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Purchasing Film and Batteries购买胶卷和电池Evan finds a photography shop, goes in, and talks with the clerk.艾凡找到一家照相馆,走进去和店员讲话C:Good morning, may I help you?店员:早安,有什么事我能为你效劳吗?E:Yes, please. I need to replace the batteries in this camera. He places the camera on the counter.艾凡:有,麻烦一下,我需要换掉这台相机的电池他把相机放在柜台上C:I see. Nice Minolta. I have just what you need. Would you like me to change them you?店员:我知道了很棒的美乐达相机我正好有你需要的电池要不要我帮忙换呢?E:If it no trouble.艾凡:如果不会太麻烦的话C:Ill give you a hand. It early and there arent many customers in here yet today.店员:我可以帮忙现在还早而且也还没有许多客人上门E:I appreciate that.艾凡:那就感谢你了C:By the way, do you also need new batteries your flash?店员:哦,对了,你的闪光灯也需要新电池吗?E:I hadnt thought of that. That a good idea. Yes, please.艾凡:我倒没想到这点好的,麻烦你了C:There! There are new batteries the camera. Did you bring your flash attachment with you?店员:喏!装好了照相机里有新电池了你有带闪光灯来吗?E:Yes, it in my camera bag. Here it is.艾凡:有,在我装相机的袋子里面在这儿C:Ill replace those you, too. Do you need film?店员:我也来把闪光灯的电池换掉你需要胶卷吗?E:Im running low, so, yes, please. Uh, Kodak Gold 0.艾凡:我的胶卷快照完了,那么,好的,麻烦拿几卷胶卷给我呃,柯达金胶卷200C:Twenty-four or 36 exposures?店员:二十四张的还是三十六张的呢?E:I might as well get three rolls of 36, please.艾凡:不妨给我三卷三十六张的胶卷,麻烦你了C:No problem. Will that be all?店员:没问题就这些吗?E:That it. Thank you.艾凡:就这些,谢谢 3。

  • Thousands of sardines, anchovies, stripped bass and mackerel surged along the coast of the Mexican resort in an event believed to be linked to the devastating Japanese tsunami.   成千上万尾沙丁鱼、凤尾鱼、鲈鱼和鲭鱼集体这这个墨西哥海湾扎堆,据信这与当天在日本列岛由大规模地震所引发的巨大海啸有关 Delighted fishermen rushed out in wooden motor boats, abandoning their rods and nets and simply scooping the fish up with buckets.   不少兴高采烈的渔夫们划木船靠近鱼群,他们放弃了渔网和鱼竿,取而代之的是用水桶捞鱼,而且几乎不费吹灰之力便可满载而归  'There were about 20 or 30 fishermen and there were people who came with their kids to take advantage of it,' Carlos Morales said.   “大概来了二十到三十个渔夫,还有人带着小孩一起来嬉戏。  The fishermen attributed the strange phenomenon to the unusual currents unleashed by tsunami that followed the earthquake in Japan.   渔夫们认为,出现鱼类大规模聚集这样的奇观,与日本地区所发生的大海啸有关,海啸致使水流发生了改变 /201103/128170。
  • Chinese state media said Tuesday that two government surveillance vessels had reached waters near the disputed Senkaku islands, a day after Japan announced it planned to purchase some of the islands from private owners. 中国国家媒体周二报道,中国政府两艘海监船已经抵达中日争议岛屿尖阁列岛(Senkaku islands, 中国称钓鱼岛)附近海域。此前一天日本宣布计划从私人岛主手中购买这些岛屿The state-run Xinhua news agency said two China Marine Surveillance vessels had reached waters near the Japanese-controlled Senkaku on Tuesday morning in order to assert the countrys sovereignty. The islands are known in Chinese as Diaoyu. 新华社报道说,两艘中国海监船周二上午已经抵达钓鱼岛海域,目的是为了“宣示主权”The presence of new Chinese government vessels near the Senkaku marks an effort by Beijing to assert its sovereignty claims over the disputed territory. The government is under public pressure to more forcefully respond to Japanese moves to shore up control of the islands. 中国海监船出现在尖阁列岛附近海域标志着中国政府试图对这一争议岛屿宣示主权。处于公众压力之下的中国政府不得不更有力地应对日本试图加强对这些岛屿控制的举措China Marine Surveillance is a paramilitary maritime law-enforcement agency that has found itself increasingly at the center of territorial disputes between China and its neighbors. Last spring, for example, at least one ship from the agency was engaged in a volatile and prolonged standoff with Philippine government vessels in the disputed Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea. 中国海监总队是一个准军事化的海上执法机构,该机构日渐身处中国及其邻国之间发生的领土争端的核心位置。比如去年春天至少有一艘中国海监船在南中国South China Sea, 中国称南的斯卡伯勒浅Scarborough Shoal, 中国称黄岩岛)在情势复杂的状况下同菲律宾政府船只长期对峙It wasnt immediately clear whether the ships were armed or had encountered resistance from Japanese patrols in the area. 目前尚不清楚两艘海监船是否配备了武器,也不清楚其是否遭到该地区日本巡逻艇的抵抗Japan has controlled the Senkaku for decades, though China has consistently said the islands have belonged to it since ancient times and Japanese moves to shore up control are illegal. 中国一直声称钓鱼岛自古以来就属于中国,日本加强对该岛控制的做法是非法的,不过日本已经控制这些岛屿长达数十年。来 /201209/199142。
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