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Stephen Hawking, who spent his career decoding the universe and even experienced weightlessness, is urging the continuation of space exploration — for humanity’s sake.The 71-year-old Hawking said he did not think humans would survive another 1,000 years “without escaping beyond our fragile planet.”The British cosmologist made the remarks Tuesday before an audience of doctors, nurses and employees at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he toured a stem cell laboratory that’s focused on trying to slow the progression of Lou Gehrig’s disease.Hawking was diagnosed with the neurological disorder 50 years ago while a student at Cambridge University. He recalled how he became depressed and initially didn’t see a point in finishing his doctorate. But he continued to delve into his studies.“If you understand how the universe operates, you control it in a way,” he said.Renowned for his work on black holes and the origins of the cosmos, Hawking is famous for bringing esoteric physics concepts to the masses through his best-selling books, including “A Brief History of Time,” which sold more than 10 million copies worldwide. Hawking titled his hourlong lecture to Cedars-Sinai employees “A Brief History of Mine.”Hawking has survived longer than most people with Lou Gehrig’s disease, also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. ALS attacks nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord that control the muscles. People gradually have more and more trouble breathing and moving as muscles weaken and waste away. There’s no cure and no way to reverse the disease’s progression. Few people with ALS live longer than a decade.Hawking receives around-the-clock care, can only communicate by twitching his cheek, and relies on a computer mounted to his wheelchair to convey his thoughts in a distinctive robotic monotone.Despite his diagnosis, Hawking has remained active. In 2007, he floated like an astronaut on an aircraft that creates weightlessness by making parabolic dives.Hawking rattled off nuggets of advice: Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Be curious.“However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at,” he said.Dr. Robert Baloh, director of Cedars-Sinai’s ALS program who invited Hawking, said he had no explanation for the physicist’s longevity.Baloh said he has treated patients who lived for 10 years or more.“But 50 years is unusual, to say the least,” he said.In 2009, President Barack Obama awarded Hawking the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his work.史蒂芬·霍金这位究其一生破译宇宙奥秘、甚至体验过失重状态的英国科学家,正敦促人类为了自身利益继续进行太空探索。今年71岁的霍金4月9日表示,人类若“不逃离我们脆弱的星球”将难以再活1000年。霍金本周二在西达斯西奈医学中心作出上述表示,在场的有医护人员和其他职员。他参观了这家医疗中心一个专门致力于延缓“渐冻人”病的干细胞实验室。50年前,霍金还在剑桥大学读书时被诊断出患上“渐冻人”病。他回忆起自己变得抑郁的过程,最初甚至想放弃士学位,但他最终继续投身研究。“如果你明白了宇宙的运转方式,在某种程度上你就能控制它。”他说。黑洞及宇宙起源理论让霍金享誉全球,他更以能将晦涩难懂的物理概念写成大众畅销书而闻名,其中《时间简史》的全球发行量达到了1000万册。在这家医疗中心,霍金当众发表了长达一小时的演讲,名为《我的简史》。霍金比其他同病患者活得更长,“渐动人”疾病也称为肌萎缩侧索硬化症,这种疾病会攻击人体中控制肌肉运动的大脑和脊髓的神经细胞。患者将因肌肉逐渐松弛衰弱变得呼吸困难,行动缓慢。目前尚无治愈良方。很少有人患病后能活过十年。霍金需要日夜照看,只能通过抽动脸颊来进行交流,依靠装在轮椅上的电脑发出特别的机器人声表达思想。虽然身患重病,但霍金依旧活跃。2007年,他乘坐飞机在空中像宇航员一样体验了失重之感。霍金说出金玉良言:仰望星空,保持好奇心。“不管生活看起来多么困难,总有可做并且成功之事。”该中心“渐冻人”疾病项目主管罗伯特-巴隆医生称其长寿无法解释。也正是巴隆医生邀请霍金前来。巴隆表示他的患者中曾有活过10年或10年以上的。“但至少可以说,活过50年的患者非常少见。”2009年,奥巴马总统授予霍金总统自由勋章以表彰其工作。China#39;s popular messaging app, WeChat, is slowly turning itself into an advertising platform.中国最流行的即时通讯应用微信(WeChat)正在缓慢地将自身转变为一个广告平台。This week, Tencent, WeChat#39;s operator, said it launched a new service in mainland China whereby companies that have verified WeChat accounts with more than 100,000 followers can pay fees to place ads on other companies#39; official pages. The fees will be shared by Tencent and the companies that host the ads on their pages.本周微信的运营商腾讯(Tencent)宣布,将在中国内地推出一项新务,内容包括:微信公众帐号可以成为“广告主”,通过微信平台发布广告,而拥有超过10万粉丝的公共帐号可以成为“流量主”,为“广告主”展示广告。腾讯和“流量主”将可以分享广告收入。Although WeChat#39;s core function is instant messaging, it has Facebook-like profile pages, photo-sharing and many other features. Like individual users, companies can also set up their accounts for free and accumulate followers -- somewhat like Twitter. The new advertising service, still a beta version, is Tencent#39;s latest attempt to make money through WeChat, which has about 400 million monthly active users, mainly in China.虽然微信的核心功能是即时通讯,但其拥有与Facebook类似的个人资料页、照片分享和许多其他功能。与个人用户一样,公司也可以免费开设公众账号,并积累粉丝,这在一定程度上与推特(Twitter)相像。新推出的广告务仍处于测试期,这是腾讯希望通过微信赚钱的最新尝试;微信的月度活跃用户约四亿,大部分在中国。For popular messaging apps like WeChat, Silicon Valley#39;s WhatsApp and Japan#39;s Line, one big question is whether they could one day become major advertising platforms like Facebook and Google. Line, owned by South Korean Internet firm Naver, collects monthly fees from companies that have official accounts; those companies can send promotional messages to their followers. South Korea#39;s Kakao, another popular chat app, also offers a similar service.对于那些与微信类似的流行即时通讯应用,比如硅谷的WhatsApp和日本的Line,一大问题就是,它们是否有朝一日会成为主要的广告平台,就像Facebook和谷歌公司(Google)那样。韩国互联网公司Naver旗下的Line向拥有官方账号的公司每月收取费用;这些公司可以向其粉丝推送广告信息。韩国的另一个流行聊天应用Kakao也提供类似的务。WeChat#39;s new service is a little different. The ads are not distributed as instant messages; they appear at the bottom of corporate pages. Advertisers can specify their target viewers based on gender, age, location and even areas of personal interests, according to Tencent. Based on those conditions, Tencent#39;s back-end system that matches advertisers and viewers will decide which corporate pages will host the ads.微信的新务有所不同。这些广告不是像即时通讯信息那样发送,而是出现在公众帐号页面的底部。据腾讯称,广告商可以根据性别、年龄、位置甚至个人兴趣具体选定目标观众。根据这些条件,腾讯的后台系统将根据广告商和观众的匹配度决定在哪些公众帐号的页面显示广告。It#39;s still too early to tell whether the new service can be successful. For this to become a major source of revenue, more consumers would have to follow corporate accounts and view their pages on WeChat.现在判断这种新务能否成功还为时尚早。只有更多消费者添加相关公众帐号并在微信上浏览他们的页面,这种务才能成为一种主要的收入来源。For now, marketing opportunities through messaging apps are limited, said Forrester Research analyst Thomas Husson in a report released this week.Forrester Research分析师赫森(Thomas Husson)在本周发布的报告中称,目前通讯应用提供的营销机会还很有限。#39;Most people do not want brands to interfere on such intimate turf,#39; he wrote. #39;They prioritize interactions with family and friends and do not see the benefit of connecting with brands.#39;他写道,多数人不希望在如此私密的领域出现广告,他们使用通讯应用主要是为了和家人朋友互动,不认为与广告商联系起来有什么益处。WeChat and other Asian messaging apps are still trying to figure out how to integrate ads into tools that are supposed to offer intimate, uninterrupted communication.微信及其他亚洲的通讯应用仍在努力探索如何将广告整合入聊天工具中,这些工具的设计本意是实现私密、不受打扰的沟通。Still, ads are just one of several ways through which the app makers are trying to make money. WeChat, Line and Kakao have all integrated mobile games into their services aly.当然,广告只是这些应用开发商试图增加营收的几种方式中的一种。微信、Line和Kakao都已经在他们的务中加入了移动游戏。Those games are basically free, but players pay for virtual items and other additional features. Line and Kakao also sell virtual stickers that chat users can send to one another. Some apps are also trying to integrate online shopping features.所有这些游戏基本上都是免费的,但玩家可以购买虚拟物品及其他额外的功能。Line和Kakao还提供付费的虚拟贴图,使用者可以在聊天中相互发送这些贴图。一些应用还试图在其平台上加入在线购物功能。In the long run, some of those apps could become portals that integrate games, location-based services and shopping into a single platform, Forrester#39;s Husson wrote. #39;If you think messaging apps are just a free way to communicate, you#39;re missing their potential.#39;长远来看,这些应用中的一些可能会发展成为集游戏、位置务以及购物于一个单一平台的门户。Forrester的赫森写道,如果你认为通讯应用只是一种免费的沟通工具的话,那你就没有认识到它们的潜力。 /201407/310787Having grabbed a big chunk of the profitable smartphone business from Apple Inc. and others, Samsung Electronics Co. now faces a new, enviable Apple-like challenge: a mammoth pile of unspent, accumulated cash.三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)从苹果(Apple Inc.)和其他公司那里夺走了大量利润丰厚的智能手机业务,如今,三星电子面临着一个与苹果类似的惹人嫉妒的新挑战:公司积累的大量闲置现金。After a first quarter marked by a 42% rise in net profit, Samsung said its cash and cash equivalents grew to nearly billion at the end of March. After stripping out debt, Samsung#39;s net cash position is 31.2 trillion won, or .5 billion. Aly one of the biggest in Asia, Samsung#39;s cash pile is building at an eye-popping rate. Its net cash has nearly tripled over the last year alone.在第一季度录得42%的净利润增长之后,三星电子说,该公司的现金和现金等价物3月底时已经增长到了将近400亿美元。剔除债务后,三星电子的净现金头寸为31.2万亿韩圆,即285亿美元。三星电子的现金规模在亚洲已经处于最高水平,目前仍以令人瞠目的速度增长。仅过去一年,三星电子的净现金就几乎增长了两倍。Analysts expect Samsung to use that money for acquisitions that will allow the company to beef up in certain areas like software and medical equipment. Shareholders are likely to start seeking higher returns, either through a boost in its dividend -- currently less than 1% of its share price -- or a share buyback. And while there is no sign yet of the market pressure that forced Apple to announce last month both such steps, investors are starting to notice.分析人士预计,三星电子将使用这些钱进行收购,从而增强公司在软件和医疗设备等领域的实力。股东们可能会开始寻求更高的回报,方法是增加派息──目前不到股价的1%──或是股票回购。尽管目前对于三星电子来说,还没有出现迫使苹果上个月宣布采取这两种措施的市场压力,投资者正在开始予以关注。#39;We will be asking them if they plan to keep all that cash,#39; said Willis Tsai, a San Francisco-based director in the equity research division at TIAA-CREF, which manages more than 0 million of Samsung shares, according to shareholder data from Samp;P Capital IQ. #39;When I see the company, it#39;ll probably be the first question I ask.#39;主流智能手机大比拼TIAA-CREF驻旧金山的股票研究部门的经理Willis Tsai说,我们将询问他们是否打算留下所有现金。根据标普资本智商公司(Samp;P Capital IQ)的股东数据,TIAA-CREF管理着市值超过4亿美元的三星电子股票。他说,如果我看到这家公司,这可能是我要问的第一个问题。In response to a Wall Street Journal question about its cash strategy, Samsung issued a statement last week saying its cash reserves will be managed in a way that prioritizes #39;investments sustainable for areas like facilities, Ramp;D, and marketing that will help the company solidify or boost competitiveness#39; in respective business areas. The company declined to comment on any specific dividend payout, share buyback or acquisition plans in the future.三星电子上周发表了一份声明回应《华尔街日报》关于其现金策略的质疑,声明说,其现金管理方式是重点对设施、研发和营销等领域进行可持续的投资,从而巩固和提高公司在这些领域的竞争力。三星电子拒绝谈论任何具体的股息派发、股票回购或收购计划。The growth in Samsung#39;s cash reflects a dramatic shift in how it generates its profit. In the past, Samsung#39;s chip and components divisions -- underpinned by years of massive capital spending -- propelled the company#39;s earnings. Now, its huge profit comes largely from smartphones, which generate more cash because they don#39;t require as much capital investment.三星电子的现金增长反映了其利润产生方式的明显变化。过去,三星电子的芯片和零件部门推动了公司的盈利增长,这些部门多年以来受到了大规模资本出的持。如今,三星电子的大量利润主要来自智能手机,由于智能手机不需要那么多的资本投资,它们能够制造更多现金。The division containing the mobile business accounted for 74% of Samsung#39;s operating profit, with consumer electronics -- such as TVs -- and components -- such as chips -- making up the rest in the first quarter of 2013. Three years earlier in the same quarter, the mobile-phone segment accounted for 25% of operating profit, with semiconductors and LCDs comprising 56%.2013年第一季度,手机业务所在的部门对三星电子运营利润的贡献率为74%,公司其余的利润来自消费电子产品(如电视机)和零部件(如芯片)。三年前的一季度,手机业务对三星电子运营利润的贡献率为25%,半导体和液晶显示器的利润贡献率为56%。Samsung routinely outspends rivals on capital expenditures to build newer and bigger factories. During market downturns, when competitors would scale back on investment, the world#39;s top producer of memory chips would continue to spend billions of dollars -- allowing it to extend its market-share lead and give it scale to gain more bargaining power in price negotiations.三星电子用来建设更新和更大厂房的资本出通常高于竞争对手。在市场低迷期间,竞争者纷纷削减投资,这家世界顶尖的内存芯片制造商继续斥资数十亿美元进行投资,这帮助三星电子扩大了市场份额方面的领先优势,也使公司在价格谈判中拥有了更多讨价还价的权力。But in recent years, Samsung has kept capital spending mostly flat -- albeit at levels far greater than its competition. Samsung spent 22.8 trillion won in capital expenditures in 2012. It was largely unchanged from 2011 and the company has said it would keep spending flat this year.但是最近几年,三星电子的资本出虽然仍远高于其竞争对手,但却没有太大变化。三星电子2012年的资本出为22.8万亿韩圆,与2011年基本持平。三星电子表示,今年的出仍将保持在这个水平。#39;The cash balloon never got that big because they were reinvesting it all, but now that#39;s starting to change,#39; said Mark Newman, a Hong Kong-based analyst for Sanford C. Bernstein., who estimates that Samsung#39;s cash may grow to 100 trillion won by the end of 2015. #39;It#39;s getting near the point where it#39;s more than enough.#39;美国投行Sanford C. Bernstein驻香港的分析师纽曼(Mark Newman)说,三星电子的现金规模从来没有像现在这么大,因为该公司以往会将手中的现金全部用于再投资,但是现在情况已经变了。纽曼估计,三星电子的现金储备到2015年底时可能增长到100万亿韩圆。纽曼说,它正在超出满足需要的水平。Based on the amount of cash and liquid securities sitting on its balance sheet at the end of its most recent business year, Samsung has the second-biggest cash pile in Asia behind China Mobile Ltd.#39;s billion war chest and ahead of Toyota Motor Corp.#39;s .5 billion cash reserves, according to data from Samp;P Capital IQ, which excludes financial and energy companies,标普资本智商提供的数据显示,在三星电子刚刚结束的这个财年,该公司资产负债表上的现金和易变现券规的模,在不包括金融和能源企业的亚洲公司中排名第二,仅次于中国移动(China Mobile Ltd.)640亿美元的现金规模,超过了丰田汽车(Toyota Motor Corp.)275亿美元的现金储备。The stockpile is building rapidly in part because of Samsung#39;s conservative use of cash. The company#39;s latest annual dividend of 8,000 won translates to a fairly modest yield of 0.54% relative to its share price. As a percentage of net profit, Samsung#39;s total dividend payout has decreased for five years in a row to 5% in 2012, from 15.8% in 2007.三星电子手中现金迅速增加的部分原因是该公司对现金的保守使用。三星电子最新的年度股息为每股8,000韩圆,仅相当于该公司股价的0.54%。三星付的股息总数与公司净利润的比率已经连续五年下降,从2007年的15.8%下降到2012年的5%。In addition, Samsung hasn#39;t bought back shares since 2007. Between 2004 and 2007, it bought back at least 1.8 trillion won, or .6 billion, of shares every year. The impetus for a share buyback may have diminished because Samsung#39;s stock price has nearly tripled since the start of 2008.此外,三星自2007年以来一直没有回购过股票。2004至2007年,三星每年至少回购了价值1.8万亿韩圆(合16亿美元)的股票。由于三星股价自2008年初以来上涨了近两倍,回购股票的动力可能已经减弱。With regard to acquisitions, Samsung has gone for either relatively small companies or small stakes in larger companies. The last big deal it tried to pull off -- an acquisition of flash-memory supplier SanDisk Corp. for .85 billion in 2008 -- failed because the two parties couldn#39;t agree on a price.在收购方面,三星的收购对象要么是规模相对较小的公司,要么是大公司的少数股权。该公司最后一次尝试进行的大规模收购是在2008年试图以58.5亿美元收购闪存供应商SanDisk Corp.,该交易由于双方无法就价格达成一致而失败。According to research firm Dealogic, the biggest overseas deal Samsung Electronics has ever completed is a two-part acquisition of Irvine, Calif.-based AST Research Inc. for a total of 0 million, more than a decade ago. Its most recent deal, announced in March, was an acquisition of a 3% stake in struggling Japanese electronics manufacturer Sharp Corp. for about 6 million.研究公司Dealogic的数据显示,三星电子曾经完成过的最大规模海外收购交易是十多年前分两步收购了加州尔湾(Irvine)的AST Research Inc.,该交易总计为8.4亿美元。其最新的收购交易于今年3月宣布,三星称它将以大约1.06亿美元收购陷入困境的日本电子产品生产商夏普(Sharp Corp.) 3%的股份。Bernstein#39;s Mr. Newman said it is growing more likely that Samsung may look for a larger, multibillion-dollar acquisition in the near future. He didn#39;t specify any potential targets. One area where the company has been expanding its reach through a series of smaller acquisitions is medical equipment.Bernstein的纽曼说,三星目前已更有可能在不久的将来寻求进行耗字数十亿美元的更大规模收购。他没有具体说明任何可能的目标。三星一直在通过一系列较小的收购行动来扩大影响力的一个领域是医疗设备。Mr. Newman expects the company to perform some kind of return to shareholders within the next two to three years. Based on its history, the company is more likely to do a share buyback, he said.纽曼预计,三星未来两到三年可能会以某种形式回报股东。他说,根据三星的历史,其更有可能进行股票回购。Samsung still has time before its cash pile becomes an Apple-sized issue. Apple#39;s cash, cash equivalents and marketable securities reached 4.7 billion at the end of March. Under pressure from investors to return more cash to shareholders, Apple announced last month that it plans to return more cash to investors than previously planned. In a series of moves aimed at returning 0 billion in cash to shareholders by the end of 2015, Apple increased the size of its share repurchase program and raised quarterly dividends.在三星的现金储备问题变得像苹果公司的这一问题那般严重之前,三星还有时间。苹果的现金、现金等价物和适销券在3月底达到1,447亿美元。在投资者要求向股东返还更多现金的压力下,苹果上个月宣布其计划向投资者返还超过以前计划的现金。苹果采取了一系列行动,目的是在2015年底之前向股东返还1,000亿美元现金,这些行动包括扩大股票回购计划的规模以及增加季度股息。Apple and Samsung have totally different cash needs. While Samsung#39;s memory and panel businesses may not be as critical to current earnings, they are still leading their respective industries and they will continue to require cash for capital spending to stay ahead of the competition.苹果和三星有着截然不同的现金需求。虽然三星的存储器和面板业务对该公司当前利润的贡献率可能不是那么大,但它们仍在各自的行业占据领先地位,为保持这种竞争优势,三星电子依然需要在这两项业务上投入现金以用作资本出。Also, fortunes can change quickly in the technology industry. Samsung only needs to look to its once-bigger rival Panasonic Corp.同时,在科技行业,运气也可能随时发生变化。三星只要看看曾经比自己规模更大的竞争对手松下(Panasonic Corp.)就知道了。When flat-panel televisions started to replace bulky cathode-ray tube TV models, Panasonic invested heavily in plasma displays. It built several billion-dollar factories to churn out the displays, only to see those investments suffer during a prolonged downturn.在平板电视开始取代笨重的显像管电视时,松下在等离子显示屏上投入巨资。该公司修建了耗资数十亿美元的工厂以生产显示器,但等离子显示屏行业旷日持久的不景气却使这些投资遭遇了损失。After losing more than 1.5 trillion yen, or .3 billion, over the last two years, Panasonic has seen its credit rating cut to below investment grade, or #39;junk#39; status, by rating agency Fitch in November.过去两年亏损逾1.5万亿日圆(合153亿美元)之后,松下的信用评级在去年11月被评级机构惠誉(Fitch)下调至投资级以下,跌入“垃圾”级。Christopher Wong, a Singapore-based senior investment manager at Aberdeen Asset Management, said it is #39;not a bad thing#39; for Samsung to maintain a large cash balance because of the size of Samsung#39;s annual capital expenditures and the cyclical nature of the technology industry.新加坡安本资产管理公司(Aberdeen Asset Management)的高级投资经理Christopher Wong说,由于三星年度资本开的规模和科技行业的周期性质,三星持有大量现金不是坏事。#39;We#39;re quite relaxed when it comes to the cash pile as long as it continues to find uses for the cash,#39; said Mr. Wong.他说,我们并不担心现金储备的问题,只要三星能继续为这些现金找到用途就行了。 /201305/239269

South Koreans Love Phablets韩国人喜欢平板手机In a worldwide sample of nearly 100,000 iOS and Android devices, seven percent were “phablets,” the jumbo-phone/mini-tablet hybrid. But in South Korea, 41 percent of such devices are phablets, according to Flurry Analytics.在全世界将近10万样本的iOS和安卓设备中,7%的设备是大尺寸手机与小尺寸平板的混合体。但是,根据Flurry Analytics的数据,在韩国,41%的设备是平板手机。Growth in the South Korean mobile installed base does seem to be slowing down as it reaches saturation, Flurry said. Connected devices grew 17 percent in the past year in South Korea, versus 81 percent in the rest of the world, as measured by Flurry.Flurry表示,韩国的手机激活用户数增长看起来正在减缓,由于这一数量即将饱和。根据Flurry计算,去年,韩国手机设备激活数量增长了17%,而世界其他地区则增加了81%。South Koreans have a notable tendency to buy local devices. As of August 2013, 85 percent of devices owned in South Korea were manufactured there, Flurry said. Samsung had 60 percent market share.韩国人非常倾向于购买国产手机。Flurry表示,截止到2013年8月,85%的韩国手机是本土制造。三星的市场占有率是60%。Flurry released the South Korean stats on the occasion of a distribution partnership with SK Planet, the South Korean app store, which is integrating Flurry analytics into its new developer center for usage by its 37,000 app developers. Flurry said it aly tracks 33 million devices in South Korea.Flurry在于韩国软件商店SK Planet建立分销合作伙伴关系之际发布了韩国的数据,SK Planet在其新的开发者中心使用Flurry的数据,供其37000名软件开发者参考。Flurry表示已经跟踪了韩国的330万台设备。SK Planet told Flurry that 68 percent of its revenue comes from game-related spending, at an impressive rate of .27 per user per month (that’s about double the U.S. average monthly user revenue for all apps, not just games). Another interesting tidbit is that a third of SK Planet’s in-app purchases are paid for with gift certificates.SK Planet告诉Flurry其68%的收入来自于游戏相关花费,每用户每月花费5.27美元,相当惊人的数字(这是美国包括游戏在内的软件月用户收益的两倍)。另一个有趣的花絮是SK Planet的应用内购的三分之一是用礼券付。 /201310/260375

BlackBerry has put itself up for sale as part of a wider strategic review to help the ailing Canadian handset maker in its battle for survival in the fiercely competitive smartphone market. 黑莓(Blackberry)已准备出售自己,这是整体战略评估的一部分,旨在帮助这家陷入困境的加拿大手机制造商在竞争惨烈的智能手机市场生存下来。 In a sign of the failure to stem subscriber defections following the launch of its much heralded BlackBerry 10 devices, the maker of the once must-have device for the business world conceded that it needed to look at options for its future including a sale or alternatives such as joint venture. 这家曾是商界必备设备的制造商承认,它需要研究未来选择,包括出售或者合资等替代方案。这一迹象表明,其大力宣传的黑莓10设备上市后,未能阻止订户流失。 Shares in the group, which had fallen by more than a third in the past month following a profit warning in June, gained 5 per cent to almost . 黑莓股价上涨近5%,至近11美元。自6月份发布利润预警以来,过去一个月里黑莓股价累计下跌逾三分之一。 At that share price the company is valued at about .3bn, a steep drop from a market capitalisation of more than bn just three years ago. 按目前股价计算,黑莓市值约为53亿美元,与仅仅3年前高达410多亿美元的市值相比,一落千丈。 But by the time the company’s new BlackBerry 10 handset was launched, many analysts said they lacked clear technological advantages to the myriad smartphones aly on the market. Initial sales have been disappointing 等到该公司的黑莓10手机上市时,很多分析人士表示,与市场上已有的形形色色的智能手机相比,黑莓欠缺明显的技术优势。初期销量令人失望。 BlackBerry will set up a special committee chaired by board member Timothy Dattels to look at the options, with recent speculation suggesting that the group could consider partnerships with private equity groups or even separate its business into handset and services operations. 黑莓设立了由董事会成员蒂莫西#8226;达特尔斯(Timothy Dattels)带领的特别委员会,研究各种选择。近期有人猜测,黑莓可能考虑与私募股权集团结成合作伙伴关系,甚至把企业分拆成手机和务运营两大块。 A take-private deal akin to that of Dell would at least allow the group the benefits of rebuilding away from the public eye, according to analysts. 分析人士表示,类似于戴尔(Dell)的私有化交易将至少让黑莓在公众视线以外重建。 Rivals such as China’s Lenovo have also been linked with takeover interest in the past, although others such as Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Huawei have been mooted as interested parties by analysts. 过去中国联想(Lenovo)等竞争对手曾表示过收购兴趣,不过Facebook、亚马逊(Amazon)、微软(Microsoft)以及华为等其他企业也被分析人士列为有兴趣的潜在收购方。 However, bankers have privately warned that the value of its assets has dropped in the past year given BlackBerry’s dwindling subscriber base and uncertainty over its intellectual property, and pointed to a worrying cash burn in its accounts. 不过,家们私下警告,由于用户基础下滑,知识产权不确定,过去一年来资产价值已经下跌,并指出其“烧钱”速度令人担忧。 There is also a political angle given how embedded the devices are in governments. “While Lenovo would likely be the most willing buyer,” says Jefferies, “we think the US government would block an acquisition due to national security concerns.” 考虑到黑莓设备在政府部门中的渗透率,还存在一个政治角度。杰弗里斯表示:“尽管联想很可能是意愿最强的买家,但我们认为美国政府会以国家安全担忧为由,阻止收购。” /201308/252835

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