孕三个月打胎多少钱

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