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点击此处下载音频In the late eighteenth century, battles raged in almost every corner of Europe, as well as in the Middle East, south Africa ,the West Indies, and Latin America. In reality, however, there was only one major war during this time, the war between Britain and France. All other battles were ancillary to this larger conflict, and were often at least partially related to its antagonist goals and strategies. France sought total domination of Europe . this goal was obstructed by British independence and Britain efts throughout the continent to thwart Napoleon; through treaties. Britain built coalitions (not dissimilar in concept to today NATO) guaranteeing British participation in all major European conflicts. These two antagonists were poorly matched, insofar as they had very unequal strengths; France was predominant on land, Britain at sea. The French knew that, short of defeating the British navy, their only hope of victory was to close all the ports of Europe to British ships. Accordingly, France set out to overcome Britain by extending its military domination from Moscow t Lisbon, from Jutland to Calabria. All of this entailed tremendous risk, because France did not have the military resources to control this much territory and still protect itself and maintain order at home.French strategists calculated that a navy of 0 ships would provide the ce necessary to defeat the British navy. Such a ce would give France a three-to-two advantage over Britain. This advantage was deemed necessary because of Britain superior sea skills and technology because of Britain superior sea skills and technology, and also because Britain would be fighting a defensive war, allowing it to win with fewer ces. Napoleon never lost substantial impediment to his control of Europe. As his ce neared that goal, Napoleon grew increasingly impatient and began planning an immediate attack. 7The most basic and powerful way to connect to another person is to listen. Just listen. Perhaps the most important thing we ever give each other is our attention…. A loving silence often has far more power to heal and to connect than the most well-intentioned words.与人建立联系,最基本、最有力的方式,就是聆听也许我们所能给予彼此的,就是我们的关注...关爱的沉默,往往比最善意的话语更能愈合伤口,连接你我 5

口语小词趣谈:趣说“方便”的地道英文表达 -- :9:58 来源:   汉语“去方便一下”是一句委婉语,即“去洗手间”如今在一些正式场合,很少有人会说“去厕所”在过去,“厕所”本来也是婉辞,原意是“侧面的房子”(“茅房”过去也是婉辞,因为居住的正房多用瓦盖,而厕所则比较简陋,通常用茅草盖)  英语里表示“厕所”的婉辞更多在多年前的英语课堂上,我们认识了washroom和WC(water closet的缩略语,原指“盥洗室”)这两个词如今在美国已很少被使用,现在美国人一般说restroom或bathroom,英国人则多说 lavatory(在美语中,只有火车或飞机上的厕所才被叫做lavatory)此外,英国人常用toilet指厕所或马桶,而美国人则只用其指马桶  一些文化人还给“如厕”起了许多有趣的名称,比如:comt station, cloakroom, retiring room, public convenience, house of amusement, chamber of commerce, old soldiers’ home  在英国,人们有时将“厕所”称为loo,据说由于英国许多门牌号为0号的房屋多为厕所,loo与数字0形似,故而得名  在一些非正式场合,表示“想去方便一下”的说法则更多:I'd likeI wantI am going.  (Gentleman): to go somewhere, to go into retreat, to go to the bank, to go to the john, to go to my private office, to go to Egypt, to go to tap a kidney, to cash a check, to pluck a rose, to shake hands with an old friend, to ease oneself, to shoot a lion, to release one's nature, to water the lawn, to shake dew off the lily, to look at those foul verses in Poets' Corner (“诗人角”是伦敦Westminster Abbey中埋葬诗人的墓地)  (Lady): to fix one's face, to powder one's nose, to freshen up, to get some fresh air, to go and see one's aunt  在聚会时,英美朋友如需要去方便一下,他们有时并不明说,而是说May I be excused?或May I adjourn? 这时,你千万不要问他她要去哪里当然,小朋友们通常会直截了当地说:I wanna pee peepissmake watergo to the pot如果你在外国朋友家做客,想去方便又不知道厕所在哪,不妨婉转地问主人:“What is the geographylayout of the house?”  (陈德彰) 表达 英文 地道 方便

Random1) Thoughts-PartyLast night,pressured by well-intentioned friends, the first time in months,I came out of writer’s seclusion and attended a cocktail party which is another word a social gathering.So there I was,trapped in a crowded room,people milling) all around me ,each with a drink in hand,chitchatting3) while the waiters skillfully negotiated) their way through the bustle with trays of colorful beverages and fancy hors d’oeuvres.It was definitely party time.Yet,instead of losing myself to the convivial5) surroundings of food,drink and conversations,I found myself retreating back into my head all the way to China where the subject of American sociality is of great interest.In China,many of my students are curious about how Americans party and have a good time."What do you do?Sing and dance?To what kind of music?""What’s American party talk?""How do you dress and act at a party?""How about food?What do you eat?" Every year,without fail,students ask their eign teachers to dedicate a full class to this fascinating topic.Of course,one would think that a subject as interesting and entertaining as such would make an excellent lesson plan,a rich source of discussions.But to my surprise,many teachers run into roadblocks when generating this particular lesson plan."Michelle,Michelle.I have to teach a class on American parties.And I only have,hmm,five things to say about it.And that’ll take about five minutes.What am I supposed to do after that?"They cry."Well,tell me what those five things a re,"I ask."Arrive late,talk,eat,drink,and have a blast."They blurt out.It is true that the five steps listed above encompass6) much of the goings-on at American social gatherings.Of course,during parties special occasions such asbirthdays,holidays,weddings,baby showers,anniversaries,graduations,etc.,there are additional ceremonies such ascake cutting,gift opening,dancing,toasting,game playing,etc.But regardless,the fundamentals of a typical American soiree7) are good company,good food and drinks,and good times.Sounds simply,doesn’t it?But if you were to look deeper and think further,you’ll realize that there’s far more to these steps than meets the eyes.FASHIONABLY LATE It is a major faux pas(social embarrassment )to arrive at a party early or even on time.Theree,with the exception of the hosts,you never wan t to be the first per-son present at a social function.Why?Because people fear that others may think that they have no life or nothing better to do than waiting a party t o start.Many Americans try to project an image of business which,whether true or not,has a positive correlation with success.So by arriving late,you are saying"I lead a full life and it' s exciting and productive." Theree,an 8o ’clock party customarily doesn’t really start until maybe 9o ’clock as everyone wants to be thought of as a busy and important person with lots to do.In other words,a party is one of those rare occasions where your punctuality can actually hurt you.Weird8),isn’t it.Anyhow,remember,be fashionably late.SMALL TALK One way of gauging9) the success of a party is by the noise meter.The louder the party is,the more happening it is,and the more fun people are having.Then you stop to wonder,if it’s so noisy,how can people really hear each other and have great,engaging conversations?The truth isThey don’t.They engage in small talk,which is another word casual,trivial conversations.They chew the fat,shoot the breeze an d swap anecdotes about random subjectswork,family,news,weather,hobbies,etc.Because the surrounding noise and activities often sidetrack people,it’s difficult to get personal or discuss any one topic at length or in depth.The point is to have fun,not to get serious. However,keep in mind that since people tend to be in good moods and spirit when attending a social function,parties often provide an excellent environment making new friends and establishing valuable business contacts.In fact,in many professions,important business transactions are initiated at a social event.People meet,have a nice chat,exchange inmation,and make a good impression.Sometime s that’s all it takes to begin a long-lasting friendship or business association.So never underestimate the power of small talk.FOOD FUN With the exception of dinner parties where a full meal is served,most parties offer finger foods --food that you pick up with your fingers.(So don’t worry,it is not impolite to eat with your hands at parties.)Some of the classic party foods are cheese and crackers,crudités(vegetables and dip),fruits,shrimp toasts,Swiss meat-balls,mini-sandwiches,shrimp cocktail,etc.And believe it or not,Asian foods are now in fashion.Mini egg rolls,Calinia sushi rolls and various dim sum dishes always add an exotic) flair to a party.And the Americans love it. Anyhow,party foods aren’t meant to be eaten as a meal.They are simply yummy accents t o the party and eaten to absorb all that alcohol you’re about to consume.So don’t pile too much food on your plate.Remember,you can always get refills.And one more thing,don’t talk with your mouth full.It’s rude.DRINK AND BE MERRY?Here’s a frequently used party acronym,BYOBBring Your Own Bottle.Alcohol plays a big part in most American parties.People drink to relax,unwind and enjoy themselves.Anyhow that's the way it should be. Untunately it’s not always the case and sometimes you sense the unspoken pressure to join the crowd.As a result,you feel out of place without a beverage in your hand.I even notice from observation that frequently the first thing people do upon arriving at a party is to hit the bar,kick off the night with a few drinks.Sometimes,there are even those,mostly young,w ho go to parties the sole purpose of getting drunk,trashed,plastered,totaled.Not a smart thing to do since we all know the effect alcohol can have on us.(People tend to talk loudly when they’re intoxicated which might explain why it’s so loud at parties.) In America,there’s definitely a negative association between drinking and partying.If you lose control of your drinking,you lose control of your partying,vise versa.As a result,drunks not only make a fool of themselves but their drunken behavior could endanger their safety and the safety of others.I suppose as with most things,moderation is the key.PARTY HEARTY At the end of the day,the objective of attending a party is to have an unadulterated good time.A blast...And how do you do that?You get in the spirit,go with the flow(but never do anything you are uncomtable with)and try not to be a party pooper.If you have fun at parties,you are probably fun to have at parties.As a result,people are more likely to invite you to their parties in the future.And that's definitely a good thing. As my mind wandered back to the party,I realized that I was standing alone,my stomach growling,my hands empty of a drink.I was being a total party pooper.So I quickly grabbed a drink(Diet Coke in this case)from the bar and snatched some of that delicious party food the waiter was bringing by.With a smile,I rejoined my friends.That night,we talked,we drank,we ate.We had ourselves a great time.by Michelle Chang 019566

  Learn to Live in the Present Moment To a large degree,the measure of our peace of mind is determined by how much we are able to live in the present moment.Irrespective of what happened yesterday or last year,and what may or may not happen tomorrow,the present moment is where you are --always. Without question,many of us have mastered the neurotic1) art of spending much of our lives worrying about a variety of things --all at once.We allow past problems and future concerns to dominate our present moments,so much so that we end up anxious,frustrated,depressed,and hopeless.On the flip side,we also postpone our gratification,our stated priorities),and our happiness,often convincing ourselves that ‘someday’ will be better than today.Untunately,the same mental dynamics3) that tell us to look toward the future will only repeat themselves so that ‘someday ’never actually arrives.John Lennon once said,‘Life is what's happening while we're busy making other plans.’When we're busy making ‘other plans’,our children are busy growing up,the people we love are moving away and dying,our bodies are getting out of shape,and our dreams are slipping away.In short,we miss out) on life. Many people live as if life were a dress rehearsal5) some later date.It isn’t.In fact,no one has a guarantee that he or she will be here tomorrow.Now is the only time we have,and the only time that we have any control over.When our attention is in the present moment,we push fear from our minds.Fear is the concern over events that might happen in the future--we won' t have enough money,our children will get into trouble,we will get old and die,whatever.To combat fear,the best strategy6) is to learn to bring your attention back to the present.Mark Twain said,‘I have been through some terrible things in my life,some of which actually happened.I don't think I can say it any better.Practice keeping your attention on the here and now.Your efts will pay great dividends7). by Richard Carlson 86

  To Tom Keats, 5th June, 1818. Endmoor, CumbriaHere beginneth my journal, this Thursday, the 5th day of June, Anno Domini1818. This morning we arose at , and set off in a Scotch mist; put up once under a tree, and in fine, have walked wet and dry to this place, called in the vulgar tongue Endmoor, miles; we have not been incommoded by our knapsacks; they serve capitally, and we shall go on very well. June 6—I merely put pro ma, there is no such thing as time and space, which by the way came cibly upon me on seeing the first hour the Lake and Mountains of Winander—I cannot describe them—they surpass my expectation—beautiful water—shores and islands green to the marge—mountains all round up to the clouds. We set out from Endmoor this morning, breakfasted at Kendal with a solider who had been in all the wars the last seventeen years—then we have walked to Bowne’s to dinner—said Bowne’s situated on the Lake where we have just dined, and I am writing at this present. I enquired of the waiter Wordsworth—he said he knew him, and that he had been here a few days ago, canvassing the Lowthers. What think you of that—Wordsworth versus Brougham!! Sad—sad—sad—and yet the family has been his friend always. When can we say? We are now about seven miles from Rydale, and expect to see him tomorrow. You shall hear all about our visit. The two views we have had of it are of the most noble tenderness—they can never fade away—they make one get the divisions of life; age, youth, poverty and riches; and refine one’s sensual vision into a sort of north star which can never cease to be open lidded and stedfast over the wonders of the great power of the nature. 90。

  经典:(50) 一时语塞 -01-7 18:5:51 来源: 一时语塞嗯…… Well... *这是种很方便的表达方式以下三种情况都可以用(1)一时回答不了或说不上来时“嗯……”、“唉……”、“这个嘛……”、“话是不错,可……” ()相当吃惊时“哎呀!”、“什么?”、“啊!”(3)改变话题继续交谈时“那么……”、“可是……”、“后来……”Umm...Hmm... 让我想想 Let me see. *see “考虑”、“盘算”、“想”,口语中常用来表示无法立刻答复,一时想不出回答的话,或想说点什么May I take your order? (您点什么菜?)Well, let me see...(点什么呢?……)Let's see.Let me check. (让我查查)I'll find out you. (我找找)我的意思是…… I mean... *“就是说”、“不,其实我是说……”,用于会话中补充或纠正自己的发言时May I ask who you are? (请问您是哪位?)I'm a friend of John's... I mean, Mr. Sheehan. (我是约翰的朋友,我是说我是希恩先生的朋友)*当说话的人是希恩先生的朋友时 话就在嘴边上It's on the tip of my tongue. 说什么好呢? What should I say... *用于委婉表达难以启齿的事情,一时找不到合适的词,争取考虑时间的情况How should I put this...How should I put it... 我真不知道该说什么好…… I don't know quite how to put this.You said you wanted to talk to me... (听说你有话要对我说……)Well, I don't know quite how to put this... (嗯,我真不知道该说什么好……)I don't know how to say this.I'm not sure how to put this. 这可让你问着了 Beats me. *回答不了别人的提问时,“哎呀!这可糟了”、 “怎么说呢”、 “不知道呀”的语气What's the population of Narita? (成田市有多少人口呀?)Beats me. (这可让你问着了)I can't answer that. (我可答不上来) 叫什么来着? What do you call it? *一时想不出要说的东西的名字的时候口语中常发音为Whatchamacallit?What would you call it? *把“do”换成“would”则用于另外一种场合意思是“你管它叫什么?” 让你问住了 You've got me. *回答不上来问话时Who's the prime minister of Canada? (加拿大的总理是谁?)You've got me. (让你问住了) 一时 英语口语 经典 What

  英语口语听力易混淆词学习() -01-7 18:5:51 来源: 30) head up:领头;领导e.g. A band headed up the parade.Mr. Jones will head up the new business.heads up:注意,小心e.g. Heads up, now! You can do better than that.31) in a way:在某种程度上e.g. In a way, it is an important book.in the way:妨碍,挡路I will visit you next weekend if there is nothing in the way.3) in black:穿黑色衣e.g. Arabian women are always dressed in black clothes.in the black:赢利,赚钱New production methods put the company in the black.33) in charge of:负责e.g. Who is in charge of this work?in the charge of:照护e.g. The patients are in the charge of the nurse.) in hand:控制e.g. There was a little rioting, but the police soon had the situation in hand.hand in:递交,交给e.g. He handed in his resignation in protest against it.35) in one’s honor:向……表示敬意或感谢e.g. The day was kept as a holiday in honor of victory.on one’s honor:用人格担保e.g. We were on our honor not to cheat on the exam.36) in possession of:占有e.g. He is in possession of this house.in the possession of:被占有e.g. The keys are in the possession of the door keeper.37) in spirit:在内心,在精神上e.g. In spirit, at least, these laws were very fair.in spirits:情绪或心情(好、坏等)e.g. He is in poor spirits because of his failing in the exam.38) keep up:继续,保持e.g. They entered into a correspondence which was kept up almost ten years.keep up with:与……齐步前进,跟上e.g. With their help, he has kept up with the class.39) look about:环视e.g. He looked about him with great interest.look about :四处寻找e.g. She was looking about the key she had just lost. 学习 混淆 听力 英语口语注意你所说的话对你身边的人说鼓励的话语言的力量...有时难以想象一句鼓励的话会有如此深远的影响The Power of Words A group of frogs were traveling through the woods, and two of them fell into a deep pit. When the other frogs saw how deep the pit was, they told the two frogs that they were as good as dead. The two frogs ignored the comments and tried to jump up out of the pit with all their might. The other frogs kept telling them to stop, that they were as good as dead. Finally, one of the frogs took heed of what the other frogs were saying and gave up. He fell down and died.The other frog continued to jump as hard as he could. Once again, the crowd of frogs yelled at him to stop the pain and just die. He jumped even harder and finally made it out. When he got out, the other frogs said, "Did you not hear us?" The frog explained to them that he was a little deaf.He thought they were encouraging him the entire time.This story teaches us two lessons 1. There is power of life and death in the tongue. An encouraging word to someone who is down can lift them up and help them make it through the day.. A destructive word to someone who is down can be what it takes to kill them.Be careful of what you say. Speak life to those who cross your path. The power of words is sometimes hard to understand that an encouraging word can go such a long way.Anyone can speak words that tend to rob another of the spirit to continue in difficult times. Special is the individual who will take the time to encourage another. 185Great ExpectationsAs the night was fast falling,and as the moon,being past the full,would not rise early,we held a little councila short one, clearly our course was to lie by at the first lonely tavern we could find.So,they plied their oars once more,and I looked out anything like a house.Thus we held on,speaking little, four or five dull miles.It was very cold,and,a collier coming by us,with her gallery-fire smoking and flaring,looked like a comtable home.The night was as dark by this time as it would be until morning;and what light we had,seemed to come more from the river than the sky,as the oars in their dipping stuck at a few reflected stars. 93360

  口语小词学到位:避免不必要的麻烦(9) -01-7 :: 来源: J81: Cart在美国一般人都是一个星期才去超市买菜,一买就是一个星期的份,所以大多数的人都是开车去,由于我住的地方离超市很近,加上又是一个人住,所以都是走路去买菜.这里超市的名字取得真好玩,看英文不觉得,但你硬给他翻成中文就好笑了.像Star Market,Stop and shop,分别翻为[星星市场],[停下来买],这让我想到美国有一所大学叫米饭大学(Rice University),还很有名咧!!.事情发生在超市,当我在结帐时,装袋子的对我说"Can I put these in your cart?",我一听"car",我又没有car (车子),所以我就立刻对她说"NO!",她对我这突然的回答吓到了于是算帐的对我说"Could you move your cart",这时我才搞清楚,她说的是cart(手推车)而不是car,害我顿时觉得不好意思.J8: Rubber我在美国有时后会看一些杂志,记得曾在读者文摘中看到一个笑话,特别提出来,以免来美国念书时发生相同的错误,那就糗大了.一个从澳洲来的留学生来美国读书.一次上课,要向隔壁桌的男生借橡皮擦,所以对他说" Can I borrow your rubber",那男生一听,瞪大了眼睛说了"What",于是那女生指着橡皮擦,并说"rubber",这时那位男生才恍然大悟,原来那女生要的是橡皮擦.你知道那女生那里说错吗?在美国rubber也表示保险套,所以这就是为何那男生那么惊讶的原因.若要借橡皮擦你可以说eraser,立可白就说white-out.J83: borrow and use有一次到友人家中做客,一段时间后内急,想说在台湾都是很客气地跟主人说:能向你借厕所吗?于是便问: Can I borrow your toilet?结果他笑着说: You are welcome to use the toilet,but you can't take it away!(欢迎你使用厕所,但不要带走)真是礼多人怪阿J8: Close我常闹笑话, 不过因为太糗,所以都尽量能忘就忘,不过前几天刚发生一件还没忘.几天前我在实验室用完离心机之后,老外突然跟我说 "Close it me, OK?" "好吧", 我就把它关机了.结果没多久他跑来跟我说,只是要我先把盖子关上, 我为什么把它 shut off? 害他还要暖机.害我当时真尴尬.J85: Tea and dinner刚到澳洲,新认识的朋友好心邀请我到他们家,并说lease come and have tea with us tonight.我一听高兴地回答:Thank you very much. I will be there.心想人家邀请喝 "晚茶",一定要吃饱在去才有礼貌,于是提早吃完晚餐准时赴约.谁知道一入门,就见他们开始煮意大利面,并问我要吃多少.我非常客气地回答:NO, Thank you! I have had my dinner at home.语毕,却换来他们奇怪的脸色,一直等到他们用完餐,问我是不是不喜欢这些食物,我极力否认,回答说自己只是来喝茶聊天的.这时他们才恍然大悟笑着说,这里提的tea是指"晚餐"的意思.所以以后若有人邀请你have tea at dinner time,千万别吃饱才去!!J86: Address有一天我问我同学"Clinton address to Americans"是什么意思?他回答"科林顿的地址在美国",其实应该是"科林顿向美国人民[演讲]".J87: Tell有一次我在电话上与朋友练习英文会话,她对我说:"I can speak Taiwanese".我说:"I can tell",之后她又对我说"I am sure you can tell",害我都接不下去了.tell在此的意思是说分辨,或是直接翻译成"看得出来".J88: You'll back to gym later我在学校有参加排球队, 有天教练叫我下场,并往场上一指说"You'll back to gym later"[你一下会回到队里].我一听" You back gym",又看到教练对后球场的方向指去,于是伤心地往后场跑去, 一去不回. 教练觉得很奇怪,以为我只是要去饮水机喝水,等到要我再上场的时候发现人却不见了, 于是叫了另一个球员去找我,才发现我待在后场的比赛场上.第二天那个教练把这件事当成笑话讲了出来~~~J89: aging people一次我跟一个小女孩说: Do you know how old I am?结果小女孩跟我说, I don't like aging people.我惊讶地问她," So, You don't like me?"后来我才发现我误会她了.I don't like aging people 是说[我不喜欢猜别人的年纪],而不是[我不喜欢上了年纪的人].J90: Cannon这是我学的笑话.一次她出去国玩,见到一个大炮旁有个标示写着"Don't touch cannon"一向自以为英文好的她,就开口说"怪了!这个大炮不准人照耶!"原来她把cannon[大炮]误认为canon[佳能---相机牌子]. 麻烦 必要 避免 到位你真正的朋友会让你振作起来,原本黯淡、空虚的世界顿时变得明亮和充实你真正的朋友会与你一同度过困难、伤心和烦恼的时刻A friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out.Sometimes in life, you find a special friend;Someone who changes your life just by being part of it. Someone who makes you laugh until you can't stop; Someone who makes you believe that there really is good in the world. Someone who convinces you that there really is an unlocked door just waiting you to open it.This is ever Friendship.When you're down, and the world seems dark and empty, your ever friend lifts you up in spirits and makes that dark and empty world suddenly seem bright and full.Your ever friend gets you through the hard times, the sad times, and the confused times.If you turn and walk away, your ever friend follows.If you lose your way, your ever friend guides you and cheers you on.Your ever friend holds your hand and tells you that everything is going to be okay.And if you find such a friend, you feel happy and complete, because you need not worry. You have a ever friend life, and ever has no end.

  Shebang: 一整套;整件事 -01-6 3:8:57 来源: 浏览网页时看到这么一则广告:“The whole shebang. Music, food, location, decoration... planning your wedding can be instantly overwhelming”,因为旁边附有各种有关婚庆的图片,如婚宴、婚纱摄影甚至是蜜月旅行,所以很容易猜得出shebang在这里相当于“packages;the whole thing”,即我们汉语中常说的“一揽子”或“一条龙”务细查shebang的发展历史,发现它的词义演变之快大有“迅雷不及掩耳”之势186年,美国诗人沃尔特·惠特曼在他的日志中首次用到shebang一词,“The soldiers guarding the road came out from their tents or shebangs of bushes”,从整句话词义间的相互关系来看,shebang在这里相当于tents或huts,指“临时搭建的屋棚”1869年,马克·吐温开始用shebang代指“整个事件;事态的整个发展过程”;三年后,他又发明了shebang用来指“马车”;到了1901年,人们又用shebang指代“小酒馆;妓院;”举两个例子:I'm sick of the whole shebang.(我对整个这件事腻歪透了)You're welcome to ride here as long as you please, but this shebang's chartered.(欢迎您尽情使用这辆马车,不过这一整套用具是要包租的)(中国日报网站编译) 整套 shebang whole 整个

  实用口语:去国外旅游,过海关会用上的口语 -- :9: 来源: 如果你去国外旅行的话,下了飞机后必定要先通过海关,那么在海关究竟会被问到些什么问题呢?我们应该如何应答呢?这里我们通过一个简短的对话一起来学习一下Officer: May I see your passport please?海关人员:我可以看一下您的护照吗?Henry: Sure, Here you are. And this is the declaration m.亨利:当然,给您这是入境申请表Officer: What's the purpose of your visit? 海关人员:请问您此行的目的是什么?Henry: I'm here on business.亨利:我来这儿履行公务Officer: This visa is good two weeks. How long will you be staying?海关人员:您的签期限是两个星期,你打算待多长时间?Henry: ten days.亨利:天以后就回去了Officer: And you will do some traveling while you are here?海关人员:这期间您会去旅行吗?Henry: Yes, I want to spend a couple days traveling. I have friends there I will visit.亨利:是的,我要去拜访朋友Officer: What do you have in the bag, sir?海关人员:先生,请问您的包里有些什么?Henry: Just camera, clothes, and some books.亨利:只是照相机、衣和一些书籍Officer: Would you mind opening the bag me?海关人员:请您把包打开让我看看行吗?Henry: Alright.亨利:好的Officer: OK. Enjoy your trip, sir.海关人员:可以了祝您旅途愉快,先生Henry: Thank you.亨利:谢谢 口语 海关 国外 实用。

  别做“糊涂虫” -01-7 00:: 来源: 犯糊涂似乎永远都不是什么好事,除了在某些特定的时候,所以,大家都不要作“糊涂虫”哦!1. 糊涂虫 a nitwitNitwit 是“傻瓜,笨蛋”,也就是我们说的“糊涂虫”了:You’re a real nitwit. Why should you badmouth his girlfriend in his face?你真是个糊涂虫,怎么能当他的面讲他女朋友的坏话那?这里的badmouth 就是“恶意攻击,诽谤,讲某人的坏话”  . 头脑有点不正常 have a few buttons missing犯糊涂的时候,头脑当然不正常了,have a few buttons missing 就是这个意思:Anyone who says that must have a few buttons missing.能说那种话的人头脑肯定有点不正常(改编自大大网 英语点津 Annabel 编辑) 糊涂 have 头脑 正常

  he was clearly a beginner at dairy work.从他挤一头牛花费的时间来看,对牛奶场的活儿,他显然是一个新手第二、语段精讲1. He .短语注释:walking brothers:徒步旅行的兄弟 stop one’s walk:驻足,停住脚步文法:who had stopped their walk to admire the May-Day dance in Marlott a few years bee是限定性定语从句,修饰表示“人”且在从句中做“主语”的先行词“brother”. He had danced with some of the other girls but not with her.文法:这个句子是有表示转折的并列连词but连接的个并列分词在第二个分句中省略了同样成分且同样意思的词语:had danced(谓语成分)3. 语言要点:go on one’s way:继续前行,继续上路e.g. Annie goes on his way, driving car and turning on the radio. 安妮驾车继续上路,并且她打开收音机He thanked him profusely and then go on his way. 一再地向他道谢,然后继续上路3. 语言要点:not at all:丝毫不......,一点儿也不......I m not at all satisfied with the present situation. 我对现状一点也不满足He was not at all nervous, he knew what to expect. 他心里有底, 一点不慌. 描写手法:这句话中采用了肖像描写的手法“his face had grown more thoughtful(他的脸变得更为深沉)”揭露出当时社会底层人们艰辛的生活5. he was clearly a beginner at dairy work.语言要点:spend some time doing:花费时间做.......e.g. He spend all the morning playing games online. 他一个早上在网上玩游戏语言要点:a beginner in something:在......是个新手,对......还不熟练e.g. You can see John is a beginner at computer. 你可以看得出约翰在电脑操作上还是个新手文法:he had spent milking one cow是限定性定语从句,修饰表示时间的且在从句中做时间状语的先行词time这个引导从句的关系副词是可以省略的 53


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