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-6人:Money Talks有钱能使鬼推磨 -- :3:36 来源: Money Talksby Yu-Mei Lin三个年轻人的妈妈生了重病,但是他们没钱付医药费,于是他们准备抢;helli 0Money Talksby Yu-Mei Lin三个年轻人的妈妈生了重病,但是他们没钱付医药费,于是他们准备抢……很简单的英语剧本,虽然一共6个人,但是一个人没有几句话,所以个人基本可以搞定CastDavidDoctorAndySueMomPolice officer——————————————————————————–SummaryThree young people wanted to save their mother who was very sick. Their mother needed an operation, and it would cost a lot of money. Because they had no money, they decided to rob a bank. However, their plan was defective. Their mother was sad.Scene I: In the hospital(In a room, the doctor talks to David.)David: (Nervous) Is my mother OK?Doctor: (Serious) Your mother is very sick.David: How to cure her?Doctor: Your mother needs an operation, and it will cost a lot of money to cure her.David: (Grabs the doctor) How much will it cost?Doctor: It should be at least one million dollars. (Then the doctor goes out.)David: That is not a small tune. How will I come up with the money in a short time?(Andy comes in.)Andy: Where is Mom? Is she OK? (Looks around)David: The doctor said that it should cost a big tune.Andy: But we don’t have enough money to pay it. What should we do?David: Let’s go home and discuss it.(On the road, David sees a woman withdraw money from an ATM.)David: (Excited) Look! It is money.Andy: But that is a bank.David: We should earn a lot of money in a short time. This way is quick.Andy: This way is illegal.David: But we only have one mother, and she is nice to us.Andy: Umm… Let’s go home and discuss with sister. Look! There is one hundred dollars on the floor! (Picks it up)David: (Hits his head) One hundred dollars? We need one billion, not one hundred!Andy: It is mine. (Croaking voice)Scene II: David and Andy get homeSue: Is Mom OK?David: The doctor said we need a lot of money to save mother.Sue: But we do not have much money. Look at our home. It is so poor. (Effervescing voice)David: Do not be sad! Let’s discuss an idea.Sue: What idea do you have?Andy: We decide to rob a bank.Sue: What? Rob a bank? Your brother-in-law has gone to prison several times robbing banks. I don’t agree! (Angry)Andy: But we don’t have a choice!David: If we don’t have enough money, our mother will die.Sue: OK…this is the only thing we can do.David and Andy: Let’s go!Sue: No, we need to make a plan first.David: Ask our brother-in-law. He always robs banks.Sue: OK. I will tell him tomorrow.(Sue takes a lot of weapons back.)Sue: Choose one weapon you are good at.(Brothers choose the weapons.)Sue: Remember to wear your mask.Scene III: In the bankSue: Hello, I want to withdraw a billion dollars from my savings .Clerk: (To check her drawing .) Sorry, you don’t have enough money in your savings .Sue: (Taking out a gun) Just do it!Clerk: Help! Help!David and Andy: Hurry up!Andy: Only underwear, no money.David: Are you stupid! We just need money! (The police officer arrives at the bank)Police officer: Don’t move! Put down your weapons. (The police officer holds up the gun to them.)David, Andy, and Sue: Oh, my God!David: The police officer is coming!Andy: What should we do? (Nervous)(David, Andy, and Sue want to escape away.)Sue: I cover you! Go! Hurry! (Police shoots Sue and Sue gets hurt.)Sue: Oh!David: Are you OK?Andy: What happened?Sue: My leg is hurt! I can’t walk now.Police officer: Don’t move, and give up! You are all under arrested.Scene IV: In the police officePolice officer: Why did you try to rob the bank? Do you know it is illegal to rob the bank?David: Because our Mom is sick, we need money to save her.Andy: We don’t have enough money, so we decided to rob the bank.Sue: We know it is wrong to rob the bank, but we didn’t have any choice.Police officer: I understand why you need the money but robbing a bank is against the law.(Mom enters in the police office.)David, Andy, and Sue: Mom, we were wrong!Mom: I know you robbed the bank me, but it’s wrong! It will affect your future.Police officer: We should be good to our parents, but we can’t do something against the law.(All the three young people repent their follies.) 英语 话剧 剧本自我介绍英语作文 模板 -- 1:58:37 来源: 自我介绍英语作文 模板  i am xxx and i am years old. my favorite sports include basketball, swim and football. one of my favorite stars is liu xiang because he is the fastest runner in the world and a pride of our country.  i have love fruits like watermelon, grapes, banana, and so th. when i have time, i like watching tv, playing games on my computer, surfing the web, and ing. i have a lot of friends and we often play football together.《灵魂梦飞行经典台词 -- ::57 来源: 背景介绍:《灵魂梦飞行(SoulPlane)是一部喜剧黑人青年纳肖恩(凯文·哈特饰)坐飞机出差时受尽了羞辱和惊吓,一怒之下将航空公司告上了法庭,结果获赔1亿美金纳肖恩拿这笔 钱开辟了历史上第一条只供黑人搭乘的名为NWA的航班首航时很多黑人朋友赶来助兴NWA航班特立独行,拥有最顶级的务:性感火辣的空、无限放送的黑人灵乐、忘情热舞的夜总会、终极享受的浴缸……谁知飞机上天之后却遭遇无数险情,由此引出一幕幕令人捧腹的闹剧这段对话发生在纳肖恩和机长麦克(史努比·道格饰)初次见面之际麦克表面上显得非常自信,然而后来却明根本不是这么回事儿Nashawn:Hey, you are late. Mack:Don''t worry about me bein'' late. I''m goona take this plane of yours up another 1,000 feet, and we gonna be there five minutes early. Real slick like hair GREase, but with less mess. Can you dig it?Nashawn:Yeah, I can dig it. I was lookin'' at your resume, man. I see that you flew in Desert Storm. That''s pretty impressive. Mack:Actually, that''s a typo. I drew over in Desert Storm.Nashawn:I''m sorry, I didn''t... What you say?Mack:I was the nigga that drew the little say-ings on the bombs:Damn Saddam. That was me. Matter of fact, I''m not even ''posed to be talkin'' about that. Nashawn:What? Do you even know how to fly a plane, man?Mack: Sure, I got my wings when I got out.纳肖恩:嘿,你来晚啦麦克:别担心我来晚了我要把你这架飞机的飞行高度再提高00英尺,而且我们还会提前5分钟到那里这趟飞行将像润发膏一样顺滑,而且还没那么多粘粘糊糊,你明白吗?纳肖恩:是,我明白我刚才在看你的简历哥们儿,我发现你在“沙漠风暴”行动中飞过,这真是太好了麦克:事实上,这是个打印错误我在“沙漠风暴”期间是画画的纳肖恩:对不起,我不……你说什么?麦克:我就是往炸弹上写“该死的萨达姆”等小句子的那个黑人,那就是我其实我都不该对你讲的纳肖恩:什么?那你到底会不会驾驶飞机啊?哥们儿?麦克:放心吧,我出来的时候,身上就跟长了翅膀似的语言点:1、麦克所说的“Can you dig it?”,是问“你明白吗?”这个用法有些过时dig还有喜欢的意思,如“I really dig those shoes!”(我真喜欢那双鞋!)、这段对话的语言多处都不合语法,写出来还有许多拼写错误,但这就是美国黑人英语的特色黑人英语中,词尾的“ing”发音为“in”如文中的“I was lookin'' at your resume.”而词尾的“er”则发音为“a”例如“I was the nigga……”3、nigga其实就是nigger这个词是白人对黑人的蔑称,我们提到美国黑人时,一定要说black,有时候还说African Americannigger一词侮辱意味很强,绝不可以使用但这里麦克把自己称作nigger,则含有幽默的意味、把“going to”说成“gonna”,“want to”说成“wan-na”,美国白人如今也这么含混地说话黑人英语还有很多省略、吞音,如“What you say”(What did you say),“Matter of fact”(As a matter of fact),“''posd to”(supposed to) 《灵魂梦飞行经典台词Respect Others 尊重别人 --19 :01:7 来源: Respect Others 尊重别人  Most of the students are the only children in their families. They can get ill that they want to. Some of them are so selfish that they think only about themselves.  When I was a child, my parents told me to respect others. I think we should respect our parents, teachers and classmates. In this way, we can become happy and welcome. One day, when we grow up, we should repay our parents their unselfish love.  大部分学生都是家里的独生子他们可以得到想要的所有东西其中有些人变得很自私,他们只想到他们自己  当我小的时候,父母告诉我要尊重别人我认为,我们应该尊重父母、老师和同学这样,我们才能过得愉快,才能受到别人的欢迎有一天,当我们长大了,我们要回报父母无私的爱

人:Queens from a Marriage -- :: 来源: 人:Queens from a Marriage两对好象是感情破裂的夫妇的关于婚姻琐事的一些讨论和抱怨级别:少许粗口语言:比较浅显,多短句适合人群:最好以上,如果要演出最好改编一下A Ten-Minute Play by Scott C. Sickles Cast of Characters Paul FISHER: 30s, Bloom's ex Jared BLOOM: 30s, Fisher's ex PAUL Fisher: FISHER in his s, Jared's spouse JARED Bloom: BLOOM in his s, Paul's spouse Note: The actors playing FISHER and PAUL should resemble each other. The same should be true of BLOOM and JARED. The two pairs should also be easy to differentiate from each other. (e.g. FISHERPAUL are tall with dark hair and BLOOM JARED are shorter with red hair.) Scene A public restaurant and a private bedroom. Time Five years after and seven years during their marriage. QUEENS FROM A MARRIE by Scott C. Sickles was originally presented by Pyramid Productions (Ted Hoover and Melissa Martin, producers) in its No-Doze Dozen marathon of ten-minute plays at the City Theatre Lab in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on July 3, 1993. It was directed by Ted Hoover. Art Manion was the stage director. The cast, in order of appearance, was as follows: Paul FISHER Brian Czarniecki Jared BLOOM Michael James PAUL Fisher Jamie Pickett JARED Bloom John Highberger SETTING: Up stage, two chairs behind a table. Down stage, sheets and pillows set up to represent a bed. A prop phone should be placed under the pillows. AT RISE: PAUL and JARED are in bed, under covers. FISHER and BLOOM sit in their seats. Lights fade out on PAUL and JARED. FISHER Thanks meeting me. BLOOM Well, it's been awhile. FISHER I heard about you and? the train guy. I'm sorry. BLOOM Don't be. He was a while ago. You haven't kept very good tabs on me. Which is fine. Last time we spoke, you were seeing that window dresser. He seemed nice. FISHER He was. Very cheerful. We split a few months ago. All that sunshine got on my nerves. I guess I was used to your? BLOOM Incessant bitching? FISHER Individual perspective. You've lost weight. BLOOM Thanks; you're aging well. Sorry. I get a little catty when you're on my mind. Not that it happens that often. Sure, every day, but shorter periods of time, usually in public rest rooms some reason. FISHER When it does, what do you think about? BLOOM (staring at Fisher's crotch) Nothing specific. FISHER I remember things that made you smile: holding hands in movie theatres, falling asleep together on the divan, that spot behind your knee-- BLOOM Bee you go on, let's focus on the positive. What about me do you miss the least? I usually start out missing you and then convince myself I shouldn't. (Lights cross fade to JARED and PAUL.) PAUL Why do we have to rush this? JARED I'm not the one who wants to end this marriage; I'm simply the reason you want to. I'm willing to try fixing this-- PAUL Oh, please. All you ever do is bitch about how aloof I am. It never occurs to you that after seven years, I might need-- JARED If you say "need some space," the clich? police will ce me to kill you. You can have all the "time apart" you need to "find yourself," while I hang myself with one of your old trick's jock straps. PAUL After all that, what can I say? JARED Try "goodbye." (Lights cross fade to FISHER and BLOOM.) FISHER Maybe this was a bad idea. I just thought? I wanted to see if there was? BLOOM "?anything left between us?" Oh, please. Seven years isn't adequate trial and error? Could we talk about something else? I'm sensing countless hours of insurance-funded therapy going up in flames. FISHER I hoped we could see more of each other to find out if we wanted to start seeing each other again. Then maybe? BLOOM You're hopeless. I will tell you, though, I don't only remember bad things. But, my feet stay bolted to the ground. (Lights cross fade to JARED and PAUL) JARED I'm floating on air. My father didn't ask which one of us was the bride. The pastor was cute. You were dashing, dapper and another appropriate word that starts with "D." The room is elegant. The night is wonderful. Everything is perfect. What's on TV? PAUL Are the strawberries and champagne supposed to be romantic or an aphrodisiac? JARED As if we needed an aphrodisiac. I don't know. They're sweet. Like you. Oh, puke, I said it. That's it. One "cornyism" per day until the honeymoon is over, and then no more ever. That only pertains to me, of course. You're going to be corny the rest of our lives. PAUL Do you mind? JARED I'll get used to it. PAUL I mean staying together that long. I know it's a little late to bring this up, but I have lots of plans us. JARED Cape Cod house? White picket fence? A very hyper Shih-tzu puppy named Rommel? (PAUL and JARED kiss.) (Lights cross fade to FISHER and BLOOM.) 英语 话剧 剧本

我们老板一切照章办事-- :6:1   My boss does everything by the book.   我们老板一切照章办事   Do everything by the book.就整个是个“本本主义”   常出差的人对book一定不陌生,因为book做动词时是“预定、预购”的意思,比如“订机票”是book a plane ticket.

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