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城阳棘洪滩马戈庄河套阴岛治疗妇科疾病哪家医院最好的城阳棘洪滩马戈庄河套阴岛治疗早孕哪家医院最好的China Pandas' Bamboo Dwindling 地震造成熊猫口粮短缺 Bamboo, the staple diet of pandas, is reportedly in high demand following last month’s powerful earthquake in China’s Sichuan Province. Officials say there is only three to five months' supply of bamboo for the pandas to eat. "There are many landslides which are covering the bamboo area, so basically there’s no bamboo there. The amount of bamboo which can be purchased or cut has decreased sharply." Chinese television reported on Saturday that staff at the Chengdu Panda Breeding Research Center were trying to find fresh supplies of bamboo. Despite the food crisis, visitor numbers to the center have returned to pre-earthquake figures. Chinese news media is also reporting that in Shifang [1], soldiers rescued a lion and two tigers abandoned after the quake. According to reports, the road to Happy Valley Zoo in Shenfang was blocked by rubble and subsequent landslides, but the military managed to reach the zoo and rescued the three big cats which were all reportedly suffering from malnutrition. The lion and two tigers were more than 65 pounds underweight. Chinese television reported an endangered northeast tiger, found only in the northeastern part of China, needed urgent attention. Over 30 soldiers helped (to) [2]carry the animals in crates for one mile from the zoo for a temporary landing spot for evacuation. Local transport then took them to another zoo for treatment.参考中文翻译:据报道,上个月四川强震过后,大熊猫的主要口粮——竹子需求量大增。相关官员说,现在的竹子仅够大熊猫三到五个月的用量。“竹子供应地区面临大量砂体滑坡,那些地方基本已经没有竹子供应链。能够购买或者砍伐的竹子锐减。”中国电视台周六报道,成都大熊猫养殖研究中心的工作人员正在试图寻找新鲜竹源。尽管面临这口粮危机,该中心的游客量已经恢复到了震前水平。另据中国新闻媒体报道,在什邡,解放军官兵解救了地震过后遗弃的一头狮子和两只老虎。报道说,通往什邡欢乐谷动物园的道路被碎石和随后的山体滑坡阻断,但是军队成功抵达动物园并且解救了这三只营养不良的大型猫科动物。这头狮子和两只老虎都严重重量不足,比正常体重低65磅。中国电视台报道,仅存于中国东北地区的东北虎需要紧急关注。30多名士兵抬这装这三只动物的笼子走了一里多路,把他们从动物园抬到了临时撤离点。随后地方运输把它们送到另一个动物园进行治疗。200811/56850青岛即墨/无痛人流哪家医院最好的 几名日本研究生发明出了一款机器人宝宝,它拥有与真人宝宝类似的面容,能哭能笑,并且还拥有一定的感知能力。201003/99813Clinton Joins Obama Campaign Stop in Florida奥巴马麦凯恩星期三同时争取佛州  Former President Bill Clinton made his first campaign appearance alongside Democratic candidate Barack Obama, during a campaign stop in Florida. Both Obama and the Republican contender, John McCain, are making late drives to win Florida, which will be a key state to win on Election Day next week. 在佛罗里达州的一场竞选集会中,美国前总统克林顿第一次在竞选场合中与民主党总统候选人奥巴马同台。奥巴马以及共和党的候选人麦凯恩,都正在为赢得佛罗里达州做最后的努力。佛州将是赢得下星期美国总统大选的关键州。After weeks of campaigning on behalf of Senator Obama, former President Clinton finally shared the stage with the Democratic candidate, at an event in central Florida. 好几星期以来一直在为奥巴马参议员助选的克林顿前总统,终于在佛罗里达州中部与这位民主党总统候选人同台。"It is so important for you to do what you can to make sure Florida is in the Obama column next Tuesday night," said Mr. Clinton. 克林顿说:“要尽你所能,去确保下星期二晚上奥巴马赢得佛罗里达州。这是非常重要的。”Clinton praised Obama's proposals for energy and health care changes and said he is better qualified to tackle the nation's economic problems than McCain. The former president also drew comparisons between the Illinois senator and himself, saying Obama shares many of the same priorities he held while in the White House. 克林顿赞扬奥巴马倡议的能源以及健保改革,并且说他比麦凯恩更有资格来处理经济问题。这位美国前总统并且将奥巴马跟他自己相比,说这位伊利诺伊州的参议员优先考虑的事务与他自己在白宫主政的时候是相同的。 Obama says the nation needs to break with the current agenda in the White House. 奥巴马则表示,国家现在需要的就是同现在的白宫分道扬镳。"We can't have four more years just like the last eight that we have had," Obama said. "It is time for the kind of peace and prosperity that we saw in the 1990's." 奥巴马说:“未来四年,不能重蹈过去八年的覆辙。现在是让1990年代的和平与繁荣再现的时候了。”With less than a week until Election Day, the Obama and McCain campaigns are making late pitches to voters in key states like Florida and elsewhere.  距离大选只剩不到一星期了,奥巴马与麦凯恩的竞选团队都在例如佛罗里达州这样的关键州里加紧游说选民。Obama took advantage of his strong fundraising efforts to pay for a half-hour slot on several major television networks, late Wednesday. The advertisement was aired during prime time around the country and cost more than three-million dollars. 奥巴马利用了他募款的优势,于星期三晚间在几家主要电视频道上播出半个小时的影片。这个广告在全国各地的黄金时段播出,花费超过3百万美元。"In six days we can choose an economy that rewards work and creates jobs and fuels prosperity, starting with the middle class," he said. 奥巴马说:“再过六天,我们就可以选择一个奖励劳动,创造工作机会、刺激经济繁荣的政府,而这将从中产阶级开始。”The program highlighted Obama's focus on economic and social spending changes that Democrats say aim to benefit many average Americans. 那段影片突显了奥巴马专注于经济以及社会出的改革,民主党说这是为了要造福一般美国民众。"I believe we need to usher in a new era of responsibility," Obama added. "Families are tightening their belts and so should Washington." 奥巴马说:“我相信我们需要迎接一个负责任的新纪元。许多家庭都在勒紧裤带,华盛顿也应该如此。”Obama says he has planned spending cuts that would generate a budget surplus, even with new energy, economic and other initiatives he has proposed. The Democratic senator is disputing Republican claims that he will increase government spending and raise taxes to pay for it. 奥巴马说,尽管他提出了新的能源、经济与其他提议,但他计划减少开,创造预算盈余。这位民主党参议员反驳了共和党有关他将增加政府开以及增加税收的政策。Also Wednesday, McCain attacked Obama for his lack of foreign policy experience. 同样在星期三,麦凯恩攻击奥巴马缺乏外交政策经验。"Terrorists are still plotting new strikes across the world," said McCain. "Millions of innocent lives are still at stake, including American lives." 他说:“恐怖分子仍旧在全球计划新的袭击。百万名无辜生命,包括美国人的生命,都冒著风险。”McCain held two rallies in Florida, which is likely to be a key state on Election Day. President Bush carried the state in both of his election victories. But the latest opinion polls give Obama a narrow lead over McCain. 麦凯恩在佛州举行了两场集会,佛州有可能在投票日成为一个关键的州。布什总统两次胜选时都拿下过这两州。但是,最新的民调显示,奥巴马略微领先麦凯恩。The Arizona senator is hoping that his defense and foreign policy experience will win over voters. 来自亚利桑那州参议员麦凯恩希望他的国防与外交政策经验能帮助他赢得选民。"Barack Obama has displayed some impressive qualities," he said. "But the question is whether this is a man who has what it takes to protect the ed States from Osama bin Laden, al-Qaida and other grave threats in the world." 他说:“虽然巴拉克·奥巴马展现了一些令人钦佩的特性,但问题是,这个人是不是有能力来保护美国,免受本拉登、基地组织以及世界上其他严重威胁的进攻。”McCain and other Republican leaders are responding to recent projections that suggest Democrats may win the White House, as well as the Senate and House in Tuesday's election. The last time one party took control of the government was when Republicans claimed victory in the 2002 election.  最近有人预测,在下星期二的选举中,民主党有可能赢得总统以及参众议院选举的胜利,麦凯恩以及其他共和党领导人对此作出了回应。2002年,共和党赢得选举胜利,出现了由一个党派控制整个政府的局面。McCain says a Democratic sweep would bring dramatic changes. 麦凯恩说,一旦民主党大获全胜,美国将发生巨大改变。"Raising taxes and unilaterally renegotiating trade agreements, as they [Democrats] have promised, will make a bad economy even worse and undermine out national security - even as they slash defense spending," said McCain. 他说:“民主党所保的增税以及单方面重新谈判贸易协定的计划,会使本来已经很糟的经济进一步恶化,而且危害我们的国家安全,即使他们减少国防开,也改变不了这个局面。”The latest national public opinion surveys show Obama ahead of McCain by an average of six points. The presidential race is decided by a state-by-state tally of electoral votes. The winning candidate must win at least 270 electoral votes out of 538. 最新的全国民意调查显示,奥巴马领先麦凯恩平均6个百分点。总统竞选结果由各州选举人票来决定。候选人必须从全部538张选票中赢得至少270票才能当选。200810/54600即墨/做无痛人流哪家医院比较好

即墨/当代妇科医院人流怎么样好不好New Report: Asia Stocks on 'Tentative Recovery'报告:亚洲股市“初步复苏” Stocks in Asia reached a three-month high this week, injecting fresh hopes among investors of an early turnaround in the global financial crisis. A new report by the Asian Development Bank says, although Asia's stock markets are showing signs of stabilizing, the real recovery could be "lengthy". 亚洲股市这个星期攀升到三个月以来的最高峰,让投资者感到全球经济危机可能出现了初步的转机。亚洲开发的一份新报告说,虽然亚洲股市显示出稳定的迹象,但实际的复苏可能是一个漫长的过程。The Asian Development Bank's Asia Capital Markets Monitor report says the outflow of capital from emerging markets in Asia has slowed in the first quarter of , after huge withdrawals in the second half of 2008. 亚洲开发发布的一份题为“亚洲资本市场观察”的报告认为,亚洲新兴市场的资本外流经过2008年下半年大规模撤资,已经在年第一季度放缓。The report say there are signs of a "tentative recovery" in Asia's stock markets, as investors becoming less pessimistic about the region's prospects. 报告说,亚洲股市出现了“初步复苏”的迹象,投资人对于区域经济前景的悲观情绪得到缓解。This week, the Morgan Stanley Composite index, which tracks stocks of some of the biggest companies in the Asia-Pacific region except Japan, reached a three-month high. On Monday, the Shanghai Composite Index reached its highest level since August, as investors were encouraged by Premier Wen Jiabao's recent remarks that the country's massive stimulus spending is beginning to bear results. 这个星期,根士丹利编制的追踪亚太地区除日本之外的一些大公司股票的综合指数达到三个月来的最高峰。星期一,上海券交易所的综合指数攀升到去年8月以来的最高点,中国总理温家宝最近谈到中国庞大的经济刺激方案正在开始收到效果,投资人对此感到鼓舞。Lee Jong-wha, the head of the regional economic integration office of the Asia Development Bank - a Manila-based bank which lends to governments in the region - says continued economic expansion in countries like China and India will help push this recovery. 总部设在马尼拉的亚洲开发为该地区的各国政府提供贷款,这家的区域经济整合办公室主任李钟和说,中国和印度等国家的持续经济扩张应该也有助于这个地区的市场复苏。"The fast-growing economies in the region provide plenty of opportunities for long-term investors. I think these strong development need especially to build infrastructure, and Asia's strong growth momentum should also help local markets recover," said Lee. 他说:“这个地区迅速增长的经济为长期投资者提供了大量的机遇。我认为这些强劲增长尤其需要基础设施建设。亚洲强劲的增长势头应该也有助于区域市场的复苏。”The report says as much as billion in private capital is expected to come to the region this year, although that number is sharply lower than previous years. Emerging Asia includes China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea. 报告显示,今年预计将有650亿美元的私人资本流入这个地区,尽管这个数字和前几年相比大为降低。But Lee warns that the immediate economic outlook for the region remains "cloudy." The ADB report says that, even if the markets may have reached bottom, the eventual recovery could still be drawn-out. 但是李钟和警告说,这个地区的近期经济前景仍然“阴云密布”。亚洲开发的报告指出,即使市场可能已经触底,最终的复苏可能也要拖很长时间。New York University economics professor Nouriel Roubini, also known as "Dr. Doom" for his predictions of financial crises, agrees. 曾经预见到目前这场金融危机的纽约大学经济学教授努里埃尔.鲁比尼同意这种看法。"I do agree that we are closer right now to the bottom of this stock market, U.S. and globally than we were, say, a year ago. But I think, even the latest rally is a bear market rally, and there will be more contraction," said Roubini. 他说:“我同意目前美国和全球股市比从前,比如说一年前,更接近谷底的说法。但是我认为,即使是最近的反弹也只是熊市反弹,还会出现更多的反复。”In Hong Kong Monday, Roubini said bad earnings from American companies and poor results from the "stress tests" being conducted by authorities on U.S. financial institutions, will scare investors.  鲁比尼在香港表示,美国公司糟糕的赢利报告以及当局对金融机构进行的“压力测试”所产生的不良结果将吓走投资者。Indeed, some of Asia's major markets fell Tuesday, on what analysts say is reaction to news of rising bad loans in American banks. Japan's Nikkei 225 index fell two-point-four percent. Hong Kong's Hang Seng index dropped nearly three percent, while Shanghai was down nearly one percent. South Korea's KOSPI was up nearly half a percent. Taiwan's stock index also rose one-point-seven percent. 的确,亚洲一些主要股市星期二纷纷下跌,分析人士说,这是对美国坏帐上升消息的反应。日本日经指数下降2.4%,香港恒升指数下跌近3%,上指数下跌了近1%。04/67741青岛即墨/当代医院人流价格表 The land-speed record地面速度记录How to build a 1,000mph car 怎样建造时速1000英里的汽车Hybrid rocketry will be used to drive faster than ever before 混合火箭技术将用于更快地驱动车辆May 5th 2011 | from the print edition It looks quick, too它看起来就快THIS summer Daniel Jubb will perform the equivalent of lighting the blue touch paper and standing clear. The 27-year-old will undertake the first full test firing of a hybrid rocket which he has designed to help a British team set a new land-speed record by driving at 1,000mph (1,609kph). Mr Jubb’s rocket, however, will also need the assistance of a powerful EJ200 jet engine from a Typhoon fighter aircraft and a Cosworth Formula 1 racing engine if Bloodhound SSC (supersonic car) is to become the fastest thing on wheels.今年夏天丹尼尔#8226;兆伯要做的事,相当于点燃导火索然后跑开。这个27岁的小伙子将进行一枚混合式火箭发动机的第一次全程试射,他设计这枚火箭发动机用于帮助英国车队创造一个以时速1000英里(1609公里)驱动的地面速度记录。然而,如果“侦探犬”号超音速车要想成为靠轮子跑得最快的东西,那么兆伯的火箭发动机还将需要一个强大的台风战斗机“EJ200”喷气发动机和一个“考斯沃斯”一级方程式赛车发动机的辅助。Combining a rocket, a jet and a racing-car engine into one vehicle is engineering of an extreme sort, but record-breaking often demands that new problems be solved. Mr Jubb’s task was to build a rocket that could be used safely in a car, but was also controllable and could be switched off quickly in the event of an emergency. 将火箭发动机、喷气式发动机和赛车发动机整合到一部车里,是一种极不寻常的设计,但是破纪录经常需要解决很多新问题。兆伯的工作是建造一枚可以在汽车里安全使用的火箭发动机,但是它也要可控制并且在出现紧急情况时可以快速关掉。201105/135366即墨/当代妇科医院输卵管再通术怎么样好不好

即墨/治疗不孕不育哪里好ADB Predicts Sluggish Growth for Developing Asia亚洲发展中国家经济增长减缓近半  A new report predicts developing Asia's economic growth will slow by almost half this year, but the Asian Development Bank forecasts that the region will rebound in 2010. 亚洲开发一个新的报告预计,亚洲发展中国家的经济增长速度今年将降低将近一半。但是亚银预测,亚洲地区经济将在2010年复兴。Developing Asian economies are likely to grow by an average of 3.4 percent in , a steep drop from last year's growth of 6.3 percent. The Asian Development Bank on Tuesday issued the revised outlook for the region, just a few months after it predicted average growth of more than five percent. 亚洲开发说,亚洲发展中国家的经济在年可能会以百分之3.4的平均速度增长。这比去年百分之6.3的增长率大为下降。亚银星期二发表对亚洲经济发展的修正后的报告。几个月之前,亚银曾预测亚洲增长率为百分之5以上。Jong-Wha Lee is the ADB's acting chief economist. He says this year the region's economies will grow at the most sluggish pace since the Asian financial crisis a decade ago. But, he says, now developing Asia is in a much better position to cope with tough times. 李钟和是亚银代理首席经济师。他说,今年亚洲各国的增长速度会很慢,将是10年前的亚洲金融风暴以来最低的。但是他说,现在发展中的亚洲面对艰难局势的能力比过去好很多。Lee says large foreign currency reserves and steadily declining inflation rates help the region be more resilient. But, he says, Asia's current account surpluses have contributed to the world's economic woes. 李钟和说,庞大的外汇储备和通货膨胀稳步下降,有助于该地区的经济活力。但是他说,亚洲目前经常性账目的盈余是全世界经济陷入困境的一个原因。"So it's Asia's excess savings and the current account surpluses in a way helped allow the ed States to maintain excessive household consumption and huge current account deficits," he said. 他说:“因此,从某种意义上讲,亚洲过多的储蓄和经常性账目盈余,导致美国长期维持过高的家庭消费和巨额经常性账目赤字。”Lee says Asia should use its own savings more efficiently and productively, rather than sending the surplus to U.S. markets. The large foreign currency reserves provide Asian governments with funds to boost their flagging economies. 李钟和说,亚洲应当更有效率、更有价值地利用自己的储蓄,而不是把自己的盈余送到美国市场去。巨额外汇储备为亚洲政府提供了资金,以振兴萎靡不振的经济。Government stimulus measures are expected to help China's economy grow by seven percent this year, although that is well below the 10 percent growth seen in recent years. India's economy is expected to grow at five percent in , also well down from the past few years. 预计,中国政府的刺激经济措施有助于中国经济今年增长百分之7,虽然这会远低于近年来保持的百分之10的增长率。印度经济年的增长率预计为百分之5,同样也远低于过去几年。The ADB, a non-profit development lender, says Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan are likely to contract this year, as demand for exports dwindles. Southeast Asia is expected to grow by less than one percent in . The drop in exports particularly will hurt Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.  预计,东南亚的经济增长率今年不到百分之1,出口下降特别会给马来西亚、新加坡和泰国造成伤害。Central Asia may grow by about four percent in as oil prices remain more than 60 percent below last year's peak.  石油价格去年攀升至高点,但是由于目前油价比去年最高点下跌了百分之60以上,所以中亚今年的增长有可能在百分之4左右。Lee says it is important for Asian countries to strengthen and increase domestic demand, in response to weakening external demand. "This is not really only for the short-term measures to help the Asian countries coming out of this current economic slowdown," said Lee, "but also it helps Asian countries build up its own strengths to make them more resilient to large, external shocks." 李钟和说,对亚洲国家来说,为了对付外需的下降,加强和提高国内需求至关重要。他说:“这不仅仅有助于亚洲国家走出目前经济放缓的短期措施,也能推动亚洲国家增强自身实力,使它们能够更坚强地回应大规模外界冲击。”Lee says the short-term outlook is bleak as severe recession in industrialized economies hurts developing nations. But, if the global economy recovers slightly next year, developing Asia should see average growth of six percent in 2010. 李钟和说,由于发达经济体严重的衰退伤害了发展中国家,短期前景看来是严峻的。但是,如果全球经济明年能够出现一些复苏,亚洲发展中国家2010年的平均增长率就会达到百分之6。04/65970 And its saved them. Life on the move kept them step ahead of the guns and human hunger.它在拯救他们。迁徙中的生活必须让他们领先一步于口和人类的饥饿中。By November, the blinding equatorial sun has turned their southern water holes into sucking mud. A trap for unwary youngsters. And so they must move north toward permanent water. Their pace quickens with the males need to reach their ancient battle grounds.在11月,眩目炽热的太阳已把他们在南部的水洞变成了恶心的泥浆。这对年轻一代来说是粗心的陷阱。这样,他们必须北上,那里的水是永久不会干涸的。他们加快步伐,男性们需要尽早到达古老的争斗中去。After months on the move, they arrive at the northern edge of their migration. A network of swamps and rivers, where they can unleash their unique breeding spectacle. This is where the antelopes lacks of form, vast fighting arenas,where gladiators duel, sometimes to the death for the right to mate.经过数月的迁徙,他们到达北部边缘。一个沼泽和河流交织而成的网络。在这里他们被激发出生存欲望,接下来的景象令人叹为观止:这是羚羊极度缺乏下的巨大战斗竞技场。决斗士们互相角逐,甚至用一死来争夺交配的权利。Their breeding season brief, their hormone rage intense. They are about to the stance with ritual, and get straight to the blood bleeding. Head budding males are conspicuous icons of the need to breed. But in the hidden world of a cost reckoned rainforest, it is a seeding sisterhood of hunger that assures the success of the next generation.简短的繁殖季节,他们的荷尔蒙让他们愤怒。他们注重礼节,采取硬碰硬,直到出血才罢休。初露头角的男性都是引人注目需要交配。但是在这个隐藏世界,适者生存的热带雨林里,饥饿难耐的下一代只有对亲人痛下狠手才能确保自己后代的延续。词语解释:1. equatorial a. 炽热的2. permanent a. 永久的3. antelope n. 羚羊201111/162521即墨/预约人流即墨/哪里体检好



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