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Paulina: Did you get your Social Security statement? I just got mine in the mail. If I keep working at this rate the next years, between Social Security and my savings, I should be sitting pretty retirement. Carlos: Yeah, I should be okay when I retire, too. I’ve been contributing to a 01(k) through my work years, and my company gives a matching contribution. Paulina: Really? I never bothered with a 01(k). Carlos: A 01(k) really adds up over time. I also have an IRA, which is tax-deferred, and I have my money in a portfolio that is split between stocks and bonds. All of these investments are the long haul, of course. How about you? What’s your retirement plan? Paulina: I have money stashed away in a nice little nest egg. Carlos: Where do you have your money invested? Paulina: It’s safe and sound, don’t you worry. Carlos: You make it sound like you have it stashed under your mattress. Paulina: A mattress is a very safe place your money! 88。

Joann: Oh, are those pictures of your kids? Artem: Yes. These are my three daughters and these are my two sons. Joann: Your sons look so alike. Are they similar in personality, too? Artem: It’s funny you ask that. My wife and I are always saying how different they are from one another, even though they’re the closest in age. Sergey, the younger one, is moody and a little timid, while his older brother, Dennis, is talkative and cheerful all the time. Joann: That’s really interesting. You know, I have an older sister and we’re only a year apart, but we have very different personalities, too. When I was little, I was bad-tempered and I always fought with my brothers and sisters, while my sister was a little angel. She was always patient and generous. I really looked up to her. Artem: It’s hard me to believe that you were ever bad-tempered. You’re so even-keeled now. Me, on the other hand, I was a selfish and stubborn kid. I’m surprised that my parents put up with me. Joann: I’m sure you’re exaggerating. All kids are a little selfish and stubborn, I think. Good thing most of us grow out of it as we get older. Artem: Well, that may be true, but according to my wife and kids, I’m still the most stubborn person in the world. They may be right. 5331。

Spring cleaning is suppose to take place bee summer, not after it. But, as usual, I procrastinated and now I have to finally get rid of all the junk Ive accumulated over the year. But now there are no if, and, or but about it--the cleaning must be done!春季大扫除应该在夏天之前而不是之后进行的但是,跟往常一样,我一拖再拖,现在我终于可以摆脱积攒了近一年的垃圾了但是现在没有什么借口,必须大扫除!I start in my bedroom. I have a king bed, with a sheet on the mattress and a top sheet, with pillow cases on the pillows. Atop all that I have a down comter. Well, they all need to be washed, so into the machine they go. Next I start in on the closet. What a mess! Ive got boxes and bins full of stuff that need sorting . Finally, I have to vacuum the carpet and dust. Whew! Quite a job! Good thing I dont have any drapes, just shades on the windows.我从我的卧室开始我有一个特大号床,有一张床垫和一床褥子,枕头上套着枕套最上面有床羽绒被那么,它们都需要清洗,把它们放到洗衣机里面接下来我开始打扫衣柜真乱啊!有许多盒子和垃圾箱都是需要分类整理的东西终于,我得清理地毯和灰尘了唔,工作量真大!好消息是我没有窗帘,只有卷帘But Im not done yet. It time to move on to the kitchen. I have a combination stove and oven, both of which I need to clean. I start with the fridge, though, which needs the most work. I take out the shelves and rinse them all off. Then I dump anything that has passed its expiration date. Then its back to the stove, which I need to scrub clean of the grease and stains , and the same the oven. Finally, I wash all the dirty dishes and put them in a dish rack next to the sink.但是,还没干完该收拾厨房了我有一个组合炉和烤箱,都需要我清理不过,我从冰箱开始收拾,工作量最大了我拿出储物架,把它们都洗了一遍然后,我扔掉过了保质期的食物接着,开始收拾火炉了,我需要清理干净所有的油迹和污渍,烤箱也是这样打扫终于,我把所有的脏盘子都洗了,把它们放在水槽旁边的碗碟架上Spring cleaning is always a mixed bag me. It a lot of work, but I also find things Ive been missing the past year! Maybe next time Ill manage to do my spring cleaning in the spring.春季大扫除对我来说总是大杂烩工作量很大,但是我也找到了过去一年找不见的东西!或许,下次我能够在春天完成我的春季大扫除 9739。

J.K.Rowling,author of Harry Potter Like that of her own character, Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling life has the luster of a fairy tale.J.K.罗琳的生活展现出童话般的光芒,如同她所创造的魔法小巫师—哈利·波特Divorced, living on public assistance in a tiny Edinburgh flat with her infant daughter, Rowling wrote Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone at a table in a cafe during her daughter naps — and it was Harry Potter that rescued her.经历了一次失败的婚姻后,这个靠救济金过日子,独自抚养女儿的单亲妈妈和出生不久的女儿搬到了爱丁堡的一个狭小的公寓里为了逃离又小又冷的房间,她常待在住家附近的咖啡馆里,待女儿熟睡后开始写作,女儿睡多久,她就写多久就在这个小咖啡馆里,她写出了《哈利·波特与魔法石,塑造了那个将她带离窘境的小巫师Joanne Kathleen Rowling entered the world in Chipping Sodbury General Hospital in Bristol, England, a fitting beginning someone who would later enjoy making up strange names people, places and games played on flying broomsticks. Her younger sister Di was born just under two years later.乔安·凯瑟琳·罗琳出生在英格兰的一家综合医院里,这对一个喜欢给别人起奇怪名字,喜欢坐着扫帚满场飞奔的小姑娘来说,是个合适的开始她的两年后来到这个世上罗Rowling remembers that she always wanted to write and that the first story she actually wrote down, when she was five or six, was a story about a rabbit called Rabbit.琳从小就喜欢写作,五、六岁时就写了一篇跟兔子有关的故事Many of her favorite memories center around ing—hearing The Wind in the Willows aloud by her father when she had the measles , enjoying the fantastic adventure stories of E.小时候美好的记忆似乎总是围绕阅读的—得麻疹时听爸爸大声讲故事,读奇异的冒险故事,沉浸在奇妙的故事世界里Nesbit, reveling in the magical world of C. S. Lewis Narnia, and her favorite story of all, The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge. At Exeter University Rowling took her degree in French and spent one year studying in Paris.大学里,罗琳主修法语,在巴黎留学一年毕业后,她搬去伦敦担任调查员和双语秘书After college she moved to London to work Amnesty International as a researcher and bilingual secretary. The best thing about working in an office, she has said, was typing up stories on the computer when no one was watching.罗琳回忆说,那段时间最有趣的事情就是趁没人的时候在电脑上打小说During this time, on a particularly long train ride from Manchester to London in the summer of 1990, the idea came to her of a boy who is a wizard and doesnt know it. He attends a school wizardry--she could see him very plainly in her mind.1990 年,时值 岁的罗琳坐在由曼撤斯特出发前往伦敦的火车上,哈利·波特闯入了她的生命她可以在脑海里清晰地勾画他的模样,看到他进入魔法学校By the time the train pulled into King Cross Station four hours later, many of the characters and the early stages of the plot were fully med in her head. The story took further shape as she continued working on it in pubs and cafes over her lunch hours.四小时后,当火车驶入王十字车站时,大部分人物和故事的前期框架已经在她的脑海里形成了当她午餐时间坐在咖啡馆里继续构思时,故事的结构变得更加清晰In 199 Rowling left off working in offices and moved to Portugal to teach English as a Second Language. In spite of her students making jokes about her name (this time they called her ;Rolling Stone;), she enjoyed teaching. She worked afternoons and evenings, leaving mornings free writing. After her marriage to a Portuguese TV journalist ended in divorce, Rowling returned to Britain with her infant daughter and a suitcase full of Harry Potter notes and chapters.199 年,罗琳结束了白领生涯,前往葡萄牙做英语教师尽管学生们常拿她的名字开玩笑,叫她滚石(英语中 Rowling 与 rolling 同音),她仍然非常喜欢教书她在下午和晚上去学校工作,上午用来写作不久后,她与一名葡萄牙的电视台记者结婚,但这段婚姻最终以离婚告终离婚后,罗琳带着女儿和满满一箱子哈利·波特的笔记与手稿回到了英国She settled in Edinburgh to be near her sister and set out to finish the book bee looking a teaching job.为了能住得靠近,罗琳在爱丁堡定居下来,准备在找新工作前完成这部小说Wheeling her daughter carriage around the city to escape their tiny, cold apartment, she would duck into coffee shops to write when the baby fell asleep.她常常推着女儿的手推车四处闲逛,只是为了逃离又小又冷的公寓她会躲到咖啡馆里,趁女儿睡着时写作In this way she finished the book and started sending it to publishers.就这样,罗琳在咖啡馆里完成了哈利·波特的创作,开始寻找出版商It was rejected several times bee she found an London agent, chosen because she liked his name--Christopher Little, who sold the manuscript to Bloomsbury Children Books.但她的稿件被多次退回,直到她找到了一个伦敦的经纪人罗琳之所以会找到他,仅仅是因为喜欢他可爱的名字—克里斯多夫·里特(Christopher Little)Rowling was working as a French teacher when she heard that her book about the boy wizard had been accepted publication.当罗琳得知这本关于小巫师的小说被出版商接受时,她正在一所学校教法语Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone was published in June 1997 and achieved almost instant success.《哈利·波特才一出版,就大获成功With the publication of the American edition, retitled Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone, in 1998, Rowling books continued to make publishing history. Harry Potter climbed to the top of all the bestseller lists children and adult books.随着哈利·波特 1998 年在美国的出版,罗琳的书继续创造着出版界的历史哈利·波特登上了儿童与成人书籍的最佳销售榜的首位Indeed, the story of the boy wizard, his Cinderlad childhood, and his adventures at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry caught the imagination of ers of all ages.确实,这个小巫师的故事,他灰姑娘一样的童年,和他在霍格华兹魔法学校的历险引发了各个年龄读者的丰富想象力In Britain a separate edition of the first book appeared with a more ;adult; dust jacket so that grown-ups ing it on trains and subways would not have to hide their copy behind a newspaper.在英国,出版商出版了一种更成人化封面的版本,使得大人们能在火车或者地铁里阅读而不用把书藏在报纸后面Jo Rowling lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, with her daughter Jessica and continues to work on writing the seven-book saga of Harry Potter.现在,J.A.罗琳和她的女儿捷西卡住在苏格兰的爱丁堡,继续完成哈利·波特的冒险故事 01。

When Day Is Done当时光已逝泰戈尔If the day is done,假如时光已逝,If birds sing no more.鸟儿不再歌唱,If the wind has fiagged tired,风儿也吹倦了,Then draw the veil of darkness thick upon me,那就用黑暗的厚幕把我盖上,Even as thou hast wrapt the earth with The coverlet of sleep and tenderly closed,如同黄昏时节你用睡眠的衾被裹住大地,The petals of the drooping lotus at dusk.又轻轻合上睡莲的花瓣From the traverer,路途未完,行囊已空,Whose sack of provisions is empty bee the voyage is ended,衣裳破裂污损,人已精疲力竭Whose garment is torn and dust-laden,你驱散了旅客的羞愧和困窘,Whose strength is exhausted, remove shame and poverty,使他在你仁慈的夜幕下,And renew his life like a flower under如花朵般焕发生机The cover of thy kindly night.在你慈爱的夜幕下苏醒收听更多双语节目,请关注微信公众号;奇喵课堂; 89。

giveness宽恕的艺术To give may be divine, but no one ever said it was easy.宽恕是神圣的,但是没有人说很容易做到宽恕别人When someone has deeply hurt you, it can be extremely difficult to let go of your grudge.当你被深深伤害的时候,想要不怀恨在心是很难做到的But giveness is possible -- and it can be surprisingly beneficial to your physical and mental health.但是宽恕是可能的——而且这会给你的身心健康带来出乎意料的益处;People who give show less depression, anger and stress and more hopefulness,; says Frederic, Ph.D., author of give Good. ;《宽恕的好处一书的作者弗雷德里克士说 “懂得宽恕的人不会感到那么沮丧、愤怒和紧张,他们总是充满希望So it can help save on the wear and tear on our organs, reduce the wearing out of the immune system and allow people to feel more vital.;所以宽恕有助于减少人体各种器官的损耗,降低免疫系统的疲劳程度并使人精力更加充沛”So how do you start the healing? Try following these steps那么,如何恢复自己的情绪呢?试试下面的一些步骤吧:Calm yourself. To defuse your anger, try a simple stress-management technique. ;让自己冷静下来尝试一种简单的减压技巧来缓解你愤怒的情绪Take a couple of breaths and think of something that gives you pleasure a beautiful scene in nature, someone you love,; Frederic says.弗雷德里克建议:“做几次深呼吸,然后想想那些令你快乐的事情,比如自然界的美丽景色,或者你爱的人”Dont wait an apology. ;Many times the person who hurt you has no intention of apologizing,; Frederic says.不要等别人来道歉弗雷德里克说:“许多时候,伤害你的人没有想过要道歉”;They may have wanted to hurt you or they just dont see things the same way. So if you wait people to apologize, you could be waiting an awfully long time.;“他们可能是故意的,也可能只是和你看待事物的方式不一样所以如果你等着别人来道歉,你可能会等相当长的时间”Keep in mind that giveness does not necessarily mean reconciliation with the person who upset you or condoning of his or her action.你要牢记,宽恕并不一定意味着顺从那些让你心烦意乱的人,也不意味着饶恕他或她的行为Take the control away from your offender. Mentally replaying your hurt gives power to the person who caused you pain. ;不要让冒犯你的人控制你的情绪内心里总是想着自己的伤痛,只会给伤害你的人打气Instead of focusing on your wounded feelings, learn to look the love, beauty and kindness around you,; Frederic says.弗雷德里克说:“与其老是关注自己受到的伤害,还不如学着去寻找你身边的真善美”Try to see things from the other person perspective. If you empathize with that person, you may realize that he or she was acting out of ignorance, fear -- even love.试着从别人的角度来看问题如果你站在别人的立场上,你也许会意识到他或她是因为无知、害怕、甚至是爱才那样做的To gain perspective, you may want to write a letter to yourself from your offender point of view.为了能够站在别人的角度来看问题,你可以从冒犯你的人的立场给你自己写一封信Recognize the benefits of giveness. Research has shown that people who give report more energy, better appetite and better sleep patterns.认识到宽恕的益处研究表明懂得宽恕的人精力更旺盛、食欲更好、睡觉更香Dont get to give yourself. ; some people, giving themselves is the biggest challenge,; Frederic says. ;But it can rob you of your self-confidence if you dont do it.;不要忘了宽恕自己弗雷德里克说:“对于有些人来说,宽恕自己才是最大的挑战但是如果你不宽恕自己,你会失去自信” 3750。

晨读英语美文听力原文第3篇The Birth of Coca-ColaThe image of Coke is youthful and modern. But Coke is not new. It is more than a century old.It was invented in 1886 by a pharmacist called John Styth Pemberton. Pemberton had a drugstore in Atlanta, where he sold liver pills,hair restorer,cough mixtures and other medicines. He made these preparations to his own recipes, but people could buy similar products at any drugstore. They loved his Indian Queen hairdye, but there was nothing special about it. Pemberton wanted to make a product that people could buy only from him. He wanted them to have a reason to choose his shop rather than any other. Tonic is a drink that is supposed to do you good. In the old days,many chemists made and sold their own tonic wine.In 1885 Pemberton came up with French Wine Cola. It must have tasted rather like Coke. At first Pemberton put a little alcohol in it, but later he left it out. He is said to have mixed his brew in the backyard, in a three-legged brass pot like a witch cauldron. Pemberton sold the new drink as a quick cure headaches. But headaches or no headaches, his staff were soon watering down the syrup and drinking it to satisfy their thirst on hot days. Maybe he really had invented a new soft drink product.On Saturday 8, May 1886, Pemberton took a jug of the drink down the street to another drugstore, Jacobs Pharmacy-to do a test. Jacobs pharmacy had a soda fountain. This machine adds carbon dioxide to water to make fizzy soda, and then mixes it with syrup to make a new refreshing drink. Stalls selling ice cream and fizzy drinks made by soda fountains became known simply as soda fountains. The staff and customers of Jacobs pharmacy tried Pemberton headache cure mixed with soda and loved its taste. It was excellent, but it did not have a name. One of Pemberton partners, his book-keeper Frank Robinson, suggested Coca-Cola Syrup and Extract-which became Coca-Cola short. He thought the two Cs would go well in advertising. He wrote down the name in the simple flowing handwriting that he used in his books. His script became the product trademark. Coca-Cola went on sale immediately at five cents a glass. 33897。