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Budweiser百威啤酒超级创意世界杯广告,有球赛、就有球迷;有球迷、就要喝啤酒……假如你以为用美女诱惑球员就成功了的话,百威啤酒明你大错特错了。Well, it all comes down to this penalty kick.好,现在就看这个点球怎么发了。Wait? Watch this! Its the old distract the goalie trick.等等,看哪!他们使出一招经典的“魅惑守门员”!Oh, they hold up the icy cold Budweiser!哦!对方竟举起了冰冻百威啤酒!That is tantalizing.看到喝不到……太惨了……Wait, right! Those fans have down it!厉害!这些球迷居然做到了!How, brilliant!赞啊!201403/277647。

  • 约翰尼德普跟吉米鸡毛.。.亲!嘴!了!OMG!多少女粉丝心痛欲绝!201404/287808。
  • Want the warmth and stylishness of a hat without the hair-plastered-to-head look when you remove it? It is possible.想要戴上帽子保暖并保持时尚,又不想摘下帽子时发型被破坏?这是可以实现的。You Will Need你需要A loose-fitting hat宽松的帽子Dry hair头发干爽Hairspray or an unscented dryer sheet头发定型剂或干衣机用纸Hair gel发胶The ability to make a top knot (optional)梳发髻的能力(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Choose hat1.选好帽子Get yourself a loose-fitting hat, preferably one with elastic banding. You should be able to fit a finger between the head and the hat.选择一款宽松一点儿的帽子,或者帽檐内侧有一圈围带的帽子。最合适的大小是脑袋和帽子间有一指宽的富余。Tip: Opt for a fleece or cotton hat. Though not as warm as other materials, they dont flatten hair the way heavier fabrics do. Plus cotton hats dont generate the static electricity that causes flyaway hair.小贴士:选择羊毛或棉质帽子。虽然这两种材质不如其他材质的帽子暖和,但是它们质地轻薄,不会把头发压塌。另外,棉质帽子和头发擦不会产生静电,造成头发乱飞。Step 2 Have dry hair2.头发干爽Make sure your hair is completely dry before putting on your hat.戴帽子前确保头发是完全干爽的。Tip: If your hair is long enough, twist the top into a pin curl and secure it with a bobby pin, then lift your hair into a loose top-of-the-head ponytail.小贴士:如果你的头发足够长,在头顶输个小发髻,用夹子固定好,再将剩余的头发梳成马尾塞到帽子里。Step 3 Rejuvenate hair3.修复秀发When you remove your hat, shake your hair loose and rub a tiny amount of hair gel between your hands. Run your fingers through your hair to rejuvenate it.当你摘掉帽子时,将头发抓散,涂抹少量发胶,用手指分别插入头发梳松头发,恢复头发弹性。Step 4 Push hair up4.推高头发After putting on your hat, reach inside and push the hair up from your crown to make sure its not pressed flat against your head.戴上帽子后,把手伸进帽子,把头发略微抬高,不要让帽子把头发平平地压在头上。Step 5 Prep hair5.处理头发Before putting on your hat, spritz the inside with hair spray or rub it with an unscented dryer sheet to prevent static.戴帽子前喷点儿头发定型剂或用干衣机用纸轻柔擦头发。Fact: The average female head size is 22.5 inches around, and the average male head is a quarter inch larger.小常识:女性帽子的平均尺码是22.5英寸,男性的比女性略大0.25英寸。视频听力译文由。201405/293994。
  • IMF Upgrades UK Growth Forecast Above Rivals The International Monetary Fund is on the brink of upgrading its UK growth forecast for 2014, Sky News has learnt.Now you may not have realized this, but 2014 is going to be a big year, a watershed year for Britains economy. Let me show you why.This is the picture of the UK since the start of the recession. This is economic growth. You can see the big dip that happened in 2008. But just look at how slow the recovery has been since then. Right now we are still below the pre-crisis peak. The economy is still smaller. But look at what will happen when you include some of the forecasts for this year. Now this is what the MIF expected to happen when its last updated forecast back in October, 1.9% growth this year. And now weve learned that the fund will upgrade that to a far more respectful 2.4% growth. But the majority of other forecasts think it will be even stronger, chunky 2.7% growth for the independent forecast. Now under all of these scenarios, the important thing is, this year finally the UK economy, the size of the economy is back to the size of it was, back to 2008. But note, under the MIF new forecast, it really can burst throughthout that line as opposed to just creeping above it. Now this isnt the only piece of good news weve had recently. UK sales last month, they were up 5.3% on an annul basis, that were the strongest numbers in alomst a decade. And house prices, they are up by 5.4% in the year to November, though some are worried that the Chancellors help to buy scheme may risk creating a bubble,and some are worried that good as this growth is, it still relies on emergency measures. /201401/274647。
  • Africa is almost completely surrounded by oceans.非洲几乎完全被海洋包围着Here on the east coast, there are animals在这片东海岸 动物们已经feeling the changing climate in a most surprising way.感受到了气候的惊人变化This is a young female green turtle.这是一只年轻的雌海龟During her lifetime, she will travel thousands of miles在她的一生中 她将在海洋里through the ocean looking for food.横穿几千英里去寻觅食物Turtles return to the same beach which they hatched海龟回到孵化它们的沙滩to lay their own eggs.产下海龟蛋The eggs are buried in the sand海龟蛋埋在沙砾中and the hatchlings will emerge after about two months.大概两个月后幼龟破壳而出But theres a strange thing about turtle eggs.但海龟蛋有个奇怪的特点And that is the temperature at which the eggs are kept那就是海龟蛋所处地的温度will determine the sex of most of the hatchlings.会决定大多数幼龟的性别If the sand temperature is high, they will be female,如果沙滩温度高 就是雌龟if its low, they will be male.温度低 就是雄龟So global warming could have a crucial effect on turtle populations.因此全球变暖对海龟数量有着关键影响And this young female may find it very difficult in years to come这只年轻的雌龟在未来几年to find a male with which to mate.将难以找到雄龟和她交配201407/317011。
  • Its collected daily, bowl by bowl. It will be boiled and processed into one of the most important materials to a fast developing nation-rubber.它每天都被采集,一碗又一碗。液体将被熬制成为一种非常重要的材料。橡胶对发展中国家来说尤为关键。The expansion of the rubber forests began in the 50s when China, under a world rubber embargo, had to become self-sufficient in this vital product.中国的橡胶林种植面积在五十年代时急速扩张,美国侵略朝鲜期间对当时的中国实行了全面的经济封锁和橡胶禁运。中国对这种战略原料的需求必须自给自足。Beijing turned to the only place where rubber could grow, the tropical south of Yunnan.北京当局把目光转向了橡胶树唯一能够快速成材的地方:位于热带地区的云南南部。With efficiency and speed, some of the worlds richest forests were torn up and burned. Replaced with mile upon mile of rubber plantation.高效快捷的行动开始了,一些世间最丰茂的森林被摧毁并焚烧殆尽,取而代之的是成片的的橡胶林。But there was a problem for the rubber growers. While Yunnans unique natural forests can survive on the valley slopes which stretch to the north, just one severe frost will kill off these delicate rubber trees.橡胶种植者的问题也接踵而至。尽管云南独特的天然林,能够在延伸到北部的山坡上茁壮成长,可是一场严峻的霜冻就能毁灭这片娇弱的橡胶林。 /201405/299941。
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